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Digital Truck Scale

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Digital Truck Scale

Digital Truck Scale

  • 15+ years truck scale manufacturer
  • Digital truck scale features up to 200 ton
  •  Steel fabricated modular platform for easy installations
  • IP69K-rated waterproof protecting standard
  • Stainless steel waterproof digital load cells
  • More diagnostic options
  • Portable for moving job sites
  • NTEP Legal for Trade
  • Standard: CE, ISO9001
60 ton Digital Truck Scale

● Model: TS-60T
● Max. capacity: 60 ton/50,000kg
● Measurement units: kg / lbs
● Length: 12m ( 6 ~ 22m options )
● Width: 3m; 3.2m

80 ton Digital Truck Scale

● Model: TS-80T
● Max. capacity: 80 ton/80,000kg
● Measurement units: kg / lbs convertible
● Length: 14m ( 6 ~ 22m options )
● Width: 3m; 3.2m

100 ton Digital Truck Scale

● Model: TS-100T
● Max. capacity: 100 ton/100,000kg
● Displays LB and Kg units of measure
● Length: 16m ( 6 ~ 22m options )
● Width: 3m

40 ton Digital Truck Scale

● Model: TS-40T
● Max. capacity: 40 ton/40,000kg
● Measurement units: kg / lbs convertible
● Length: 6m (6 ~ 22m options )
● Width: 3m

50 ton Digital Truck Scale

● Model: TS-50T
● Max. capacity: 50 ton/50,000kg
● Measurement units: kg / lbs
● Length: 12m ( 6 ~ 22m options )
● Width: 3m; 3.2m

20 ton ATS Digital Truck Scale

● Model: ATS-20T
● Weighing Capacity: 20 ~50 ton
● Platform Dimensions: 3.2mx0.8m
● Standard: CE, ISO9001, OIML(III)

CUBLiFT Digital Truck Scale - Unmatched Heavy-duty Weighing Performance

digital truck scale (1) The digital truck scale is a type of electronic truck scale that plays a vital role in the weighbridge system. CUBLiFT has manufactured this large set of truck scales over decades. Our digital truck scales are widely used in numerous vehicle weighing sites and are highly recommended by different buyers from different industries.
CUBLiFT digital truck scales weighing capacities ranges from 10 ton, 20 ton, 30 ton, 50-ton weighbridge, 60ton weighbridge, 80 ton, 100ton, 120 ton, 150ton, and up to 200ton. Made of Q235steel with anti-corrosion treatment, 6mm U shape beam- make our digital truck scale sturdy and durable in most outdoor working conditions.

Thanks to the exclusive advanced technology, the digital truck scales are equipped with world-class shear beam load cells (available in both analog and digital versions), which offer you accurate vehicle weighing measurements. Large screen, keyboard set/calibration, stainless steel junction box, modularized steel platform, and more, make CUBLiFT’s digital truck scale the top truck scale options in the market.


digital truck scale (2)CUBLiFT is one of the most competent truck scale manufacturers and suppliers in the global market for ages. We know how to accelerate our quality yet cost-saving. And we are confident that our quality digital truck scale or commercial weighbridge scales come with the strongest competition both in quality & price compared to other weighbridge manufacturers.

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If you need the digital truck scale with specific configurations to fit your application needs, pls feel free to contact us. We can manufacture any length and width combinations of truck scales upon your request. CONTACT us & save your cost from today.

Digital Truck Scale The Ultimate FAQ


The digital truck scale, also known as railroad or weighbridge scale, is categorized as large scale. The scale usually mounted forever on a substantial establishment to gauge whole rail or street vehicles and their substance. By gauging the vehicle, both void and stacked, the vehicle’s load can be determined.

Digital truck scales at a highway weigh station inspectors weigh each transport truck on a road level scale to calculate taxes on the goods it’s hauling and make sure the load doesn’t exceed safety limits. You also find truck scales at grain silos quarries and other sites that move bulk products.

Digital truck scales, used as part of the production with computers, to give a signal that plays out, is just an advanced, changing load cell technology. This is an important block of signal differentiation associated with damage to major cells. The computing environment of a load cell is easier to control due to the absence of a junction box and the associated wiring conditions. In developed load cells, a series circuit can be connected.

