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Plastic Drum Lifter

CUBLiFT Manufacture Variety Quality Drum lifters, Plastic Drum Lifter in China

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Plastic Drum Lifter

One of the best drum lifter manufacturers in China, CUBLiFT’s drum lifters for Lifting Steel, Plastic, and Fiber Drums, Barrels  will greatly  speed up your worksites material circulation efficiency

  • Load Capacity up to 1000 lbs varies on models
  • It Fits 30, 55, or 85-gallon blue plastic & metal drums
  • Variety of drum lifter and drum dumper options
  • Pallet Jack Drum Lifter available per request
  • Reinforced forklift truck ensures heavy and handy drum lift

CUBLiFT pallet jack drum lifters help you easily lift and transport different weight vertical steel or plastic drums, fiber drums, so as to improve your efficiency and liquid storage productivity.

Plastic Drum Lifter List DBH-450HO

● Model: DBH-450HO
● Capacity (kg): 450
● Wheel Φ : 10″
● Packing size (mm): 1250*550*150
● Wheel (type) size:  Rubber
● Weight (kg): 23

Plastic Drum Lifter List DBH-450L

● Model: DBH-350L/450L
● Capacity (kg): 350/450
● Height Max (mm): 600/1100
● Fork width (mm): 950
● Over size (mm): 1150*1120*1360
● Wheel PU (type) size: 150/125
● Weight (kg): 60/120

Plastic Drum Lifter List DBM-350

● Model: DBM-350
● Capacity (kg): 350
● Height Max (mm): 260
● Fork width (mm): 670
● Over size (mm): 1120*740*990
● Wheel PU (type) size: 125
● Weight (kg): 140
● Voltage/ Capacity: 24V/12AH

Plastic Drum Lifter List DLH-450

● Model-DLH-400/450
● Capacity(kg):400/450
● Lift Max (mm): 1600
● Fork width(mm): 640/800
● Over size(mm): 1500*950*2060
● Turning Radius (mm): 1350
● Weight(kg): 160/170
● Tilting: Manual

Plastic Drum Lifter List DLM-500A

● Model: DLM-350/450/500A/520
● Capacity(kg): 350/450/500/520
● Lift Max (mm): 1600~3500
● Fork width(mm): 640/800
● Over size(mm): 1620*980*1880
● Turning Radius (mm): 1350
● Weight(kg): 340/400
● Tilting: Manual/Electric
● Voltage/ Capacity: 12V/120AH

Plastic Drum Lifter List DG-4000V

● Model: DG-4000V
● Capacity(kg): 360~4000
● Drums: 1~8
● Size (mm): 185*960*830
● Weight (kg): 175~410

CUBLiFT: Your Premier Plastic Drum Lifter Manufacturer in China

CUBLiFT plastic drum lifter easily adjusts to handle between 30 to 55 gallons of poly drums. It can easily convert from a 55 to a 30-gallon drum position by simply relocating the linchpin.

Plastic Drum Lifter manufacturer QC icon (16)7 Plastic Drum Lifter manufacturer QC icon (16)5 Plastic Drum Lifter manufacturer QC icon (16)4 Plastic Drum Lifter manufacturer QC icon (16)3 Plastic Drum Lifter manufacturer QC icon (16)2 Plastic Drum Lifter manufacturer QC icon (16)1 Plastic Drum Lifter manufacturer QC icon (16)

The plastic drum lifter is ideal for use with standard poly drums with at least 360˚ chimes. The drum lifter driver does not have to leave the cab to engage or disengage the drum. The operator simply maneuvers the plastic drum grab below the drum chime. When the forks are raised the poly jaws engage the drum.Plastic Drum Lifter manufacturer QC icon (16)

This plastic drum lifter has a lifting capacity range of 1000 to 5500 pounds. The patent gator grip with auto grip feature will automatically keep the drum intact for lowering to the ground. There is no need for the operator to touch the drum to raise, transport, or lower it. The high-reach plastic drum lifter is the ergonomic solution for lifting, transporting, and positioning plastic drums on both standard and spill pallets.

Since our plastic drum lifter will lift a drum to a height at which the bottom of a drum is 36² from the ground, it gives the user the ability to lift the drum to the height of many pick-up trucks.

We also offer steel drum lifters at a cost-effective price. For more drum lifter products, you can check our website for the updated collection.

