1Top Pallet Truck Manufacturer Companies You'd be Using in Malaysia

Top Pallet Truck Manufacturer Companies You'd be Using in Vietnam blog (5) The pallet manufacturing business in Vietnam is highly competitive. It’s very hard for customers to differentiate between a long-lasting pallet truck and the rest. Through our research, we were able to identify the following companies which stand out among the very many dealers available in the market today.

Crown Equipment (Vietnam) Co., Ltd

Forklift dealer in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Crown Equipment Vietnam, provides new forklifts, pre-owned forklifts, and forklift rentals in Vietnam. We’re your local material handling partner, dedicated to optimizing safety, increasing productivity, and improving your bottom line. Crown’s extensive retail network offers reliable, responsive support and local parts availability for your entire fleet. Flexible financing, rental, and leasing options are available.
Crown is one of the world’s largest material handling companies with a reputation for award-winning product design, advanced engineering and technology, and excellent after-sale service. Crown produces a broad range of forklifts as well as automation & fleet management technologies. Contact Crown to learn more.”
Address: Street, Long Hau Industrial, Factory NX2, Lot S10-S11, Tan Tap, Long Hậu, Cần Giuộc, Long An 850000, Vietnam
Phone: +84 93 824 57 07Crown Equipment (Vietnam) Co., Ltd-The 7 Best Pallet Truck Manufacturers & Suppliers in Vietnam blog

Hoang Gia Lam Trading Services Company Limited

Forklift dealer in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

(OFFICIAL distributor of Linde forklifts in Vietnam)
Address: 83/2 QL1A, P.An Phú Đông, Q.12, TP.Hồ Chí Minh TP, Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh 760000, Vietnam
Phone: +84 90 315 50 33


Forklift dealer in Thuận An, Vietnam

Service options: In-store pickup Noble forklift distributor in Vietnam.
Address: 3 QL13, KP. Bình Giao, P, Thuận An, Bình Dương, Vietnam
Areas served: Dĩ An and nearby areas
Phone: +84 93 870 79 86


Forklift dealer in Hanoi, Vietnam
n Vietnam, HYSTER has supplied nearly 3000 pallet trucks and currently, MICO HYSTER is in charge of all services & spare parts.
Address: Ocean Park Building, Tầng 8, Số 1 Đào Duy Anh, Phương Liên, Đống Đa, Hà Nội 100000, Vietnam
Phone: +84 99 791 88 88

MHE-Demag Vietnam Company Limited

Material handling equipment supplier in Thuận An, Vietnam
Established in 1972, MHE-Demag is the name for material handling. We engineer, manufacture, and maintain a comprehensive range of industrial cranes and hoists, warehousing equipment such as lift trucks and dock levelers, aerial work platforms, building maintenance units for safe working at heights, compact construction equipment, as well as automated car parking systems.”
Address: No.15, Street 2, VSIP, Binh Hoa Ward, Thuan An City, Bình Dương, Vietnam
Areas served: District 1 and nearby areas
Phone: +84 274 3784 080

Clark Material Handling Vietnam (Nhà máy 1 – Cẩm Giàng))

Forklift dealer in Vietnam
Đi cùng sự phát triển mạnh mẽ của nền kinh tế thế giới và chiến dịch hội nhập kinh tế quốc tế, đòi hỏi tập đoàn Young An phải đưa ra những quyết định cấp thiết trong vấn đề mở rộng sản xuất kinh doanh trên toàn cầu.
Sau nhiều lần nghiên cứu và đánh giá thị trường, tập đoàn đã xác định Việt Nam là một trong những nước tiềm năng cần được khai thác.
Từ năm 2018-2019 lần lượt 3 nhà máy sản xuất và lắp ráp xe nâng được xây dựng và đi vào hoạt động tại Việt Nam.
Address: QL5, Cẩm Phúc, Cẩm Giàng, Hải Dương, Vietnam
Phone: +84 96 996 64 83

Binh Minh Forklift Company

Binh Minh Forklift Company, the leading forklift distributor in the Vietnam market; is the sole authorized representative of Heli forklift distribution. The brand is among the top 6 forklift manufacturers in the world with outstanding quality and sales service.
Address: D02-06 Senturia, Vườn Lài, P, Quận 12, Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam
Phone: +84 28 6681 9545

The 7 Best Pallet Truck Manufacturers & Suppliers in Vietnam blog 1 2 blogConclusion

Although there are many manufacturers of pallet trucks available in the market today, these pallet truck companies have qualified to be on the top list of pallet truck manufacturers and distributors in 2021. Based on a survey done, they can be relied upon for their high-quality pallet trucks and other lifting types of equipment. Meanwhile, if you need quality pallet truck equipment from China, you can contact CUBLiFT, since they are one of the most reliable pallet truck manufacturers and suppliers in China. Quick delivery, Stable Production.

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