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Walkie Stacker Forklift

CUBLiFT offers ideal walkie stacker forklift, pallet stackers, electronic stackers among other material handling equipments. We are a certified forklift manufacturer based in China.

  • Special racks available upon order
  • Bulk storage
  • Storage racks of up to 12 feet available
  • Spare parts + walkie stacker forklift parts available
  • 24/7 support services
Walkie Stacker Forklift 1000kg

● Capacity (kg):1000
● Load center (mm): 500
● Lifting height (mm): 1600~/3500
● Fork overall length (mm):1100(custom)
● Fork overall width(mm):560/680
● Height Min (mm): 90
● Overall L * W (mm):(2050/2550)* 860
● Overall Height (mm): 600/1850/2150/2350
● Minimum Turning Radius (mm): 1530
● Voltage/ Capacity: 24V / 120AH
● Wheel Type: PU
● Weight (kg): 750

Walkie Stacker Forklift 1500kg

● Capacity (kg):1500/2000
● Load center (mm): 500
● Lifting height (mm): 1600~3500
● Fork overall length (mm):1100(custom)
● Fork overall width(mm):560/680
● Height Min (mm): 90
● Overall L * W (mm):(2050/2550)* 860
● Overall Height (mm): 600/1850/2150/2350
● Minimum Turning Radius (mm): 1530
● Voltage/ Capacity: 24V / 120AH
● Wheel Type: PU
● Weight (kg): 780

Drum Walkie Stacker Forklift 420kg

● Capacity(kg): 420(custom)
● Lift Max (mm): 1600~3500
● Fork width(mm): 640/800
● Over size(mm): 1560*980*1860
● Wheel type/size(mm): PU 150
● Turning Radius (mm): 1650
● Weight(kg): 680/1012
● Tilting: Electric
● Voltage/ Capacity: 24V/210AH

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Walkie stacker forklifts have always been the ideal choice when it comes to handling and stacking cargoes and other heavy materials.Walkie Stacker Forklift Vimage (40)

Powerful machinery and heavy-duty equipment have always been essential tools to industries such as warehouses, docks, logistics facilities, pharmacies, grocery shops, malls, and the likes.

Walkie stacker forklifts are essential in cutting downtime, increasing productivity, and eliminating the chances of injuries and accidents.

CUBLIFT of China offers you a range of comprehensive, safe, and hardwearing walkie stacker forklifts.

CUBLIFT has been redesigning and manufacturing this innovative and efficient equipment for more than 15 years now.

The market is teeming with various brands and models of stacker forklifts, each loaded with innovative features, and as such choosing the best walkie stacker forklift for you can be quite arduous.

We have assembled frequently asked questions, feedback from customers, and gathered facts from the manufacturer’s manual to provide answers to your queries and give you a view of everything you want to know about walkie stacker forklifts as well.


What are walkie stacker forklifts?

Drum Pallet Trucks Walkie Stacker forklift DE1Walkie stacker forklifts are ideal for moving and lifting pallets in most industries dealing with material handling.

They are excellent tools to use in carrying, moving, and stacking heavy loads vertically to maximize storage and workspace.

Walkie stacker forklifts also called straddle stackers and walk-behind pallet trucks function in a similar way to forklifts, the difference being stacker forklifts can be used to move cargoes in short distances.


What are the categories of CUBLIFT walkie stacker forklifts?

Hand pallet stackers are lifting equipment similar to pallet jacks or walkie pallet trucks.

Hand pallet stackers

They are beneficial in loading, unloading, lifting, moving, and stacking pallets from one point to another.

This type of walkie stacker forklift is the simplest to use; it uses motors or hydraulics.

CUBLIFT hand pallet stackers are safe to use, durable and hardwearing; the frames are crafted from reinforced C-steel that can withstand harsh conditions.

The CUBLIFT stacker forklift is compact and light; for easier storage.

They have a maximum loading capacity from 500kg to 3000kg and can transport all your goods efficiently from one warehouse to another.

Maneuvering the hand pallet stacker on narrow corridors is effortless as they are fitted with durable polyurethane or rubber rollers.

