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The question of which deck surface to use for construction between the steel and concrete hits people differently. But, it should not bother you a lot. It is because multiple options go into making that decision.
With this article, you will understand all necessary and fruitful information. It focuses on the two different surface choices and explains when to use every type. Whereby this information is concrete and enlightens you to make a wise choice.

Truck Scale Steel Deck Construction

Truck scale steel decks are designed and built with all heavy-duty machines for structuring steel. This one includes the I-beams and lengths of the scale. Hence, they are supposed to be accurate. It is because accuracy is crucial when dealing with weighing systems for construction load management.
Besides that, the driving surface is enabled and made easier by using a diamond pattern tread plate. In our experience, this helps with the traction process even when the scale is unbearable. Mostly, you will find some using the traction of concrete in snowy environments. But, it is good to use the driving traction in a wet place and environment.
Typically, a truck-scale steel deck involves less cost since it does not require much ado. Also, it weighs less, which makes it easier to move it from one place to the other if necessary. It can be fully operational within a day at your site, reducing production time and involving the operation.


• Higher accuracy
• Time saver as the installation needs no cure time
• It has easier maintenance. The deck modules are easy to lift
• It saves money because it reduces installation costs as only a few trips are required to complete a job
• Portable and convenient
• Customizable as there are more custom profiles and different sizes available


• The scale surface can be slippery when wet
• Expensive in high shipping because they are heavier
• Risk operation when truck weights are not measured accurately

How Should You Choose Truck Scale Deck Construction Steel Vs. Concrete post

Types Of Truck Scale In Construction

Rail Scales:
Rail scale is essential for measuring and managing incoming material and outgoing waste. Rail scale works perfectly for large construction projects. But, it depends on rail transportation and rail scale. Our products are the best and affordable to everyone in need.
Portable Truck Scale:
As the name suggests, it simply means that these portable trucks are durable and light in weight. They come in numerous design options, affordable price, software integration, versatile and capable of malfunctioning. For instance, you want to move from one job site to the next, truck scale makes work easier by fastening the setups.
Onboard truck scale:
When it comes to tracking the keeping of materials, an onboard truck scale is a way to go because it’s the best time-saver. The onboard trucks are structured to collect all the data needed. It is advantageous is because one is in a position of keeping track of all the incoming and outgoing staff of your construction sites. Also, it helps in giving crucial details for making operations management decisions.
The onboard truck scales are popular in:
• Trailer scale
• Lift truck scale
• Wheel loader scale
• Skid steer loader scale

Truck Scale Concrete Deck

The truck scale concrete deck is similar to the truck scale steel deck, but their single modules have an open-top for concrete to pour. The scale supplier builds in all structural components and reinforcements required. Typically, the pouring of concrete is done by another 3rd party according to the specifications shared.

Usually, concrete takes three weeks or a whole month to cure before the trucks can drive on scale. Always include double costs when checking at the price of truck scale concrete deck. You have to count the buying price of the concrete and the pouring service. Besides that, unlike the steel scale, the concrete requires less maintenance because it offers resistance to rust and corrosion from road salt. It also gives the best traction in the wet and snowy environment than steel.
Note. Some manufacturers will provide factor/machine poured concrete decks. It simply means that the curing period has been removed on-site. However, these scales can be exposed to concrete when transporting them and cause damage. They are also heavier than steel decks. The concretes are manufactured and works perfectly to distribute over the load wider than their counterparts. They are installed today despite being known more than a decade ago.


• Best traction in a wet and slick environment
• Holds up in both acidic and chemical areas or surrounding
• Customizable as there are in distinguished sizes and colors
• It has less friction as it the stress on internal parts as an outcome of more weight
• It has less metal in the scale; it reduces the risk of rust and corrosion
• It offers a uniformly strong surface for trailer use in bulk filling application


• Time waster as the installation requires long hours to cure
• More difficult to transport because it is heavier than a steel deck
• It is expensive as it needs higher maintenance cost
Generally, a concrete deck can give perfect usage and benefits, especially for small truck scales. Since they have around 4-5 times the mass of steel, truck scale for concrete decks is better since they can resist the longitudinal forces caused by the truck’s drive wheels during the acceleration.


In conclusion, both concrete and steel decks for construction are durable to use. Additionally, it was good to understand that as days go by, things also change, new advanced technologies. In this case, truck scales have evolved over the last decades serving as a bridge. Hence, wood bridge plank platforms were the ones used. Now it is the steel decks and concrete decks designs in usage. But, the option of whether steel or concrete remains as the only pick to today’s customers.

One must choose what advantage is of his/hers. There have been many competitive decks that have issues with their today’s concrete scale decks. It is because they are more long-lasting than the steel decks for construction. Therefore, it’s then advisable to select a materially durable deck. Then one that is materially weak but flexible. Though, this is usually a personal decision.


Last but not the least, it is quite critical to get a cost-effective truck scale, which means you should find reliable truck scale manufacturers and suppliers from the market. CUBTEC from China offers various selections of weighbridge & truck scales, weight load cells, and more industrial material handling equipment. Contact us for details.


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