Pallet Stacker Truck

CUBLiFT has Manufactures High-Quality Pallet Stacker Truck in China since 1999






CUBLiFT pallet stacker trucks offer Effortless and ergonomic maneuvering in a tight warehouse environment

  • Lift capacity up to 3000kg and more specs available upon request
  • Different pallet stack trucks available for different lift height
  • Two-staged mast is made from reinforced steel and allows open view while lifting
  • Compact designs allow a 54″ turning radius +180° steering arc
  • Manual and fully electric-powered pallet stacker truck for your options

User-friendly, Cost-friendly pallet stacker trucks with all types of models to meet your variety of material moving/stacking demands.

Walkie Rider Electric Pallet Stacker Truck 1000kg

● Load capacity: 1000/1200/1500
● Load centre distance: 600
● Max. lift height: 1600~3300
● Width overall forks: 200-800
● Turning radius: 1625/1705
● Battery volts: 24/120
● Weight (with battery): 650/700/730/750

Walkei Electric Straddle Pallet Stacker Truck 1000kg

● Capacity(kg): 1000/1200/1500
● Max. lift height (mm): 1600/2500/3000
● Overall length (mm): 1500
● Overall width (mm): 1132-1532
● Width overall forks (mm): 200-800
● Battery Voltage V/Ah: 24/105(125)
● Truck weight (kg): 580/645/665

Reach Electric Pallet Stacker Truck 1000kg 500mm

● Model: LER (reach)
● Capacity (kg): 1000/1500/2000
● Reach out(mm):500
● Lifting height (mm): 1600~5000
● Fork overall length (mm): 1070
● Minimum Turning Radius (mm): 200
● Voltage/ Capacity: 24V / 150AH

Drum Electric Pallet Stacker Truck 1000kg

● Capacity(kg): 350/450/500/520
● Lift Max (mm): 1600~3500
● Fork width(mm): 640/800
● Turning Radius (mm): 1350
● Weight(kg): 340/400
● Tilting: Manual/Electric
● Voltage/ Capacity: 12V/120AH

● Model: DLE-420
● Capacity(kg): 420/550/650
● Lift Max (mm): 1600~3500
● Fork width(mm): 640/800
● Weight(kg): 680/1012
● Tilting: Electric
● Voltage/ Capacity: 24V/210AH

Semi-electric Straddle Pallet Stacker Truck 1500kg

● Capacity (kg): 1500
● Max. lift height (mm): 1600~3500
● Overall length (mm):1745
● Width overall forks (mm): 300-930
● Battery Voltage: V/Ah: 12/120
● Truck weight kg: 335/395/415/425/435

Stanard Pallet Stacker Truck 1500kg 1600mm

● Capacity (kg): 500/1000/1500
● Lifting height (mm): 1600~300
● Fork overall length (mm): 800/900
● Fork overall width (mm): 160~480/260~580
● Weight (kg): 135/155/180

Semi-electric Pallet Stacker Truck 1500kg 2000mm

● Capacity (kg): 1000/1500/2000
● Lifting height (mm):1600~3500
● Fork overall length (mm):1000/1150
● Fork overall width (mm): 320~680
● Minimum Turning Radius (mm):1550
● Voltage/ Capacity/type: 12V / 120AH
● Weight (kg): 380~480

Straddle Pallet Stacker Truck 500kg 1600mm

● Capacity(kg): 500
● Fork height, lowered (mm): 70
● Height, mast lowered (mm): 2000
● Max. lift height (mm): 1600
● Width overall forks (mm): 745
● Truck weight (kg): 492/223

Your Reliable Pallet Stacker Truck Manufacturer in China

Pallet Stacker Truck: An Ultimate FAQ Guide

Pallet Stacker Truck: An Ultimate FAQ GuideCUBLIFT is a Chinese company that manufactures different lifting products like Pallet Stacker Truck, Hand Pallet Stacker, Hand Pallet Jack, and other materials like Floor scale, Jack, and scale, etc. Thus, all these products can be easily used in workshops, warehouses, storerooms, and by various other construction companies.