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Metal Drum Lifting – Manual Drum Lifter
Plastic Drum Lifter and Tilter


Plastic Drum Lifter – The Complete FAQ Article

Plastic Drum Lifter Video

A plastic drum lifter is known to be exceptionally useful in a warehouse environment for lifting and transporting various kinds of drums.

The plastic drum lifter has an ergonomic design and perfect for handling all sizes and weights of drums.

The CUBLIFT is the most advanced plastic drum lifter manufacturer from China that offers its services internationally.

In this FAQ article, you will learn what makes plastic drum lifters so valuable.

Moreover, you will also learn how CUBLIFT improves the plastic rum lifter quality to increase your overall business productivity.

What is a Plastic Drum Lifter?

Every warehouse that involves drum lifting, handling, and transportation, requires drum lifting equipment that can ensure that safe transportation and warehouse safety.

From manually handled plastic drum lifters to electric-powered plastic drum lifters, each one is a unique piece of equipment and based on an exceptional design.

These lifters help handle all kinds of drums with maximum safety and extremely rapid.

The most interesting thing about these drum lifters, they suit every drum lifting application the industrial businesses can possibly come across.

At CUBLIFT, we manufacture a wide range of plastic drum lifters and also offer custom options to modify your drum lifting equipment to suit your particular requirements.

Plastic drum lifters are economical and proven highly cost-efficient.

The CUBLIFT uses stainless steel or steel to manufacture high-quality plastic drum lifters.

Additionally, these lifters are perfect for handling heavy containers without a safety hazard.

Figure 1 – The General Structure of a Plastic Drum Lifter

What are the Applications of Plastic Drum Lifter?

Plastic drum lifter has a wide majority of applications in different factors including:

  • Science and TechnologyHand Plastic Drum Lifter DH1
  • Agriculture
  • Industrial

Moreover, different industries, from food processing and transportation areas to the oil & gas industry, also feature plastic drum lifters.

In modern industry, drum lifters play an important part in important container’s safe handling and rapid transportation.

The plastic drum lifter is a key used primarily to prevent injuries in drum transportation and increase business productivity by a great margin.

Most importantly, plastic drum lifter serves the following crucial applications:

  • Oil and Gas Containers Transportation
  • Marine Applications
  • Construction

Now, plastic drum lifter is got introduced, and some industries can’t survive without it because it’s been extremely successful in many previous years and proven incredibly profitable.

The successful construction material movement without exposing them to the external environment is what plastic drum lifters can do best.

What are the Benefits of Plastic Drum Lifter?

Plastic drum lifters have much to offer for businesses that contain the drums, barrels, and containers handling, transportation, and storing.Plastic Drum Lifter

Proper and most suitable equipment for similar warehouse environments can make a huge difference and can increase overall productivity.

Moreover, the use of a plastic drum lifter also improves the workflow and workers’ safety.

Most importantly, the following are some core benefits that a plastic drum lifter offers:

  1. Safer Environment: The drums and containers can be extremely heavy and sometimes can contain hazardous liquids.


Moving similar drums can be difficult and require the most suitable equipment for their handling and transportation. That’s where plastic drum lifter is helpful.


  1. Greater Efficiency: Drum handling and transportation became easier and rapid with plastic drum lifters and no longer required struggle and also saves a great amount of time.

Hydraulic Boom Plastic Drum Lifter DHQ

  • Increased Productivity: The efficiency in drum transportation also increases the operations speed, and that means more work can be done in a short amount of time.


A significant increase in productivity can be accomplished through plastic drum lifters.


  1. Cost-Efficient: Through CUBLIFT, you can get a high-quality plastic drum lifter in a cost-efficient manner that can be extremely useful for a long time.

Moreover, a plastic drum lifter also helps lift the less durable plastic drums with great precision.

How CUBLIFT Improves the Plastic Drum Lifter’s Overall Performance?

Manual Plastic Drum Lifter DH4At CUBLIFT, our staff of engineers is the most talented and helps us adopt the latest manufacturing technologies.

Moreover, CUBLIFT has state-of-the-art equipment for manufacturing the best quality plastic drum lifter that can perform the best.

Our focus is to provide a safer, healthier, and more efficient work environment for employees through our eco-friendly plastic drum lifters.

We design these drum lifters to lift, transport, tilt or rotate any size, shape, or weight barrels.

Most importantly, CUBLIFT makes sure that you have the following benefits while working with us:

  • Cost-effective solutions to your drum lifting and transportation need
  • Our manufactured plastic drum lifters can drastically increase productivity
  • We focus on improved ergonomic design and injury prevention

We also make sure that our drum lifters reduce your workers’ efforts by decreasing forces in lifting, handling, and transporting materials.