They have adjustable forks that can fit even a European type pallet; 550/580mm x 1100/1150mm.

One of the advantages is they have built-in weighing scales that accurately measure the cargo to ensure that you never overload your hand pallet stacker.

Another benefit that the hand stacker forklift offers is they are eco-friendly and cost-efficient.

Semi-electric Pallet Stacker

The semi-electric pallet stacker is another popular piece of equipment used in warehouses, docks, shops, and other similar businesses.

They are essential in moving and stacking cargoes and other heavy loads.

Semi-electric stacker forklifts use both manual powers, using hydraulics, and electronics, with the use of batteries.

They are designed to make material handling operations safe and effortless.

CUBLIFT from China has an array of durable and efficient semi-electric stacker forklifts to choose from.

CUBLIFT semi-electric pallet stackers are equipped with maintenance-free rechargeable Lithium batteries and can last for hours of operation before the next recharge.

These semi-electric stacker forklifts have tough stainless-steel frames built to withstand any kind of condition; ideal to use indoors or outdoors.

They are sleek and streamlined and can navigate smoothly even in tight spaces.

They are fitted with sturdy wheels constructed from high-quality polyurethane or rubber.

CUBLIFT semi-electric stacker forklifts do not emit harsh fumes and are safe to use indoors.

Electric Pallet Stacker

One of CUBLIFT’s premier walkie stacker forklifts is the electric pallet stacker, CUBLIFT is dedicated to providing only the safest, toughest, and most innovative equipment in the market.

An electric pallet stacker is used for carrying, lifting, transporting, and stacking cargoes and other heavy materials.

They are ideal for stacking your goods vertically, for storage, for shipments, and maximizing workspace.

CUBLIFT stacker forklifts are safe and easy to operate and can ease all your material handling operations effortlessly.

These stacker forklifts are eco-friendly; they do not use fuels so no harmful fumes are emitted; they are run by maintenance-free, rechargeable Lithium batteries.

These powerful equipment are useful in industries such as shipping docks, malls, pharmacies, grocery shops, textile mills, and other businesses handling heavy cargoes.

CUBLIFT electric pallet stackers are ultra-durable; built from tough reinforced steel that can hold out against harsh conditions.

These electric pallet forklifts are fitted with tough rubber or polyurethane rollers; tough enough for any kind of terrain.

CUBLIFT electric pallet forklifts are compact and sleek; you can maneuver them easily in tight corridors and corners, they can easily be stored as well.

These stacker forklifts can carry and lift a maximum weight load capacity from 500kg, 1000kg, 1500kg. to 2000kg.

They have a free lift height from 100mm, 150mm, 500mm to 800mm.

CUBLIFT electric stacker forklifts are equipped with fork size 550/685*1120/1220m., that can be tilted to 2°/5° forward and/or backward with an optional side shift.

The forks are easily adjustable to fit all your pallet

They can also lift up to 4.8 meters carrying a load capacity of 1600kg.

One of the benefits of owning a CUBLIFT electric stacker forklift is it increases business productivity immensely, less to zero downtime, and it eliminates accidents and hazards in your work area.

One of its best features is the DC monitor that enables smooth control of operations.

They also have a DC monitor for controlling their operations.

Narrow aisle forklift trucks -also known as trilateral and bilateral forklift trucks have a distinctive design that allows them to be driven effortlessly through narrow corridors and tight spaces.

They are useful for businesses dealing with material handling; carrying, lifting, moving, and stacking heavy loads and goods.

CUBLIFT of China has always concentrated on providing only the best and safest equipment for its customers.

Their narrow aisle forklift trucks are proven for their durability and stability; these machinery can lift and move cargoes all at the same time.

The rollers are either made of rubber or polyurethane; both materials known for their sturdiness and flexibility, are safe to use on any kind of terrain.

CUBLIFT forklift trucks’ frames are constructed from reinforced steel and are ultra-durable.

CUBLIFT’s very narrow aisle forklift trucks’ frames are crafted only from the highest quality steel.

They are fitted with sturdy rubber or polyurethane wheels that glide smoothly in different kinds of terrains.