Truck scales can be surface mounted with an incline driving up a brief distance and the gauging hardware under or pit mounted with the gauging gear and stage in a pit, so the gauging surface is level with the street. They are ordinarily worked from steel or concrete and naturally are amazingly powerful.

The digital truck scales are simply designed and are easily installed, repaired, and maintained.

Since the load cells are more solid and precise, costs related to the conclusion are diminished. Computerized truck scale frameworks can recognize and diagnose issues and disappointments more rapidly, productively, and precisely.

Computerized load cells likewise offer the most elevated security against lightning strikes among electronic burden cells because of the transient concealment hardware found straightforwardly on every individual advanced burden cell.what is truck scale -CHANGWEN

What are the specifications of a digital truck scale?

The digital truck scale is widely used in industrial applications. They also have a variety of designs and features.

  • Build up material: Mild steel
  • Equipment weighing capacity: up to 50lb
  • Type: Electronic/digital
  • Size: 9m by 3m
  • Load capacity: up to 270000lb
  • Accurate and precise weight measurements
  • Excellent data processing and management
  • Load cells
  • Girder plate
  • Heavy-duty bottom work structure
  • Particular structure development of surface Mounted Platform.
  • Radiant Red L.E.D. display
  • High Precision Load Cells
  • Concentrated Load Capacity: 100,000 lb.
  • Truck accommodation: 250 trucks per day.
  • Performance life: above 25 years of service.
  • The truck scales are NTEP certified.
  • Equipment operating temperature: -10 Celsius to 40 Celsius.

What are the components of a Digital Truck Scale?

  • The truck scale/weighbridge

This creates a moving surface for weighing trucks. The truck scale comprises a modular segment that is set together to traverse the ideal length. Modules can be made totally of steel with a steel treadplate as the driving surface. They additionally can be intended to be loaded up with concrete, making a substantial driving surface.


A scale might be introduced over a removal, permitting the driving surface to be flush with the ground. It too might be introduced in an over-the-ground arrangement with approaches permitting the truck to drive onto and off of the scale. In any case, perpetual establishments utilize a substantial establishment.

  • Load Cells

These are sensors that measure cargo scales. Today’s digital car scales use load cells, which is crucial for their performance. Thus, in the weight category up to the bridge, the load itself is supported. There are not many various sorts of load cells. They are commonly situated at the edges of every digital truck scale.

  • Terminal

Additionally, now and again alluded to as a marker, the terminal is the control board for the scale. It shows significance, value for the administrator and regularly fills in since the association is the second row of another devices-the weighbridge module.

Intersection Boxes

Numerous scales require various intersection boxes as association focuses for the load cell links. The intersection boxes consolidate the signs from the load cells and, in the end, interface with the terminal with a solitary link. Be that as it may, some fresher frameworks at this point don’t need intersection boxes.

  • Links

The sign from the load cells should be communicated to the terminal. By and large, this is finished with links.

  • Data Management

Transcribed weight tickets have offered an approach to printed structures through incorporated printers. Digital truck Scale programming plays an expanded part for destinations vast and tiny. Programming can mechanize information catch, accelerating gauging times also, lessening openings for blunders.

  • Accessories

They include traffic controls, lights, and gates. Far off displays that let the transporter see the weight are additionally famous. Extraordinary hardware can be consolidated into the digital truck scale, like cameras. What’s more, radiation sensors. Moreover, a few locales take benefit of new computerization and self-administration abilities.

  • Approach
  • Ramp
  • Printer
  • Computer
  • Scale house

What is digital truck scale interface data management?

Modern truck scales have embraced technology, thus well business streamlined processes.

These truck scales, together with technology available, enables the measurement information such as to be attained:

  • Net weight
  • Truck weight
  • Customer number
  • Price
  • Identification number of trucks
  • Material grade and type
  • Weight value display

Also, the digital truck scale comes with optional features such as;

  • Remote display
  • Printer
  • Self-diagnostics
  • Traffic controls systems
  • Software

Why do you need software for your Digital Truck Scales?

