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Adjustable Pallet Jack

CUBLiFT manufactures adjustable pallet jack, by adjusting forks width manually, you can enter openings on pallets of different sizes.

  • No MOQ required for standard pallet jack
  • CE approval pallet jack product
  • Carry capacity:1000/1500/2000/2500/3000 kg varies
  • Fork width adjusts from 21 to 27″ to fit narrow to standard pallets.
  • The integrated hydraulic pump offers raise, lower, neutral 3-position hand control
  • Reinforced steel frame with adjustable tie-rods keep forks level
  • 3″ lowered and 7.8″ raised height
  • 7″ polyurethane steering wheels. 3″ polyurethane fork wheels
  • 200° steering arc. allows handy operations

Customized adjustable pallet jacks, hand pallet jacks, or manual pallet jacks are available upon request.

Adjustable Pallet Jack 1000kg

● Capacity (kg): 1000
● Fork overall length (mm): 1150/1200 (2000 extra-long)
● Fork overall width (mm):520~685(custmo)
● Height Min/Max (mm): 85/195 (55/165 extra-low)
● Turning Radius(mm): 1265/1265/1335
● pump type :BF/DF/AC
● Wheel (type): PU / RU / Nylon

Adjustable Pallet Jack 2000kg

● Capacity (kg):2000~5000
● Fork overall length (mm): 1150/1200 (2000 extra-long)
● Fork overall width (mm):520~685(custmo)
● Height Min/Max (mm): 85/195
● Turning Radius(mm): 1265
● pump type :BF/DF/AC
● Wheel (type): PU / RU / Nylon

● All-Terrain Pallet Jack: BH-1000AT
● Capacity (kg): 1000
● Height Min/Max (mm): 50/200
● Fork overall width (mm): Adjustable
● Fork overall length (mm): 950
● Weight (kg): 195

CUBLiFT: Your Premier Adjustable Pallet Jack Manufacturer in China

An adjustable pallet jack is simply meat that can adjust the fork width so as to meet specific lifting tasks in docks, palletize loading/unloading, or any storage applications.

CUBLiFT dedicates to offer you an adjustable pallet jack that will guarantee your warehouse demands are met.

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Adjustable pallet jack moves goods around up to the tight workplaces in your store or warehouse making work easier and efficient for the operator Adjustable pallet jack can handle loads of varying sizes saving you the cost of incorporating other pallets to carry some goods.

Adjustable pallet jack exists in different sizes that suit a wide range of your warehouse needs to make excellent storage. It is easier to use in handling heavy loads; thus is economical in moving around large goods. The adjustable pallet jack has an articulating axle that helps in minimizing injuries and facilitates the careful packaging of goods.

With our over 15+year experience in manufacturing fork trucks, CUBLiFT offers your one-stop solutions of pallet jacks from China. We care about the pallet jack quality, we care about what you want. Contact us now, accelerate your loading efficiency & output, SAVE money.

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Adjustable Pallet Jack Ultimate FAQs

Introduction. 1

An adjustable pallet jack is a pallet jack with adjustable, tapered forks for easier operations.

This type of pallet jack has a heavily reinforced steel fork, self-lubricated bearings, and an Ergonomic handle for smooth control and operations.

  • 2500kg adjustable pallet jack

What are important features to consider before buying an adjustable pallet jack?

