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5,000LB, 8,000LB, 10,000LB LOAD CAPACITY

Heavy Duty Pallet Jack

Heavy Duty Pallet Jack

CUBLiFT, one of the competent forklift manufacturers from China, offers you quality heavy-duty pallet jack at the most affordable prices.

  • Load Capacity:  2000kg/ 2500kg / 3000kg/ 5000kg
  • Fork Width: 550mm / 685mm varies
  • Fork length:800/900/1000/1150/1220mm varies
  • Wheel Options: Nylon/PU/Rubber wheels
  • 3″ lowered and 7.5″ raised height
  • Wheel Size: 7″ steering wheels. 3″ fork rollers(Tandem)

Customized heavy-duty pallet jacks, pallet jack with scales or any other hand pallet jacks, electric pallet jacks are available upon request.

Heavy Duty Pallet Jack 5000kg

● Capacity (kg): 5000
● Fork overall length (mm): 1150/1200
● Fork overall width (mm): 520/550/685
● Height Min/Max (mm): 85/195
● Turning Radius(mm): 1265/1335
● pump type :BF/DF/AC
● Wheel (type): Nylon

Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Pallet Jack 3000kg

● Capacity (kg):3000
● Fork overall length (mm):1150
● Fork overall width (mm):550/685
● Height Min/Max (mm): 85/195
● Turning Radius (mm): 1265/1335
● Wheel (type): PU/Nylon

Electric Heavy Duty Pallet Jack 5000kg

● Capacity (kg): 4000/5000
● Load center distance (mm): 600
● Fork overall length (mm): 1200
● Fork overall width (mm): 560/685
● Height Min/Max (mm): 85/205
● Overall width/Height (mm): 870/1900
● Minimum Turning Radius (mm): 1545
● Voltage/ Capacity/type:24V/210AH

CUBLiFT: Your Premier Heavy Duty Pallet Jack Manufacturer in Chin

CUBULiFT is one of the competent forklift manufacturers from China. We have been in the forklift truck industry for over 15 years. Our aim is to provide top customer service and top-quality pallet trucks at the most affordable prices.

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Our products cover a full range of high-quality pump trucks and lift tables, which are well received by the buyers both in domestic and abroad forklift truck market.
A heavy-duty pallet jack is one of the most demanded from our forklift selections. We carry sufficient standard heave duty pallet jacks in stock for your options.Heavy Duty Pallet Jack list BH 300 (5)
The heavy-duty pallet jack manufactured by CUBULiFT can be a different driving way. You can choose a hand pallet jack, semi-electric hand pallet, electric hand pallet jack as per your lifting needs and budget.

Our heavy duty pallet jack is a sort of ideal tool which you are looking for for your side material handling. Our heavy-duty pallet jack carry capability can be varied from1500kg to 5000kgs which can sufficiently fulfill any normal loading needs.

CUBLiFT’s heavy-duty pallet jack standard fork size normally be varied between 550mm or 685mm. I need a specific fork size for your side, we can customize it for you. Meanwhile, you can also ask for customized fork lengths besides our standard fork length rages of 800mm, 900mm, 1000mm, 1150mm, 1220mm.

The heavy duty pallet jack has three-level of control, ie raise, lower, neutral. It is easy for you to control it as you want. The lifting mast height is usually 120mm, which is versatile for any adult to control.

A heavy duty pallet jack requires equipping high-quality wheels and rollers to withstand the tough loading operations. The wheels and roller material can be rubber(RU), polyurethane (PU), or iron. It depends on what capacity and working environment.
Suitable high-quality wheels and rollers allow for easy riding on even or uneven surfaces.

Our heavy duty pallet has a 3″ lowered height, which allows you easy access to the very low pallets or containers with the minimum floor clearance.
CUBLiFT heavy duty pallet jacks are designed to fit narrow aisle operations. 210° steering arc. Allows you to move/lift your pallets smoothly in any corner of your storage room.

Compare to other forklift manufacturer competitors, CUBLiFT has rich experience in heavy-duty pallet jack production, plus our local forklift centralized industry mature supply chains, CUBLiFT can possibly offer you the most cost-saving prices. That makes our heavy duty pallet jack a supremely economical and essential addition to any warehouse, stock room, or factory from your side.

CUBULiFT also benefits from being centrally located, with easy access to all main highway and logistics transportation networks – making shipments prompt and efficient.
Last, but not least, CUBLiFT’s heavy-duty pallet jack is a rugged and cost-effective solution compared to other material handling options. It saves you 90 percent of your labor and increases your output 6 times than before.

CUBULiFT heavy-duty pallet jack allows you easy to lift, easy to move, easy to weigh. We are looking forward to the soonest co-operations with you in the near future.

