Portable Vehicle Scales

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Portable Vehicle Scales

  • Modularized designed axle weigh pads fit for mobile mounting
  • Factory calibrated for flexible expansion or relocation.
  •  Max. weighing range per axle pad: 5t, 10t, 15t, 20t, 30t
  • Protection class of load cells: IP866~IP67 or better sealing for harsh environments
  • Readability/Repeatability: 5kg/10kg
  • Accuracy: static ±0.05%; dynamic ±2%
  • Display: LCD with backlight
  • Cable Length: 10m, 8m, or more options
  • As one of the most competent truck scale manufacturers and suppliers in China, you can find a comprehensive line of portable vehicle scale suc as  weigh in motion truck scales, mobile truck scales, truck axle scales, portable weighbridges, and more. If you are in need of mobile weighing requirements, please discover more axle scales from us for details.
  • Max. capacity: 5ton/5,000kg
  •  Division (kg) : 0.5, 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50
  • Pad dimension(mm) : 700*430*30; 800*430*30
  • Ramp domensions(mm) : 700*350; 800*350
  • Delivery scope: box indicator with optional printer, manual, cable
  • Certificate: CE & ISO9001
  • Max. capacity: 1ton/10,000kg
  •  Division (kg) : 0.5, 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50
  • Pad dimension(mm) : 700*430*30; 800*430*30
  • Ramp domensions(mm) : 700*350; 800*350
  • Delivery scope: box indicator with optional printer, manual, cable
  • Certificate: CE & ISO9001
  • Max. capacity: 15ton/15,000kg
  •  Division (kg) : 0.5, 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50
  • Pad dimension(mm) : 700*430*30; 800*430*30
  • Ramp domensions(mm) : 700*350; 800*350
  • Delivery scope: box indicator with optional printer, manual, cable
  • Certificate: CE & ISO9001
  • Max. capacity: 20ton/20,000kg
  •  Division (kg) : 0.5, 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50
  • Pad dimension(mm) : 700*430*30; 800*430*30
  • Ramp domensions(mm) : 700*350; 800*350
  • Delivery scope: box indicator with optional printer, manual, cable
  • Certificate: CE & ISO9001
  • Max. capacity: 30ton/30,000kg
  •  Division (kg) : 0.5, 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50
  • Pad dimension(mm) : 700*430*30; 800*430*30
  • Ramp domensions(mm) : 700*350; 800*350
  • Delivery scope: box indicator with optional printer, manual, cable
  • Certificate: CE & ISO9001
Mobile Truck Scale 20 ton
  • Max. capacity: 20ton/20,000kg
  •  Measurement units: kg / lbs convertible
  • Length: 0.8m (6 ~ 22m options )
  • Width: 3m; 3.2m-  Safe overload: 150%
  • Certificate: CE & ISO9001
  • Delivery scope: box indicator with optional printer, manual, cable

CUBLiFT: Your Premier Truck Scale Manufacturer & Weighbridge Manufacturer

Portable vehicle scales are designed and manufactured for convenient and mobile truck vehicle weighing solutions. If you are working for farms or agricultural producers, the portable vehicle scales are ideal for you to get prompt harvesting or crops yields weight while loading or unloading.

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CUBLiFT’s portable vehicle scales are accurate in truck weighing, for it is equipped with OIML load cells. The portable vehicle scales are on or above IP866~IP67 protection level, which allows both indoor and outdoor safe truck weighing use. Normally the portable vehicle scales come with 2 weighing axle pads. Ofx, you can get more pairs of axle pads to fit your truck weighing needs. When you buy a set of portable vehicle scales, there also come with indicators and optional printers.

In short, CUBLiFT’s portable truck scales are a sort of perfect fit for any weighing working sites such as weighing stations, farmers, recycling owners, logistics and transportations spots,s and more, where a flexible and mobile truck or vehicle weighing are required.

Among so many truck scale manufactures and weighbridge manufacturers in the market, who will be the most suitable truck scale manufacturer and supplier to be your long-term portable vehicle weighing scale partner? CUBLiFT is definitely the best choice for you.

