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Stacker Truck

CUBLiFT’s stacker trucks are ergonomically designed for fulfilling the warehousing tasks and enhance the productivity of your logistics at cost-saving prices.

  • Lift capacity limit: 5000~3000kg
  • Fitted for narrow aisle palletized load/unload
  • Turning Radius: 1500mm
  • Lift up and low by 2.2kw motor
  • Drive: 0.65KW A/C motor
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery 6hrs working per charge

Check our more electric stacker trucks, hand pallet jack stackers counterbalanced stackers, and drum stackers from us as well, you can always find the one which fits your need best.

Walkei Electric Staddle Stacker Truck 1000kg

● Capacity(kg): 1000/1200/1500
● Max. lift height (mm): 1600/2500/3000
● Overall length (mm): 1500
● Overall width (mm): 1132-1532
● Width overall forks (mm): 200-800
● Battery Voltage V/Ah: 24/105(125)
● Truck weight (kg): 580/645/665

Reach Electric Stacker Truck 1000kg Reach out 500mm

● Model: LER (reach)
● Capacity (kg): 1000/1500/2000
● Reach out(mm):500
● Lifting height (mm): 1600~5000
● Fork overall length (mm): 1070
● Minimum Turning Radius (mm): 200
● Voltage/ Capacity: 24V / 150AH

Walkie Rider Electric Stacker Truck 1000kg

● Load capacity: 1000/1200/1500
● Load centre distance: 600
● Max. lift height: 1600~3300
● Width overall forks: 200-800
● Turning radius: 1625/1705
● Battery volts: 24/120
● Weight (with battery): 650/700/730/750

Semi-electric Straddle Stacker Truck 1500kg

● Capacity (kg): 1500
● Max. lift height (mm): 1600~3500
● Overall length (mm):1745
● Width overall forks (mm): 300-930
● Battery Voltage: V/Ah: 12/120
● Truck weight kg: 335/395/415/425/435

Drum Semi-electric Stacker Truck 520kg

● Capacity(kg): 350/450/500/520
● Lift Max (mm): 1600~3500
● Fork width(mm): 640/800
● Turning Radius (mm): 1350
● Weight(kg): 340/400
● Tilting: Manual/Electric
● Voltage/ Capacity: 12V/120AH

Drum Electric Stacker Truck 420kg

● Model: DLE-420
● Capacity(kg): 420
● Lift Max (mm): 1600~3500
● Fork width(mm): 640/800
● Weight(kg): 680/1012
● Tilting: Electric
● Voltage/ Capacity: 24V/210AH

Stanard Stacker Truck 1500kg 1600mm

● Capacity (kg): 500/1000/1500
● Lifting height (mm): 1600~300
● Fork overall length (mm): 800/900
● Fork overall width (mm): 160~480/260~580
● Weight (kg): 135/155/180

Straddle Pallet Stacker Truck 500kg 1600mm

● Capacity(kg): 500
● Fork height, lowered (mm): 70
● Height, mast lowered (mm): 2000
● Max. lift height (mm): 1600
● Width overall forks (mm): 745
● Truck weight (kg): 492/223

Semi-electric Pallet Stacker Truck 1500kg 2000mm

● Capacity (kg): 1000/1500/2000
● Lifting height (mm):1600~3500
● Fork overall length (mm):1000/1150
● Fork overall width (mm): 320~680
● Minimum Turning Radius (mm):1550
● Voltage/ Capacity/type: 12V / 120AH
● Weight (kg): 380~480

CUBLiFT: Your Premier Stacker Trucks Manufacturer in China

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STACKER TRUCK – The Best FAQ Article

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Table of Contents


Verticla Drum Scale Hand Pallet Jack Stacker DH1SStacker trucks are of utmost importance when it comes to handling moving and stacking of heavy goods and materials.

This powerful equipment makes material handling safe, effortless, and time-saving.

CUBLIFT from China has been in the business of providing the most innovative, eco-friendly, and ergonomic of all stacker trucks.

And for more than 15 years, CUBLIFT has continuously supported different kinds of businesses by producing dependable, innovative, and robust stacker trucks.