The CUBLIFT mostly focus on plastic drum handling that includes:

  • Easy lifting and ergonomic design
  • Safest and most dependable plastic drum lifters for handling any type of drums
  • Eliminating workplace injuries
  • Quality control ensures reliability and your complete satisfaction

Moreover, CUBLIFT improves the morale of your workers and lowers the costs by a great amount.

Figure 4 – CUBLIFT High-Performance Plastic Drum Lifter

How to Choose the Best Plastic Drum Lifter for Your Needs?

The most important thing when it comes to choosing the best plastic drum lifter for you is understanding your needs completely.Pallet Jack Plastic Drum Lifter

If your business or warehouse environment contains plastic drums, barrels, and containers that require constant transportation and handling, then the plastic drum lifter is the best option for you.

But it can be either automatic or mechanical and also comes with many attachments.

That’s why keeping these things in mind also gives you a great idea about what can be extremely productive.

Moreover, the manual plastic drum lifter can be extremely cost-efficient, eco-friendly, and pollution-free.

With CUBLIFT at your side, you will also get top-quality manufactured plastic drum lifters through optimized manufacturing to reduce overall costs as much as possible.

What Makes A Plastic Drum Lifter Safe?

The high-quality and advanced manufacturing, along with ergonomic design, plastic drum lifters are safer than ever before.Plastic Drum Lifter With Scale DH1S

A standard-sized plastic drum lifter can handle up to 350kg of weight easily.

Even when these drum lifters got overloaded and cross the maximum weight limit by 5-10%, it’s not a big issue and safety hazard for workers and the environment because they still can handle the weight.

However, drum handling safety is the most important for every warehouse or similar environment that contains drums, barrels, or containers.

Furthermore, the workers must look at the risks of loading, lifting, transporting, or unloading drums and put sensible health and safety measures to avoid hazardous manual handling of plastic drum lifters.

The following makes the plastic drum lifter safer as possible and dramatically decrease the chances of accidents:

  • The ergonomic design
  • Precision manufacturing to achieve tighter part tolerances
  • Fully controlled handling
  • Best wheels performance even on unsafe floor conditions

Moreover, exceptional environmental management, protective clothing, hazardous material labeling, and proper equipment can increase drum handling safety.

At CUBLIFT, we design our plastic drum lifter to reduce the risks of injuries by increasing their material quality.

Mostly we use industrial-grade stainless steel to maximize the quality and performance of our plastic drum lifters.

Figure 6 – Ergonomically Designed Plastic Drum Lifter with Enhanced Safety Features

What is the Maximum Weighing Capacity of a Plastic Drum Lifter?

The plastic drum lifter can handle approximately 200kg of weight easily. However, this number can be maximized to 250kg.Semi-electric Plastic Drum Lifter DM1A

At CUBLIFT, we also manufacture full-sized plastic drum lifters that even can handle drums that weigh up to 300-500kg without a problem.

However, there is a relationship between speed and weight; the more speed you want for your plastic drum lifter, the lesser weight it can handle.

And same goes for more weight handling and slower speed.

Even our small-medium-sized plastic drum lifters can handle between 100-200kg weight easily.

What is the Maximum Lifting Capacity of a Plastic Drum Lifter?

At CUBLIFT, our focus is to manufacture plastic drum lifters that can be extremely productive to you.

With advanced technology and state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, we finally can manufacture plastic drum lifters that can easily handle 500kg of load and can reach 1.6m of lifting height.

Moreover, a standard-sized plastic drum lifter can easily handle 200-300kg of load and can reach up to 1 meter of height.

The exceptional material selection and ergonomic design of plastic drum lifters eliminate any chances of accidents.

What are the Properties of a Plastic Drum Lifter?

A plastic drum lifter has many interesting and unique properties. Some of these properties are considered essential for the warehouse environment and for the safety of workers.

The right material selection, precision manufacturing, and detailed inspection can enhance these properties by a great margin.

These plastic drum lifter properties include:

  • Shock-Resistant
  • Impact-Resistant
  • Anti-Corrosion
  • Anti-Scratch
  • Heat-Resistant
  • Fire-Resistant
  • Conveniently fast and reliable
  • Lightweight
  • Easy lifting and ergonomic handling
  • Economical

Moreover, CUBLIFT offers top-grade drum lifter designs with a locking control chain to secure the drum from turning so you can have complete control over its handling.

