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CUBLiFT Manufactures Expertise Pallet Scale in China W/15+Year Experience

Pallet Scale

Pallet Scale

CUBLiFT pallet scale offers rugged, reliable accurate weighing experiences.

  • CE approval pallet scales
  • Unit: lb, kg, lb/oz
  • Capacity x Readability: up to 10.000 lb x 1.0 lb
  • Display: LED visible 0.8″, six digits
  • Battery Life: Approximately 20 hours
  • ISO9001 certified manufacturer with 15+year experience
  • Overload Capacity: Capable of withstanding 150% capacity of weight without damaging the scale.

If you need more options for pallet scales, please feel free to contact our support team for cost-saving scale products.

3 ton Pallet Jack Scale

● Model: BHA-3000C
● Capacity (kg): 1000~3000
● Fork overall length (mm): 1160/1220
● Fork overall width(mm: 460/550/680
● Height Min/Max (mm): 80/220
● Display Screen: A 27E W Printer
● pump (type): BF/DF/AC
● Wheel (type): NYLON

2 ton Pallet Jack Scale

● Model: BHA-2000C
● Capacity (kg): 2000
● Fork overall length (mm): 1160/1220
● Fork overall width(mm: 550/680
● Height Min/Max (mm): 80/220
● Display Screen: Waterproof
● pump (type): BF/DF/AC
● Wheel (type): PU

Stainless Steel Pallet Jack Scale

● Model: BHA-2000SS
● Capacity (kg): 2000/3000
● Fork overall length (mm): 1160/1220
● Fork overall width(mm: 550/680
● Height Min/Max (mm): 80/220
● Display Screen: Waterproof
● pump (type): BF/DF/AC
● Wheel (type): RU

1 ton Beam Pallet Scale

● Mode: BMS-1000C
● Scale load bars design
● Max. capacity: 500kg/1 ton
●Accuracy: 0.5kg
● Measurement units: kg / lbs
● Display:A27E With big screen
● 48″ L x 4″ W bars / 5mtr signal cable
● Steel/stainless steel structure optional
● Certificate: CE, ISO Calibration

2 ton Beam Pallet Scale

● Mode: BMS-1oooS
● Scale load bars design
● Max. capacity: 2 ton / 3 ton
●Accuracy: 0.5kg
● Measurement units: kg / lbs
● Display:A27E With big screen
● 48″ L x 4″ W bars / 5mtr signal cable
● Steel/stainless steel structure optional
● Certificate: CE, ISO Calibration

U Shaped Floor Pallet Scale

● Mode: BSU 2T27E
● U Shaped Floor Scale
● Max. capacity: 1 ton ~5 ton
● Size:1.2*0.84*0.08 m or customized
● Measurement units: kg / lbs
● Display: A12E Normal indicator
● 48″ L x 4″ W bars / 5mtr signal cable
● Steel/stainless steel structure optional
● Certificate: CE, ISO Calibration

3 ton Pallet Scale

● Model: FS-3000C
● Capacity:3 ton/3,000kg/6,600lb
● Platform(m): 0.8*0.8~2.0*3.0 (varies per model)
● Readability: 0.1kg
● Platform Material: Stainless Steel
● Display: A12E W/printer
● Standard: CE, ISO9001, OIML(III)

5 ton Pallet Scale

● Model: FS-5000C
● Capacity:5 ton/5,000kg/11,000lb
● Platform(m): 1.5*2.0/2.0*2.0/2.0*3.0 (varies per model)
● Readability: 0.5kg
● Platform Material: tread plate mild steel
● Display: A12E W/printer
● Standard: CE, ISO9001, OIML(III)

10 ton Pallet Scale

● Model: FS-10000S
● Capacity: 10 ton/10,000.00kg/110,000lb
● Platform(m): 2.0 * 3.0 (varies per model)
● Readability: 0.5kg
● Platform Material:  Stainless Steel
● Display: A12E W/printer
● Standard: CE, ISO9001, OIML(III)

CUBLiFT: Your Premier Pallet Scale Manufacturer in China

When it comes to pallet scales, CUBLiFT carries a variety of sizes, models, and designs. We are capable of customizing and integrating our i scales with advanced technology to meet your day-to-day operational needs.