The digital truck scales provide precise and accurate weight measurements, but data management is also crucial. That why having the right software for your digital truck scale is vital.

The software has three versions; Basic truck scale software, Customized truck scale software, and advanced truck scale software.

The software link to the digital truck scale has many benefits to the business:

  • Multiple controls scales
  • Performs advanced truck scale transactions.
  • Calculates transactions remotely by use of a web browser.
  • Configuration for multiple network users.
  • Interfaces with scale terminal for control of scale, traffic signals, circles, and doors/boundaries.
  • Provides a data set with tables to store data about vehicles, items, accounts, and so on.
  • Calculates progressed estimating.
  • Speeds up exchanges with presets and bunch data
  • Imports and fares information.

What causes of downtime of a Digital Truck Scale?

Another scale is problematic because you don’t expect another piece of gear to fizzle. Nonetheless, truck scales face several difficulties. A few scales, at last, need incessant fixes, while for other people, this is uncommon. Since scale personal time can be adverse to business tasks, consider dependability forthright. Plans and highlights that ensure against scale disappointments can be definitely worth the underlying venture to give you true serenity later on.

The following are the causes of truck scale downtime:

  • Cable connections and Intersection boxes
  • Failed associations in an intersection box
  • Moisture in an intersection box
  • Damage to a heap cell link by unplanned rodents,

cutting off, and so forth

  • Load Cells
  • Corrosions and physical damage
  • Physical wear because of misalignment or helpless protection upkeep
  • Moisture entrance harming interior segments
  • Hydraulic fluid leakage
  • Recertification required and Adjustments
  • Weighbridge misalignment requiring a change
  • Change in significant parts
  • Change of working area
  • Expired certification
  • Environmental difficulties
  • Moisture and flooding

Areas that experience downpours, snow, ice, and particularly flooding should give uncommon consideration to the scale’s assurances from water harm. Water can cause the digital truck scales to consume, yet more frequently can harm parts like burden cells and intersection boxes. To forestall harm, load cells can offer airtight (airtight) seals because of accuracy fabricating advancements, for example, laser welding. Load cells, furthermore, link associations, can convey an Ingress Protection (IP) code rating to take note of their protection from the entrance of residue and water. The degree of assurance.

  • Temperature

Temperature changes can likewise introduce difficulties to a digital truck scale. The ideal equipment operating temperatures is between -10 Celsius and 40 Celsius. Over the long haul, warm cycles can cause the scale to require more continuous alignments and administration. Some load cells can encounter signal vacillations due to temperature, making the scale’s exactness endure.

  • Lighting

Lightning is perhaps the most significant danger for a digital truck-scale proprietor. If a lightning strike harms a scale, the expense of fixes can be broad. When you include the vacation-related with significant fixes, the effect on a business can be critical. That is why lightning security is a hotly debated issue among vehicle scale purchasers and producers. Most truck scale suppliers offer gauging frameworks with various establishing highlights.

A solitary point establishing a framework with flood defenders can be the principal line of safeguard for the scale and scale house. These latent frameworks offer some degree of assurance, however what amount? Lightning strikes change an option for them, area, and that’s just the beginning. That can imply that establishing alone offers inadequate insurance from the factors related to lightning strikes.

What do you need to know about Digital Truck Scales Accuracy?

The digital truck scale operator needs to know that the scale accuracy affects the business. The Legal for trade scale error tolerance don’t ensure you from benefit misfortunes. Not all scales offer a similar degree of precision.

The exactness of a digital truck scale effectively can be taken for in truth; however, on the off chance that you purchase or sell products using a truck scale, exactness is essential to your exchanges. This incorporates net revenues, stock levels, and quality administration.

Mastering Legal Error Tolerances

In business or legitimate for exchange applications, digital truck scales should be routinely reviewed, tried, and recertified by loads and measures specialists. Furthermore, many scale proprietors (furthermore, even scale suppliers) expect this re-accreditation to give them adequate precision. In reality, the mistake of resilience for the least necessities can be critical. That implies even an as of late ensured scale could, in any case, really be losing cash for the proprietor with each weighment.