Additionally, CUBLIFT offers many coating options and surface finishes to increase the life-span of your plastic drum lifters.

Doing so can also increase its protection from external environmental effects.

How Plastic Drum Lifter Eases the Drum Handling and Transportation?

The plastic drum lifter stands for easy drum handling and transportation in a warehouse or similar environment.

This drum handling equipment suits every drum or container handling application.

The CUBLIFT manufactures a wide range of plastic drum lifters to handle plastic drums, barrels, and containers with maximum handling efficiency.

Reducing the chances of accidents and improving transportation speed to maximize your productivity can be accomplished through plastic drum lifters.

There are also many custom options available to modify a plastic drum lifter according to your needs so you can have more out of your drum lifters.

Oil, mining, and manufacturing companies mostly require plastic drum lifters to have simple transportation, storage, and handling of their drums while also having an extremely safer working environment for their workers.

Figure 10 – Plastic Drum Lifter with Maximum Material Handling Efficiency

Why CUBLIFT is the Best Plastic Drum Lifter Manufacturer?

There are few important things CUBLIFT pays great attention to when it comes to plastic drum lifter manufacturing:

  1. The material selection: CUBLIFT always prefers industrial-grade material for its plastic drum lifters. The use of stainless steel, steel, aluminum, and iron is common. Polyurethane or nylon wheels are used to give maximum handling even on the uneven surface.


  1. The manufacturing: CUBLIFT priorities advance manufacturing techniques, precision, and fully optimized manufacturing to reduce the number of processes and overall material, energy, and valuable resources waste.


Optimizing the manufacturing process also dramatically reduces the overall prices without compromising on quality.


Achieving tighter dimensional tolerances of +/-0.01mm through technologically advanced equipment also increases the overall plastic drum lifter quality.


  • Detailed inspection: A detailed inspection is performed by engineers through advanced equipment to identify any imperfections in manufactured plastic drum lifter, so you only get the ones that are perfect in every way and top-level when it comes to quality.


  1. Packaging: Top-notch packaging is performed so you can receive your plastic drum lifters without any damage during transportation and shipment.

Moreover, CUBLIFT also offers a vast library of custom options in various categories of material selection, coating, surface finishing, coloring, size, shape, and functionality.

Furthermore, there are also different attachments available to handle different kinds of plastic drums to maximize drum handling and transportation.

How are CUBLIFT Manufactured Plastic Drum Lifters Extremely Cost-Efficient?

The key to manufacturing a cost-effective plastic drum lifter is manufacturing optimization.

At CUBLIFT, our 15+ years of experience and well-educated staff of engineers with state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment fully optimize our drum lifters’ manufacturing processes.

However, this optimization includes:

  • Reducing the number of overall processes by eliminating extra or unwanted processes
  • Eliminating the waste of materials by optimizing equipment
  • Eliminating the waste of energy and other valuable resources by controlling the manufacturing environment
  • Achieving precision in manufacturing
  • Achieving tighter tolerances to manufacture the best quality parts

Doing so can have many benefits for both manufacturers and customers, including:

  • Dramatically decrease in the overall cost
  • Increase in quality and performance
  • A complete customer satisfaction

Moreover, the performance and life-span of plastic drum lifters are also increased, which means little to no major maintenance requirements for a longer period of time.

Figure 12 – Extremely Cost-Effective Plastic Drum Lifter Manufacturing

Why Choose Plastic Drum Lifter?

In modern warehouses, handling industrial-grade drums or containers can be challenging due to their complex dimensions and extreme weight.

Mostly, the drums contain hazardous materials, including toxic and flammable chemicals that adds more complexity and difficulty in drums handling and transportation.

Plastic drum lifter has a great value in regards to handling and transporting similar plastic drums and proven safer.

Precision handling and rapid transportation of unmanageable dimensions and heavyweight plastic drums eliminate any chances of accidents and improve environmental safety and health.

Plastic drum lifters as mechanical lifting equipment help avoid the worker’s injuries as well as improve on-site efficiency.

Most importantly, plastic drum lifters offer a safe, convenient, and regulation-compliant method of handling industrial plastic drums.

How Convenient is a Plastic Drum Lifter?

A perfect drum lifting and handling equipment can increase your business productivity by making it extremely easier to handle and transport all kinds of industrial drums and containers.

In any situation your business frequently encounters when it comes to drum handling; plastic drum lifters are the right equipment based on your needs.

There is a number of considerations when it comes to selecting the right plastic drum lifter based on your requirements.