For years, it has been a competitive and fierce market for stacker trucks, pallet jacks, forklifts, and other heavy-duty equipment used for moving and stacking heavy materials.

The stacker truck market is packed with tons of different manufacturers, brands, kinds, and models of stacker trucks; each model is diversified, integrated, and laden with a wide array of the finest features.

If you are looking at purchasing a stacker truck for your business, you will find this article to be of great help in assisting you in choosing the ideal stacker truck for you.

This article is created to act as your guide; give you facts about stacker trucks, answers to any questions you may have about this equipment.

This is a compilation of FAQs (answered), reviews of customers, and facts deducted from the manufacturer’s manual.


What is the importance of stacker trucks?

Verticla Drum Electric Pallet Jack Stacker with scale DM1Stacker trucks are widely used in businesses where heavy loads, such as crates, big boxes, and other heavy parcels are transported and stacked on a regular basis.

This equipment, just like forklifts, plays a crucial role in the effective and safe moving and handling of heavy packages and loads.

CUBLIFT stacker trucks are safe to use, provided every operator knows how to utilize the equipment properly, and is trained to practice all the safety measures to avoid accidents and hazards.

The use of this equipment reduces the risk of fatigue and muscle stress in operators, compared with when you use manual labor.

This durable warehouse unit cuts the time it takes to load, move, and stack heavy materials.

Stacker trucks eliminate the occurrence of downtime; it boosts productivity and elevates the business revenue.


What is the best type of stacker truck?

Straddle stacker Hand Pallet Jack Stacker LH1Stacker trucks come in different types, sizes, and specifications, but with a similar purpose; safe and effective transporting and stacking of palletized goods.

Each type of stacker truck has its own advantages and features.

The best kind of stacker truck is the one that is ideal for your business.

CUBLIFT from China is focused on what its customers need and want, to cater to your different work needs.

CUBLIFT has an array of tough and safe-to-use stacker trucks to choose from.

Manual stacker truck- synonymous with its name, is one of the simplest and easiest stacker trucks to operate.

CUBLIFT stacker trucks are safe to use; they use hydraulic oils instead of fuel and are safe to use even indoors as they do not give off harsh and harmful fumes.

Manual stacker trucks also called hydraulic stacker trucks, are operated using the integrated hydraulic pump and may require a little effort.

This type of stacker truck usually has smaller dimensions and frames and is lighter in weight compared with electric stacker trucks.

Manual stacker trucks perform well and are praised for their durability and simplicity; however, long hours of use transporting heavy loads in long distances may result in straining the operator.

Compared with most electric stacker trucks, manual stacker trucks have a lesser weight capacity.

CUBLIFT manual stacker trucks have a maximum loading capacity of 500 kilograms to 3000 kilograms, and features CE, TUV qualified manual pallet stackers, Single/double/triple mast system, constructed from reinforced C-steel, they can fit European pallet 550/580mm x 1100/1150mm.

They also have manual and walking types of stacker trucks with a flexible turning radius.

Some of CUBLIFT manual stackers are Drum Hand Pallet Stacker DH1, H Shaped Standard stacker, Hand pallet Stacker LH1, L Shaped Hand pallet Stacker H1, Standard Scissor Hand pallet stacker BTH1, and Hydraulic Boom Hand pallet stacker LMQ.

Semi-automatic stacker trucks- also known as semi-electric stacker trucks, they are ideal to use for when you want a combination of manual and automatic stacker truck.

CUBLIFT semi-automatic stacker trucks share some of the features of a manual stacker truck and a fully automatic stacker truck.

CUBLIFT’s semi-automatic stacker trucks are crafted from high-quality stainless steel for extreme durability.

These stacker trucks can withstand the harshest working environment.

CUBLIFT stacker trucks run through their in-built rechargeable batteries, they can also be operated manually, using a hydraulic pump.

This is perfect for outdoor operation; no need to lose time recharging the batteries as they can be operated manually.

CUBLIFT Semi-automatic stacker trucks are ergonomic and safe to use; power and navigation buttons, as well as the throttle and emergency brake buttons, are located on the handle.