CUBLIFT narrow aisle forklift trucks run on electricity; they are equipped with maintenance-free, rechargeable Lithium batteries.

Narrow aisle forklifts are efficient and eco-friendly, they are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use as they do not release harmful smoke or fumes.

They are flexible and can be maneuvered effortlessly through narrow aisles and tight spaces; they can navigate easily between 1500 to 1800mm corridors.

The forks are adjustable as well to fit all pallet types.

These narrow aisle forklift trucks can carry and lift cargoes up to a maximum of height from 100mm, 150mm, 500mm to 800mm.

CUBLIFT narrow aisle forklift trucks have different maximum weight load capacities to choose from; 500kg, 1000kg, 1500kg, 2000kg.

CUBLIFT electric reach lift stacker trucks are also a type of stacker forklift that is essential to most warehouses.

They are ideal for industries dealing in material handling; carrying, lifting, moving, and stacking heavy cargoes.

These are tough, safe, and efficient equipment used to make transporting heavy goods easier; eliminate physical strain and avoid accidents and other hazards in a workplace.

They are slim, sleek, and built with durable reinforced steel frames.

Electric reach lift forklifts can carry and lift loads with maximum weight capacity from 500kg, 1000kg, 1500kg, 2000kg.

They have maximum lift heights of 100cm, 150mm, 500mm up to 800mm.


What advantages do CUBLIFT walkie stacker forklifts offer?

Walker stacker forklifts are beneficial to businesses involved in material handling.


CUBLIFT stacker forklifts are low maintenance; compared with using fuel-powered stacker forklifts, electric stacker forklifts are powered by maintenance-free rechargeable batteries that provide substantial hours of operation before the next recharge time.

Unlike the traditional forklifts, electric walkie stackers have a quiet operation and can be used indoors.

Smooth and quiet operation

CUBLIFT stacker forklifts are easy and straightforward to use.

Walkie stacker forklifts are more stable and are a lot safer to use than using the ladders and the traditional scaffoldings.

Tough and durable frames

CUBLIFT walkie stacker forklifts have frames built from reinforced steel; you can opt to choose the models with stainless steel frames that are ideal for outdoor use.

Effective at lifting

These machineries are great for accessing high areas such as tall shelves, and for vertical stacking to maximize workspace.

Sleek and streamlined

They are ideal for maneuvering through cramped spaces, narrow corridors, and tight corners.

Essential tools

Walkie stacker forklifts are perfect for stacking pallets, crates, and other goods.


CUBLIFT stacker forklifts have ergonomic designs to make your business operations run effectively and smoothly.


They eliminate the operator’s physical strain, accidents, and other hazards.


Walkie stacker forklifts are fitted with high-quality rollers made from either rubber or Polyurethane; these rollers are tough and can withstand all kinds of work conditions.

Great business assistants

These machinery help eliminate downtime.

They increase productivity; more work is done effortlessly using these stacker forklifts, as opposed to using manual labor.


CUBLIFT electric stacker forklifts are environment friendly; they are powered thru hydraulics, semi-electric, and electric; they do not emit harmful and toxic fumes.


These touch machinery come in different weights, sizes; some stacker forklifts are considerably larger and heavier than others; which gives you options to choose one that is ideal for the size of your workplace.


Some walkie stacker forklifts are designed to work ideally for indoors, while others are designed for outdoors, the latter can withstand harsh conditions, such as slopy terrains, rough and gravelly surfaces.

Low maintenance

CUBLIFT electric stacker forklifts require minimal maintenance; these electric stacker forklifts come with maintenance-free, rechargeable Lithium batteries that can last long hours of operation before the next recharge.

Simple and easy to use

These stacker forklifts have features designed to make material handling operations easier, as well as optimize the longevity of the unit.


You can choose to have your walkie stacker forklift provisioned with additional features ideal for your work demands.

They come in varying models with different specifications to choose from.

Space saver

CUBLIFT walkie stacker forklifts are compact and can be stored easily.

Operator visibility is better as they are smaller than traditional forklifts.

They are cost-effective; you save money in the long run compared with using manual labor, at the same time, your operators are safer.