Pallet Stacker Truck is manufactured by us as it is considered so far the best option to be used in the warehouse environment. However, the Pallet Stacker Truck is designed and manufactured according to the conditions and requirements of the warehouses and other workshops. We at CUBLIFT never compromise on quality, durability, performance, versatility, and safety.

You can also now buy the Pallet Stacker Truck at an affordable price without worrying about the quality and performance of the product. CUBLIFT ensures that our products will fulfill all your requirements in the best possible way without giving you any tough times.

In the FAQ guide, we will be mentioning and talking about all the necessary information regarding the Pallet Stacker Truck that you need to know and why this high-performance, cost-effective, and great quality Pallet Stacker Truck is the best investment you can make.

So, just believe in the abilities of CUBLIFT and choose your favorite product online.

Here, we have all the answers to your queries. We will be helping you out in every way possible. Just get connected with our FAQ guide and learn more about CUBLIFT tools, vehicles, and lifting machinery.


1. What does a Pallet Stacker Truck do?

What does a Pallet Stacker Truck do?A Pallet Stacker Truck is basically used to uplift the pallets from the ground surface and lift them where the worker wants. As the name suggests that it is a truck that has the capability to uplift any sort of load easily. The Pallet Stacker Trucks are mostly considered as the helping hand that helps in the distribution, handling, and transportation of the materials or loads like Pallet without any hassle.

The operator of the Pallet Stacker Truck can move it anywhere he wants to and distribute the load at any height. The Stacker Trucks are mostly used in uplifting and transportation of the pallets.

2. Why was the Pallet Stacker truck created in the first place?

Why was the Pallet Stacker truck created in the first place?In order to know why the Pallet Stacker Truck was created, you need to know about the performance and working of the Pallet Stacker Truck that can carry the stacks of pallets and can transport them anywhere within minutes.

In simple terms, a Pallet Stacker Truck is also called a forklift machine that can lift heavy weight loads or palletized goods that are difficult to be handled and transported manually. Therefore, the idea of the creation of these lifters came after finding an alternative for the manpower or labor that we’re unable to carry heavy loads.

3. What was the major purpose of the Pallet Stacker Truck in the field of carrying the load?

Fully Electric Pallet Stacker Truck LMThere are a lot of purposes of the Pallet Stacker Truck in the field of pallet lifting and uplifting, such as:

  • It can uplift the palletized materials, goods, and heavy products.
  • It can also carry and transport these products from one place to another very easily.
  • It can uplift the items or goods to different heights.
  • It is used to load and unload different types of goods.

4. What is the difference between the pallet Truck and Stacking Truck?

There are some common differences between the pallet truck and the stacking truck.Semi Electric Pallet Stacker Truck LM

As pallet trucks are used to move or maneuver without lifting a heavyweight. Plus, it cannot uplift too much weight due to its ability and size. Also, it has a low height, weight lifting quality, thus, it is to be kept in mind that pallet trucks cannot be used as stackers or stacking pallets. Therefore, pallet trucks are considered very simple to operate and they are mostly used in the food processing industry, sectors of retail trade, wholesale, and transportation mainly.

The Stacking Trucks are also like pallet trucks, but they differ in performance, weight uplifting, and load management. Moreover, these trucks have the capability to carry loads up to the height of 5 meters or so which is more than the pallet trucks. It is commonly used in warehouses for stacking goods.

5. What capacity of load can the Pallet Stacker Truck carry approximately?

Straddle stacker Hand Pallet Stacker Truck LH1As you know that all the different types of forklifts or Pallet Stacker Trucks have various loads carrying capacity as they might differ from one another. But, Pallet Stacker Truck can carry loads up to 5000 kilograms.

Therefore, the Pallet Stacker Truck is considered best for the job and to be used in large storage warehouses. Most of the users are always on the hunt for Trucks that can carry heavy products or pallets, so I think this is the one for them.

6. How many types of Pallet Stacker Trucks exist?

Reach Lift Electric Pallet Stacker Truck LERThere are different types of Pallet Stackers Trucks available in the market, but you have to decide first which one do you want.