CUBLIFT’s versatile semi-automatic stacker trucks come in different dimensions and capacities that correspond to your work specifications.

These stacker trucks can carry up to 2000 kilograms and lift to a maximum height of about 1.8m in 1 second.

Some of CUBLIFT stacker trucks’ features are; integrated steering wheel for guiding the tiller arm while lifting, a manual one-push button, up to 2200 pounds lifting capacity, up to 63″198″/118″ lift height capacity.

Powered with 1500w 12v A/C motor, have adjustable forks that vary from 11.6″ to 31.6″ to ensure that they fit most pallet sizes, molded on polyurethane steering wheels and locking steering casters to ensure stability and a 180° steering arc that lets you steer effortlessly through narrow aisles.

Some of CUBLIFT semi-automatic stacker trucks are: Semi-electric pallet stacker truck with weighing scale, Walkie semi-electric pallet stacker truck, Straddle hydraulic semi-electric stacker truck LM, standard semi-electric pallet stacker truck LM, Portable semi-electric pallet stacker truck LM, order picker semi-electric pallet stacker truck, Drum semi-electric pallet stacker DM11.

Automatic stacker trucks- also known as electric stacker trucks, are crafted from high-quality steel such as aluminum, alloy, and stainless steel.

Semi Electric Pallet Jack Stacker LMThese stacker trucks make moving and stacking heavy goods and palletized materials effortless.

When it comes to safety, CUBLIFT automatic stacker trucks are the safest to use; power switches, as well as emergency brake buttons, are reliable and easy to locate.

CUBLIFT automatic stacker trucks are ergonomically designed; these units make the job easier, safer, and in more than half the time required.

CUBLIFT stacker trucks are sleek and streamlined; and are perfect for when you have to navigate through small spaces and narrow corridors.

Reach Lift Electric Pallet Jack Stacker LER list1
These stacker trucks make vertical stacking a lot easier; to help maximize and tidy up workspaces.

MOST CUBLIFT electric stacker trucks have bigger dimensions and truck frames.

They are also commonly heavier in weight.

Electric stacker trucks are also easy to operate; the throttle is located on the handle or tiller.

CUBLIFT stacker trucks run on integrated onboard rechargeable batteries; these batteries are ultra-durable and can last for long hours of operation before the next recharging time.

The maximum loading capacity of most electric stacker trucks is considerably bigger compared with manual stacker trucks.

These stacker trucks are eco-friendly; no harmful smoke or fumes are emitted as they are powered by batteries.

What are the tips for buying stacker trucks?

Walkie Electric Pallet Jack Stacker LE1Before you purchase your stacker truck, one important tip to remember is, the specifications, key features, and advantages of the stacker truck you have in mind should commensurate with your specific business needs.

And when it comes to choosing the brand that speaks of durability, safety, and versatility, CUBLIFT from China has it all.

From forklifts to scissors lift and pallet jacks to stacker trucks, CUBLIFT has been a front runner for more than a decade now.

Industries that function mostly on material handling, manufacturing, marketing, etc. rely greatly on machinery to move, lift, and stack heavy cargoes for a smoother, safer, effective, and more productive business.

Below are some key points to help you choose your ideal stacker truck:

Which do you prefer, a manual, semi-automatic, or fully automatic stacker truck?

How do you want your stacker truck powered up?

You can choose a manual stacker truck; they run on hydraulic oils.

Manual stacker trucks run thru hydraulic pumps; they are cheaper and safer as they don’t run on gas or diesel.

Electric or fully automatic stacker trucks, on the other hand, are powered by built-in, maintenance-free, rechargeable batteries.

Electric stacker trucks are safe and efficient; the batteries can last for hours of operation before you have to recharge them.

If you can’t make up your mind whether to choose a manual or an electric stacker truck, you can opt to get a semi-automatic stacker truck.

These stacker trucks can be operated both manually and automatically.

Walkie Electric Pallet Jack Stacker LE2One good thing about the semi-electric stacker truck is that when the battery dies mid-work, you can use the hydraulic pump to keep it working.