Electric walkie stacker forklift stacker batteries consume less energy.

This equipment is flexible and versatile to use.

Driving a walkie stacker forklift is safe; they have brakes, emergency brake buttons, or emergency switches.


How would a walkie stacker affect business productivity?

CUBLIFT stacker forklifts make the job easier and safer; carrying heavy loads manually can take a lot of time compared with using this equipment.

Stacker forklifts can easily lift and stack heavy cargoes and eliminate the chances of physically straining operators.

Using this machinery decrease downtime and increases the completed workload in less time.

These machineries are efficient and accurate to use, decreasing the chances of injuries and accidents in your work environment.

How high can a walkie stacker forklift lift?

CUBLIFT walkie stacker forklift can lift heavy loads to great heights.

They can stack pallets and heavy cargoes vertically effortlessly.

The maximum lift heights of the walkie stacker forklift vary depending on the brand and model.

CUBLIFT walkie stacker forklifts have varying lift heights, depending on the model, most CUBLIFT walkie stacker forklifts can lift up to 100mm, 150mm., 500mm. 800 mm., and other models can lift up to 32 feet.

What are the uses of a walkie stacker forklift?

Walkie stacker forklifts are used extensively in businesses where lifting and moving pallets and heavy goods are a constant part of daily operations.

They are essential in lifting substantial amounts of weights for transporting and/or stacking.

They are great for moving heavy cargoes from one point to another.

They are the ideal equipment to use for loading and unloading heavy crates, boxes, and other materials.

Walkie stacker forklifts are substantial in increasing business productivity and eliminating downtime.

They are consistently used in shipping docks, small and medium-sized warehouses, factories, etc.

What are the outstanding features of a walkie pallet forklift?

Walkie stacker forklifts are one of the trusted equipment when it comes to material handling

They are efficient, safe, durable, and, low maintenance.

The market for walkie stacker forklifts is competitive, and manufacturers try to redefine this machinery by integrating innovative features.

Some of the features are:

Indicator light- this is to let you know when the battery is running out of power, and when it is fully charged.

This feature is both visual and audio.

Sealed and Maintenance-free batteries- ensures that the batteries cannot be tampered with.

Metal backrest- these backrests are constructed from reinforced steel and are handy; they keep the cargoes stable and eliminates the risks of the pallets toppling.

Built-in weighing scale- this is one of the best features to look for; these built-in weighing scales weigh your cargoes accurately to eliminate the possibility of overloading your unit.

Single or double rollers- this is one versatile feature that allows you to change your unit’s rollers to adjust to your work surface.

Comfortable handle- this is an important feature as it decreases the strain from hours of controlling the unit’s handle.

Some stacker forklift handles are ergonomically designed which allows for comfortable grips.


Protected plug-in cables-this is an additional safety measure; the cables are waterproof and dustproof to protect them from accidental liquid splashes, and anything that may cause accidents or hazards.

Speed limit control- this is one useful feature that allows the operator to regulate the speed when making sharp turns.

Freeze control- this is ideal for when you have to use your walkie stacker forklift in cold

This anti-freeze feature is useful for operating cold storage units.

Floating suspension- this is to make sure that your unit’s rollers have a tight grip on the floor to prevent them from slipping.

Battery indicator- this feature is integrated into the unit’s handle; the bright LED conveniently displays the battery life’s level.

Anti-skid brake function- this feature is most useful when using your unit outdoors; they eliminate the chances of your stacker forklift slipping when operating in a rough environment.

Double balance roller function- this feature increases the stability of the unit’s rollers and provides more stability and counteracts the unit from skidding when driving on slopy terrains.

Emergency reverse button- this is used when you need to stop your unit in cases of emergencies; this button is located at the handle and acts as a reverse brake button.

Polyurethane steel rollers- walkie stacker forklifts equipped with these types of rollers are best suited for outdoor use as they are these are effective for use on uneven and sloppy surfaces.

No-Roll back function- this is featured in some walkie stacker forklifts and is useful when you are driving uphill, this function eliminates the risk of your unit slipping.

Heavy-duty bumper protectors- this feature protects your unit’s bumper, at the same time decreasing the chances of objects getting lodged between the unit and the work floor surface.