CUBLiFT Manufactures quality portable vehicle Scales for you since 1999. CUBLiFT’s portable vehicle scales were well received in the market over decades. Choose our portable vehicle scales, choose us as your mutual benefit truck scale manufacturer and supplier in China, we will be your solid backup all the time.

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CUBLIFT of China has always provided us with the safest, most efficient, innovative, and high-quality heavy-duty machinery for many years now.

CUBLIFT has always concentrated on providing us with only the best equipment.

If you are in a business wherein one of the most important parts of a workday is providing an accurate weight reading, specifically bulk weights for transport, then look no further, CUBLIFT can provide you the most reliable unit ideal for your business.

Your tools are not just machines used to decrease workloads, they are also essential for the productivity and higher revenue of a business.

And one of the primary undertakings in industries such as logistics, material handling, large warehouses, loggings, and a whole lot more is getting the weight readings accurate.

CUBLIFT is a manufacturer that is trusted and proven when it comes to machinery widely used in weighing, moving, and safely transporting heavy cargoes.

We have provided you with an article that would be most helpful if you need a walk-through, answers to all your questions, and facts about portable vehicles scales.

How do portable vehicle scales function?

When vehicles own on these surface areas it shows and documents the weight on a remote incurable. At the core of each of these pads is an extremely delicate vehicle range tons cell.

This tons cell steps the weight and transfers the information to a remote incurable with a literally linked cable television.

These tons of cells are safeguarded by resilient housing and have 2 ramps on each side. The ramps make it simpler for the vehicles to thoroughly own on the center of mobile vehicle evaluate ranges.

This is why this development of vehicle range is frequently called a mobile vehicle ramp range. In purchase to determine the gross weight of a vehicle, all the axles have to be determined individually.

When the incurable documents the weight of the vehicle axles, an easy enhancement provides the overall gross weight of the vehicle.

What are the benefits of portable vehicle scales?

Versatility is important when utilizing mobile ranges.

For that reason, mobile vehicle ranges come in a range of brand names, dimensions, designs, and specs and are classified as moveable axle ranges, likewise called mobile wheel weights.

These ranges share comparable qualities, and markets and businesses requiring easy evaluating services that are difficult and resilient and utilize easy and uncomplicated styles might discover the ideal solution to wheel ranges.

These mobile ranges operate digitally utilizing batteries.

They are simple to utilize.

These mobile vehicle ranges are suitable to utilize on harsh surfaces.

They can be surface area installed or set up over the ground and utilized with a ramp and protect rails.

There are lots of benefits of utilizing vehicle ranges to properly document the concern of masses that the car is showing off.

There are large security dangers in transferring overloaded electric motors, along with monetary and negative ramifications.

Companies and markets can deal with strict penalties for overloading vehicles.

All drivers of hefty products vehicles should guarantee that they are familiarized and well-informed with laws.

Using vehicle ranges will assistance ensure that drivers are certified with the standards.

This will suggest you maintain far from the financial ramifications of penalties, along with capability reputational damages.

It is necessary to understand that there are various standards when it concerns methods of disposing of the squander products, guarantee that your drivers have an understanding of them.

There are security ramifications of owning tons over the approved weight or which may be improperly disbursed. It is necessary to guarantee that operatives tons cars properly.

This can conserve your mishaps and dangerous circumstances.

What are pointers to remember when buying portable truck scales?

Buying a vehicle range is a big obligation and financial investment.

Not just is the procedure economically at risk, it’s likewise a waste of your company’s sources, time, and power if you fail.

Think about the elements listed here and go across them off the listing by spending your difficult-made money in a vehicle range.

Research study and assess what you require and what is offered.

Search CUBLIFT site and inspect the place previously set up a vehicle range.

You do not wish to be accountable for negative effects of any type of type.

Ensure you talk to regional authorities ahead of time so you do not encounter issues later on.

An area for future needs; if you’re intending on broadening or updating your company.

It is great that you have your hands free in the future.

If it appears most likely, take the required safety measures in advance.

Obtain a CUBLIFT portable vehicle scale range with an additional dimensional area.

Keep in mind, a range vehicle is a long-lasting financial investment.

Satisfy your requirements today and tomorrow.