  • Fork Length. This is determined by the type of function and area of use. An adjustable pallet jack that is too long will make it hard to move around your distribution center, and one that is too short may not completely uphold the load and become a temperamental danger.
  • Load Capacity. The weight limit of the adjustable pallet jack is the main factor to consider before purchasing. Limits can go from anyplace between 2,500 lbs. what’s more, 5,500 lbs., for certain mechanical models intended to surpass even that. A smart thought is to figure the most extreme load of the products you wish to take and afterward preclude any jacks that fall at or underneath that number. An over-burden pallet jack is probably going to separate and can represent a genuine security peril for its operators.
  • Types of the wheel. Actually, like some other vehicles, a decent arrangement of wheels can have a significant effect. It’s imperative to pick an adjustable pallet jack with great wheels that are appraised for the heap limit you want. The other factor to consider is the effect the wheels will have on your stockroom floors. Modest wheels made with some unacceptable materials may stain or harm the floors during ordinary use. We suggest picking a jack outfitted with non-staining, sturdy polyurethane wheels for enduring outcomes.
  • Unit weight. Another thing to consider is the overall weight of the unit. The adjustable pallet jack has a base weight that ought to be considered into any most extreme weight limitations for specific surfaces, for example, lift doors or holder floors. Modern and adjustable pallet jacks overall gauge more than standard light-obligation models. The unit’s weight can likewise be a pointer of value, as it regularly mirrors the strength and solidness of the model’s parts.

What components make up an adjustable pallet jack?

The adjustable pallet jack is made up of different components to make it operational.

  • Control handle. Has a strengthened spring-load handled that enables its upright position?
  • High-pressure piston. With mechanical protection against damage
  • Steel wheel load rollers. Those are polyurethane for extra durability.
  • Dual rollers. Allows easy load of bottom boarded pallets.
  • Round fork tips. Prevent pallets damage
  • Finger-formed grip lever. That allows the adjustable pallet jack functions, lifting. driving and lowering.

stong adjustable pallet jack

What types of wheels or rollers should you choose for your adjustable pallet jack?

Every adjustable pallet jack has two sorts of wheels (or rollers): more modest ones under the forks and a bigger one under the drawbar. The more modest wheels have a distance of about 7.5 cm most extreme so they can without much of a stretch be slid under the bed. These don’t turn. The enormous wheel is the directing haggle at a normal distance across 18 to 20.5 cm (7 to 8 inches). It pivots to have the option to move the machine. The center point can be made of plastic, steel, or aluminum. On the off chance that you have level floors, you can decide on basic rollers. More extensive than they are high, rollers are accessible with or without heading. For lopsided floors and to go through slope entryways, a bogie is especially reasonable. The pallet is circulated more than a few rollers (the bogie), which lessens wheel wear.

For the center point covering, you can pick between various materials:

Elastic: extremely low clamor, great grasp, denotes the ground, can leave follows. Hostile to a static alternative.

Power thane: exceptionally low clamor, longer assistance life than elastic, low wear, doesn’t leave blemishes on the ground.

Nylon: noisier, low squashing rate, appropriate for hefty burdens on the level and hard surfaces.

Polyurethane: low commotion, appropriate for moderate burdens, leaves marks.

Iron/steel: weighty modern use, boisterous, extremely strong, low wear.

How long does an adjustable pallet jack last?

When putting huge amounts of cash in a capacity framework you need to be consoled it will keep going you sufficiently long to legitimize your speculation and these are only a couple of the normal inquiries one would present before purchasing a racking framework, and we will be controlling you through these inquiries to edify you.

Standard examination of your adjustable pallet jack framework is essential. Indeed, even minor harm can altogether lessen its wellbeing and solidness. It is suggested that you ought to examine your adjustable pallet jack for harm in-house at any rate consistently. A yearly examination by an outsider (ideally SEMA prepared) is a legitimate necessity. To peruse more about adjustable pallet jack Inspection.

Any harm that is found ought to be helped at the earliest opportunity. Likewise, with most things, however, anticipation is superior to fix. You ought to have strong cycles set up for announcing any mishaps and harm. Buying adjustable pallet jack assistants to limit harm and increment the life span of your adjustable pallet jack framework can likewise be a reasonable move.

manual adjustable pallet jack

What are the advantages of using an adjustable pallet jack?