Power steering function – is an ergonomic feature that allows the operator to steer the equipment easily.

Anti-corrosion protection – the frames, battery console, forks, and undercarriage are galvanized to protect the unit from rust and corrosion.


What are the key factors to ponder when buying walkie stacker forklifts?

A walkie stacker forklift is an important tool that is essential to industries where material handling is part of daily operation.

They are essential equipment in point-to-point transport of heavy cargoes as well as lifting and stacking them vertically in order to maximize and clean up space.

This heavy-duty equipment is quite in demand; thus, the market is exceptionally competitive.

There is a great number of manufacturers, brands, and models to choose from; each brand has its line of models, and each model has different specifications and features, and so on.

The perfect walkie stacker forklift does not exist, except if it is in line with what you need, and that it would serve its purpose.

Choosing the ideal equipment for you would be based on what you need and the specifications that would best suit your work environment.

Here are some important factors to consider before making a purchase.

Maximum weight capacity

Walkie stacker forklifts have different weight capacities, calculate for the usual maximum weight you have to move around, that way you eliminate the risk of overloading your equipment.

Choose whether you prefer a manual, semi-electric, or electric stacker forklift

CUBLIFT has a line of walkie stacker forklifts that is powered up either manually or electronically.

Manual stacker forklifts use hydraulic pumps and are simple to use.

Semi-electric walkie stacker forklifts can be operated both manually, or thru the batteries.

Electric walkie stacker forklifts have built-in batteries that provide hours of operation.

Maximum elevation

Determine the maximum height level you need.

Some walkie pallet stackers can lift up to only 5 feet, while others can lift considerably higher.

You can do this by working out the height level you need to access.

Rough and sloppy or smooth terrain

Do you need an indoor walkie stacker forklift, an outdoor, or a versatile walkie stacker pallet that can be used for both indoor and outdoor work environments?

Walkie stacker forklifts designed for indoor use are usually manual or electronic; they are ideal and safe to use for enclosed spaces.

These are sleek units that can easily be maneuvered on limited spaces, narrow corridors, and tight turns.

Most indoor walkie stacker forklifts are equipped with durable rubber or polyurethane rollers that will run smoothly on your work surface without damaging both the floor surfaces and the rollers.

Outdoor walkie stacker forklifts can be bulkier, heavier, and built to survive harsh environments.

They are fitted with tougher rollers that can survive rough and uneven surfaces.

Determine if you need an indoor walkie stacker forklift or an outdoor walkie stacker forklift.

Indoor walkie stacker pallets are most ideal if you need to access tight spaces.

Most walkie stacker pallets are powered by batteries, have sleek and smaller frames, and are equipped with rollers that are not effective for use on rough surfaces.

If you are planning on using your unit outdoors, opt for the ones with steel and rubber rollers.

There are walkie stacker forklifts that are built to operate both indoor and outdoor.

These stacker forklifts are fitted with rubber aluminum rollers; ideal if you are working on rough surfaces.

They can also be equipped with dual rollers; useful for when you have to adjust the wheels according to the environment.


Choosing the type of wheels depends on the kind on the kind of surface you are working on.

There are wheels designed to run smoothly even on gravel without getting damaged.

Then there are wheels that are ideal for use only on smooth and leveled surfaces, using stacker forklifts with wheels meant for rough surfaces may damage your work floors; this can cause accidents.

Size and frame built

The size of your work area is an important factor to remember; sleek and small framed stacker forklifts are ideal if you have a small to medium-sized work area.

They are also well-suited to use for tight spaces and narrow aisles.


Walkie stacker forklift forks vary in length and width; this is to accommodate various pallet sizes.

Some forks are longer and wider than others; using forks longer or wider than what is needed can be difficult to navigate under and through the pallets.

On the other hand, insufficiently sized forks may not provide enough support.

The length and width of pallet jacks vary; when choosing the dimensions of the pallet jack’s fork, make sure it would be the right fit for your work area and pallets.

How do I easily load and transport walkie stacker forklifts?

Using your walkie stacker pallets to move, lift, and transport your cargoes efficiently is straightforward.

