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The 6 Must-Do Maintenance Lead to Increased Axle Scale Lifespan (3) Maintaining an axle scale regularly is critical for its long-term use.  Inaccurate readings can occur when the axle scale is overweighed or when it is incorrectly calibrated. To prevent this, they should be accurate and compatible.

This tends to give wrong and misleading results. Thus, it is crucial to keep them very precise by maintaining highly accurate weight measurements.

Operators need to maintain axle scales regularly, but there are other preventative actions an operator may take to keep the equipment in good working order. Additionally, axle scales are designed with in-built safety features to prevent defects.

These maintenance practices ensure that the moving parts are not in contaminants like chemicals, water or moisture, chemicals, or water as it would speed up the rusting process, which will cause malfunctioning.

Axle scale should be serviced and maintained on a daily basis, weekly, monthly, and twice-yearly to ensure that they are fully functional.

Daily Maintenance Tasks

Assuring that frequent inspections are carried out before usage of the axle scales to detect faults that may be remedied as soon as possible.

It is recommended that the operators do a visual assessment of the platform on a daily basis to ensure that there are no impurities or trash on the platform.

Check for fouling on the side and end frames before driving on the platform.

To obtain an accurate axle scale weight reading, approach the platform gently, minimize rapid braking, and place all four wheels on the scale.

Operators should inspect T-section rubber installed in pit drainage systems or automatic pumps to ensure it is properly positioned and operating.

If T-section rubber is used in pit-mounted installations, it is critical to verify that it is properly positioned and that pit drainage systems or automatic pumps are functioning properly. Operators should inspect T-section rubber before using the installation.

This clearance is required for surface-mounted truck scales. This is done by ensuring the surface it is being operated is smooth and precise.

Axle scales are washable due to their steel construction and this makes cleaning the simplest way of making the durable by extending their lifespan.

Because the type of loads being weighed each day is based on the environment in which the axle scales work, it is important that it be clean.

In some sectors, it is a regulatory necessity that the axle scale is cleaned on a regular basis. Engage the services of a professional to do a comprehensive inspection and clean the axle scales, and repair them if necessary.The 6 Must-Do Maintenance Lead to Increased Axle Scale Lifespan (4)

Weekly Maintenance Tasks

Each week, operators should check the weight of a loaded vehicle on the axle scales at each end of the platform against the weight of the vehicle in the platform’s center.

To avoid making mistakes in the future, any differences between two stated divisions must be recorded.

You must carefully remove any debris from the load cell assemblies on a weekly basis in order to prevent damage to the load cell cables. To avoid damaging the load cell cables, examine the load cell assemblies once a week for debris buildup.

In order to keep axle scales in top functioning order, you should have them inspected by a knowledgeable professional who can assess their general condition and perform preventative maintenance. At the same time, it would be ideal to replace the load cells.

Incorrect battery replacement can lead to axle scale malfunction, and batteries should be removed if the scale is not in use for an extended period of time.

Depending on the climate and the manufacturer’s recommendations, it is recommended that weigh beam scales be calibrated on a regular basis if they are used regularly.

In order to keep your weigh beam scale in good condition, you need to make sure that it is calibrated correctly. This way, you can see if it is breaking down and figure out what to do about it.

Monthly Maintenance Tasks

Cleaning the axle scales is one of the most straightforward methods of extending their lives, and because they are composed of steel, they are easily cleaned.

It is also vital that the area in which it is operated is clean since it influences the types of loads weighed daily.

If water or debris has gathered around the platform’s foundations, side and end frames, check out the axle scales every month. Operators should also perform weekly end-to-end testing as part of their duties.

You should notify the maintenance service provider if the platform has changed considerably after the last examination.

A new end-middle-end test should be performed when the axle scale has been rebalanced and reset to zero if there are any inconsistencies between the before and after test findings, these should be noted.

The axle scale should be jet washed to avoid damage to the load cells or weigh bars. Make sure to remove any water that has pooled around pit-mounted scales.The 6 Must-Do Maintenance Lead to Increased Axle Scale Lifespan (2)

Twice Yearly Maintenance Tasks

Every six months, inspect the axle scale for structural integrity. This ensures that it functions appropriately and effectively.

You should check the load cell wires on the surface-mounted truck scale, and any damage should be reported once more.

As soon as you see any cracks or defects in the foundations, contact your service provider immediately and have them assess the axle scale.

Seasonal Maintenance Tasks

Electrical welding should never be performed on the axle scale’s structure without informing a specialized team such as the service provider in order to avoid causing damage to the load cells or weigh bars. After a storm, it’s critical to double-check the axle scale.

It is important to check the axle scale after a storm to ensure lightning hasn’t damaged it. This is because modern truck scales usually have protection against lightning, both inside the load cell and by fitting lightning conductors.

Additional Maintenance Tasks

The operation of the axle scale is affected if operators try thorough repairs or maintenance on their own.

A planned maintenance contract should cover breakdowns and repairs in addition to preventative maintenance.

Deciding to use preventative maintenance means boosting the safety of your employees, lowering the frequency of breakdowns, expanding the lifespan of your equipment, and realizing considerable productivity improvements for your firm.The 6 Must-Do Maintenance Lead to Increased Axle Scale Lifespan (1)


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