Plastic drum lifters work perfectly with plastic drums, barrels, and containers, and different models can handle different volumes and weights.

It’s easier to implement plastic drum lifters in your warehouse environment that may have very consistent working conditions.

Also, consider the height and distance you need to lift drums, and some plastic drum lifters with a high frame can be better for lifting drums onto a raised platform without requiring much effort.

Figure 14 – A Perfectly Manufactured Plastic Drum Lifter by the CUBLIFT

How the Plastic Drum Lifter Promotes Health and Safety?

Plastic drum lifters are ergonomically designed to perform the best.

It’s also the safest way to move plastic drums that would otherwise be likely to cause injuries and can be extremely dangerous for the environment.

With plastic drum lifters, you can reduce back strain, repetitive stress injuries, and other potentially hazardous (wasteful) damage/spillage.

In general, the use of plastic drum lifter is preferred in modern warehouses to complete the tasks rapidly and safely to increase business productivity.

Moreover, it is also important to choose your plastic drum lifter based on the type of plastic drums, barrels, and containers that require lifting and transportation, as well as the distance they need to be transported.

What are the Technical Specifications of a Plastic Drum Lifter?

Plastic drums sometimes can be extremely complex and unstable during lifting and transporting due to their flexible sidewalls.

Handling and transporting plastic drums are considered a huge material handling the issue.

And that’s why a plastic drum lifter is a perfect solution for this. Plastic drums can now be rotated and lifted up safely with perfection.

Moreover, the primary focus of the plastic drum lifter is to produce an ergonomic solution while maintaining speed and accuracy.

These drum lifters also ensure safety and have the ability to move and use drums of all materials.

The following are some important technical specifications of plastic drum lifters:

  1. Gripping Mechanism: Mostly, the plastic drum lifters use clamps to handle plastic drums.


  1. Design: With an ergonomic design and a strong build, plastic drum lifters can be extremely useful for handling many other kinds of drums.


  • Movement: The plastic drum lifter movement is similar to any other drum lifter. Moreover, the advantages of using similar drum lifters mean more accuracy and speed when it comes to lifting and transporting plastic drums, barrels, and containers.


  1. Weight Capacity: A perfectly manufactured plastic drum lifter can handle up to 300kg with ease, further depending on its model, size, material selection, and shape.


  1. Safety Features: Built-in safety features control prevent accidents release of the drum.

Moreover, a plastic drum lifter is designed for moving drums made of plastic and mostly offers manual controls for stable control.

What is the Ergonomics of a Plastic Drum Lifter?

A perfectly manufactured plastic drum lifter with a great ergonomic design is the best equipment to handle plastic drums.

It is cost-efficient and can increase your productivity by performing accurate handling and transportation of drums in a warehouse environment.

Low maintenance requirements and a longer life-span of 20-25 years make it a perfect investment.

A plastic drum lifter helps you complete tasks with great safety and efficiency.

At CUBLIFT, all your custom or standard plastic drum lifters are ergonomically designed, making them easy to operate and handle.

Moreover, achieving tighter tolerances and industrial-grade material selection with advanced manufacturing further enhances the plastic drum lifter ergonomics.

The CUBLIFT manufactured customized ergonomic plastic drum lifters are great for any application.

Figure 17 – Ergonomics of a Plastic Drum Lifter

What are the Key Requirements of a Plastic Drum Lifter?

The CUBLIFT designs and manufactures plastic drum lifters with great precision to lift, handle, and transport plastic drums with great accuracy.

We have designed a vast library of plastic drum lifters that can fit any application.

Moreover, we also offer attachments to handle complex plastic drums that fit all our standard plastic drum lifters.

The CUBLIFT is not limited to anything, and it’s designed and manufactured drum lifters do not have any requirements.

These drum lifters can operate in any environment and on uneven ground without any problem.

We mostly manufacture manual plastic drum lifters; hence the workers must be experienced enough to understand it’s working.

However, our drum lifters are ergonomically designed to give the workers operating ease.

What are the Options to Handle Various Drums Through Plastic Drum Lifter?

An efficient plastic drum lifter is simple to operate and features a counterweighted base for stability.

The drum lifter’s base can be either higher or lower with the ease of power-lift options.

Moreover, a manual hydraulic pump option is also available to have more stable control over plastic drum lifting and handling.

Different sizes, shapes, colors, coating options, and surface finishes are available so you can fully customize your plastic drum lifter based on your needs.

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