  • Semi-electric Pallet Stacker truck
  • Narrow Pedestrian Electric Pallet Stacker truck
  • Fully Electric Pallet Stacker
  • Reach Lift Pallet Stacker
  • Sit down Pallet Stacker
  • Manual Scissor Pallet Stacker
  • Hydraulic Boom Pallet Stacker
  • Stand up Counterbalance Electric Pallet Stacker
  • Standard Scissor Hand Pallet Stacker
  • Walkie Electric Pallet Stacker
  • Vertical Drum Electric Pallet Stacker

All the above-mentioned Stackers are available on the CUBLIFT website. These stackers will facilitate you and will fulfill all your lifting needs. Moreover, remember the fact that these stackers might have different scales, model numbers, and qualities. Undoubtedly, they are considered perfect for the job.

7.What types of wheels are used in the manufacturing of the Pallet Stacker Truck?

Verticla Drum Electric Pallet Stacker Truck with scale DM11To ensure maneuverability and uplifting of different products on the Pallet Stacker Truck, the wheel size and material should be made up of high-quality material and it should give perfect support to the truck. Plus, these wheels should be designed to ensure the stability of the truck along with the base legs.

These rubber and rigid truck tires will help the truck move gently on any ground or surface. Besides, they are manufactured in such a way that they will be ideal for any condition and environment.

8. How much force can the pallet Stacker Truck take?

Walkie Electric Pallet Stacker Truck LE1Users usually ask about the uplifting capability of the truck and the force that this Pallet Stacker Truck can take. It will give you up to 2000 kg of pallet weight capacity with good precision and speed. However, every type of stacker has its own capacity and weight lifting capability, so you cannot compare one to another.

But let me tell, you that CUBLIFT will never compromise on the weight lifting and pallet stacking capacity when it comes to its lifting products with the pallet stacker truck of CUBLIFT

9.How is CUBLIFT’s Pallet Stacker Truck best amongst all the other Stackers available in the market?

CUBLIFT Pallet Stacker Truck is one of the best ones in town as compared to all the other forklifts due to its:

  • Lifting performance
  • Goods stacking capability
  • Appropriate size
  • Easy management
  • Simple loading and unloading mechanism
  • The great height reaching ability
  • Accurate speed and precision
  • Tough construction and building
  • Flexibility
  • Ergonomic design

All of these qualities make it different from the other forklifts available in the local market.

10.Are the spare parts of the Pallet Stacker Trucks available in the market and can you find them easily?

Verticla Drum Scale Print Hand Pallet Stacker Truck DH1SYes, without any doubt you can easily find the spare parts of the pallet stacker truck from our website and in the market also. Plus, to order the spare parts online, you have to consult our website and then decide from the list of the spare parts that you require for Pallet Stacker Truck.

11.    For what type of Pallet fitting is the pallet stacker Truck required?

Walkie Electric Pallet Stacker Truck LE2These pallet Stacker Trucks are required for different ranges of pallet fitting. However, the IP65 protection system that is electronic ensures all types of weather lifting operations. So, this means that these lifting trucks can be used for various working operations, certainly giving you quality outcomes and highly efficient performance.

Besides, for the perfect maneuverability highly standardized pallet stacker trucks are manufactured by the CUBLIFT that knows how to satisfy their customers.

12.Is it a manual or an electric Pallet Stacker Truck?

As you know that there are different types of pallet stacker trucks available on the website of the company and as well as in the market. But, there is a possibility that these trucks can be somehow semi-electric while some can be electric Pallet Stacker Trucks.

However, the pallet stacker trucks are not manual but they are operated via different sources and means. So, now you have to choose which one do you want.

13.    What mast system does the pallet stacker truck compose of?

In every forklift different mast systems are present. However, the mast system basically is the portion of the truck lifter that lifts upwards, downwards, and in the upright position. Plus, it also changes the position of the load that is further manipulated by the forks of the pallet stacker truck.

Therefore, for different applications, the mast is composed of its own set of possibilities and advantages. The mast system of the stacker trucks totally depends on the height and weight of the goods and stacking requirements. CUBLIFT’s Pallet stacker truck also has a mast system embedded in it that can easily lower, raise, and tilt the load.

14.What is it made up of and what type of material is used in the manufacturing of the pallet stacker truck?

The Pallet Stacker Truck is made up of ergonomic material that makes them long-lasting and highly efficient. Thus, the bumpers of the trucks are constructed of alloy metal that makes them even more classy and durable. Alloy material is used to ensure smooth lifting, stacking, and moving of the truck.