The most important thing to remember before you start to utilize your equipment is to familiarize yourself with your unit’s features and specifications, as well as consult the manufacturer’s manual if some things are not clear to you.

To safely load your stacker forklifts, check if the parcels are steady and stable, and on the center, the forks are securely under and through the pallets before you lift them.

Unsecured cargoes may fall and topple, and cause accidents.

Before moving the cargo, make sure there are no obstructions and the area is clear to drive through.


What are the correct steps in using a walkie stacker forklift?

Walkie stacker forklifts are easy and straightforward to use provided you are familiar with the procedures and your equipment’s specifications.

Another essential key to always remember is to have proper training and to recognize and practice the precautions and safety measures at all times.

One of the first steps is to perform a maintenance check before and after using your unit.

Make sure the area is clear of objects and obstructions however tiny they are.

Tiny objects can get lodged accidentally between your unit and the work surface and may cause hazards and injuries; it can damage your unit and cargo as well.

If you are using an electric walkie stacker forklift, make sure the battery is fully charged.

If not, connect the cable to an electric outlet and charge the battery fully, otherwise, you may stop in the middle of work to charge it.

When done charging, unplug the cable from the socket and make sure it is tucked safely in the unit’s console.

Check the rollers if there are cracks or other damages that may cause accidents or damage your equipment.

Check the brakes if they are functional, also make sure the emergency brakes are working.

The throttle and control buttons are located on the handle.

To load your stacker forklift, press the Down arrow button until the fork reaches the pallet level.

Make sure the forks are accurately under and through the pallets, and the cargo stable and on the center before pressing the up-arrow button to lift it

Use the handle to navigate your unit to your drop point.

Refrain from adjusting the fork height while your unit is in motion.

Brake and go to a full stop before lowering the pallet.

How can I ensure a safe operation using a walkie stacker forklift?

Walkie stacker forklifts, just as any material handling equipment, are safe and easy to use, however, it is imperative that you exercise certain precautions to avoid accidents and damage to your unit.

CUBLIFT has always focused on the safety of the equipment they manufacture; they integrate safety features on every single unit they build.

To ensure your safety, as well as those around you, here are some safety tips you need to remember:

Make sure you or our operators are well-trained and knowledgeable before handling your unit.

Unit inspection before and after use is important.

Perform a regular maintenance check to see if the brakes are functioning well.

The rollers have to be inspected too, they may be cracked or need to be replaced, damaged rollers can cause serious accidents.

Batteries should always be fully charged before and after each use, and the battery cable unplugged from the electric socket tucked safely inside the battery console.

Each walkie stacker forklift has a maximum weight capacity; make sure you stick to the maximum weight load.

It is advisable to attach a plate bearing the maximum weight load of the unit.

Overloading your unit can be hazardous; it can harm your unit, cause accidents, and damage your cargo.

Stacker forklifts powered by diesel or gas are not ideal to use indoors, especially in enclosed spaces and those without proper ventilation.

These units emit harmful fumes and are best used outdoors.

Make sure you know where to locate the emergency brakes or the dead man’s switch in case there is a power failure or emergency.

Always check your work surroundings before operating the unit, remove any obstacles, and do anything that may obstruct your view.

Tiny objects and cables are not to be ignored; your unit can get snagged on cables laying around, and small objects can get dislodged between the unit and work surface.

These can damage the rollers and the unit and can cause accidents as well.

Spotters are sometimes needed to make sure the operator has a clear view of the surroundings, especially if there is no clear visibility.

How can I effectively maintain my stacker forklift?

Your equipment is your work assistant, they can serve their purpose longer if you maintain them well.

An overlooked and under-maintained unit can pose threats and dangers to your work environment.

Refrain from leaving your equipment outdoors for a long period of time, especially if they are designed to work indoors.

Rain, dust, and other hazards may damage your unit; it can rust and corrode.

Your rollers are essential parts of your walkie stacker forklift; check tire threads regularly for any sign of wear and tear.

Have them replaced if they are damaged; not only to ensure a safe workspace but to make sure the unit does not get damaged as well.