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Pallet Truck manufacturer CUBlift team

 Heavy Duty Pallet Jack- Ultimate FAQ

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Heavy truck pallet jacks are created to make work easier, making industries increase their production compared to when they only depended on human beings to do the entire work. Heavy truck pallet jacks are essential to many industries, which has helped improve and boost the world’s economy. The evolving heavy pallet jack from ancient times has shown how technology has enhanced creativity and innovativeness. Technology has also given many industries a chance to be created, thus creating more employment as the machines also need to be operated by humans. The invention of the heavy-duty pallet jacks helped reduce the number of injuries and deaths at workplaces when dealing with the lifting of heavy products. We look at the frequently asked questions regarding the purchase of a heavy-duty pallet truck by customers. We answer the questions to ensure the customer is delighted when deciding to purchase the heavy-duty pallet jack.

Which are the features of a heavy-duty pallet jack?

A heavy-duty pallet jack has a lever that is a tree position making it easy to use and control. It can carry a load capacity of up to 8000 pounds enabled by its extension. The heavy-duty pallet jack can either be operated using electric power or manually. The heavy-duty pallet jack has forklifts to enable to pick loads from the ground. The pallet jack also has a hydraulic hole for hydraulic fluid that is very well screwed. The electric pallet jack depends on rechargeable batteries meant to last for about 3 to 4 hours.

Below are samples of both manual and electric heavy-duty pallet jacks.


Images of both manual and the electric heavy duty machines


Figure 1: Heavy manual pallet Jack


Figure 2: Heavy Electric pallet Jack, 10,000Kg Load Capacity

Figure 3: Heavy Electric pallet Jack, 8,000Kg load capacity.


How does a heavy-duty pallet jack operate?

A heavy-duty pallet jack is not hard to operate. One needs to follow what is in the manual accompanying the pallet jack bought. The two types of pallet jacks are operated differently. The following steps are a guide on how to operate the heavy pallet jack.

  • Identify the release lever
  • Proceed to the pallet and push the lever
  • Slide the hooks under the pallet for loading
  • Raise the pallet

For the operation of an electric heavy-duty pallet jack, it is different for there is the use of electricity. The following steps are followed:

  • Begin by unplugging the electric cord and store it in a safe place.
  • Locate where the controls are; afterward, do the prongs lowering.
  • Pallet loading
  • To move, use the control buttons.
  • After completion, plug the electric pallet back to the charger.

Where is heavy pallet jacks used?

Pallet jacks have made many workstations easy, especially the ones involved with carrying heavy products. Pallets make work swifter and reduce human labor, increasing productivity. The heavy pallet jacks are mainly used in the following sectors:

  • construction sites
  • ware houses
  • manufacturing industries to help in loading and offloading of products
  • Low-level order picking points
  • Storage facilities
  • Material handling industries.

How much weight can a heavy pallet jack hold?

When buying a heavy pallet jack, the main factor is to consider how much weight it can hold. The electric and manual heavy duty pallet jack doesn’t carry the same weight. The general weight every heavy pallet jack can carry is 1500lbs to 5500lbs. However, some industries customize their heavy duty pallets to carry more weight.

How much does a manual heavy pallet jack weigh?

For all pallet jacks, either manual or electric, their weight varies depending on the manufacturer. However, the approximate weight of an electric heavy truck pallet is 452-500kgs. In comparison, a manual heavy pallet jack weighs from 79-84 kgs. According to their weight, one can see why the heavy electric pallet is easier to use, especially where there is less offloading and loading to be done. Compared to the manual heavy pallet jack, which can only be used where there are more heavy workloads.

What fluid does a heavy-duty pallet jack use?

For every human-made machine to operate, there must be driving forces. A heavy-duty pallet jack operates using a specific fluid known as hydraulic fluid. To maintain a heavy-duty pallet jack, the hydraulic fluid must be continuously checked by the ones in charge for the machine to have a longer life span.

How do you fill hydraulic fluid on a pallet jack?

Some procedures are followed to fill hydraulic fluid on a pallet jack. When a customer is considering buying a pallet jack, one of the basic requirements they should always pay attention to is how to fill the hydraulic fluid. The life span of a pallet jack depends on this how frequently the pallet jack is maintained. Failure to good maintenance makes the lifespan of a pallet jack short. The following steps should be followed when refilling the pallet jack:

  • The first step is to make sure that the heavy pallet machinery is packed on a hard surface. Ensure the pallet jack lever is put in a lower position to lower the pallet jack fork entirely.
  • Secondly, one should refer to the manual inserted on the pallet jack packaging box to identify where the oil reservoir is placed to put the hydraulic fluid. Always preserve the manual for the frequent referral.
  • Thirdly make sure you use a pipe to refill the hydraulic fluid in the oil reservoir’ to make sure the hole is filled with the oil. Remove the pipe to ensure the oil to make sure the oil is up to the bottom level. Ensure the reservoir’ is not overfilled.
  • Forth Ensure there is no trapped air by bleeding using the pallet jack handle for about 10-15 minutes.
  • Step five repeat step three and four to ensure the oil settles well to avoid any mistakes.
  • Step six return the reservoir’s fluid plugs and makes sure it is tightly held to avoid any spillages.