On the other hand, if you need a high-hygienic pallet stacker then let us tell you that a pallet stacker truck is also available on our website because our company also manufactures all sorts of trucks that are highly in demand.

15.How many shapes of the Pallet Stacker trucks are available in the market?

There is a possibility that Pallet Stacker Trucks are available in different shapes just like all the other products of the CUBLIFT.

It is present in L Shaped Pallet Stacker truck design while it is also available in the narrow pedestrian and sit-down shape. Plus, it is also present in the drum and scissor shape that eases the lifting of the goods.

Last but not the least, it is also present in the walkie, straddle, and verticla shape to ensure smooth movement of the lifter and to carry bulk weight in one go.

16.How to differentiate between different types of pallet stackers Trucks available?

It is absolutely not difficult to differentiate between the different shapes or types of Pallet Stacker Trucks. They can be differentiated on the basis of:

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Lifting strength and ability
  • Performance
  • Productivity
  • Durability
  • Precise control
  • And price

17.Are these Pallet Stacker trucks used for carrying heavy loads?

Yes, the Pallet Stacker Trucks that are manufactured by the CUBLIFT are capable enough to carry heavy loads and palletized goods. We introduced the latest technology and manufactured genuine products for their customers that will help them in many ways.

So, with CUBLIFT’S Pallet Stacker Trucks carrying, moving, uplifting, loading, unloading, and transporting heavyweight objects is not a problem anymore.

18.Are the pallet stacker trucks manufactured at the demand and the request of the buyers?

CUB LIFE has deeply analyzed the requirement of the users and also have gathered information regarding the buyer’s first choice. After that, we have decided to manufacture the lifting machinery according to the needs and desires of the customers. So, you can get your pallet stacker truck customized by us.

Besides, due to high-quality customer care services and policies, you can easily submit an inquiry and get frequent feedback on your suggestion or complaint by the management.

19.Can the pallet stacker truck be customized according to the requirement of the buyer?

Yes, for our pallet stacker trucks, we offer customization offers, therefore, you can alter them and change them as per your requirement. But, before that, you have to confirm from the company management team that the product that you are buying can be customized or not.

20.Are these Pallet Stacker Trucks affordable?

Most of the Pallet Stacker Trucks are affordable and fall just under your budget. We are basically considered experts in our field of performance; therefore, along with our super quality services and innovative equipment, you will find our prices quite low.

Our pallet stacker trucks are economical, hassle-free, and productive that will add comfort to your life and will certainly give you a perfect working experience. Besides, along with the pallet stacker trucks, other handling equipment is also available at reasonable prices that will never disappoint you. So, from our site, you can find any type, model, and category of the truck very conveniently.

21.Is it easy to manage and operate the pallet stacker trucks in the field or during any lifting project?

Yes, it is considered quite an easy job to operate a Pallet Stacker Truck anywhere you want to. Plus, you can also use it in the transportation of the goods from one place to another. However, every type of pallet stacker truck has specific management and operating system installed in it. So, if you want to have a rich-technology experience then, you have to visit our site for further information and guidance.

The pallet stacker truck will also help you to lift midsized, bulky, and high-volume items. Moreover, it is considered a useful plus a helpful tool to be used in the field for professional or practical work.

So, if you want a tool that will make handling of the objects easier for you and your employees then we think you must contact CUBLIFT for the pallet stacker truck.

Additionally, just with the brakes, motor, battery, and hydraulic power, you will be able to move the goods conveniently. It will also improve the efficiency of the team and will enhance your productivity.

22.What is the size of the base legs of the Pallet Stacker Trucks and is the base adjustable?

Though it is a fact that every Pallet Stacker Truck has its own base leg size with different dimensions. But, the Stacker Trucks that are manufactured by the CUBLIFT have standardized base legs that might vary from 31” to 54”. On the other hand, there is also an option for the buyers that the base legs can be adjustable as per their requirements.

Therefore, the base leg adjustable design will be available on-demand and request by the customer if needed for the pallet stacker truck.

23.Are different models of the Pallet Stacker Trucks available in the market?