You might wish to consider requiring a bigger size and a much longer size to fit various kinds of vehicles.

Likewise, ensure your tractor-trailer ranges are adjustable.

It will enhance versatility and performance.

Vehicle ranges are important and efficient items of devices.

They can be accountable for the success or failure of your functional tasks.

Make the effort to choose what particular points you will require.

Obtain expert assistance when you require it and never ever make cost an element.


What are the most important features of portable truck weigh scales?

If you are running an industry that handles the transportation of bulk cargoes from point to point, the significance of having actually precise and reliable vehicle range is not to be neglected.

Oftentimes, when vehicles or haulers surpass lawful limitations for their products tons, it is feasible that you could be greatly exacted a penalty from, in addition to that you might be needlessly triggering deterioration for your car fleet.

A knowledgeable preparation for any type of company that routinely handles having to evaluate their vehicles is to have a reliable and mobile vehicle range system in position, production it easier compared to ever to handle your vehicle tons.

What are the commendable advantages of portable truck scales?

Having actually a mobile vehicle range system from a business like CUBLIFT has a number of benefits.

When a vehicle is carrying much heavier tons compared to what it is securely developed to bring, it can end up being undependable and even harmful to run, production guiding, and stopping challenges.

To decrease the danger of damages for your fleet or for your workers, and accountable business will guarantee that their vehicles are packed within their developed capability, enabling vehicle drivers to carry out their responsibilities securely.

This is where mobility ends up being a big benefit. When you are able to quickly release a range system in the area, you can benefit from that versatility, also bringing the ranges to the vehicles, instead of danger transferring something in a hazardous way.

They are extra easy to operate: you do not need extensive training to operate these machines.

As they are portable, they can be put in storage effortlessly.

They can be transported easily from one place to another; this feature is beneficial for businesses with fleets of vehicles to be weighed, it saves on fuel and time as well.

Most vehicle weighing scales are equipped with protective features to prevent overloading.

CUBLIFT heavy-duty truck scales are built from high-quality steel to endure the harshest environments and terrains.

Some manufacturers include ramps for easier weighing operations.

How advantageous are portable vehicle scales?

Evaluating services that are mobile and can be relocated can be the ideal choice for those searching for several benefits within your reach; portable vehicle scales provide proprietors with a varied variety of advantages.

Developed to assurance precision.

Very little structure demands and a low-profile develop

Simple to operate.

All truck scales provided by CUBLIFT have undergone strict quality control and compliance tests.

Various designs and specifications are always available.

When do you need to use a portable vehicle truck?

Vehicle scales, regardless of the kind, are a critical section of any type of transport company.

They are utilized by farmers to evaluate their gather, production business to evaluate their basic materials, and various other kinds of entrepreneurs to monitor their create or squander products.

You can picture by having actually the incorrect dimension of your items, huge losses will accrue for your company and might also cripple it ultimately.

Likewise, there are lots of legislations and security policies associated with the weight that should be stuck to throughout transport.

Your company might be based on really significant penalties if your vehicle is discovered to have surpassed the lawful weight restrict.

It is likewise a popular truth that overloaded vehicles are challenging to manage as their brakes have the tendency to work much less effectively.

Keeping that being stated, it’s important that a high-quality range belongs to your company devices listing.

Mobile vehicle scales are a few of the very best range choices for evaluating throughout transport.

They offer dependable dimensions and can be transported from one place to another.

How durable are portable vehicle scales?

If you are looking for new evaluating services because of stun packing and sped-up deterioration on current systems, you will be delighted to listen to that crane ranges are developed to take a pounding without caving under stress.

With the appropriate upkeep, you’re much less most likely to deal with continuous substitute requirements, and the moment you will save money on the have to continuously resource new systems in addition to getting rid of the have to move tons from website to website enables you to concentrate on what issues many.


What are portable vehicle scales and how to operate them?

Mobile vehicle scales are just properly designed reduced account surface areas that are put on degree ground and a vehicle owns over to determine its weight.

They have tons of cells at the core of the surface area which steps the truck’s weight and transfers the tape-taped information to a remote incurable.

The tons cell is well safeguarded by a solid housing that guarantees the vehicle range stays an inappropriate functioning problem for a lengthy time period.