How much maximum weight/lifting capacity do you need?

Determine the usual maximum weight capacity per load you have to weigh on a daily basis.

This eliminates the chances of you overloading your stacker truck.

An overloaded stacker truck can damage the unit and may cause accidents.

What is the maximum lifting capacity you need?

The maximum height that your stacker truck can lift is as important as the weight capacity.

Do you need a bigger stacker truck or just enough for a small-sized work environment?

The size and dimension of a stacker truck is an essential factor you need to consider.

If you have narrow corridors you need to access, slimmer, streamlined stacker trucks are ideal; they can be navigated effortlessly.

What kind of work environment/terrain will you use the stacker truck for?

Some stacker trucks are specifically designed to work best in indoor settings, while others are ideal for the outdoors.

Using outdoor stacker trucks on indoor workplaces may not be ideal; stacker trucks designed for outdoor use are equipped with wheels for rugged surfaces and may ruin your work floors.

On the other hand, indoor stacker trucks may not be suitable to use on rough terrains; for one, the wheels are not designed to endure rough and sloppy surfaces.

Determine the size (length and width) of the fork you need; a fork size that’s too long or too wide for your pallet size will prove difficult to get under and through your pallets.

Fork sizes that are too short or too small may not provide sufficient support in lifting your palletized goods.

Check the materials the wheels were crafted from, most of CUBLIFT’s stacker trucks are equipped with wheels made from tough and long-lasting polyurethane.

The kind of terrain you will use the stacker truck on is also significant, some wheels are designed to function well on smooth surfaces, while some can withstand rough, sloppy terrain.

CUBLIFT designed some of its stacker trucks to run in both indoor and outdoor environments.

The wheels are built from rubber aluminum; safe to use on smooth work surfaces yet tough enough to survive harsh environments.

You may also opt for dual rollers; lets you adjust the rollers

They can also be equipped with dual rollers; useful for when you have to adjust the wheels to use for indoors or outdoors.


What is the best electric stacker truck to buy?

Automatic stacker trucks or electric stacker trucks are essential tools/machinery in transporting and stacking heavy palletized goods, and all other bulky and massive cargoes.

CUBLIFT from China, for more than 15 years, has been in the business of producing the tough, versatile, and safe equipment used in many industries today.

CUBLIFT stacker trucks are one of the best tools in the market that can effectively handle moving and stacking heavy palletized loads.

And when it comes to versatility, nothing compares with CUBLIFT; it has a wide array of automatic stacker trucks to choose from.

CUBLIFT electric stacker trucks come in a variety of models with different specifications; load capacity of 500 kilograms, 1000 kilograms, 1500 kilograms, and 2000 kilograms.

They have lift heights of 100 mm., 150 mm., 500 mm., and 800 mm. And fork size 550/685 x 1120/1220 m.

The forks can be tilted 2°/5°forward/backward and optional side shift.

The maintenance-free built-in rechargeable lithium batteries can be quickly replaced and last for hours of operation until the next charging time.

CUBLIFT Electric pallet stacker LM2 – these stacker trucks are useful in moving cargoes in short distances.

Mobile scissor electric pallet stacker truck- these portable stacker trucks are ideal to use for small to medium workspaces; they can be easily navigated through tight spaces and corridors.

Reach lift electric pallet stacker – these stacker trucks are fully automatic and powered by built-in rechargeable lithium batteries.

They are constructed from ultra-durable reinforced steel and can withstand harsh environments.

Automatic walk-along stacker trucks – are powered by maintenance-free rechargeable batteries.

These stacker trucks are built from only the toughest high-quality steel.

One of its advantages is that the operator can walk behind or walk along with the stacker truck.

A spotter may be required from time to time if the operator does not have a clear view, or if something is blocking his view.

Automatic ride-along stacker trucks- these stacker trucks have significantly large frames and are heavier than the usual stacker trucks.

Like most CUBLIFT stacker trucks, electric ride-along stacker trucks are solidly built from robust steel and run on built-in rechargeable batteries.

One of the best attributes of electric stacker trucks is that they are equipped with pedestals that let the operator ride the unit.

