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Pitless weighbridge is widely known because of its quality, maintenance, repair, spare parts availability, and productivity. It is quite the useful weighbridge type that can be used where most civil work is not possible. However, even if the civil work is expensive these pitless weighbridges are considered the best solution for weighing equipment and other products.

If you are looking for a weighbridge that can be installed above the road surface level, then it is confirmed that pitless weighbridges are best for the job. It can be easily installed above the road level surface, but, it also requires sloped ramps through which vehicles can access the weighbridge.

Why Use Pitless Weighbridge? – Capabilities and Usefulness

The primary feature of the pitless weighbridge is to weigh heavy/bulky vehicles like trucks, containers, trolleys, etc. Therefore, if you want that your vehicles should access the weighbridge conveniently and can climb on the ramp of the weighbridge easily then a pitless weighbridge should be your first choice.

Pitless weighbridges are also famous because they can effortlessly help you to determine the weight or mass of your vehicle. Plus, it can weigh the connected trailers and prime movers as well. Another most important use of the pitless weighbridge is that it can also weigh different products belonging to different industries like scrap metal, farm produce, landscape material, and various agricultural products.

It is good to use pitless weighbridges in areas where there is enough space to install the ramp of the weighbridge, but customers usually make a demand for this weighbridge because its construction cost is less as compared to other weighbridges and due to its heavy-weight it cannot be moved. Plus, it is also considered cheaper than all the other types of weighbridges and weighing equipment due to the material used.

On the other hand, maintenance and repair of the spare parts and the entire weighbridge is considered cheap and affordable. As all the parts of the weighbridge are installed above the ground, therefore, the maintenance of the ramp can be accessed easily. You will also get all the installation and relevant services related to pitless weighbridges by the manufacturers and suppliers.

As all the parts and the ramp will be installed above the ground, therefore, the ramp and the entire weighbridge will be completely safe from waterlogging. So, there is less chance of waterlogging especially in the monsoon season or other rainy weather. Plus, the components of the pitless weighbridge will also be protected from the water.

Another most important feature of the pitless weighbridge is that nuisance of the weighbridge pit is almost eliminated due to its construction and material used. Therefore, the customer does not have to worry about the nuisance produced by the pitless weighbridge because it is cut off.

One thing that you should consider before you buy the pitless weighbridge is to focus on the robust load cell component used in the manufacturing of this weighbridge. If the load cells of the pitless weighbridge are made up of good quality material then your weighbridge will be the right weighing tool for the job. Load cell will help you to determine the durability and accuracy of the weighbridge.

A pitless weighbridge is also a good choice because it works with efficiency and sound accuracy to ease the weighing procedure. Moreover, pitless weighbridges come with quick customer support, serve a standard warranty. As weighbridge is a large setup, therefore, it should be bought from the well-reputed weighing and manufacturing industry.

Pitless weighbridge requires less maintenance and support, therefore, its demand is increasing in the market and worldwide. Although there are electronic weighbridges in the market that are manufactured by different weighbridge manufacturing and supplying companies, it depends on the user’s accessibility and use. Pitless weighbridges are available in different types like digital, electronic, commercial, and industrial depending on the requirement and needs of the client.

Pit construction and installation are expensive, that is why most people like to install pitless weighing equipment. Therefore, pit maintenance and pit construction are eliminated while using the pitless weighbridge.

Pitless weighbridge is also the best weighbridge to choose because all of its spare parts and components are easily accessible because of their installation above the ground surface. So, half of your weighing management and maintenance, stress is gone.

No excavation work is required if you are using the pitless weighbridge for weighing bulky vehicles with products and goods, though it is considered the best weighbridge which is made up of concrete.

Placement of Pitless Weighbridge – Installation & Availability

This pitless weighbridge is installed above the ground, therefore, the ramp requires a wide space to be installed. Moreover, a vehicle can reach up to the ramp only from two sides. Hence, the availability of ramps ensures the entrance of the vehicles. Plus, for the easy and convenient movement of the vehicles at least three meters of ramp space are required on each side.

Pitless Weighbridge and Its Components – Make Weighing Simple!

Choosing the best pitless weighbridge should not be a problem if you know about the components that it includes and the various tools that come along with the package. So, a pitless weighbridge includes components like:

  • Junction and cable box
  • Sturdy plates and girders
  • Robust load cells
  • Reliable assembly of load cells
  • Durable digitizers

If these components are high-quality and well-maintained, then the weighbridge will also be the most suitable equipment that will act as the best weighing platform.


Now you know that pitless weighbridges are considered the best choice to be used as the weighbridge that does not require any type of extensive and expensive process of installation. Plus, all these pitless weighbridges eventually enhance the effectiveness of your weighing projects and operations. You can make use of guide rails and vehicle barriers easily without any hassle also you can install the barriers without any outside support. Another most important feature of the pitless weighbridge is that it enables the user or installer to help vehicles maintain balance and control traffic. Pitless weighbridge can stay and be used for a very long time, plus, it is installed in such a way that it moves less and stay steady in one place.  Meanwhile, it is quite critical to get the cost-effective truck scale, which means you should find reliable truck scale manufacturers and suppliers from the market.

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