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Our pallet scales are very durable and accurate with minimal errors experienced. We also offer Bluetooth and wireless printer options for all of our pallet scales. Before shipment of each pallet scale, we inspect, test, calibrate and package each unit properly. Also, all of our products come with a minimum of one year warranty. We provide our pallet jack scales at a reasonable priced entry-level model for simple weight determination in loads of up to 5500kg. The hand fork cart is ideal for weighing procedures when no precise accurate measurement is required.

On the pallet scales, usually, the weight display results are in KG/Pounds/lbs depending on the one you can interpret easily. Also, you need to observe the measuring tolerances stated in the product description. The pallet scale uses 1.5V AA batteries and can weigh up to 3000 pallets without changing the batteries. For efficient energy consumption, the display switches off automatically after 2 minutes. The LCD with a height of 18mm is situated on the front end of the forklift and gives you a glance at all times.

This high combination of pallet scale features guarantees you perfect measuring during the loading operation. The pallet scales are protected from any humidity or dust at all costs. If you are in need of a high-quality pallet weighing scale, industrial floor scales or any type of pallet truck scale, kindly contact us. We would highly honored to be your long-term pallet scale manufacturer.

Pallet Truck manufacturer CUBlift team




CUBLiFT has a large range of high-quality pallet scales that meet or exceed Asian industry requirements. You can weigh loads directly in the loading ramp with our pallet scales.

We not only market our CUBLiFT pallet scales, but we also turn around and sell highly recommended pallet scales from other well-known manufacturers at reasonable prices.

Pallet scales are not only convenient and time-saving, but they also shorten the distance you would travel while transporting full pallets. The number of people needed to work with these pallets is also decreased.

Our pallet scales are extremely useful in several industrial settings, including shipping and logistics, among others. This FAQ is the perfect guide to knowing more about CUBLiFT pallets scales.


1. What is a pallet scale?

Pallet scales are developed to ensure the weighing, driving, and loading processes of pallets are achieved. These pallet scales are most widely used for measuring goods before loading a vehicle.

Pallet scales are compact, allowing companies to transport as well as weigh pallets. These pallet scales are available in two types.

We have the cross-load scales and scales that are carried into the load they normally take the shape of a ‘U’. Our pallet scales’ terminals can be placed in a variety of locations around the warehouse.

They can be placed on a table, mounted on a wall, or mounted on a platform next to the scales. The data can be easily displayed on a monitor that comes standard with many of our pallet scales.

You can select from a number of price points, accuracies, resolutions, response times, measurements, materials, and measurement ranges to find the pallet scales that best fit your needs.

Pallet scales that can easily measure excessively long or oversized items can also be found at CUBLiFT. Some of them have extra features, such as a maximum value.

Other features include a calculating function, a proportion function, a combining function, a summarise function, an automated printer, or a memory function are all examples of functions.

Any pallet scales, such as those used to measure Euro pallets, may be calibrated or officially checked upon request. Pallet scales with IP security classes are also readily available.

One feature that all of our pallet scales have in common is that they are all extremely durable, making them ideal for use in harsh industrial environments.

For certain models of pallet scales, installation plans are required. In this case, it is recommended that you read the installation plans and make the appropriate arrangements for scheduling the place of installation before shipment.

Installation plans can be submitted on our website in case you need them. All of our pallet scales come with a user manual to help you use the scales correctly and over time.

These pallet scales also come with rechargeable batteries and chargers in most cases. Along with our wide range of pallet scales, we also sell a variety of useful optional accessories, such as platforms and tripods.

When we talk of pallet scales we mean all warehouse scales like platform scales/ weigh beams/ digital scales/ floor scales/ U frames, etc. Weighing pallets allows you to keep track of quantities, provide value to customers, and ensures you don’t encounter any overloads.