Your digital truck scale’s legal accuracy tolerance size depends on your location and the region NTEP recognition. The accuracy tolerance is the percentage of your digital truck scale’s utilized capacity. The limit of the scale is the greatest weight, an incentive for which the terminal and burden cells are arranged, not the actual most extreme limit of the design.

The following are the approved digital truck scales accuracy tolerance;

  • Scale capacity 200000lb
  • Truck weight (lbs.)      Approvable errors

40000-50000                                  100

50000-60000                                   120

60000-70000                                   140

70000-80000                                    160

  • Scale capacity 80000lb and below
  • Truck weight (lbs.) Approvable errors

10000-60000                                   40

60000-80000                                   60


How do you know the product and profit loss of the Digital Truck Scale?How do you know the product and profit loss of the Digital Truck Scale CHANGWEN

When you think about the expense of your products, it can be of impressive worth when the volume of trucks duplicates it you measure every day, week, or then again year. Numerous entrepreneurs have been stunned to figure out the number of full loads worth of products they are parting with because of scale mistakes.

Previously, digital truck scale proprietors acknowledged these base precision resistances since they mirrored the capacities of past scale innovation. For a long time, vehicle scales have been planned distinctly to meet the lawful base necessities. Nonetheless, some advanced scale frameworks can keep a more significant level of precision. There are currently perceivable exactness highlights among makes and models of truck scales.

The digital truck scale is occasionally recalibrated to be inside these resiliencies, yet the precision of numerous scales will float outside those reaches over the long haul. That is the reason intermittent recalibrations are required. It likewise implies that the measure of a mistake on a scale between alignments can undoubtedly be more noteworthy than these details. Yet, for what reason don’t the scale professionals align the scale to zero errors? That is because numerous frameworks are troublesome and tedious to tweak.

And finally, the effect of scale exactness is critical for organizations.

What types of load cells are used on Digital Truck Scales?


What types of load cells are used on Digital Truck Scales CHANGWENYou have various options concerning load cells. Since load cells are the segments that most intently influence scale execution, it is advantageous to see how they work and the rules they should meet.

All in all, some load cells are fit for performing essentially better compared to is negligibly required. The digital truck scale execution and specifications ordinarily are identified with precision and dependability.

  • Reliability: A steady and robust load cell framework implies a more solid digital truck scale with less vacation, fewer fix costs, and a lower cost of possession.
  • Accuracy: A designed system intended to build up; what’s more, keeping a significant degree of precision implies that a business can keep away from item or benefit misfortune due to gauging blunders.

There are five transcendent kinds of load cell frameworks utilized in truck gauging applications: simple load cells, pressure-driven load cells, half and half simple/advanced systems, computerized load cells.

  • Hydraulic load cells

These load cells are pressure-driven cylinders that pack a supply of liquid. The packed liquid moves through individual pressure-driven lines to an instrument now and again called an “aggregator,” situated in or close the scale house. At that point, this system applies the amassed power of the consolidated liquid pressing factors onto a simple load cell. This load cell creates an electrical sign that shows the all-out weight on the scale.

  • Digital /Analog load cells

Analog load cells are associated with an intersection box that changes over the analog signal to computerized. An advanced signal is more grounded and less powerless than analog signals to the gauging errors resulting from obstruction from outer impacts.

  • Analog load cells

An accurately molded piece of metal, frequently steel or pure steel, changes its shape marginally as a power (weight) is applied.

Electrical strain checks observe the change. The outcome is a simple voltage signal that changes from the information signal dependent on the load. The analog signals from the entirety of the load cells are added in at least one intersection box at the scale. The joined sign is then, at that point, sent to the digital truck scale house, where it is estimated and changed over to an advanced signal that demonstrates the weight.

  • Digital load cells

This load cell creates a simple voltage, which is changed over into an advanced signal inside the load cell wall in the area. The information from the load cells is prepared to decide the all-out weight. Using a computerized signal at the load cell and past gives benefits because the sign isn’t defenseless to impedance like simple load cell signals.

