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Weighing Indicator
Digital Weight Indicator

CUBLiFT Manufactures & Supplies Quality Weighing Indicator for Your Weighing Scales

Weighing Indicator | Digital Weight Indicator

1/10,000 ~1/20,000 display resolution varies as per models

Bright LED backlight display

Large, bright red display digits

Multi-digits ID memory storage

Low cost, quick sampling, and delivery


CUBLiFT: Your Premier Weighing Indicator Manufacturer & Supplier

Quality and Standard  
CE & ISO9001

CUBLiFT –  One of the most competent and experienced weighing indicators suppliers in China.
You can find a range of weighing indicators for meeting your multiple applications needs.

Various Weighing Indicator for your options
Weighing indicators for truck scales are available in a full line of models, which is compatible with most standard communication interfaces with supper quality.
Weighing indicators for bench scales with printer options allow all conditions accurate data reading.
Weighing indicators for industrial scales with blue-tooth connecting wireless terminal box use performs perfectly in both static and dynamic weighing systems.
Weighing Indicators for platform scales with rugged structure.
Stainless Weighing Indicators for applications where high standards of hygiene are required.
Customized weighing dictators are available upon request.

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Rugged Structure  
Highly independent sealed PCB cases are dust-proof, waterproof with IP 65, IP67, IP68 protection…

Suitable for many occasions 
Widely applied for various industrial scales, force meters, etc in the food industry, chemical materials, pharmacy, manufacturing process, and more.

Flexible Order Procedure 
No MOQ required.  Flexible order ways are supported.

Last but not the least 
If you have any requirements of indicators for general weighing and simple check weighing applications, CUBLiFT can be one of your reliable source channels in China.
Working with CUBLiFT today, brings you More Options, Less Budget, Increased Profits.

Pallet Truck manufacturer CUBlift team

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