  • Affordable purchase price and maintenance costs.
  • No certification is required to operate it.
  • More efficient increased productivity. This helps to lower the cost of operations.
  • Reduced injuries. Adjustable pallet jack helps take the weight off your employees, thus allowing easy movement of heavy loads and reducing risks of employees’ injuries.
  • Increased morale. When an adjustable pallet jack is available at the workplace, it helps employees tackle physically challenging tasks.
  • Adjustable pallet jacks come in different lengths and sizes, thus fitting for many industries.
  • Low maintenance costs. This ensures reduced downtime.

What are the types of adjustable pallet jacks?

Adjustable pallet jacks are known to have modified fork widths, an ergonomic handle for operator comfortability, and easier operation.

This type of pallet jack can be used in industrial environments that need forks width adjustment due to different sizes of pallets. Adjustable pallet jacks have different types as discussed below;

Stainless steel pallet jack.

This type of pallet jack is made to adjust and make due through brutal conditions. They are made of non-destructive materials. Additionally, the outside of this pallet jack is glass-impacted which makes it simpler to clean. Oil fittings are additionally accessible to permit these trucks to work easily regardless of whether they are persistently presented to wet conditions.

Extra highlights of this adjustable pallet jack are incorporate valves for pressure help and load over-burden to dodge siphon harm.

Alternatives that can be added for this adjustable pallet jack are roller forks or a nylon directing wheel. Roller forks are made to decrease the time spent for stacking and dumping loads. When utilizing roller forks, the load transporter can be a straightforward sheet rather than a wooden or plastic load. This important choice recoveries both extra room and organization costs.

Applications that broadly utilize this sort of adjustable pallet jack variety incorporate food handling, drug, and marine enterprises. It is ideal for wet conditions just as unforgiving ones, similar to meat and fish plants and synthetic assembling businesses

Has a load capacity of 4400lbs, fork length 48in, fork width 6.25in, and unit weight 155lbs.

Figure 1: Stainless Pallet Jack

Narrow pallet jack

This type of adjustable pallet jack is designed for smaller pallets. This type of pallet jack has space between the forks that enables it easily locate and carry the pallets.

Features for this pallet type include; a hand control for three positions (raise, lower, and unbiased) just as a pad grasp for the administrator to feel greater when working. Section and leave rollers are accessible to make the development of the beds simpler and easier. Notwithstanding these highlights, oil fittings are additionally accommodated by the pallet jack’s grease and support.

A narrow pallet jack can be utilized in applications when indoor conveyances through tight regions are should have been finished. They can likewise be utilized when moving loads in various trucks particularly when there is restricted space in the vehicles and accuracy is needed.

Figure 2: Narrow Pallet Jack

electric adjustable pallet jack

Narrow pallet jack image

The narrow pallet jack has a load capacity of 5500lbs, fork length 48in, fork width 6.6 in, and unit weight 160lbs.

Mini pallet jack

This type of adjustable pallet jack is designed particularly for places where typically measured pallet jacks would not fit. These machines make hefty little-based things simpler to move. Albeit little in size, the scaled-down bed truck is entirely solid even in unforgiving conditions.

Highlights incorporate an over-load discharge valve that shields the jack from bearing a lot of weight. The handle is intended to control three distinct positions (raise, lower, and unbiased), and it additionally offers security and stuns ingestion.

This type of pallet jack has polyurethane wheels which are more solid and intense than elastic wheels. These wheels accompany the fixed course and “ball-push” directing for simpler rolling. Oil fittings and bushings at all the rotate points of the pallet jack are accommodated with inconvenience-free support.

This variety of the pallet jack is utilized in odds and ends shops, carports, and retail stores, among numerous others.

Has a load capacity of 2200-3300lbs, fork length 45in, fork width 5.9in, and unit weight capacity 126lbs.

Figure 3: Mini pallet jack image.

What are some of the safety measures that adjustable pallet jack operators must observe?

Adjustable pallet jacks aren’t pretty much as hazardous as forklifts. They can in any case cause genuine wounds and harm materials and designs. Adjustable pallet jacks assist laborers with taking care of burdens. The issue is that attempting to move substantial material without a pallet jack could result in much more genuine wounds. On the off chance that a bed jack isn’t utilized securely, representatives can be harmed.