  • Power cells load cells

These load cells use advanced electronics and are furnished with signal-handling abilities at each load cell. The load cell can take out weight errors by checking and changing the weight estimation dependent on various measures. This interaction is called advanced pay. Power cell load cells have additionally presented specifications, like self-checking, proactive diagnostics, break recognition, and far-off demonstrative.

How is the analog signal transmitted into digital measurements in a Digital Truck Scale?

When the sign shows up at the digital truck scale terminal, it is estimated and compared with the weight esteem that the terminal can show. This cycle changes over the simple signal into an advanced signal that addresses the weight on the scale. For simple frameworks, that is the last advance in the weight estimation measure.

The main difference between the analog and digital truck scales is when the simple to advanced change happens. Simple frameworks play out the change once the simple sign at long last arrives at the scale terminal.

Computerized frameworks play out this change inside each load cell while the first strain check signal is shielded from the impedance. That permits the framework to utilize a paired information signal from the load cells to the terminal. That computerized information signal is a lot more insusceptible to obstruction.

What are the guidelines to consider when purchasing a Digital Truck Scale?

  • The truck scale accuracy

Computerized truck scales give an exact estimation which makes it a more dependable option. Digital scales use batteries, which should be changed habitually. The exactness and unwavering quality of estimation are fundamental boundaries while picking a truck scale. Advanced load cells are known to give higher accuracy in stature than simple ones.

  • The digital truck scale Establishment

The digital truck scale establishment period relies upon the weighbridge type, provider, and conveyance span. For a simple establishment measure, you can pick a merchant who will ship the digital truck scale to your site and complete the establishment at a savvy cost. On the off chance that the digital truck scale is introduced at an unpredictable region, you can re-appropriate the structure to an outsider. The construction of digital truck scales ordinarily requests 1 to 2 months.

  • Digital truck scale Longevity.

Guarantee that the digital truck scale is tried in workspaces to guarantee its flexibility. You can request that your provider help you run a preliminary test to check how the digital truck scale acts in certifiable conditions. The provider ought to perform lifecycle testing instead of absolute load limit [CLC] testing. Decide the capacity of digital truck scales to deal with a specific number of trucks each year.

Load cells are focal segments of the truck scale. Consequently, it ought to be challenging and of top-caliber. The loadcells ought to have the option to persevere through unfriendly working conditions.

  • Truck scale warranty

A warranty is an assurance given by the seller to the truck scale. It guarantees you that the digital truck scale is excellent and doesn’t contain fabricating deserts. If any assembling issues emerge in your digital truck scales after buy, you can appeal to the producer to investigate it without much of a stretch.

Likewise, check the guarantee cover completely to guarantee no secret expenses and exemptions for inclusions. Pick a digital truck scale provider who gives a basic guarantee covering the maintenance, work, mileage, and travel cost.

  • The cost of truck scale downtime

The digital truck scale comes with digital load cells that are tempered steel bodies to secure interior hardware. A few models utilize patent-forthcoming preparing compound to seal all inside voids against dampness entrance. These load cells can be daisy-anchored along with waterproof burden cell links, and no intersection box is powerless to water and lightning harm.

Also, the digital load cells can be distantly observed through far-off administration programming so the client’s scale administration organization can be made aware of a load cell glitch. Time spent analyzing wiring disappointments is killed arbitrarily, and costs related to extensive conclusion periods are likewise limited.

  • Determination of the truck scale working area

The area in which the digital truck scale is to be installed and operated from should be established, thus avoiding harsh environmental conditions such as extreme temperatures, lightning that may damage the truck scale.

  • Investment protection

Every buyer needs to understand the need of the business to purchase the correct digital truck scale for the business. The search for the equipment market price should be done before setting aside the investment.

  • Truck scale durability

Digital truck scales should be intense and solid, as they need to bear the heaviness of completely stacked trucks. Being utilized on various occasions a day for quite a long time with no rest certainly requires a sturdy truck scale. A robust truck scale will likewise set aside your cash, as you will save on maintenance support and substitution.

The solidness of a truck scale will rely upon how it was planned and the nature of the material utilized in making it. Ensure the truck scale you buy has steel surface security, high-strength steel development, and ecological safeguarding.