The ranges likewise have ramps put on each side of the tons cell surface area to assist the vehicles to climb up and depart the surface area quickly.

The vehicle range steps all the axles of the vehicle individually.

The amount of all the axles are after that calculated and the weight of the vacant vehicle is subtracted from the overall to provide you the overall of the brought item.

How do portable vehicle scales affect the productivity of a business?

There are many advantages of having actually a mobile vehicle range for your transport procedures.

The essentials are their effectiveness and precision in the computation of a truck’s weight; with today’s innovation, they have been designed to provide fantastic precision much like their stationery equivalents.

They are really simple to set up and can be done by simply one operator.

It takes just a few minutes to set up a common mobile vehicle range.

Their little dimension likewise makes them practical for mobility.

A lot of the different styles offered can suit the rear of a little car and be transferred easily.

They are likewise fantastic in conserving your transfer costs since with stationery ranges, vehicles bring create from the ranch or mine need to converge at one factor for evaluating.

This takes a lot of initiative, time, and gas costs. And in spite of their dimension and weight, mobile vehicle ranges are still extremely resilient and able to endure the tons and tension of commercial applications.

Another progressed function of mobile vehicle ranges that makes them lucrative to lots of markets is the weigh-in-motion ability.

With this function, your vehicles do not have to find a total pick-up of the dimension of tons weight and/or gross car weight.

How to determine the accuracy of a truck scale?

The precision of a mobile vehicle range depends upon 2 elements namely; the high quality of the range, and whether the range is calibrated.

There are lots of high-quality ranges on the marketplace today, however, obtaining the ideal one for your market procedures can be challenging.

If you deal with any type of difficulties in choosing the ideal mobile vehicle sale for your company, don’t be reluctant to get in touch with a professional for expert guidance on buying or leasing assistance.

The second element identifying range precision is calibration and this includes using unique examination weights and calibration gadgets.

What are the key points to determine if a portable vehicle scale is up to standard?

There will be times when the devices utilized for your company can interrupt the method of procedures.

When you utilize ranges that don’t satisfy the needs put on them, they wind up obtaining harmed and might also ended up being worthless.

That is why it is constantly recommended to deal with a commercial range professional for expert guidance.

A range professional can guarantee that the centers are equipped with the appropriate range for your requirements and routinely inspect your vehicle ranges to guarantee that they are carrying out to basic.

They’ll guide you on the appropriate mobile vehicle range to buy depending upon the weight and roughness of your daily company procedures.

The professional can likewise assist you in obtaining a range of software application systems that allow you to gather weight information with rate and improved precision.

Can I rent a portable vehicle scale?

Sometimes, it is easier and more practical to rent a vehicle scale instead of buying one.

This is particularly so if the vehicle scale is not required routinely.

Likewise, maybe you have a repaired vehicle range however this time around your company procedures are offsite.

In such a situation, you can obtain a wide variety of mobile vehicle ranges for lease offered all the time.

Guarantee to be ensured that leasing ranges include a certification of calibration to assure you that the dimensions will be absolutely nothing much less compared to precise.


What are the important uses of vehicle scales?

Truck scales play major roles in industries where accurate measurement results of bulk loads are required.

They are also used to determine if a truck is carrying cargo that is past the limits required by law.

They are used for marketing or billing by weight.

Among the key factors is to offer security and remove hazards; overloaded vehicles can trigger major mishaps, risks and damages to residential or commercial homes, in addition to the cargoes.

There are weight restrictions needed when owning on freeways and roadways, if you surpass this restriction, you’re not just threatening on your own and various other drivers, however, you’re likewise running the risk of harmful the roadways and spending for expensive repair work.

They are important for tax obligation purposes.

They are essential as cargoes being transferred are exhausted depending upon the weight; weights ought to be precise to permit the matching tax obligation to be free of error.

Cargoes are not protected when the vehicle is overloaded.

This reduces the truck’s efficiency also, and dangers obtaining or triggering mishaps and harmful the cargoes also.

Inspect evaluating both axle weights and gross car weights. This assists to hold axle overloading and feasible hefty penalties.