What is the standard pallet size?

There is always a standard size to any manufactured product, and the heavy-duty pallet is not an exception. The standard size is 48’’, with the expected size from North America being 40’×48’. At times, sizes can be 41’×48’, 42’×48’ and many more, but the 48’ remains with the folks having a width of 7’’ for every standard heavy-duty pallet jack.

How you choose a heavy-duty pallet jack?

When choosing a heavy-duty pallet jack, one has to put into consideration several factors. This factor enables one to make the best choice before purchasing the heavy duty pallet jack. The factors to consider when choosing a heavy-duty pallet jack include;

  • The capacity the heavy pallet jack can hold
  • The weight of the pallet jack
  • The life span of the pallet jack
  • The appropriate standard size of the pallet jack includes the length and width.
  • The hydraulic fluid truck is fully functional and can hold hydraulic fluid.
  • Alignment of the wheels
  • Whether it’s of the right length, one does not want to purchase a product that is of the wrong length to end up disappointed.

How can a heavy pallet jack be fixed?

When a machine is made, there is room for it to get faulty at any one given time. However, this heavy duty pallet is not an exception; they also get faulty. Any problem has a solution. The most often solution of a heavy duty machine is to make sure the O-Ring is replaced to ensure the hydraulic pressure is restored. However, maintaining adequate hydraulic fluid and frequent maintenance services helps maintain the machine in good condition always. The following steps below need to be followed;

  • Ensure there is enough support underneath the heavy pallet jack to ensure it is fully supported when the O-ring is being fixed.
  • Ensure the hydraulic system is fully drained by untightening the screws that hold it together.
  • Remove the pin that holds the lower lever together using a hammer.
  • Refill the hydraulic fluid again and make sure it’s thoroughly blended

How many types of heavy-duty pallet Jacks are there?

There are four main categories of heavy-duty pallet jacks that are commonly used they include;

  • The standard-pallet Jacks-This kind of pallet jacks is mainly used in warehouses to move pallets quickly across the floors. They are manually operated, and they are the most cost-effective. Shown below is an image of a standard pallet jack.

Figure 4: Standard pallet Jack.

  • Custom-made pallet jacks-They are suitable for companies for they allow them to carry more heavy loads compared to the standard pallet jacks, which are designed to carry only a certain weight. Examples of custom made heavy duty pallet Jacks as shown below. One can note they are different from a standard heavy-duty pallet jack.

Figure 5: custom made heavy duty pallet Jacks.


  • Electric pallet jacks-They are designed to rely on electricity to operate. Electric pallet jacks work well for limited spaces like, for example, in supermarkets, cargo containers, and many more small spaces. They are very efficient and fast to carry out the activates needed. The example below shows an image of an electric pallet jack mainly used in limited spaces.


  • Corrosion-resistant pallet jacks:This type of pallet jacks are suitable for places exposed to life-endangering chemicals and water. They are mainly efficient for transporting poultry, fish, and meat because they are not prone to lust. They are made of stainless steel coated with zinc. An example of corrosion-resistant pallet jacks is shown below.

Figure 7: custom made heavy duty pallet Jacks.

Where can I get training for operating a heavy-duty pallet, Jack?

No license is given to operate a heavy-duty machine. Instead, companies are asked to get certification to have heavy-duty machines and train their employees on the machine operation. They are required to also provide safety gear for those operating the machines. The company is required to provide first aid kits in case an injury occurs. When employing the machine operators, the companies are to provide knowledge on the possible injuries that could occur at the line of duty as the employees work to avoid panic when the accidents happen. The employers are required to train employees to handle the machines, pack them away from traffic, and, when using a manual pallet jack, how to keep the handle facing up.

Can you rent a heavy-duty pallet jack?

Yes, renting a machine is the easiest thing to do to avoid incurring a lot of costs. In the recent age and era of industrialization, things are evolving, and technology is also growing. Most companies working on a budget will prefer renting heavy-duty machines to reduce cost. When renting the machine, one can always get the new versions of machines as they are manufactured without incurring the cost of always replacing machines when a new one is invented. Renting helps save on space as when the machine is not being used, the hirers can return the machine manufacturers or the stores from which they have been rented. The ones renting the machine do not have to worry about paying for the machines’ insurance as the owner has already insured them. The machines are frequently serviced by the ones renting out, therefore, renting, and they are always assured of doing work with no fail. Companies can rent heavy-duty pallet jacks for one, two, or months. There is no restriction when it comes to renting machines. There only need to be an agreement.