Work floors need to be clear and free from obstructions; they can get stuck between your rollers and may damage them in time.

Batteries need to be checked regularly; properly charged before and after use.

Units built specifically for outdoor use may damage your work floor and cause accidents.

Indoor walkie stacker forklifts, when used outdoors, may not be effective; the rollers for indoor stacker forklifts are designed to run on smooth surfaces and can be damaged if used on rough terrain.

The joints should be oiled or lubricated regularly to prevent rust.

Always stick to your unit’s specified capacity.

Check for rusts and corrosion regularly; clean and remove rust if there are any.

Inspect the brakes before and after use.

OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) provides safety training as well as how to properly maintain your equipment.

Where can I get the proper training to operate a walkie stacker forklift?

There are centers for training that are accredited by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration).

Taking the training to operate your equipment will enhance your knowledge and skills in performing the task.

Hands-on training is beneficial as it ensures safe and smooth use of the unit.

Knowing how your unit works properly will increase its life span.

The training is beneficial and will provide more improved business productivity.

The training also covers proper maintenance of your walkie stacker forklift.

There, you will be familiar with all the equipment’s parts and how they function.

The training also provides the skills for performing regular maintenance check-ups.

During OSHA training, you will learn all the safety precautions and how to avoid accidents, injuries, and other potential hazards.

A card will be presented to you once the training is over.

This card does not expire and will serve as a certificate.

These cards are required by most employers and businesses.

A refresher training course is also required after a few years.

What are walkie stacker forklifts needed for?

Walkie stacker forklifts are effective tools used to move, lift, and transport heavy cargoes and other materials.

Small to big-sized warehouses and businesses rely on this heavy-duty equipment for safe and effective material handling.

Both big and small warehouses use pallet jacks to make loading, moving and stacking heavy packages considerably easier.

These machineries are efficient tools in work environments where you have to reach certain levels of heights to stack your pallets and goods.

They are efficient tools for effortless maneuvering through narrow aisles and corridors, tight spaces, and corners.

This equipment is useful in shaping docks, retail stores and shops, malls, factories, warehouses, industrial plants, automotive shops, logistics facilities, and other businesses requiring accurate material handling.

How can I safely recharge my walkie stacker forklift batteries?

Walkie stacker forklift batteries have to be charged before and after each use to ensure smooth and safe operation.

CUBLIFT Lithium batteries are maintenance-free and safe to use.

To ensure longer battery life, and a safe environment, make sure you follow safety protocols.

Check that the area is well ventilated.

The batteries can be found at the base of your unit.

Make sure the unit is switched off before you plug the battery cord.

Position your unit near an electrical outlet.

Connect your charger cable to an AC extension cable before plugging it into the electrical socket.

Illuminated lights indicate that the battery is currently charging.

Some walkie stacker forklifts are equipped with a battery indicator that alerts you when the battery is running out of power and when it is fully charged.

For most walkie stacker forklifts, green light means the battery is full.

The charging time for these batteries takes normally around 6 hours.

Why is CUBLIFT walkie stacker forklift the ideal equipment?

CUBLIFT of China has always prided itself in providing only the safest, most durable, and innovative walkie stacker forklifts.

For more than 15 years, CUBLIFT has met the demands for the best heavy-duty machinery all over the globe.

CUBLIFT walkie stacker forklifts are crafted from the highest quality reinforced steel.

These equipment are compact, streamlined, and can operate efficiently in any kind of terrain.

CUBLIFT provides you options to choose your ideal specifications; maximum loading capacity, lifting heights, fork sizes, and type of rollers.

You can even have your walkie stacker forklift customized to fit your work needs.

CUBLIFT walkie stacker forklifts have built-in LED weighing scales to ensure accurate measurement of your cargoes.

CUBLIFT walkie stacker forklifts are eco-friendly and have an ergonomic design to provide its user’s comfort, efficiency, and safe operation.