They are utilized in markets that make or remove mass products, such as in mines or quarries, trash disposes of / reusing facilities, mass fluid and powder motion, home products, and electric devices.

Since the weight of the car brings the products is understood they are a fast and simple method to determine the stream of mass products in and from various places.

A solitary axle vehicle range or axle evaluating system can be utilized to inspect private axle weights and gross car weights to identify whether the car is risk-free to take a trip on the general public freeway without being quit and penalized for being overloaded.

Comparable full dimension vehicle scale these systems can be match installed with the evaluating surface area purge to the degree of the street or surface area installed.

For lots of utilizes, weighbridges have been mostly replaced by easy and slim digital evaluate cells, over which a car is gradually owned.

A computer system documents the outcome of the cell and builds up the overall car weight.

By evaluating the pressure of each axle it can be guaranteed that the car is within legal limitations, which generally will impose an overall car weight, an optimum weight within an axle cover restrict and a private axle restrict.

Who used the first portable vehicle scale?

The first portable scale was invented in 1929 and used by the Weight Patrol of the Los Angeles Motor Patrol.

How can I maintain and calibrate my portable truck scale?

Like any machinery, truck scales are prone to premature wear and tear if not maintained properly.

These heavy-duty weighing scales can be exposed to dust, water, and other elements that can result in corrosion.

If not maintained and calibrated, chances are your units will yield inaccurate weighing results; this will greatly affect your business productivity.

With proper maintenance and calibration, portable truck scales will continue to give you error-free readings every time.


What are the advantages of having a portable vehicle scale?

Using portable vehicle scales for your business means making the job a lot easier, quicker, and more accurate.

These heavy-duty vehicle scales share comparable qualities, and markets and businesses requiring easy evaluating services that are difficult and resilient and utilize easy and uncomplicated styles might discover the ideal solution to wheel ranges.

These vehicle scales run on battery; the battery life lasts long and can be recharged easily.

Portable vehicle scales are relatively easy to operate.

They can be used on any kind of terrain as they are made from high-quality steel.

Portable vehicle scales can be used above ground or you can install them inside pits.

They have very little structure demands and function a low-profile develop, production them simple to established or transfer to anywhere you require a mobile car evaluating service.

There’s no match needed, simply a concrete or timber woods base. All our ranges are lawful for the profession and are developed with top-quality steel.

They are developed for lasting resilience and exceptional efficiency. These portable vehicle scales function simple accessibility to the tons cells, which makes future solution phone telephone calls fast and effective.

What is the difference between portable ramp scales?

Mobile vehicle scales offer precise evaluation.

Mobile vehicle scales are available in lots of innovative designs and for a number of functions consisting of the mobile ramp, vehicle scales are offered in various sizes so one might in either case one axle sometimes.

Mobile pad vehicle scales are available in a number of setups, depending on the number of evaluating pads, one might evaluate from one axle as much as 9 axles.

CUBLIFT vehicle scale can conserve money on overloading penalties.

Portable truck scales are easier to transport.

You save on extra costs because you do not need additional construction expenses.

You save money on gas and fuel as you can always bring your portable vehicle scale to a location where your fleet of trucks is.

How to weigh cargoes using vehicle scales?

Number one is One Axle- this is one of the most challenging methods of evaluating a vehicle.

The vehicle driver needs to operate the vehicle range gradually, ensuring the vehicle is focused.

These vehicle ranges are connected to a digital gadget controller that after that summarizes all the weights to obtain the last overall weight.

Full-length vehicle ranges, much like various other kinds of vehicle ranges, are advantageous devices in markets were among the primary applications carried out is obtaining precise and dependable evaluation dimension analyses.

The pen for vehicle ranges provides a broad range of brand names and designs of such, in addition to a range of kinds suitable for various kinds of applications and specs.

These are; a reduced account, match, complete digital, concrete deck, steel deck, inspect pole restriction, electromechanical, and bumper screw restriction.


Is it easy to calibrate portable vehicle scales?

All vehicle scales ought to be preserved properly; with routine calibration and upkeep, you can be guaranteed precise reviewing outcomes each time.

If obtaining precise dimension analyses is an essential element for your company, after that a system that functions well is important.