All the models of the Pallet Stacker Trucks are available on the website of the company CUBLIFT. However, if you want to know more about the models of the Trucks then check the list below:

  • LH1
  • LM
  • LE1
  • LER
  • LEC
  • BTH2
  • LMQ
  • BTH1
  • DM1
  • DH1S
  • LE2

All of these are the different models of the Pallet Stacker Trucks that you need to know.

24.What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Pallet Stacker Truck?

There are advantages and disadvantages of every product. But the advantages and disadvantages of the Pallet Stacker Truck are:

Advantages Disadvantages
Simple to use: Its usage is so easy that you can learn it just like that and also it is easy to be learned by the labors of the working staff even. So, it means there are no entry barriers. Finding a suitable model can be time-consuming and a little tricky. However, for that, you need to enhance the search practice and establish working experience.
Effective & Flexible Tool: Due to its flexibility and adjustability tools like this can be used anywhere you want to. Plus, it will make you proud when used in a professional environment. You need to train and educate your staff about the truck and how it should be operated.
Economical: Undoubtedly, it is the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly truck that can be used in warehouses as they are considered a cheap item to be added to the worker transport chain of goods. Control of speed might be difficult when it is loaded with good. Perhaps, stopping the equipment might also be a problem while uplifting.
Simple Maintenance: These items are cheap as well as their components. Moreover, it is easy to access the extra accessories or spare parts of the item and replace them. Thus, it will cost you less labor or manpower and give you more benefits. It might introduce various other elements of risk that will be dangerous for the working staff, if not treated properly.
Availability of the suitable model: You can find any model of the truck quite easily without any fuss. The user has to be extra cautious when dealing with the truck in the work sector.


25.How do they operate and what is the source of operation installed in the Pallet Stacker Truck?

As we know that the Pallet Stacker Truck operation is quite simple and certainly it is easy to use as well, therefore, it can be used by anyone working in the professional environment.

Hydraulic and electric Pallet Stacker Trucks are used for the uplifting of the goods. Besides, these modern forklifts are better than the traditional ones because of their use, maintenance, and maneuvers.

Electric powered Pallet Stacker Truck – Some of the trucks that are operated via just a press of the button are mostly electric trucks. Undoubtedly, they are easy to function, start, operate, and require less strength while maneuvering and handling. They can carry heavyweight objects as compared to the other trucks.

Hydraulic powered Pallet Stacker Truck – These trucks are not comparatively effective than electric trucks, but they also can perform well in the professional environment. Plus, these trucks require more strength when it comes to the handling of the goods, perhaps they can also not lift heavy weight loads.

Battery-powered Pallet Stacker Truck – Some of the Pallet Stacker Trucks are being operated through lithium-ion rechargeable batteries. These trucks are powerful and perform activities for a very long time. Moreover, they are also considered environment-friendly and more efficient as compared to the lead-acid powered truck models.

Fuel-powered Pallet Stacker Truck – Whereas, some of the trucks are powered by fuel like petrol and diesel. But, they are capable of carrying less weight as compared to the electric Pallet Stacker Trucks.

26. Is the pallet stacker truck considered the latest technology?

According to the latest mechanics and machinery being introduced in the world, CUBLIFT is also manufacturing all the latest transporting tools like the pallet stacker trucks that will inspire the customers. Besides, the company offers warranty and guarantee of the machinery that it produces will surely work for an extensive period of time.

CUBLIFT is not an ordinary company; it is an industrial scale manufacturer that works with confidence and designs some of the best handling tools e.g. the pallet stacker truck after conducting thorough research as well as proper planning and analysis of the tool.

Customer satisfaction is the major policy of CUBLIFT, plus, it is a certified manufacturing company that manufactures good quality tools for better performance.

27.What are the main features of the Pallet Stacker Truck?