  • Drum Scale Walkie Stacker forklift DH1S
    Drum Scale Walkie Stacker forklift DH1S
  • Electric Profile Walkie Stacker forklift drum dumper DE1
    Electric Profile Walkie Stacker forklift drum dumper DE1
  • Fixed Scissor Hand Walkie Stacker forklift XE4
    Fixed Scissor Hand Walkie Stacker forklift XE4
  • Hand Scissor Walkie Stacker forklift BTH1
    Hand Scissor Walkie Stacker forklift BTH1
  • Heavy duty Electric Walkie Stacker forklift LE2
    Heavy duty Electric Walkie Stacker forklift LE2
  • Hydraulic Boom Walkie Stacker forklift LMQ
    Hydraulic Boom Walkie Stacker forklift LMQ
  • Lightweight Scissor Walkie Stacker forklift BTH3
    Lightweight Scissor Walkie Stacker forklift BTH3
  • Mobile Scissor Table Hand Walkie Stacker forklift BTH2
    Mobile Scissor Table Hand Walkie Stacker forklift BTH2
  • Narrow Electric Hand Walkie Stacker forklift
    Narrow Electric Hand Walkie Stacker forklift
  • Pedestrian Walkie Stacker forklift LH1
    Pedestrian Walkie Stacker forklift LH1
  • Reach Lift Electric Hand Walkie Stacker forklift LER
    Reach Lift Electric Hand Walkie Stacker forklift LER
  • Scissor Electric Walkie Stacker forklift BTM2
    Scissor Electric Walkie Stacker forklift BTM2
  • Table Hand Walkie Stacker forklift BTH3
    Table Hand Walkie Stacker forklift BTH3
  • Verticla Drum Walkie Stacker forklift DM11
    Verticla Drum Walkie Stacker forklift DM11
  • Walkie Electric Walkie Stacker forklift LE2
    Walkie Electric Walkie Stacker forklift LE2
  • Drum Walkie Stacker Forklift related LEW 1T16N
  • Drum Walkie Stacker Forklift related LEW 2T50N
  • Drum Walkie Stacker Forklift related LEW 2T40N
  • Drum Walkie Stacker Forklift related LEW 2T16N
  • Drum Walkie Stacker Forklift related LEW 1T35N

CUBLiFT: Your Premier Pallet Truck Manufacturer in China

Walkie Stacker forklift DESC (26)CUBLiFT manufactures walkie stacker forklifts for use in material handling in storerooms, small and specialized warehouses. They are used to lift and move pallets over short distances.

Walkie Stacker Forklift Manufacturer QC Icon Walkie Stacker Forklift Manufacturer QC Icon1 Walkie Stacker Forklift Manufacturer QC Icon2 Walkie Stacker Forklift Manufacturer QC Icon3 Walkie Stacker Forklift Manufacturer QC Icon5 Walkie Stacker Forklift Manufacturer QC Icon6 Walkie Stacker Forklift Manufacturer QC Icon7

Having a walkie stacker forklift around your enterprise can save you a lot of time, money, and energy. Your employees will feel relieved from the harsh working environments.Walkie Stacker forklift DESC (30)

If you are planning to make use of a walkie stacker forklift in your business, contact the CUBLiFT sales team. We will guide you on the perfect walkie stacker that matches your business needs.

CUBLiFT is a Chinese-based forklift manufacturer for over 30 years and we have what it takes to offer the best forklifts. Our Walkie stackers are durable, compatible, and flexible.

Also, with a walkie stacker forklift, you can move and navigate your goods easily without any difficulty. Our forklift has an excellent turning radius as compared to other Chinese forklifts.

Our walkie stacker forklift comes in different configurations as per customer requirements. We have walkie stackers of up to 2500lb. capacities and 12 feet storage racks.

If you need a walkie stacker forklift for bulk storage we also make them upon order. CUBLiFT is determined to offer our clients walkie stackers of different capacities with special racks.

You can request a quote for pricing, parts, and spare parts from our website. We have 24/7 customer support to answer your queries about our services.

CUBLiFT offers walkie stacker forklifts, pallet stackers, scissor lifts, and other material handling machines at a cost-effective price. We will work with your budget to deliver high-quality lifts.

Ensure the well-being of your employee’s working conditions by choosing forklifts from CUBLiFT. Send us an OEM order today and we will respond immediately.

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