11 20 Proven Ways to Maintain Your Axle Scale Easily

20 Proven Ways to Maintain Your Axle Scale Easily blog (5)Preventative maintenance measures must be taken to ensure the axle scale serves the longest as possible. Axle scales are actually paired weigh pads, It requires that the axle scale system be inspected on a regular and comprehensive basis. this process will allow possible issues to be identified before they become serious and assist alleviate system damage to keep the scale lifespan prolonged.

  1. You should maintain the cleanliness of the Axle scale. Axle scale is usually situated in a busy environment that makes it dirty every time it is in use. Its parts receive much dirt or oils or chemicals and even garbage that builds up. To prolong the scale lifespan, you should inspect your scale weekly to see if it needs to be cleaned. Additionally, you should clean your scale after every use.
  2. You should avoid overloading the Axle scale. There are various kinds of axle scales with different capacities of weight that can be measured. You should keep a check on the maximum your scale can weigh and avoid going beyond it because it might cause shocks to the machine which lead to its failure.
  3. You should regularly follow the manual that comes with the axle scale when you are not sure how the device works. Understanding how the scale function can help to extend its lifespan since errors will be avoided. Knowing how the axle scale works and which parts are prone to wear out might help you spot minor flaws before they develop major difficulties.
  4. You should regularly examine the condition of the axle scale. It is critical to examine the scale to see if it is in perfect conditions. Check whether it has rubbed against anything or has any faults in any manner. Check for rust on any scale components. If you see any of these problems, it tells the scale is not working well. It is advisable to take immediate corrective measures to enhance the lifespan of the scale.
  5. You should ensure smooth flow of the traffic: Maintaining the longevity and accuracy of axle scales while avoiding costly scale maintenance is as simple as keeping a watch on traffic patterns. This might be done by installing traffic signals that monitor force the weight of loads.
  6. Keep or install the axle scale in a place free from rodents that damage the scale cables. Usually, rodents may wreak havoc on the cabling and grounding of the scale. Checking for frayed, chewed, or pinched wires is a common aspect of industrial-scale calibration. Rodent traps or poisons can be used to keep rodents away from axle scale.
  7. Replace the worn-out parts of the axle scale as you notice them. This strategy will help in increasing the lifespan of the scale especially when brand new spare parts are replaced.
  8. Lubricating the joints reduces the rate of wear and tear. As a result, the scale’s efficiency and reliability, and lifespan are improved.
  9. Use a pressure sprayer to clear dirt and debris that may cause discrepancies in weight readings and lead to axle scale damage. Therefore you must frequently clear dirt and dust build-up.
  10. Examine the axle scale’s board and supporting frame. The deck is among the most costly sections of the axle scale. Examine the deck to determine if there is anything that appears to be a possible concern. Check the supporting frame’s structural soundness as well. If you see broken welds, severe cracking, rusting, and bent steel are all signs of a structural problem. Taking care of problems as soon as they appear might save you money on major repairs and prolong the lifespan of the scale.
  11. Inspect the axle scale’s end bumper spaces. Only a quarter or less inch should be left between the end bumpers and the pit wall. Make sure the end bumpers are not rubbing on the wall, but they are also not too far away. End bumper gaps should be checked at least twice a year, according to the manufacturer’s recommendations to ensure an extended lifespan of the axle scale.
  12. Assess the junction box. Internal moisture produced by condensation is a typical problem with junction boxes. There is a risk of corroding wiring connectors and other enclosing parts if moisture is not removed.
  13. Assess load cells and ensure they are in proper working condition. The weighing load cells are the most significant part of the axle scale. They should be checked regularly for unusual wear or faults and replaced to ensure a long-lasting axle scale.
  14. Regularly balance the axle scale. When huge trucks travel upon an axle scale, the scale is potentially subject to a great deal of stress that may cause wear and tear. As a result, even the tiniest amount of material on the scale might result in inaccurate results. This is why, following cleaning or dirt removal, the scale must be balanced.
  15. Regularly calibrate the axle scale. After that, you should verify the scales for calibration. This ensures that the weighing findings are consistently correct. Axle scale calibration should be done regularly. To calculate the regularity of calibration, consider a wide range of criteria. The allowable error rate, the number of daily weight readings, and the duration of time the scale is used yearly are all factors to consider.
  16. Conduct professional inspection of the axle scale. Performing daily scale checks and fundamental scale maintenance is necessary for the extended lifespan of the scale. For excellent work, hire an expert to do a comprehensive examination and clean or restore the axle scales if needed.
  17. Stick to the schedule axle scale servicing. Routine servicing is necessary to keep your axle scale in excellent working order and increase its lifespan. The length of time between service intervals and load amounts is recommended by the manufacturer. Usually, Read your axle scale’s manufacturer handbook to learn when it’s ready for service and what type of maintenance it requires.
  18. Protect axle scale from weather changes. The scale should not be exposed to moisture or raindrops because rusting of parts may happen facilitate wear and tear. So covering the scale by building a structure is necessary to prevent the effect of weather.
  19. Have axle scale rust-proof. Metal corrosion is the leading cause of wear and tear of axle scale that is not made of rust-proof materials. It is always uneconomical to fix rusted parts once they have been set in. check if your axle scale is not rust-proof and ensure you have it rust-proof to extend its life.
  20. Refrain from making any changes on the axle scale. Usually, stick to what is recommended by the manufacturer because modifying your axle scale will most certainly reduce its reliability and limit its lifespan.

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To ensure your axle scale serves you the purpose for a long duration, make preventative maintenance a priority and a routine. But if you do not maintain the scale, it can start giving you false readings and may not last long. This will have an impact on the accuracy of your weighing measurements, which will have an impact on your entire efficiency and profitability. On the other hand, you should always keep in touch with your axle scale manufacturers and suppliers to get the latest and correct suggestions on how to maintain your axle scales at the lowest cost.

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