There are multiple features of the Pallet Stacker Trucks but, the most prominent ones are:

Hand Pallet Stacker Semi-electric Pallet Stacker Electric Pallet Stacker Hydraulic Drum Lifter Scissor Lift
Loading capacity: 500kg to 3000kg Lifting capacity: up to 2200 lbs Load handling capacity: 500kg, 1000kg, 1500kg, 2000kg Easy lifting and movement from/to racks or pallets Capacity: 100-40,000 lbs
TUV, CE qualified Starts with one push (manual button) Lifting height: 100mm, 150mm, 500mm, 800mm Lift height: 1.6m, 2.5m, 11.00m, etc. Increases efficiency
C-Steel reinforced material Lifting height: 63”/98”/118” Fork size: 550/685 x 1120/1220m Titling Angle: 180 degrees Can be customized upon requests
Mast system type: single/double/triple Motor and power: 12v A/C 1500W Fork tilting position: forward/backward plus side shift 2/5 degrees The material used: Tight-heads or plastic open drums, steel, and fiber Mobile scissor: Ensures flexible mount
Fitted for pallets: 550/580mm x 1100/1150mm Fork range: 11.6” to 31.6” Customized electric pallet stacker also available Lifting capacity: 550-1100 lbs Stationary scissors: Offers enhanced safety with extra measures
Flexible operating including (manual and walking both) Made up of Reinforced steel frame Free maintenance of battery with quick replacement Power source: AC &DC Electric scissors: Ensures effortless movement/moving
Within 24 hrs spare parts delivery Flexible movement in narrow aisle Wheel’s material: PU/Rubber, with galvanized surface


The above table shows different features of the Pallet stacker Trucks and their types. Therefore, it is now clear that every type of truck has its own property and features which is why every tool is different from the other.

28.Does the pallet stacker truck offer different maneuvers and loading abilities?

Yes, undoubtedly all of the pallet stacker trucks offer specific loading/unloading, lifting/uplifting, and maneuvering ability. Therefore, the pallet stacker truck can be used in areas like:

  • Storerooms
  • Narrow aisle store or compartment
  • warehouses
  • Construction environments

Hence, these trucks can be used to transport or handle goods or materials like:

  • Pallets of cement
  • Heavy boxes
  • Pallets of tiles
  • And other heavyweight building or construction materials

So, if you need a convenient mode of transport for your goods that will also offer you efficient storage then I think you should definitely go for CUBLIFT’s Pallet Stacker Trucks.

29.Where are the Pallet stacker Trucks used primarily?

If you are a warehouse owner or a shop owner, you must know about the importance of the forklifts like pallet Stacker Trucks that are not less than a blessing in disguise. However, there are conditions when these trucks are used for other situations, but primarily these trucks are manufactured to load and unload goods from one storage place to another.

Moreover, the pallet stacker trucks are majorly used to transport goods, especially heavy boxes, and palletized materials to the high places while using the lifters. Most of the storage houses, particularly require transportation tools like Pallet Stacker Trucks that have the ability to uplift heavy materials that cannot be handled manually.

Another most important uses of the pallet stacker truck are that it can be used to instantly pick the selected items for the customers as per their demand. Therefore, stacker trucks make fetching of the stock items easy and quick.

So, now while using the pallet stacker truck, you can enhance your productivity through increasing profit and business.

30.What are the safety measures and precautions that the pallet stacker truck user should take before operating it?

When talking about the Pallet Stacker Trucks there are some of the guidelines that need to be followed before operating it and using it in the working environment. These guidelines are:

  • The most important safety precaution for the buyers or users is that these trucks with the forks need to be handled with care.
  • The load should be handled with the care that will prevent the toppling over of the stack of goods on the ground or even on any worker/labor.
  • Check all the functions and features of the truck before using it.
  • Check the performance of the vehicle beforehand and also keep in mind the lifting capacity of the tool.
  • Also, keep in view the route that you are going to follow to transport the goods within a warehouse or out of the warehouse.
  • Dump the load at the proper storage position/place as per prescription and instructions.
  • Make sure the load you are lifting is properly sealed, packed, and can be handled easily.
  • Always move the truck safely around the place with low speed to prevent any accident.
  • Heavyweight boxes should be packed while using proper packaging sets do not have any sharp edges.
  • Always pick the load from the center, you should place the fork of the truck in the center and then pick the load.
  • Remove all types of hurdles from the pathway that you are going to follow when shifting the load.
  • Deal with the truck carefully when lifting the load in the upward direction to the maximum height for the allocation of the goods.

31.What are the benefits of the Pallet Stacker Truck in the working field?

