10 Top Pallet Truck Manufacture Companies You'd be Using in Italy

Top Pallet Truck Manufacture Companies You'd be Using in Italy blog (5) The pallet manufacturing business in Italy is highly competitive. It’s very hard for customers to differentiate between a long-lasting pallet truck and the rest. Through our research, we were able to identify the following companies which stand out among the very many dealers available in the market today.


Novamach’s growth in the sector of electric and manual pallet trucks, lifts, hoists, and winches has been marked by the product quality and competitive prices. But that’s not the whole story. Alongside the product is the no less strategic component of service. The warranty is Novamach’s strong point. A service that allows customers to work with peace of mind and get maximum performance from every machine. Supplier of: Forklift trucks | hand pallet trucks | Lifting equipment – accessories | pallet movers | electric pallet movers, etc.

Address: Via Livornese di Sopra, 8/A, 51019 Ponte Buggianese PT, ItalyThe 9 Best Pallet Truck Manufacturers & Suppliers in Italy 2022 1

CV Italia

CV Italia by Carrellificio Vicentino Srl began planning, producing, and distributing its products in 1958. This Italian manufacturer offers material handling systems and equipment including electric stackers, manual stackers, pallet stackers, electric trucks, pallet trucks, hand pallet trucks, order pickers, straddle stackers, fork lift trucks, etc.The 9 Best Pallet Truck Manufacturers & Suppliers in Italy 2022 2

Address: Via A. De Gasperi, 3/5 – 36040 Brendola (Vicenza) Europe · Italy


We offer pallet trucks. The range of forklift trucks ranges from pallet trucks for low handling to trucks with frontal, lateral, and trilateral telescoping masts, with drivers for frontal, lateral, and trilateral configurations that suit all types of warehouses. Thanks to our ability to design and manufacture specific machinery, we provide totally flexible services and are able to adapt to our customer’s requirements while maintaining a high operational level and maximum safety.


We went since more than 30 years in marketing products designed for the construction field, marble, and tile industry as well as for floor treatment.  We offer basic pallet trucks, which is the model of access to the range of lifter hand pallet trucks with which it shares reliability and solidity. All our lifter pallet trucks are completely made in Italy and covered by the warranty’s years.

Address: Zona Industriale Miralbello snc, 61047 San Lorenzo in Campo (PU), Italy


Bemedo srl is an electro-mechanical company, offers forklift trucks, battery- and diesel-powered pallet trucks, and earthmoving machinery overhauled; hydroelectric turbines overhauled; parallel lathe machining work; gear wheels reconstructed.

Address: Address: Via Rubino, 10, 58100 Grosseto GR, Italy


Italianamovint By G&br is located in Via Antonello da Messina, 41-43, 95021 Aci Castello (Catania) Italy VAT No. IT04263050876, in Italy. A Supplier of forklift and pallet trucks | Handling trolleys; generator sales.


We at Carrellificio Cesenate have been keeping our customers satisfied since 1977.

Our continuous investments aimed at improving the design and manufacture of our pallet trucks allowed us to keep up with the evolution in the handling industry and determined the steady growth of our business.

Address:Via Cerchia di Sant’Egidio, 850, 47521 – Cesena (FC) – Italy

Logcenter Srl

We present ourselves to the market as specialists in warehouse logistics solutions; offer tailor-made solutions to face the challenges of Industry 4.0. For thirty years we have been close to companies with cutting-edge products: forklifts, warehouse machines, shelving, industrial cleaning machines, covers, sheet tunnels, software and more.


MASSUCCO T. s.r.l.

MASSUCCO T. srl – import/export – the leader in sales and hiring of forklift and earthmoving equipment, is a company activity located in Cuneo, S.P. 564 to Mondovi’ at approximately 3 Km. from the provincial capital. A commercial organization with over 60 years of experience that proposes to demanding and specialized customers with a wide range of new and used equipment, guaranteeing widespread assistance, spare parts service, and consulting twenty-four hours a day on all national territory

Address: Via Genova, 122, 12100 Cuneo CN, Italy

The 9 Best Pallet Truck Manufacturers & Suppliers in Italy 2022Conclusion

Although there are many manufacturers of pallet trucks available in the market today, these pallet truck companies have qualified to be on the top list of pallet truck manufacturers and distributors in 2021. Based on a survey done, they can be relied upon for their high-quality pallet trucks and other lifting types of equipment. Meanwhile, if you need quality pallet truck equipment from China, you can contact CUBLiFT, since they are one of the most reliable pallet truck manufacturers and suppliers in China. Quick delivery, Stable Production.

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