Understanding and knowing safety measures during adjustable pallet jack operations can be key. The following are safety and prevention measures to be considered by the operator.

Safe operations

The following are responsibilities/duties for adjustable pallet jack operator;

  • Use in the right way to guarantee your security and the wellbeing of individuals nearby
  • Acquaint yourself with the controls before utilizing the adjustable pallet jack
  • Guarantee controls are unharmed and responsive
  • Plan your excursion before bouncing straight into utilizing the adjustable pallet jack
  • Never convey riders or ride the hardware yourself
  • No tomfoolery, it can cause genuine wounds!

Protective clothing and body positioning

The following measures should be considered when operating adjustable pallet jack;

  • Wear appropriate foot assurance and gloves.
  • Ensure you have a protected hold on the heap, particularly adjustable pallet jacks with worn grasps
  • Never place your feet under adjustable pallet jack
  • Feet, hands, or any part of the body, ought to never be put under the pallet
  • Utilize appropriate lifting strategies stacking/dumping and working the adjustable pallet jack

 Handling of forks

When the adjustable pallet jack is operational, the following fork measures should be observed,

  • Focus the forks equally under the load to keep up great adjust and guarantee steadiness of the load.
  • Ensure the forks are situated totally under the load.
  • Keep freedom of around 1 inch between the floor and the load
  • The heap is steadier if it is held near the floor Push or Pulls? Pulling permits better mobility however pulling returns strain on the, consistently attempt to push the load all things considered on the off chance that you can
  • Pushing the load: Holds the back and spine straight, Utilizations the more grounded and bigger leg muscles and bones.


  • Park the adjustable pallet jack in a level spot, forks brought down.
  • Try not to impede ways out or crisis gear, for example, fire quenchers.
  • Try not to leave an adjustable pallet jack unattended and raised.
  • Put adjustable pallet jacks securely away in a foreordained stockpiling area at the point when not being used with the handle raised and bolted.
  • Keep the jack out of a traffic region, maintain a strategic distance from a stumbling danger.
  • Continuously let the adjustable pallet jack down when loading items or whenever the bed jack is left unattended.

Handling Loads

For both operator and loads safety, the following measures should be considered;

  • Focus and never surpass the maker’s most extreme weight-appraised limit, won’t ever over-burden the limit will be set apart on the pallet jack.
  • Keep your back solid and straight.
  • Monitor the weight.
  • Start and stop bit by bit, forestall the load moving position, quit moving your heap on the off chance that somebody is in the pathway—don’t accept the individual sees and can keep away from you.
  • Utilize set up roadways and exercise alerts to keep away from crashes at corners.
  • Swing wide on corners to try not to strike the door jambs, racking, or different designs, utilize a spotter if necessary.

What areas of the adjustable pallet jack need a frequent inspection?

For proper handling and utilization of adjustable pallet jack, inspection is vital.

  • Review pallet jack overall for great working condition.
  • Check brakes, guiding, controls, forks, cranes, and cautioning gadgets.
  • Search for water, oil, or different fluids on the floor.
  • Notice the wheels; guarantee they are not exhausted and have no breaks This will forestall helpless taking care of and diminish the danger of a flimsy weight.
  • Report any issues to your manager.

How do you operate the Adjustable pallet jack?

The following are ways of operating adjustable pallet jacks at the workplace.

Fork Operation

  • Utilize the two forks for lifting a load.
  • Never utilize one fork to lift a load.
  • Guarantee the soundness of the pallet jack.
  • Keep up great equilibrium, focus the forks equitably under the load.
  • Keep freedom of around 1 inch between the floor and the load.
  • The load is steadier if it is held near the floor.

Actuating Lever

  • Safe dealing with requires expertise.
  • Raise the forks by pushing the activating switch down and siphoning the handle.
  • Utilize two hands while lifting a manual bed jack to forestall muscle strain.
  • The solitary time the handle is down is to jack the load.
  • Put the activating switch in an impartial or center situation to move the load.
  • This position separates the lifting component and liberates the handle from pressure-driven opposition, yet keeps the forks raised.
  • At the point when the switch is delivered, it will consequently get back to the nonpartisan position.