Sometimes you may pile up pallets not knowing whether you have exceeded the required load capacity or not. With this scale, you can determine whether you are overloading your truck or not.


2. How do you weigh a pallet?

To use a pallet scale to weigh a pallet, you must first carry the scale to the position of the load. As you would do for a regular pallet truck, put the forks under the pallet and raise it.

We know pallets are exposed to many challenges along the distribution channels. These challenges may temper with their weight, shape, and size.

All too often we fall victim to the weighing outcomes that lead to customer dissatisfactions. With CUBLiFT pallet scales you can avoid all these problems as our scales provide accurate measurement on the spot.

You don’t have to carry the pallets all along to where the scale is stationed. We provide you with a pallet truck fully installed with an inbuilt scale.

These scales are highly maneuverable and can be used in different scenarios to measure pallets. Weighing these pallets is a very simple task that cannot take much of your time.

To your surprise, they come with a printer for generating the weighed results in form of receipts for accuracy. You don’t need a specialist to help you in weighing your pallets.

We have provided information on how to weigh these pallets using our different collections of scales. You can visit our website for more.

To measure a pallet on this scale, use a pumping truck to carry the pallet to the scale. Place the boost truck’s forks between the U frame’s two pillars, making sure the palate is high enough for accurate readings.

You can now lower your pallet gently onto the scale, and the indicator will show you the capacity of your load until the pallet is completely lowered and balanced on the scale.

The Tare feature may be used to subtract the weight of the pallet from the indicator. It is later used to indicate the volume of your pallets either in Kilograms or grams or lbs.

The display function will depend on your settings. Always set a measuring unit that you can read and interpret well to avoid confiscating the whole process.

Some pallet scales have an accumulating feature. This feature allows you to add up the weights of many pallets to get the average weight of goods to be loaded or stacked on a truck or warehouse.

You can predict shipping costs more accurately if you are well aware of how much your pallets will weigh hence an easy way to avoid being overcharged.

3. Why should businesses use pallet scale?

Small businesses sometimes have to choose between using a pallet jack or a forklift to lift pallets. If the object is being transported by forklift, it will be mounted on a platform scale to determine its weight.

However, doing it this way will add time, cost money, and waste precious space. When you use a portable pallet scale, the scale comes to the load instead of the load coming to the scale.

A pallet scale is a less expensive alternative to a forklift. Since they are thin, they take up less room.

Furthermore, since the pallet jack is made to be in a compact design, it can easily be stored out of the pathways as it doesn’t take much space.

Forklifts are better for pallet racking or stacking pallets, but they come with higher upfront, operating, and maintenance costs, as well as a higher level of operator training.

The number and weights of pallets and products transported daily will determine whether a pallet scale or forklift is better for your company. The decision can also be influenced by the company’s current storage arrangements.

Pallet scales from CUBLiFT can weigh up to 2000kg, while platform scales can weigh up to 5000kg.

Small companies can keep track of the weights of items they’ve shipped thanks to the addition of a printer to certain pallet scales.

A pallet with a scale not only saves your time but also assists you in adhering to the law. More laws and regulations regulating shipping and weights are being passed.

If you’re filling a truck, make sure it’s within the permissible load weight. By using a pallet weighing scale, you can easily know how many loads you are going to load or offload to and from a truck.

This ends up giving you a better understanding of the overall weight of the lorry. The weight can be printed out as evidence to both the owner and the distributor that the weight is legit and it shows the time it was weighed and the volume of the load.

4. What does a pallet scale comprise?

A pallet scale comprises a USB interface cable that is 15 feet or 5 meters long. This cable is used to connect the scale indicator with the battery or source of power.

The other feature of this pallet scale is a light tower kit. This kit includes a relay box that allows the check weighing limits to activate a voltage relay once installed.

These scales also feature a high valuable relay box. This box enables the scales to control other devices such as a filling motor or lights to warn users.

The relay box has a power input to assist in driving the scale. Also, this relay box has a lighting function comprised of 3 colors that signify whether your weight is above, under, or within present limits.

