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500kg Load Cell
Strain Gauge Load Cell

Accurate Reading a Capacity of 500kg
Focus on Accuracy, Reliability, Variety

500kg Load Cell | Beam Load Cells

  • Accuracy: C3 precision class load cells
  • Good anti-eccentric load performance
  • Material: aluminum alloy;  stainless steel,
  • Maximum measure range: 0~500kg
  • Many dimensions and designs to choose from
  • Overload 150% capacity
  • Maximum platforms: 600mm x 600mm
  • Protecting rate: IP 65, IP67, IP68
  • Standard: ISO9001 CE&RoHs

CUBTEC 500kg load cells are available in different dimensions and structures. As per your specific applications,  you can choose 500kg single-ended load cells, 500kg s-type load cells, and 500kg bending beam load cells. etc for low profile floor scales, packaging and grading machines, tank filling weigh line, hopper & bag Weighing, and industrial automation assembly where accurate and big volume measurements are required.

◆Wide range capacity: 50~500kg
◆Material: Aluminum-Alloy, Stainless Steel
◆Strain Gauge Sensor Type
◆Adhesive sealed to IP65, IP68 Protection
◆Accuracy: C3
◆Platform size: 1000x1000mm
◆Safe overload up to 150% capacity
◆For Platform floor scale, bed weighing, high accuracy tank, hopper weighing, bag filling machines, etc.

◆Range:5 -500kg as per your needs
◆Type: Bending Beam Load Cell
◆welded seal to IP68
◆Accuracy: NTEP Class IIIL, 10000 divisions
◆Up to 200% Safe Overload, Linearity 0.05%
◆Stainless Steel structure
◆Can bear both tension and pressure
◆Interchangeable to many brands
◆Low Power Consumption, Low Hysteresis
◆For floor scales, belt scales, hopper scales, and high accurate force measurement and process control

◆Range: 50, 100, 200, 300, 500kg
◆Type: tension and compression load cell
◆ S-beam load cell for platform scales
◆Made of aluminum alloy
◆Accuracy: C3 ( +-0.03% class)
◆Platforms up to 600mm x 600mm
◆Sealed to IP68/IP69K
◆For marine, food, and pharma industries. Comes with a full range of mounting accessories


◆Load Cell 500 kg for tension and compression force
◆TYpe: Wheatstone bridge sensor
◆Nickel-plated alloy steel construction
◆Compact size, high accuracy
◆Very competitive prices
◆Applied for batching scales, industrial crane scales, automatic weighing instruments, and other force value measurement and control.

CUBTEC 500KG Load Cells: For Your Engineering & Fabrication Needs

Experienced Load cell Manufacture Supplier
CUBTEC is one of the major load cell manufacturers and suppliers with a selective range of load cells based in China. Our load cell ranges cover a wide range of industries and OEM applications.

Variety of Designs
In real industrial applications, you may have application scenarios and installation space limitations and have to choose the most appropriate LOAD CELL to achieve the best measurement results. For meeting the 500kg load cell capacity, you can choose single-ended type load cells, single point load cells, s type load cells, low-profile pancake load cells, or inline load cells.

Proven Accuracy
CUBTEC 500kg load cells are made of high-quality 304 stainless steel. The load cell structure is seamlessly engineered by laser-welded, hermetically sealed to a protection rate of IP68. Thus, the 500kg capacity load cells can be used in various harsh industrial environments and weighing processing applications.

Save Your Cost
The last but not least, CUBTEC’s load cells can save you money. CUBTEC’s manufacturing chain assures offering cost-saving strain gauge load cells and quick shipment for various industries’ customers. You are expected to save your cost by at least 15% even for large OEM projects. Meanwhile, our two-year quality warranty policy eliminates a lot of worries on subsequent cost control.

Load Range5


Combined Error

± 0.02%FS

Zero Balance

± 1%FS


± 0.0166%FS


± 0.01%FS

Output Resistance

350 ± 50Ω

Compensated Temperate Range

-30 ~ +70 ℃

Temperature Effect on Span

± 0.014 %FS/10℃

Electrical Wire Connection

4 color wire, Ø 5 × 110~500mm

In addition to (5kg) load cells, we also manufacture and supply floor scales, axle scales, bench scales, crane scales, truck scales, pallet jack with scales, weighing indicator displays, and other weighing equipment hardware

How to simply tell if the load cell is damaged on spot?

The deformation of the strain gauge is very small/tiny. During installation and use, if the external force is removed, the original shape of the strain gauge cannot be restored and plastic deformation occurs. It indicates that the load cell is damaged.

What is the correct installation method of the single point load cell?

One end of the sensor is to be fixed through a screw. The other end remains suspended. Apply gravity in the direction indicated on the arrow. One important thing is that you must not directly press the white-coated part. So as not to damage the internal strain gauge of the sensor.

What size screws fit threaded holes on this type of 500g load cell?

M3 is ok.

What is the mass of the 500g load cell?

Single gross weight: 0.300 kg


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