Pallet Stacker Trucks were designed because they had a lot of benefits in the working fields as they can help labor and other employers while lifting the pallets of goods and shifting them around the warehouse or the workplace.

Moreover, it is also understood that the pallet stacker truck will bring enormous benefits to your business. How? Let’s find out.

  • A Suitable Transport

There are stacker trucks that can also transport the human from one place to another within a warehouse or a professional site. Therefore, the pallet stacker truck can offer a ride to the employers as well along with the load. While using these trucks, you can carry the load efficiently and quickly across the factory, a warehouse, or a storeroom. You don’t have to worry about the speed because every model of the truck has its own specific speed.

  • Environment-friendly & Economical

You should buy pallet stacker trucks that are environment-friendly and cost-effective as well. CUBLIFT offers a wide range of Pallet Stacker Trucks that are economical and do not require fossil fuels. Some of the models of the pallet stacker truck also consist of Li-ion batteries that are also environment-friendly as well as they can be charged within a limited time span.

  • Maneuverability

If you want a pallet stacker truck that can fit any pallet material or stack of goods, plus they can maneuver around any narrow strip, aisle, or small storage house then you should get your hands on the Pallet trucks rather than forklifts.

The main purpose of the pallet stacker truck is that they can easily maneuver anywhere without giving you a tough time. Plus, it has the capability to fit in small size spaces. You can easily move it around the tightly packed workshops or warehouses and it can easily uplift irregular-shaped boxes or items.

  • Decreases Safety Concerns and Reduces Physical Workload

Some of the pallet stacker trucks like hydraulic or other pallet trucks can be injurious to your health. It can damage your back, legs, shoulders, spine, arms, and joints. The risk of injury in the hydraulic trucks is more as compared to the other trucks. Pallet stacker trucks are used by the customers because it saves time due to their efficiency and you can also use them for a long time.

32.What is the maximum speed limit of the pallet stacker truck and at what speed can it uplift the Pallets?

As we have seen that there are different models of the Pallet Stacker Trucks manufactured by the CUBLIFT industry. Therefore, the speed of lifting, the capacity of the load, and the height range might differ from one tool to another.

The basic point is that the pallet stacker truck speed should not be very high that it becomes difficult to control it when lifting the load and also during maneuvering.

33.    What is the maximum uplifting height of the Pallet stacker Truck?

The height of lifting also differs from one model of the pallet stacker truck to another. The height lift can vary from 100mm to 11.00m. Therefore, you have to first study the height limit of the truck and then purchase it. The height of the truck should also be chosen according to the size and space of the warehouse or the workshop.

So, the height lift feature is the most important feature of the Pallet Stacker Truck after load capacity. They needed to be understood by the buyer before the purchase so that the buyer does not waste money on the unsuitable item.

34.Which type of Pallet Stacker Truck is the best one to be used? And how can I choose it?

Mostly the CUBLIFT manufactures different types of pallet stacker trucks that can handle heavyweight, are stable, and are efficient when it comes to working in small or large spaces. However, the selection of the truck should be based on a number of things.

Those things include:

  • The size and quality of the buyer’s business
  • The customer’s budget
  • Number of pallets that need to be transported or shifted per day
  • The truckload capacity
  • The truck lift and height range
  • A material used in the manufacturing of the trucks
  • The type of truck you need might include a battery, fossil fuel, hydraulic motor, electric, and others
  • Durability and performance of the truck
  • Quality and base legs of the truck
  • Diagnostic and electronic protection system

All these points will help you to choose the best one for your business that will give your business a boost and will eventually increase profit plus productivity.

35.    Can the Pallet Scatter Truck work in all the severe-plus versatile conditions?

Yes, it is possible that the Pallet Stacker Trucks can work in various working conditions depending on the workspace or the environment. All you should know that what type of load, you have to lift while using the truck and you also have to select the most suitable stacker truck that is versatile and all-terrain-friendly.

Unlike the traditional forklifts, the pallet stacker trucks are highly equipped, made up of high-quality material, and offer all the lifting services to the buyers that they need there and then.