This is ideal for when you need to transport your cargo long distances; it reduces the risk of straining the operator.

Automatic center pallet stacker truck- a lot of businesses prefer the electric center pallet stacker truck not only because of its design but because of the additional safety it offers.

These stacker trucks are designed to let the operator ride between the truck’s chassis.

These stacker trucks are also preferred by most operators as they are perfect for moving heavy cargoes long distances.

Indoor/outdoor electric stacker trucks- are also known as all-terrain stacker trucks.

This versatile stacker truck can be used for both indoor and outdoor settings.

The frames are crafted from high-quality steel and have considerably larger dimensions yet light in weight.

The automatic all-terrain stacker truck can transport and lift up to 2,000 pounds.

They are fitted with larger rollers that can adapt to all kinds of surfaces.

Automated unmanned stacker trucks- are also called automated guided vehicles.

They are ideal for when you do not need an operator to drive the unit.

The automated unmanned stacker truck is self-driving and is relatively safe and easy to use.

The maximum carrying capacity of these stacker trucks is from 1 to 3 tons.

These stacker trucks can lift from 1.5 to 10 feet.

What are the pros of CUBLIFT stacker trucks?

When it comes to efficiency, CUBLIFT stacker trucks are unbeatable.

Safety, efficiency, durability, and versatility are just a few of CUBLIFT’s missions.

CUBLIFT stacker trucks are efficient and low maintenance; they are equipped with maintenance-free rechargeable batteries.

They are ideal to use indoors as they operate quietly.

CUBLIFT stacker trucks have durable steel frames that are both ideals for indoor and outdoor settings.

CUBLIFT has a line of lightweight, streamlined stacker trucks that can easily be navigated through narrow hallways and tight spaces.

CUBLIFT stacker trucks are eco-friendly; manual stacker trucks use hydraulic oils, while automatic stacker trucks are battery-powered, thus, no toxic fumes are emitted.

CUBLIFT stacker trucks are simple and easy to use; no complicated procedures to follow, as most of the navigation buttons, are on the handle.

The emergency brake buttons and throttle are also located on the steering handle or tiller.

When stacking pallets or cargoes vertically against the wall, CUBLIFT stacker trucks are the perfect equipment to use; as they are much stable.

Stacker trucks are much safer to use compared with scaffoldings and ladders.

CUBLIFT stacker trucks are a plus in business productivity and are cost-effective; compared with using manual labor, you save more in the long run, as there will be no more downtime, accidents, physical strains.

Daily operation is done quickly; this results in a tremendous increase in productivity.

CUBLIFT stacker trucks are ergonomically designed; the features and add-ons integrated are to ensure effective, easy, and smooth operations.

CUBLIFT versatility stems from its capability to manufactures an array of stacker trucks in different designs, dimensions, capacities, and, specifications;

From indoor and outdoor stacker trucks to the kind of rollers, and sizes of forks, CUBLIFT has it all.

CUBLIFT from China accommodates custom-built and personalized stacker trucks; designed and built from your own specifications.

For small to medium-sized businesses trying to maximize their workspaces, CUBLIFT has the stacker truck perfect for you;

CUBLIFT’s mini stacker trucks are portable and can be carted off effortlessly for easier storage.

What are the key points to remember when loading stacker trucks?

CUBLIFT stacker trucks are easy, efficient, and safe to use.

Operating a CUBLIFT stacker truck is pretty straightforward, contingent on you following proper procedures.

Safety is first and foremost; you can avoid accidents and other hazards if you practice safety measures.

Having knowledge of every important aspect and specification of your stacker truck is essential.

Consult your manufacturer’s manual in case you need to confirm something about the unit.

When loading your stacker trucks, ensure the stability of your cargoes; they should be centered and secured.

The forks should be through your pallets before you slowly lift.

Before moving to your point of destination, clear the work area of any obstacles and blockages that may restrict your view.

Are stacker trucks safer to use than forklifts?

Stacker trucks, like forklifts, are indispensable tools in transporting and stacking palletized cargoes.

Both these heavy-duty tools are safe to use if you know how to properly use them.