This pallet scale also comprises a thermal printer with a print dimension of 24×24 dot. The combination of easy-to-use features and fast set-up results in a truly versatile printer.

The operation is simple thanks to our committed engineers who work 24/7 to bring you the best scale.

The other feature of this pallet scale is an indicator stand with a weight of 2 pounds. Attach a freestanding indicator to help if it is not connected to a scale.

This indicator stand is also lightweight, making it simple to transport. Not forgetting the aluminum construction that makes it superb for environmental adaptation.

5. How many types of pallet scales are there?

CUBLiFT offers 3 various pallet scales for use in weighing pallets in your business. All our scales are durable, easy to read and interpret.

Our scales are powder coated with pigments of different colors for use in general warehouse activities. We also have those made of stainless steel for use in applications comprising of food processing, wash down areas, and harsh environments.

All CUBLiFT pallet scales come with high-quality load cells rated IP67, 3 meters of load cell cable, and a range of weight indicators to suit any application.

Pallet scales can be designed to your specifications if you need a non-standard size or capability. Accessories for pallet weighing scales, pit frames for in-floor or flush mounted applications, and built-in or external access ramps are also available.

Pallet weighing scales with more advanced features, such as internal or external thermal printers, are also available from CUBLiFT outlets. The scale will accumulate the weight of each pallet and print out the resulting weight.

We also have the latest industrial pallet weighing scales with a computer attachment that keeps track of any pallet that has been weighed in the inventory track record.

It is like software that automatically records all the weights of the pallets. You can also install a big external scoreboard display so the user can see the weight of the object being weighed from afar.

Please contact us if you need any assistance in determining the correct form of pallet weighing scale for your application. One of our knowledgeable sales representatives will be pleased to assist you.

We offer the following pallet scales; Pallet scales one of the different types of weighing machines and scales available for personal and industrial use.

Pallet scales are made for particular purposes, so corporations, firms, and individuals looking to purchase weighing machines can consider buying one.

A lot of organizations and firms need to weigh and handle their heavy goods regularly.

Pallet jacks and pallet trucks have made carrying these heavy loads much easier. One of the benefits of getting pallet scales comes into play here.

CUBLiFT gives you a golden opportunity to select the pallet scale you want from our different collections, so those considering purchasing one should spend some time going through our website and learning about their features first.

Pallet scales are used to not only measure the weight of objects and items but also to support pallet loads. These weighing instruments are typically used to measure heavy loads, transportation parts, and freight.

These devices are designed to be used in industries that deal with heavy and large-scale goods, such as manufacturing.

Pallet weighing machines are extremely common in the manufacturing and transportation industries because they are used to accurately and precisely calculate various items.

Pallet scales come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but only four are commonly purchased and used at CUBLiFT.

Pallet beam scale

At CUBLiFT, we offer pallet beam scales that comply with all warehouse weighing activities. They’re also used in a lot of different industries.

These pallet beams are constructed from two solid and heavy beams that are placed at a specific distance apart. These beams can be adjusted with a lever and make it easier to measure unevenly formed objects much easier.

It functions by showing the precise weight of an item mounted on the beam. If you’re looking for a solid and long-lasting pallet beam scale, search for the top-rated brands and models to get the most bang for your buck.

Pallet weighing and oversized weighing applications are suitable for these CUBLiFT pallet beams. They are simple to use and travel, with wheels and handles built in for versatility.

This model comes with a built-in indicator with a bright green LCD monitor that can be read in low-light situations. CUBLiFT pallet beam scales provide smooth, accurate mobile weighing as well as a variety of other benefits.

Pallet beams provide industrial and commercial environments with fast, precise mobile weighing up to 2000kg. To fit the size of the object, they are made to stretch and accommodate any load size and shape as well.

They also feature high-quality durable cells. These features make our pallet beam scales reliable in industrial environments comprising of toxic or chemical substances.

The advantage of these pallet beam scales is that they have inbuilt wheels and handles. These help them to weigh the pallets while still transporting them.