Safe maneuvering

  • Utilize the impartial position when moving burdens, this lessens administrator weakness.
  • Push on the off chance that you securely can, yet pulling considers expanded mobility and better control of the load.
  • On the off chance that pulling the adjustable pallet jack, ensure it is in the impartial situation to decrease weariness.
  • Try not to turn the handle excessively quickly, can make the load move.
  • Watch for clearances on the two sides of the path.
  • Work at controllable paces, adjustable pallet jacks don’t have brakes, permit a lot of space to stop.
  • Try not to convey riders on the adjustable pallet jack.
  • Know about others and forklifts nearby.

What maintenance practice should be observed for adjustable pallet jack?

For adjustable pallet jack to have a long-lasting service span, regular maintenance is vital.

  • Regular check on the oil level and oil refill of your adjustable pallet jack.
  • Regular lubrication of moving parts of the adjustable pallet jack.
  • Ensure when not in use the adjustable pallet jack is safely parked.
  • Protect the adjustable pallet jack wheels. ie. ensure the floor is clean and even. And also avoid overloading.

What are key operational issues that are likely to occur while handling adjustable pallet jack?

Fork not lowering. This may be caused by a damaged piston due to its exposure to a harsh environment and corrosion. Ensure the piston is well lubricated and lowered when not in use.

Loose nuts and bolts. When the adjustable pallet jack is operational, nuts and bolts tend to loosen. Regular tightening of bolts and nuts is essential.

Fork not reaching maximum height. Caused by a low level of hydraulic oil. Regular checks and refills of hydraulic oil are important.

Battery not charging. Caused by our life battery. The adjustable pallet jack battery should be replaced once out of life.

What are possible injuries is one likely to sustain while working using an adjustable pallet jack?

Adjustable pallet jack operators may suffer from injuries during the operation. Injury risks include,

  • Spinal injuries
  • Head injuries
  • Back injuries
  • Cuts and wounds to the legs
  • Shoulder strains and dislocation

What are the causes of these injuries when operating?

Lack of training

Deficient preparation is a typical reason for some working environment mishaps. Significantly, all workers are accurately prepared on the best way to complete their work as this will assist with diminishing the danger of mishaps happening. Workers should realize how to utilize bed trucks and how things ought to be stacked on them to diminish the danger of a mishap. All workers ought to guarantee that they go to all preparation given to them by their manager as they might be discovered obligated on the off chance that it is discovered that they acted carelessly and didn’t go to training.

Inadequate personal protective equipment (PPE)

Protective clothing is fundamental for all representatives in specific ventures, like industrial facilities and distribution centers. The business should give sufficient PPE to their representatives where required. Wearing the right clothing can enormously decrease the odds of a mishap happening. This incorporates gloves, footwear, caps, and facial security like masks and glasses.

 Operator’s negligent behavior

If a worker is acting carelessly throughout their work almost certainly, a mishap will happen. On the off chance that the development of pallets isn’t completed for the proposed reason the odds of a mishap happening will be higher. If you have supported wounds at work, you might be discovered at risk on the off chance that it is discovered that you were acting in a careless way leading the pack up to the mishap. Activities that workers should be cautious about are:

  • Just push adjustable pallet jacks – pulling can cause genuine strain on shoulders
  • Start the adjustable pallet jack gradually – abrupt jerks could make the pallet fall
  • Never remain on an adjustable pallet jack
  • Never remain on the edges of adjustable pallet jack
  • Never leave adjustable pallet jack with the load raised
  • Move gradually, watch your heels!
  • Keep the adjustable pallet jack before you when dropping down a slope

Figure 4: Adjustable Hand Pallet Jack   

 Figure 5: Adjustable Low-profile Pallet Jack


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