These safety measure tips can be applied for both stacker truck and forklift operations;

Daily maintenance check is important; this should be done before and after your daily operation.

This includes checking the batteries are charged, breaks working, the wheels are not cracked, and there’s nothing dislodged between the unit and the surface.

Clear the work area of any blockage and obstructions.

Make sure you have clear visibility before you start transporting your cargoes.

Are stacker truck batteries replaceable?

CUBLIFT electric stacker trucks are equipped with durable and long-lasting batteries.

These batteries are maintenance-free, but long hours of use, re-charging time and again can cause wear and tear until it’s time to replace the batteries.

The batteries can be replaced anytime they’re not functioning well, CUBLIFT stacker trucks’ batteries can be replaced really quick.

What ideal features should I look for when buying CUBLIFT stacker trucks?

When looking to purchase stacker trucks or any heavy-duty equipment for that matter, not only do we look for the usual make, model, specifications, etc.

We check and compare all the features of each unit, see which features benefit us.

These are some of the features you may want to look for:

Stacker trucks with built-in weighing scales will make the operation easier and faster; overloading your equipment can be avoided.

Ergonomic handle grips are used on the tiller handle to reduce straining the operator’s hand and wrist.

LED light indicators are usually found on the handle; the display screen features the battery level.

Some battery level indicators feature an audio alert.

Power steering lets the operator navigate effortlessly even on narrow hallways.

Dual/adjustable rollers add versatility to a stacker truck; it lets you adjust the wheels according to the terrain.

Corrosion-free protection is one feature business owners will surely go for; the battery case and truck’s undercarriage are galvanized.

Another safety feature is the emergency reverse button.

The anti-skid brake is especially ideal for outdoor units; it prevents the stacker truck from skidding on slopy surfaces.

Bumper protectors are another safety feature of some stacker trucks; this is to ensure extra protection for the unit’s bumper.

How different are CUBLIFT stacker trucks from forklift trucks and pallet trucks?

Stacker trucks have similar features and functions to pallet trucks; however, stacker trucks are usually termed an upgraded pallet truck.

Stacker trucks have higher lifting capacities, they are widely used in warehouses and other industries for stacking palletized goods.

Stacker trucks are more versatile compared with forklifts; stacker trucks can be manual, semi-electric, and electric.

Staker trucks are usually more compact, ergonomically designed, and are integrated with a lot of useful features.

Pallet trucks, on the other hand has lower lift height capacity, the usual function as pallet loaders.

Pallet trucks can be manual, semi-electric or electric.

They are mostly used in wholesale and retail shops.

Forklift trucks are useful when transporting loads; similar to the functions of a stacker truck.

They are mostly used in big storage warehouses, factories, etc.

They can be used both indoors and outdoors and are ideal for long distance transportation of heavy cargoes.

They are bigger, heavier, and bulkier compared with pallet trucks and stacker trucks.


How do you properly load a CUBLIFT stacker truck?

Loading the stacker truck is straight forward, but it has to be proper and with certain precautions.

The navigation buttons are located on the tiller/steering wheel.

The down arrow is to lower your forks.

The forks should be leveled with the pallet.

The forks should be beneath and through the pallets, the loads should be centered and stable before you start lifting the pallet.

To load your stacker forklift, press the down arrow button until the fork reaches the pallet level.

The throttle is located on the tiller too, use that to transport your cargo.

When you get to the drop point, press the down button and lower the pallet.

A precaution to remember is: never lower or lift the forks while your stacker truck is moving, always make sure the truck is in full stop.

Are the batteries of stacker trucks safe and efficient?

CUBLIFT semi-electric and electric stacker trucks are equipped with safe, durable, and maintenance-free Lithium rechargeable batteries.

These built-in batteries, when fully charged can last hours and hours of operation before the next recharge.

These batteries are safe; but do make sure you exercise caution especially when charging them.

Always make sure they are properly charged before and after each use, and the charging cable unplugged from the electric socket.

The battery life will always depend on how you maintain it.

Do all operators need licenses to use a stacker truck?