  • Truck scale capacity

Determining the load limits handled by a business is vital, as this helps establish the exact type of digital truck scale fit for the business.

  • Drainage

A productive water drainage system around the establishment is critical to safeguard scale segments. The establishment site ought to have sufficient spillover, permitting water to empty away from the scale handily. Regions with hefty downpours and softening snow should take additional thought when arranging site waste.

  • Truck scale foundation designs

There are four types of foundation designs to choose from, i.e., pit foundation, Shallow pier foundation, floating slab foundation, and deep pier foundation.


  • Your digital truck scale supplier

Before deciding on the exact truck scale supplier, take your time to get more information and details about the truck scale suppliers.

What are the benefits of having a Digital Truck Scale for your business CHANGWENWhat are the benefits of having a Digital Truck Scale for your business?

  • Accuracy

Every truck scale operator expects accurate and precise measurements at the end of the weighing process.

  • Increased Efficiency

Having a digital truck scale on board, you are sure of maximum capacity while avoiding truck overloading. The truck scale helps keep track of loads and trucks’ weight measurements and weighing processes.

  • Simple to use

Working these digital truck scales is extremely basic for almost anybody because the wiring has been done through the start of the truck. When your truck is turned on, the scales become dynamic, and the weight is consequently shown on the screen. You don’t need to stress over squeezing some unacceptable catches.

  • No truck scale Downtime

If you have personal time, the costs you bring about could go through the rooftop genuine speedy. With these truck scales, downtime is a relic of times gone by because the cabling is insignificant, and no intersection box could break down because of dampness.

  • On-time measurements display

The digital truck scales have a display that ensures the weight measurements are indicated for recording and data storage.

  • It saves money and time.

Due to its speed in weighing processes and data management, you save more time aside also cost-saving.

What are different Digital Truck Scale foundation designs?What are different Digital Truck Scale foundation designs CHANGWEN

The digital truck scale can be installed on different foundation designs that include:

  • Pit Foundation

The design has a variety of depths that’s from 2ft-6fts.

  • Floating Slab Foundation

This design is a chunk enterprise that represents the permanent or direct filling of tracks along the entire length of the weight bridge. This is the second most practical sort of establishment and is intended for ground that has a dirt-bearing pressing factor of at any rate 1,500 PSF.

  • Shallow pier Foundation

This type of design is a savvy answer for truck scale locales with satisfactory soil compaction furthermore, a hotter environment that won’t experience ice line issues. Examining your Digital cargo scale provider is shallow, but it will be most suitable for you and application according to national and regional conditions.

Deep pier foundation

These types of designs are ideal for colder environmental conditions. The foundation part is placed below the frost line for this design to remove the freeze conditions effects.

How long does the digital truck scale installation take?

Quality doesn’t stop once the assembling interaction on your digital truck scale is finished. Quite possibly this is the most important variable to get scales for trucks, especially if time is both a factor and easy to install. Ask the supplier, truck scales, about the liability that different models and manufacturers are expected to impose.

Part of the scale truck can be reached in one day, which means you can use that to scale trucks ahead of others. Models designed to strengthen bolted modular devices, easy operation, more suitable for installation. A few makers use bolts to get their modules together. Although catapulting your truck scale together appears to be safer, there are a few negatives to this methodology. They are blasting every module.

If the foundation is concrete desk;

  • The foundation preparation and finishing will take at least two days.
  • The concrete foundation takes one to two days.
  • The truck scale installation takes two days.
  • Initial calibration of the truck scale takes up to two hours.

When the foundation is steel deck, it takes the following duration:

  • The foundation preparation and finalizing take up to two days.
  • Concrete foundation one to two days.
  • The truck scale installation takes between two to six hours.
  • Initial truck scale calibration takes up to two hours.

What are the comparison and benefits of the steel vs. concrete Digital Truck Scale?

The primary consideration when selecting your digital truck scale is between the concrete or steel deck. Both designs have different specifications and advantages.