Most of the Pallet Stacker Trucks can work along or across any rough or straight terrain. But, it’s the buyer’s duty to study the manual of the truck in detail and then decide which model of the truck will suit the surface condition in which they want the truck to work.

The stability of the lift is very important that needs to be kept in mind before the purchase. The manual of the pallet stacker truck can also explain the operation of the lift. The wheels of the truck should be steering and made up of good quality material so that it can offer stability and support to the load.

CUBLIFE says that this technology can work in a challenging environment and it can fulfill all the requirements and demands of the users. Moreover, because of their qualities like:

  • Reliability
  • Economical
  • Durability

This is considered a proven latest lifting technology that can work in harsh conditions as well. As these Pallet Stacking Trucks are the best solution for all your good lifting-related problems, therefore, you should never compromise on the economical, profitable, plus highly efficient tool that is ready to be deployed at your warehouse.

36. Why the Pallet Stacker Trucks are known as the heavyweight champions?

They are considered the heavyweight champions because of four qualities that include:


Trucks that can carry heavy loads are very powerful and made up of ergonomic design that ensures the stability of the truck and forks. Furthermore, the tools and other spare parts of the pallet stacker truck are also very powerful and have enough strength to carry all sizes of weight. AC and DC power sources also ensure the reliability, performance, and control of the truck.


Truck control and speed management are very important. You should keep in mind the maximum truck capacity and operator productivity. The pallet stacker trucks are undoubtedly easy to handle once you learn about them and follow the instructions. However, the pallet stacker truck can be difficult for beginners, but as soon as you learn how to operate these trucks, you will feel accomplished.

Double productivity

Straddle and forks, both are used to lift the load upwards and downwards. Due to these double lifting techniques, the user can easily pick up the load and transfer it to the storage place. Mostly cargo and other material are transferred like this in different areas. However, there is an option of extra straddles or forks that are used when the user has to pick heavyweight luggage or boxes. These forks enhance the efficiency of the truck along with the utilization of the tool.


The Pallet Stacker Trucks are safe to use because of the spare parts installed within the truck. Remember that the speed of the truck reduces according to the load lifted by the forks. So, you would be able to handle the unstable load, mostly at high lift height. These robust trucks are safe and secure to be used to ensure comfortable stacking.

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Your Reliable Pallet Stacker Truck Manufacturer in China

Pallet Stacker Truck forklift DESC (4)CUBLiFT is focused on delivering ideal pallet stacker trucks for transporting items from one point to another. Apart from transport, they can also lift and handle pallets.

At CUBLiFT, we manufacture a wide range of pallet trucks for use in any transport distance and lift the weight. We have pallet stacker trucks of different capacities, fork length, model, etc.

Pallet Stacker Truck QC icon cePallet Stacker Truck QC icon CCCPallet Stacker Truck QC icon2Pallet Stacker Truck QC icon Pallet Stacker Truck QC icon1  Pallet Stacker Truck QC icon4  Pallet Stacker Truck QC icon oiml

We also advise our customers on the type of pallet stacker truck to choose depending on their budget. For you to choose the right truck you need to consider distance and space.

 Most pallet stacker trucks tend to cover large surface areas hence enough space is needed for turning. Do you operate in a warehouse with limited space? Well, don’t worry our trucks are compatible.Pallet Stacker Truck forklift DESC (7)

If you are planning to operate on a short distance let’s say from docks to warehouse and back, we have the perfect truck designed for that. Our pallet trucks can be electronic, mobile, or hydraulic.

CUBLiFT pallet stacker trucks are ideal for any floor design be it even, uneven or sloppy. The truck is designed with a wheel that causes a minimal disturbance during movement.

We bring you pallet stacker trucks with excellent inbuilt features that are comfortable during operations. They also have an operator’s seat to increase efficiency during operations.

With different fork lengths, our pallet stacker truck will lift your items to a maximum height of about 6000mm. If you also require a pallet stacker with a higher reach height, we will be ready to make it for you.

With this pallet stacker truck, you will be able to conduct your business operations easily without disturbance. It will also save your employees from toxic work environments.

All our pallet stacker trucks have satisfied all the industrial manufacturing requirements and can be used in any industrial or business environment.

They don’t cause any harm to the user. If you need one of these pallet stacker trucks let us know today!

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