Proper knowledge and training are always a must when you are operating heavy-duty machinery.

Getting trained on how to properly operate stacker trucks not only allows you to have full knowledge and skills on operating your unit but also learning how to maintain your truck, as well as the safety measures and precautions.

Trainings can be done online, however, hand-on training is preferred.

At the end of the training, you will be given a card as a proof that you are certified to operate the unit.

What are pedestrian stacker trucks?

Pedestrian stacker trucks are a type of stacker truck that has functions similarly to pallet trucks.

They are tough and heavy-duty, safe and easy to operate.

These stacker trucks are compact and can easily be piloted through tight spots and narrow corridors.

Pedestrian stacker trucks can carry up to 1.2 tons and can travel at a speed of 6 kilometers per hour.

These stacker trucks are ideal for low-height operations and are used widely in retail shops and supermarkets.

They are also used for transporting cargoes, storage rooms, and production processes.

When do you need to use a stacker truck?

Stacker trucks are ideal to use for loading and unloading palletized cargoes.

They are used widely in production lines, retail shops, automotive industries, and such.

Stacker trucks are best used in applications requiring short distance transportation of goods, and low to moderately heavy cargoes.

They are also ideal in stacking pallets up to a maximum of 16 feet.

Stacker trucks are also mostly walk behind/along trucks.

Some stacker trucks can run up to 3.3 miles per hour, carry up to 2,500 pounds and lift up to 143 inches.

How do I charge my stacker truck battery?

CUBLIFT stacker truck batteries can last for hours before the next charging cycle.

Charging these batteries do not require a lot of protocols, but you do need to exercise caution and remember some key factors to ensure safety in your workplace.

When the battery level is low, plug it into an electric socket using the battery cable.

Most stacker trucks have battery indicators with LED light display.

Once the battery is done charging, disconnect the cable from the wall socket, and tuck the battery cable safely inside the console.

What are electric mini stacker trucks?

Automatic or electric mini stacker trucks are smaller versions of regular-sized stacker trucks, yet are equally durable and effective in transporting cargoes.

In the mini stacker truck’s case, size does not matter; it can carry a maximum capacity of several thousand pounds.

The lifting height of stacker trucks can also be adjusted to accommodate most applications.

Most stacker trucks are equipped with two front fixed castors and two rear swivel castors for smooth and effortless navigating.

What are the safety measures for charging stacker truck batteries?

Even the simple task of recharging your stacker truck batteries may pose hazards and accidents when safety measures are not practiced.

Battery charging cables should always be disconnected when not in use; never leave them lying around or dangling from your unit.

A safe area in the workplace should be designated for battery charging.

Some businesses have separate/detached building specifically for charging heavy-duty machineries’ batteries; this is to ensure that there are no employees around if ever an accident occurs.

Ensure sure the area where you charge the battery is well-ventilated.

Make sure all your employees are well informed of any forthcoming hazards, what to do, and how to control them in case they happen.

All employees should practice all safety measures while in the work area.

First aid kits and fire extinguishers always come in handy.

Avoid having your chargers come into contact with combustible materials.

Perform regular inspection and maintenance check.

Electrical sockets and charging cables should be checked regularly as well.

How do you ensure safety when operating stacker trucks?

Safety of the workplace in every industry is always a priority.

A big factor that contributes to a safe working environment is being responsible for implementing and following precautionary measures.

Stacker trucks are essential for transporting and stacking heavy loads and cargoes, but they can cause potential dangers when not handled properly.

Some key reminders worth keeping in mind are:

Proper training of all operators handling your heavy-duty equipment is necessary.

Knowledge of the specifications of your stacker truck is imperative.

Always perform regular maintenance check-ups before and after using the truck.

Breaks should always be checked before you start using your stacker truck.

Charge the batteries after every use and make sure the charging cable is safely inside the battery compartment.

Most stacker trucks have emergency brake buttons; ensure that all operators know where it is located.

Your work environment should be free from blockage or any kind of impediment that may bar your view.

Avoid overloading your stacker truck; this can cause potential hazards not only to the truck but to everyone in the workplace.

Always check the wheels for any signs of wear and tear.