  • Concrete Deck benefits
  • Require less maintenance attention.
  • Longer performance life for up to seven years.
  • Ideal for icy or wet environmental conditions.
  • Can handle more load mass.
  • Minor wear and friction.
  • Correct distribution of load.
  • Requires up to 28 days to cure the poured concrete.
  • Steel Deck benefits
  • Less initial cost.
  • No, wait for the concrete cure.
  • Available lower variable and low-profile deck plates.
  • Fast installation
  • Easy expansion and relocation.
  • The truck scale installation takes up to two days only.

What is Digital Truck Scales maintenance routine?

A preventive support program will assist you with augmenting the existence of your digital truck scale. Not exclusively do customary reviews discover fixes required on the truck scale; however, they can likewise uncover potential segment substitutions before they cause crisis scale personal time.

At least, scale reviews and inspections are suggested regularly, relying upon gear utilization, scale type, and application. On the off chance that your truck scale is utilized to gauge material without much of a stretch leak under the scale or cause likely ties, a customary scale inspection and cleaning between planned upkeep assessments are essential to keep your scale superior and precise. Truck scale support ought to incorporate complete examinations of the weighbridge, establishment, load cells, establishing just as alignment and testing as needed by your nearby loads and estimation authority.

How does the Digital Truck Scale work CHANGWENHow does the Digital Truck Scale work?

Although not everyone may realize it, truck scales are an essential part of daily life. Despite how common they are, scales often go unnoticed. Have you ever wondered how scales work? Not everyone knows what is used for a digital truck scale, and scale specialists have long been trying to figure out how to work at this or another point. Fortunately, regardless of the features, we can say that every scale working is largely the same. Each level contains a device, called a load cell, used to measure the weight of the scale.

Load cell based on an electrical signal. When the weight is applied on a large scale, the load cell tilts slightly. The electrical signal that passes through the load cell is measured by a small device called a strain gauge, changes that occur due to electrical resistance.

In turn, the load cell signal changes must be read from the digital weight indicator scale presented on the device screen showing the measured weight of the items. It is used by intelligence, weight indicators, cart scale, and complex process that carries the conveyor belt package. Communicating weight data for a batching application, or weighing truckloads for a logistics transfer operation.

What do the Digital truck scale manufacturing processes entail?

The key to this truck scale is a tiny component called a strain gauge which sends signals to the scale computer. When compressed, they make the strain gauges from a laminate by bonding paper-thin sheets of nickel-iron foil epoxy and Teflon in a press then they coat the laminate in a light-sensitive chemical and apply a plastic film with an image of strain gauges in the negative format then they expose the setup to ultraviolet light. The light-sensitive chemical reacts, imprinting the images into the laminate metal surface now they have rows of strain gauges.

An inspector examines every gauge and marks any flaws to be discarded.

Now a technician measures how much voltage flows through each gauge. When the strain gauges are finished, they cut them apart and send them to the load cell department; their workers delicately tape four strain gauges into each stainless-steel load cell, then they solder electrical wiring to each one the wires all run to a circuit board at one end of the load cell and from the load cell wiring runs to the scale’s computer readout.

So, they weld a cup over each load cell to hermetically seal them. Every finished load cell undergoes a quality control check to verify that it works properly. The testing machine applies weight in increments until it hits the maximum weight the cell can bear 34000kgs.

  • The truck scale structure in which they’ll install the load cells is called the weighbridge. They begin assembling it upside down with a surface made of steel plates.
  • To build the base of the weighbridge, they layout a grid of thick steel tubes and cross beams workers lower a guide to help them align the parts perfectly.
  • Beneath each load cell is a pin. To weigh accurately, a load cell has to be level, so it is critical to make sure this pin is level before welding on the bulkhead that holds it.
  • Once fully welded, the way bridge is assembled and ready for painting; the paint equipment laces the powdered paint with a positive electrical charge and the weighbridge with a negative one evenly.
  • Another department assembles the steel stand on which the load cell will sit. Then the full welding is done.
  • The final assembly of the truck scale follows. The weighbridge right side up contains the eight load cells at different fitted and closed locations with an access plate.
  • The last step is to calibrate the scale by laying a 10000pounds weight to check if the digital readout is accurate.

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