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The Best Pallet Truck Manufacturers & Suppliers in the Brazil (3) The pallet manufacturing business in Brazil is highly competitive. It’s very hard for customers to differentiate between a long-lasting pallet truck from the rest. Through our research, we were able to identify the following companies which stand out among the very many dealers available in the market today.

Tupy S.A.

Tupy SA is a Brazilian company specializing in the development, manufacture, and sale of Pallet trucks. Both the automotive and hydraulics segments of the company’s activities are active.

Brazil, Mexico, the United States, and Germany are just a few of the countries where the company has manufacturing facilities and sales offices. Their pallet trucks have received the highest ratings in 2020.

They offer a wide variety of these pallet trucks so you are welcome to explore their product catalog.

Address: Rua Albano Schmidt, 3.400, Boa Vista 89.227-901 Brazil

Dsv Air & Sea Ltd

Dsv is your global and local manufacture of pallet trucks in Brazil. They have been in business for 2 decades now and they are flourishing.

Their pallet trucks are highly recommended for industrial use. They have gained various certifications to accredit their work.

A pallet truck is a very essential tool in a warehouse. Get in touch with them if you need a long-lasting pallet truck for use.

Address: Av. J. R. Marinho, 85, 12 Andar Conj. 121-122, Cidade Moncoes 04576-010 Sao Paulo

Paletrans Equipment

With over two decades of expertise in the material handling industry, Paletrans develops many kinds of forklifts and pallet trucks that are optimized for a range of scenarios and precise load and operation, particularly in tiny spaces with limited handling space.

A sophisticated facility and equipment of the latest generation distinguish Paletrans as the leading producer of pallet trucks in Brazil, with its products exported to more than 20 countries across the world.

Address: Rua Paletrans, 100 – Distrito Industrial, Cravinhos – SP, 14140-000, Brazil

The Best Pallet Truck Manufacturers & Suppliers in the Brazil (1)


Crown Lift Trucks

When it comes to material handling, Crown has a unique position as the world’s leading company in Brazil. Crown reaches a degree of environmental compliance impossible for outsourcing manufacturers by manufacturing up to 85% of the components used in forklift trucks.

Vertical integration allows them to have complete control over their manufacturing operations, ensuring that they are only producing what is required and that inventory is always up to date.

The recycling and reusing of materials, as well as the preservation of nature’s resources, are all ongoing goals at their facilities.

Address: Rodovia Anhanguera Km 62 Av. Antonieta Piva Barranqueiros s/n – CLA – Distrito Industrial, Jundiaí – SP, 13212-000, Brazil

Suzano Papel E Celulose SA

Suzano Papel is the largest Latin American material handling company with headquarters in Brazil. It was founded in 1997 and has been in operation since then.

They have the best pallet trucks available for sale. Features, characteristics, and properties of their pallet trucks are unmatched.

Don’t stress yourself out of where you are going to get a great deal worth your money. Contact them via the following address;

Address: Rod. BR 101, Km 945,5, s/n Zona Industrial, Mucuri – BA, 45930-000, Brazil

The Best Pallet Truck Manufacturers & Suppliers in the Brazil (2)

Raumak Maquinas Ltd

Raumak Maquinas Ltda. Is a firm with 28 years of experience based in the southern region of Brazil. One of the largest manufacturers of material handling and baling machines in Latin America.

They have achieved ISO 9001 and European Certification as an example of their company’s organization and procedures. They were also certified with the award of Top Export company in Brazil.

More than 3.300 Raumak pallet trucks have been deployed in various parts of the globe so far. Their pallet trucks have found homes throughout Latin America, the Middle East, Africa, the United States, Canada, and China, as well as Europe.

Address: R. Raulino Kreis, 136 – Ilha da Figueira, Jaraguá do Sul – SC, 89258-170, Brazil

Utc Overseas Brasil Ltda

United Technologies Corporation’s Heavy Equipment Division employs a team of professionals that are experienced in manufacturing and supplying pallet trucks of varying sizes and weights around the world.

Their trucks are highly durable and can withstand pressure from the surrounding environment. You can check them out via their website or the provided address.

Address: Rua Urussui 71, Cj. 101/102/106, Itaim Bibi, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 04542-050.

Msi Forks Garfos Industriais Ltda

From pallet trucks to entire material handling systems, the firm has been manufacturing the finest in the world since 1964. In 2002, MSI-Forks delivered its superior goods and services to Brazil for the first time.

It quickly rose to prominence in the industry and assumed leadership in Latin America. It opened a Brazilian facility in 2005 to fulfill domestic demand, export products to various countries, and keep an Argentine distribution center open.

Address: Rua Professor Campos de Oliveira, 310 – Jurubatuba, São Paulo – SP, 04675-100, BrazilThe Best Pallet Truck Manufacturers & Suppliers in the Brazil (4)

Menegotti Industrias Metalurgicas Ltd

Menegotti is a national network of material handling equipment serving Brazil from north to south. They offer high-quality pallet trucks at a competitive price. Also, a large stock of raw materials and finished products are available.

They offer local technical support and warranty for their pallet trucks. First delivery and efficient support are all they strive to achieve every day.

Address: R. Palmiro Gneipel, 300, Schroeder – SC, 89275-000, Brazil


Although there are many manufacturers of pallet trucks available in the market today, these pallet truck companies have qualified to be on the top list of pallet truck manufacturers and distributors in 2021. Based on a survey done, they can be relied upon for their high-quality pallet trucks and other lifting types of equipment.

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