What are the advantages of using a heavy-duty pallet jack?

When working with heavy loads in a short distance and a hard, stable ground, a pallet jack is most useful for loading and offloading various loads. Other benefits are-

  • Cost-saving: – pallets offer a very cost-effective solution to warehouse storage day-to-day operations. The initial cost is cheap and ongoing less maintenance cost compared to a forklift. Less servicing means there is less downtime. They do not need fuel to run thus are cheaper to operate.
  • Increased efficiency: – pallet jacks can transport various loads, thus increasing productivity and operations efficiency. Employees can save energy and reduce fatigue by using the pallet jack while handling heavy loads directly. Increased efficiency saves time when loading and offloading, and workers can tackle physically challenging.
  • Reduced injury and risk: Using pallet jacks for heavy lifting can be done safely and more comfortably. They are thus reducing injuries on the workers. Even with health and safety taring briefs on the heavy lifting, the risk of accidents is common.
  • Timesaving: – workers work in a limited space due to the pallet jack size and design they can operate in tight places. Thus, loading and offloading can be done in a short time.
  • Versatility and easy to use: – In comparison to a forklift, the pallet jack maneuvers in tight corners with a lot of ease. Pallet jack offers different designs, lengths, and sizes, thus ideal for many industries. Pallet jacks can transport loads of up to 1 ton, making them ideal for many industrial applications.
  • When moving heavy pallets and loads regularly, pallet jack is a good investment and will reduce workers’ costs.

What are the disadvantages of using a heavy-duty pallet jack?

  • Limited load size: – Pallet jack are limited to a specific load, capacity thus can only work in medium-sized loading operations.
  • Require a flat hard surface to operate: – Heavy-duty pallet jacks can only operate in hard solid ground as they have short wheels.

How to use a heavy-duty pallet jack safely?

To operate a heavy-duty pallet jack, one has to follow some steps to ensure they are safe when working. The following steps are an excellent safety guide:

  • Avoid carrying other riders on the machine it is meant to be operated by only one person at a time
  • Always ensure the load is safely placed for the stability of the machine.
  • When operating the machine, make sure it carries the right weight to avoid overloading.
  • Ensure you use it in pushing loads other than pulling them for efficient movement.
  • Ensure whenever using the machine to lift a load, you use both forks.
  • Avoid using inclined platforms to push or pull loads up or down.
  • Always ensure the pallet trucks are packed on level platforms to away from any traffic of other pallets.
  •  Ensure the pallet handle is left facing up when parking to avoid it from moving when parked.
  • When operating a heavy-duty pallet jack, always ensure you are not high speed because they do not have brakes.

What is the life span of a heavy pallet jack?

The life span of a heavy-duty pallet jack depends entirely on how well it is maintained. A frequent maintenance checkup is critical. The folks should always be checked and replaced as often as they can. The O-ring is replaced as soon as it is needed. Always balancing the levels of the hydraulic fluid and frequently refilling the hydraulic jack after every six months. Ensure the pallet jack is frequently lubricated. The heavy-duty pallet jack operator should always ensure the pallet jack’s chain position is frequently checked. To ensure it is in the right position. Protection of the wheels, especially by not overloading the pallet jack, is critical for them to stay for a long time. Everything in a heavy pallet jack well maintained the jack could serve for a very long-life span.

How much weight can a heavy Pallet Jack pull or push?

The standard load capacity for a manual and electric heavy pallet jack is between 3,493-4000 Kgs. It depends on the model and size one is using. Whichever one chooses the manual or electric, the task ahead will be defiantly easier. Companies using these heavy pallet jacks customize the pallet jacks to carry more weight than the standard pallet jack.

How safe is it to pull or push a heavy pallet jack?

The health and safety taring that guides workers working with heavy pallet jacks state that it is essential for workers to pull the pallet jack. Pushing the pallet to make it less flexible and raises the risk of colliding with something around in blind corners. A healthy worker with an upper build up body can push or pull up to 100lbs.

What are the maintenance costs of a heavy pallet jack?

Maintaining a pallet jack is more manageable and very cheap than not maintaining it, which leads to one incurring more cost to buy a new machine. For example, the average cost of maintaining a forklift in a year is $ 500 if it uses electricity and $1500 when using diesel. The O-rings required when fixing the hydraulic jack is very cheap and easily accessible as it is sold in almost every hardware. The cost of buying hydraulic fluid is also standard depending on how much work is being carried out by the heavy pallet jack. As compared to having so many employees carrying loads using their back, it is better to incur the cost of maintaining a bought heavy pallet jack as it does more work than a man would do. A heavy-duty pallet jack is also readily available for purchase one needs to look at the manufacturer’s details on a machine and choose the best machine.

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