Maximum weight load plates should be visible.

Never leave anything lying around, especially cables as the wheels of the unit can get entangled and cause accidents.

Outdoor stacker trucks equipped with rollers designed for rough terrains may damage indoor surfaces.

Always charge your stacker truck batteries in well ventilated areas, away from flammable materials.

What is the importance of straddle legs in stacker trucks?

Stacker trucks are equipped with straddle legs for stability.

The legs are where the rollers are fitted; this provides effortless maneuverability.

Stacker truck straddle legs provide support when loading the unit with cargoes.

Do stacker trucks use parking brakes?

Most stacker trucks are equipped with parking brakes for optimal safety.

They are also useful for keeping your cargoes and heavy loads intact; eliminating the risk of damaging them.

Are stacker trucks more expensive than forklifts?

There are several brands and lines of stacker trucks, and the same goes with forklifts, each model varies in specifications, capacities, and features incorporated in the unit.

While other forklifts may be significantly expensive, some models of stacker trucks can cost more; it is dependent on the brand, the materials used, capacities, and features.

Can you rent stacker trucks?

Although purchasing a brand-new stacker truck is advisable, this is only ideal for businesses dealing in the transportation of heavy cargoes on a regular basis.

For industries needing to use stacker trucks on a seasonal basis, there are companies that rent these units.

You can have your pick of the specific unit you need with the corresponding specifications.

What is the best brand of stacker trucks in the market?

Among the various manufacturers of stacker trucks available in the market, CUBLIFT is one of the leading of China has been redesigning and modifying its line of forklift trucks, pallets stackers, stacker trucks, scissor lift trucks, pedestrian stacker trucks, and a lot more.

CUBLIFT is famous for its robust, safe, and cost-efficient machinery.

When it comes to versatility, CUBLIFT has prided itself on offering an array of stacker trucks that can cater to any material handling application.

When it comes to innovative features, CUBLIFT brand has always been at the forefront of using the latest technology.

Purchasing any CUBLIFT heavy-duty equipment can give the confidence and assurance that you are not only getting something that is equally safe and effective, but impressive and beneficial as well.

What’s more is, by owning one of CUBLIFT stacker trucks, you own the bragging rights of having one of the finest stacker trucks in the industry.

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CUBLiFT: Your Premier Stacker Trucks Manufacturer in China

Stacker Truck forklift DESC (13)In industries where material handling and moving of loads is one of the major parts of the daily function, the use of heavy-duty equipment such as forklifts, pallet jacks, stacker trucks, and the likes are crucial.

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Stacker trucks have been of utmost importance to facilities such as small to medium-sized warehouses, docks, logistics facilities, and other businesses where stacking of goods and pallets should be managed well to optimize the workspace.Stacker Truck forklift DESC (30)

Stacker trucks are beneficial to your business productivity, they guarantee safe transportation and storage. Choosing the best tools for your business can be quite challenging; what with the market teeming with countless manufacturers, brands, and models of stacker trucks to choose from.

CUBLIFT from China has been providing the best powerful tools for more than 15 years, when it comes to durability, safety, and efficiency, you can always count on CUBLIFT. CUBLIFT has always been dedicated to providing everything its customer needs; dependable and durable heavy-duty equipment.

CUBLIFT stacker truck frames are constructed from superior quality steel; tough enough to survive all kinds of harsh working conditions. Most CUBLIFT stacker trucks run on either hydraulic oils or electronics; no hazardous fumes.

When it comes to versatility, CUBLIFT has always been number one in producing top-of-the-line machinery in varying specifications. The maximum weight load capacity varies from 500kg, 1000kg, 1500kg, 2000kg;

you have plenty of options to choose the load capacity well suited to your business.

These stacker trucks come in varying maximum lift heights as well;100mm, 150mm, 500mm, 800mm.

Electric and semi-electric stacker trucks are equipped with built-in maintenance-free Lithium batteries that eliminate the need for replacement. CUBLIFT stacker trucks are cost-effective and can last for years, what’s more, is you can actually get custom-made equipment, according to the specifications of your choice.

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