Low-profile beams make loading, measuring, and unloading much simpler. The indicator and beams can be moved around thanks to the 15-foot/5-meter shielded cable.

Big loads are protected by heavy-duty feet, which maintain stability during weighing, loading, and unloading.

Pit mounted pallet scale

This scale comprises a pit-mounted weighing machine. The weighed object or item is inserted into the opening.

Since they only take up a small amount of floor space, these pit-mounted pallet weighing scales are suitable for smaller warehouses and factories.

These weighing machines are normally assembled and placed in factory or warehouse basements in order to save space.

Portable Pallet Scale

With CUBLiFT expect everything to run smoothly in your business environment. We have this portable scale which you can carry around and measure as many pallets as you want.

It is compact in size and also light in weight. With this scale, you don’t have to worry about how you are going to move your pallets to the measuring unit.

It is highly portable as the name suggests. They can be used anywhere whether in retail, in the docks, or even in processing industries.

These are often used in large manufacturing companies because they can weigh hundreds of tons of cargo in a short period.

Surface-Mounted pallet scales

Pallet scales are also available as surface-mounted floor scales. This pallet weighing system is designed to be wall-mounted.

A truck is used to position the item to be measured on top of the pallet scale. However, only a few businesses and industries use this form of pallet scale because it can put people’s health at risk when they work near it.

Even though this type of weighing equipment is inexpensive to install, weight precision and accuracy remain accurate and consistent.


6. Are there any considerations to make before buying this pallet scale?

Yes, first you need to have enough information about what entails your measuring requirement. This may include the surroundings, the nature of your warehouse, is it big or small, and how frequently you are going to use the scale.

It’s also critical that you understand the various uses for these weighing instruments so that you get the most out of them and get the most value for your money.

Few things to worry about are how the objects will be placed on the scale, what items will be loaded, and whether you’ll need a written form of all the measurement data you’ll collect.

Pallet scale buyers should consider the weight that these measuring devices can support, as well as their strength and reliability.

Pallets can be made of both rigid and flexible materials. Pallets made of wood or iron are the most common because they require the least amount of upkeep.

Another consideration to make before buying any of our pallet scales is scale accessibility.

Your pallet scale can satisfy your usability needs if your application requires a fixed installation, an easy-to-lift solution, or a mobile solution.

Pallet scales can be moved by simply lowering four wheels without the use of clamps or drilling holes in your frame.

The scale can be parked anywhere on the production floor, making it easy to clean thoroughly. If you need flexibility when it comes to accessing the scale in your office, a range of scales will suffice.

Also before buying a pallet scale check its approval by the National Technology Evaluation Program (NTEP). A lower-cost pallet scale could be a good fit for you if you only weigh light pallets and goods regularly.

In the long run, however, it would be smarter to invest in an NTEP-approved, higher-quality scale. A higher-quality scale would perform better, be more dependable, and last longer, making the additional investment worthwhile in the long run.

Check also if the pallet scale is using a digitalized indicator. The weight of the object being measured is shown on the readout.

Higher-quality readouts typically include a weight indicator, a full keypad, and both battery and AC control. They are usually housed in a stainless steel enclosure.

7. How is a pallet scale different from an industrial floor scale?

Pallet scales are distinguished from platform weighing machines and factory floor scales by the fact that they measure goods and materials using pallets.

This has the added benefit of encouraging warehouse and factory owners to make do with what they already have.

The pallet beam scale is the most common of all pallet weighing scales on the market.

Pallet beam scales use beams that can be conveniently adjusted to various distances to weigh a range of objects, making them very useful for many employees who need to weigh items of varying shapes and sizes.


8. What is a low-profile pallet scale?

Our digital low-profile pallet scale offers an amazing capacity that weighs items up to 10,000 pounds. These rugged floor scales feature a steel slip resistance diamond plate surface.

The scale is reinforced using heavy-duty welded channel support. You can choose between these low-profile pallet scales and our standard pallet scales.

They both offer a 6-digit, seven-digit display with wall mount bracket and operator controls with zero tear unit and printing functions.