An incorrect review, also the smallest distinction, can trigger consequences and will impact your company’s efficiency.

How versatile are CUBLIFT portable vehicle scales?

These vehicle ranges are developed and developed with reduced frameworks that are resilient sufficient to endure harsh surface areas.

Each mobile vehicle range can sign up as much as 7,000 kilograms.

Portable vehicle scale ranges can be discovered and are utilized worldwide.

They come various kinds and dimensions to fit various applications.

Using evaluating ranges is discovered in different markets, especially the food, clinical, industrial, aquatic, and various other markets where evaluating and determining can be quickly done.

Using ranges is typical all over as it’s difficult to evaluate without utilizing ranges.

In the logistics and delivery markets, where hefty shipments are being provided every min, the configuration of S-beam and various other hefty products have to be done correctly.

Using vehicles is seen in the logistics market, as mini-transports can’t bring the extreme weight.

Vehicle evaluating terminals are likewise being developed at lots of places to assist business tons and discharge hefty items such as beam of lights and various other hefty items.

Assistance for vehicles with extreme weight, the relieve of bring weight can just be observed in nations where packing and discharging of product remains in wealth.

Vehicles can quickly bring countless extra pounds in weight; that’s why vehicles are utilized to transfer extra weight and parcels.

The vehicle range can likewise be used to determine parcel reloading and is the typical packing device that functions effectively when evaluating.

Portable vehicle scale is used hefty product such as steel which is resilient and of outstandingly high quality.

Vehicle production is a precise company that needs the proficiency and experience we see in big markets where such tasks are brought bent on help with the shipment and transport of products.

They are made from the toughest steel and can endure rough surfaces and terrains.

How efficient are CUBLIFT portable vehicle scales?

Weight has an essential function in transport, and there are lots of reasons industrial vehicles have to be evaluated using either in-ground or mobile evaluating systems.

Among the essential factors is safety- if a vehicle is overloaded, it’s a risk to the driver and to various other chauffeurs when driving.

Another factor is a success, as unidentified weights can set you back a business countless money in big fines and penalties, extreme car upkeep expenses, and stock interruptions.

When thinking about either a CUBLIFT mobile or in-ground tractor-trailer range for over the roadway transport, there are lots of elements that should be thoroughly analyzed such as place, car throughput, area restrictions, information collection, and, obviously, budget plan.

Mobile, in-ground, and mobile axle car evaluating systems to evaluate vehicles, and various other industrial cars, utilized in a range of markets consisting of transport, logistics, building, power, aggregates, and customized car adjustment.

CUBLIFT’s broad variety of portable vehicle scales and other heavy-duty types of machinery assist clients to preserve conformity with lawful weight limitations, enhance payload to enhance effectiveness and security, and conserve operating expense by monitoring incoming and outgoing shipments.


How important is CUBLIFT portable vehicle scale?

Vehicles need to be evaluated in a wide range of markets, from delivery to building.

This broad variety of requirements has resulted in the development of a number of kinds of vehicle ranges.

A lot of this portable vehicle weigh scales are big and some are long-term.

With a sea of options, you do not need to purchase a costly unit

Mining and building companies are constantly on the removal and a big unmovable range would not work.

Mobile vehicle weigh scales are fairly light, production them simple to transfer throughout the task website.

CUBLIFT portable vehicle scales are developed with their particular function in mind.

They are tough and will provide you with dependable solutions for many years.

Although appropriate preventative upkeep should be carried out.

They are developed difficult like the remainder of your equipment.

Durable go across participants make the range solid so it can make it through evaluating lots of vehicles. With appropriate treatment, a mobile range will last equally as lengthy as a long-term range.

CUBLIFT has taken all the innovation from long-term ranges and placed it into the mobile range. They are developed for simple utilize, getting rid of costly education.

When you have completed evaluating, just dismantle the mobile vehicle range and keep it for its following utilize. The relief of mobility and set you back cost financial savings will make it a great financial investment.

CUBLIFT portable scales will guarantee you have the very best versatility for your company.

Are there used portable vehicle scales for sale?

