Floor Scales with Various Platforms for Various Industrial Standard Weighing

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    With the development of modern agricultural industry, comes the need for continuous advanced agricultural equipment which is used to accelerate the output of the crops. Meanwhile, Input-output becomes farmers’ and agricultural producers’ primary concernWhy Floor Scales Benefit Agricultural Farming-1

    So weighing scales are highly recommended for the agricultural farming industry.

    CUBLiFT recommends you with one of the indispensable industrial scales – Floor scales which offer you enormous accuracy, convenience, and efficiency.

    1. Unmatched Accuracy Stemming from Proven Weighing Technology

    Accuracy is the most priority of the floor scales. Whatever you are planting corns, wheat, rice, or soybeans, tracking the accurate crops yields, you can get to know how your output is and what the profit margin is. Otherwise, your whole season efforts went down the drain.

    Right now, CUBLiIFT floor scales are made based on NETP standard which equals OIML(III). The floor scale weighing capacity ranges from 500kg to 5000kg.

    Whatever you are a small-scale farmer or a large-volume agricultural producer, you can find a suitable floor scale with the configurations as your specific needs. The floor scales are available in various platform sizes from 1*1m to 3m*3m or more options, so you can weigh any oversized bulky lads in your farm sites.

    Decades of years of proven weighing technology have made the floors scales weighing precision up to 1/3000, which means it can meet any type of crops weighing in your farm.

    CUBLiFT is one of the experienced reputable floor scale manufacturers and suppliers in the market, CE approved industrial scale company, has severed hundreds of farming customers in past decades.

    2. On-site weighing data traces your Input-output

    Floor Scales Benefit Agricultural Farming-2

    Accurate weighing data help your crop planning and Management:

    Get more reasonable routine feed ingredients for the cattle & poultry herds.

    Calculate the consumption of the fertilizer in every season.

    Modify Feed, seed, fertilizer, and similar farm supplies according to whole-farm production.

    3. Simplicity Structure & Low Maintenance

    CUBLiFT’s floor scales are made of mild steel and compact in design and structure.

    It’s simply equipped with adjusting feet, an anti-slippery checker platform, multiple-language supported indicator, and printer if has, which required very little maintenance.

    WYSIWYG operation interface requires no effort on reading/operating from it.


    4. Ergonomic Design 

    According to your specific requirements, CUBLiFT offers low-profile floor scales. This sort of floor scale is single-ramp or double-ramp designed as per needs.

    The shallow incline allows you to easily weigh palletized goods loaded from the pallet trucks, which can achieve seamless handling, weighing, greatly improve production efficiency.

    5. Greater flexibility & versatility

    CUBLiFT Floor scales are battery-powered, so you can move it to any weighing site from one place to another as per needs after fully charged.

    Additionally, the floor scales are available in different materials. If you need to weigh palletized wastes or waste bins, and the floor scales are likely to get wet, IP68 rated stainless floor scales are the perfect solution for you.


    6. Get the Best Weighing Scales in the Agricultural Farming

    Livestock Scale

    Why Floor Scales Benefit Agricultural Farming

    This is made from mild steel with proven load cells. Weighing capacity from 100kg to 3000kg. The scales are available in different cage sizes and allows all farm animals to weigh different weights.

    The livestock can be customized made with specific designs and configurations as per your needs.

    Portable truck scale

    Compare to traditional concrete full-size truck scales, portable truck scales are getting more popular among farms, which mainly refers to portable axle scales or wheel load scales. Both scales functions are somewhat in common.

    Lightweight made from aluminum metal, high axle/wheel weighing capacity up to 20ton pair, durable in use from IP68 rate engineering production. The portable truck scales are easy to be installed when the season comes and remove/store it when the season passes.

    You can finalize any farm truck or vehicle loading by choosing a quality truck scale. The only need to keep in mind is that to buy it from trusted truck scale manufacturers and suppliers.

    Platform Scale

    If you are going to trade your produces as per packings. CUBLiFT also recommends you quality bench scales. For vegetables, fruits, and any agricultural produce, you must make sure your customers get the exact weight items that value what they paid for.


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