The standard indicator features ABS plastic housing. While the device indicator is made with corrosion-free resistance stainless steel casing.

You can check out more of this low-profile pallet scale including the price from our website for great money-saving deals.


9. Which indicators are used by these pallet scales?

The following are the indicators that some of our pallet scales have;

We have the GK indicator- The GK is a cost-effective indicator with a slew of useful features that render weighing a breeze.

The built-in Check weighing functions enable the user to quickly see whether their sample is above, below, or inside defined targets.

It also features a digital monitor with monitoring applications that can be accomplished with the same indicator. This makes our GK indicator completely versatile for a variety of applications.

The GK is a cost-effective indicator with a slew of useful features that render weighing a breeze. The built-in Check weighing functions allow the user to quickly see if their sample is within their target.

The GK color-coded LED bar graph helps you to weigh items faster than ever before.

With these high-quality LED lights you can set up an automatic switch on that sends data to printers and computers, allowing for fast data tracking and traceability to boost efficiency.

The function of the power tracker is to provide effective and efficient tracking of the loaded weights. When conducting several tare readings, the power tracker helps users avoid exceeding the scale’s capacity.

The AE 403 predictor is the other one. The AE403 indicator has been configured to have stainless steel properties that prevent it from rusting and increase its durability.

The stainless-steel coating is also very easy to wipe and clean. No liquid content rests on it.

Whether you are using your pallet scale indicator on an outdoor or indoor application. They will work perfectly for you.

The wall mount bracket and hardware are included in the sleek compact version, so you can hang it anywhere you want.

The AE403 has a built-in rechargeable battery, double-check the weighing limit. A wide backlit display makes it very to read and use.

The last indicator is called an AE 503 indicator. This scale also features an integrated printer which makes it an excellent choice for weighing.

It also helps in parts counting, percentage weighing, dynamic weighing, check to count, check to weigh, and comparing.

During check weighing, a big, easy-to-read backlit LCD screen with 1.3-inch/34mm tall digits and symbols displays above, under, and within limits. Fast and easy setup is made possible by a sealed, color scheme keypad.

For more modifications, you can add barcodes, QR codes, images, and personalized logos to the 50mm-wide surface using the built-in printer.


10. How do I read a pallet scale?

CUBLiFT pallet scale is perfect for use in the industrial weighing of items. Usually, you would load a pallet onto a forklift truck and transport it to the weighing scale.

Then place the pallets onto the weighing scale and weigh them with this ergonomic pallet scale. All that is required is to load pallets onto the scale and take the correct measurement as displayed on the indicator.

This pallet scale comes with a built-in indicator that easily displays the weight of the measure pallet.

When the scale is off place the power key and places the 0 key immediately. The scale will enter parameter setting mode.

With this in place, you can go ahead and press the f1 key where the indicator will enter the calibration value. You can choose between having the weigh-in pounds or in Kilograms, grams or tones or in-lbs.


11. How do you install a pallet scale?

CUBLiFT offers full confidence in pallet scale installation at all times. The installation of a pallet scale and heavy-duty scale ensures that it is up and running smoothly right away. It aids you in. Verify the program as well as the operating environment.

Install and incorporate equipment correctly into the systems. Ensure that internal and external quality requirements are met. Document the quality management scheme.

12. What is the importance of a pallet scale?

The advantage of this pallet scale is that it is adaptable to a number of industries. Some consumers will simply want to verify the weight of what comes in and out of their facility.

In some cases, others will need to count the exact number of products in a consignment or request product weight proof for foreign shipping. From cider producers to waste treatment facilities, industrial platform scales can be used in a variety of industries.

Another importance of having this pallet scale is its ability to capture and record weight without any complications.

Retroactively referencing the weight of objects and making comparisons is know the steps by moving data to a spreadsheet or database, or printing the data using an attached printer.

It may also be necessary to keep track of your weight to demonstrate compliance. A variety of Marsden platform scales with data transfer capabilities are available.

13. How do you calibrate a pallet scale?

When it comes to choosing a pallet scale that suits your needs, several factors trigger the choice of the scale.