You would certainly understand the significance of vehicle ranges if you are in an industry dealing with transporting truck-loads of heavy cargoes.

One important task you deal with every day is getting these trucks together with the cargoes accurately weighed.

This is where a reliable portable vehicle scale comes in, and whether you are looking to buy a brand new or a second-hand unit, one key factor to remember is getting the right unit for you.

If you are looking for a portable truck scale to use temporarily, you can either rent a unit, or purchase a used one.

There are several companies and manufacturers who can offer you a good deal.

CUBLIFE from China has a wide variety of both used and brand-new units that would be ideal for you.

These units have been checked and passed quality control so you can be assured that they will be efficient, durable, and will give you accurate measurements all the time.

These big-sized ranges are mainly installed on strong structures, and they are utilized for evaluating vehicles when they are vacant or when they are packed with Products.

These dimensions can assist in identifying whether the vehicles more than packed.

What are the other features of portable vehicle scales?

As the market for portable vehicle scales has become competitive, manufacturers have been focusing on crafting only the most durable and innovative truck scales.

Each brand and model of portable vehicle scale is equipped with features to enhance its functions.

These truck scales are fully portable and can be transported easily from point to point.

Waterproof and dustproof- this helps prevent the unit from corrosion.

Rough terrain design- ideal for businesses that operate in the harshest of conditions.

Lightweight- these portable truck scales are crafted from high-quality steel but are ultra-lightweight for easier transportation and storage.

High-capacity- these units can accommodate heavier cargoes.

Indicator with push-button cotton controls.

Large LCD display screen

Solar panel for longer battery life.

How big are portable truck scales?

Portable vehicle scales come in a variety of brands and models; they come in different capacities, dimensions, and specifications.

And in industries and businesses where it requires you to weigh the truck together with the cargo, the ideal size of the scale should be able to accommodate all the wheels of the vehicle you need to weigh.

What is the life span of a portable vehicle scale?

The life span of a portable vehicle scale will usually depend on how you maintain the unit.

The life span of your portable truck scale rests on a lot of elements.

A high-quality and durable portable vehicle scale has an edge over scales that are expected to last for short-term use.

Another factor is the type of portable truck scale; some scales are designed and built to withstand harsh conditions.

How often you use your units plays an important factor too.

Regular calibration and maintenance of the unit will prevent premature wear and tear.

When purchasing a portable vehicle scale, choose a manufacturer that has been proven for its durable and efficient units.

When should I calibrate a portable truck scale?

Regular calibration of your portable truck scale can mean yearly, monthly, semi-annually, etc.

One key point you should remember is how often you use your vehicle scale; how many trucks a day you weigh.

For daily high-volume truck weighing, calibration of your portable vehicle scale should be done frequently.

Another factor to consider is the type of environment you are using your portable vehicle scale on.

When purchasing portable truck scales, look for something that will accommodate your business and applications needs.

How do portable vehicle scales function?

For a portable truck scale to effectively function, there are elements that are needed to work together.

A scale deck is a layout where you drive the vehicle to be weighed.

The load cells calculate the weight of the unit.

The terminal or indicator acts as the scale’s control panel; this is the panel that indicates the weight.

The cables send the signal from the load cells to the terminal.

Which industries need portable vehicle scales?

Portable mobile truck scales are the absolute solution when it comes to on-site truck and cargo weighing.

They are easily transportable and ultra-durable; they can withstand even the roughest surfaces.

Portable vehicle scales are preferred by industries that deal with heavy cargoes for transport.

Mining companies, as well as timber industries heavily, rely on portable truck scales for accurate weighing.

Road constructions, quarries, and construction businesses also utilize the use of this type of truck scale.

Farms and livestock and other businesses operate effectively because of these units.

Which brand of portable vehicle scale is the most trusted?

One of the most reliable and trusted brands is CUBLIFT.

For more than 15 years now, CUBLIFT of China has manufactured most of the leading heavy-duty machinery around the world.

CUBLIFT has always aimed in providing us with the most durable, innovative, safe, and effective tools used in many industries.

CUBLIFT robust equipment is proven and tested; each unit goes through extensive quality control.

When it comes to warranty, CUBLIFT tools are guaranteed to last.


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