Calibration has always been crucial in ensuring that industrial scales can deliver reliable readings at all times.

Since an incorrect scale can cost a company a lot of money, every scale manufacturer must have a simple and systematic process in place to allow for appropriate modifications.

These calibrations need to be done on a flat surface where no obstacles are present that may interfere with the final results. Make sure the scale has been calibrated before.

Ensure that nothing is pushing down the load. Make sure you have contacted your weighing pre-test.

This scale is highly versatile, unlike other scales which are specialized. They are custom designed making weighing and maneuvering in tight spaces possible.

Our aim at CUBLiFT is to provide you with a flexible scale that will serve you well anywhere you want. These scales have multiple uses and their applications are endless.

Whenever you need this scale it is readily available. Since we know space may be a challenge to many, this scale is compact in shape to fit in all warehouse designs.

These scales are designed for easy customization of all warehouse activities. These scales can be easily raised or lowered

It is good to calibrate your scale before use to avoid wrong results. These results may cost you extra charges or even cost your customers a lot.

Hence many customers may end up running away from your business and you end up wondering what is wrong. Given our 15+ years of experience, we believe to be the best suppliers in the market so far.

Once you choose a scale from CUBLiFT, you can rest assured that it has been calibrated using a

Measuring instrument in our state-of-the-art factory

Just in case you need to calibrate the scale you obtained from CUBLiFT, we have included a simple calibration feature in each of our scales, making calibration in the field a breeze.

14. Do I need to have a calibrated pallet scale?

It’s crucial to know whether or not you need to calibrate your scale before you do so. You don’t want to calibrate a scale that was previously working properly, as this can result in weight reading errors.

The following are several situations in which your scale can need to be calibrated. Scale movement.

Depending on the sort of industrial-scale you have, you will need to recalibrate it if it is shifted. This way, you can be sure that you’ll be able to get reliable readings no matter where you are.

Weight readings that aren’t correct. If you put anything on a scale platform and the weight isn’t what you predicted, it’s time to calibrate your scale.

Make sure you’re not standing on a vibrating surface or temperature changes. Vibrations and temperature fluctuations can be particularly damaging to some scales, such as force regeneration scales.

15. What are the steps to follow when calibrating these pallet scales?

If you think your scale needs to be calibrated after purchasing it from our team, you can either contact our support team for clarification or follow the steps below.

Ensure proper positioning of your pallet scale. Before calibrating your scale, make sure it’s in a position where it won’t be exposed to any air currents and has a constant temperature.

After positioning you can now switch to calibration mode. To get into the calibration mode on one of our pallet scales, go to the Set-Up menu, then Platform Configurations, then Span Calibration.

After that, you’ll be prompted to enter a test weight value. When determining a weight value, make sure the object you’re using fits within the scale’s power constraints.

We recommend that you pick an item that is approximately 50% of the scale’s total capacity. Then, using the key, enter the test weight value.

You can now remove all other artifacts from the pallet scale platform.

You also need to ensure that all the pallet scale legs are straight and touching the surface. You can do this by pressing the calibrated buttons to access the calibration feature.

Place a test weight item on the scale platform. This may simply be a piece of wood or any item that is not part of what you are weighing.

This allows for easy customization of the pallet scale to your company’s application needs. Once you have calibrated the pallet scale, you are now good to go. You can now place your pallets and take check their weights.

16. How do you fix an inaccurate pallet scale?

In order to fix the scale, you need to rest it first. The scale may have been distorted from overloads or items resting on it.

The internal sections of the scale are “re-seated” during initialization, allowing the scale to find the right “zero.” Here’s how to get your scale started:

First, you need to reposition the pallet scale on a rough surface floor. This ensures the scale is recalibrated to zero or it is indicating dashes.

Remove your foot until you see zero’s or dashes. If you have to move or lift heavy objects, make sure the scale is up to date.

If you are using an old scale, you can upgrade it from our factory. Old scales may slow down operations hence ending up spending so much time fixing them instead of doing the work of the day.

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