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Manual Pallet Stacker

CUBLiFT, aims to be your best hand pallet truck manufacturer in China designs & manufactures manual pallet stackers to support you in lifting, lowering, transporting, and stacking palletized loads.

  • Safe lifting capacity varies from 400kgs to 1000kg/2200lbs
  • Lifting height varies up to 5~8mtrs depends on different models
  • Adjustable legs models available upon request
  • leak-proof hydraulic pump system allows precise stacking and positioning
  • All mast and forks are made with reinforced steel plus powder coat finish which ensures manual pallet stackers’ rigidity & durability

When you want to make the loading job easy, choose CUBLiFT’s manual pallet stacker with the most cost-saving solutions.

Standard Manual Pallet Stacker 1000kg

● Capacity (kg): 500/1000/1500
● Load center (mm): 500
● Lifting height (mm): 1600~300
● Fork overall length (mm): 800/900
● Fork overall width (mm): 160~480
● Turning Radius (mm): 1450/1500
● Wheel Type: PU/Nylon
● Weight (kg): 135/155/180

Straddle Manual Pallet Stacker 500kg

● Capacity(kg): 500
● Load centre (mm): 500
● Fork height, lowered (mm): 70
● Height, mast lowered (mm): 2000
● Max. lift height (mm): 1600
● Overall width (mm): 1525
● Width overall forks (mm): 745
● Truck weight (kg): 492/223

Drum Manual Pallet Stacker

● Capacity(kg):400/450
● Lift Max (mm): 1600
● Fork width(mm): 640/800
● Over size(mm): 1500*950*2060
● Wheel Nylon size (mm): 150
● Turning Radius (mm): 1350
● Weight(kg): 160/170
● Tilting: Manual

CUBLiFT: Your Expert Manual Pallet Stacker Manufacturer

Pallet Truck manufacturer CUBlift team

Manual Pallet Stacker Manufacturer

Manual Pallet Stacker — The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Manual Pallet Stacker — The Ultimate FAQ Guide

At CUBLIFT, we believe that a manual pallet stacker is a crucial part of every warehouse environment.

Moreover, a manual pallet stacker is a safer, eco-friendly, and highly productive piece of equipment.

CUBLIFT’s manual pallet stacker fulfill your every need and support your pallets in every possible way.

Our manual pallet stacker features hydraulic lifting, capable of handling extreme loads, and can fit in tight spaces where other trucks and stackers can’t have access.

This FAQ article will clarify every single detail related to manual pallet stacker and how CUBLIFT is committed to offering you the best manual pallet stacker and related services.

What is Manual Pallet Stacker?L Shaped Manual Pallet Stacker LH1

It is a pallet stacker that works manually and performs every task that can be performed by a manual pallet truck and lifter combined.

Manual pallet stacker features hydraulically operated hand pump handle to raise the pallets and a hand lever to lower them.

It’s very simple to use, easy to understand, and absolutely increases your productivity by performing exceptionally.

At CUBLIFT, we make sure that our manual pallet stacker can move perfectly under heavy loads and never lose performance in versatile environments, conditions, and rough use.

Our manual pallet stacker comes with heavy-duty masts.

CUBLIFT manufacture different manual pallet stacker based on your vast library of applications.

In general, our manual pallet stacker can reach heights from 1500mm up to 4000mm and all with up to two-ton capacity as standard.

Figure 1 – CUBLIFT’s Manual Pallet Stacker

How Does the Manual Pallet Stacker Works?

A manual pallet stacker is able to improve the efficiency and productivity of your business.Verticla Stacker Scale Manual Pallet Stacker DH1S

Handling plays an important part in manual pallet stacker and distributing, sorting, and pallet transportation is mostly dependent on your manual pallet stacker handling.

In order to understand the manual pallet stacker working, you have to understand how it operates.

A manual pallet stacker is all about its handle and hydraulic system.

Push/Pull the manual pallet stacker to move it and use the handle and activate its hydraulic system.

After successfully activating its hydraulics, you can easily lift the pallets.

The manual pallet stacker is a tool designed for lift, handle, and transport pallets with hydraulics and manual functions.

It is common warehouse equipment and can handle extreme pallet weights.

The manual pallet stacker is mostly utilized for heavier demanding loads and normal travel distances.

What is the Difference Between Manual Pallet Stacker and Forklift?

The basic concept of both manual pallet stacker and manual forklift is not different.

Straddle stacker Manual Pallet Lifter StackerThey are both based on the same concept of picking, handling, transporting, and dropping the pallets within a warehouse environment.

However, the overall design with functionality makes a huge difference and separates them from each other.

The Manual pallet stacker can reach extreme heights. Both can transport and handle pallets.

It can perform everything a forklift can and additionally offer some extra features.

Moreover, the manual pallet stacker is overall a good access machine.

How is Your Manual Pallet Stacker the Best?

It’s important for you to understand how choosing a manual pallet stacker from CUBLIFT is going to be extremely productive for your business.

CUBLIFT offers a long-term value over its manual pallet stacker and guaranteed high performance.

The robust build of our manual pallet stacker by utilizing top-tier raw material and manufacturing it in a fully optimized environment is the reason behind its highest standards of quality.

Our manual pallet stacker, in general, is more affordable than any other.Drum Manual Pallet Stacker DH1

CUBLIFT manufacture manual pallet stacker in a cost-effective manner by optimizing the use of material, energy, and resources without sacrificing overall performance.

The lifetime of our manual pallet stacker is approximately 30-40 years, and with great care, it can last a lifetime.

The versatile environments don’t any effect on our manual pallet stacker because it offers resistance against fire, heat, corrosion, shock, and impact.

Additionally, our manual pallet stacker requires little to no maintenance because of the strong build.

Figure 4 – CUBLIFT High-Quality Manual Pallet Stacker

How Your Manual Pallet Stacker Offers Health and Workplace Safety?

U Shaped Stacker Manual Pallet Stacker LH1At CUBLIFT, we promote a clean and healthy environment, and each of our products is eco-friendly and pollution-free.

Lifting pallets on extreme heights is a serious business, and without proper safety can be a reason behind serious injuries.

When you choose a manual pallet stacker, you automatically reduce a large amount of physical pressure on your workers.

Moreover, the hydraulic lifting process of manual pallet stacker does all the hard work without disturbing the environment safety and perform the task in well-disciplined manners.

Your employs and environment remain safe and healthy.

CUBLIFT also makes sure that your manual pallet stacker gives a complete, accurate, and precise control and can perform perfectly even in versatile conditions and environments.

Uneven floor, friction-less area, or tight spaces are not anymore a problem for you, and our manual pallet stacker can work in these conditions without losing performance.

How You Offer Wide Manual Pallet Stacker Models to Choose From?

H Shaped Standard Manual Pallet Stacker LH1At CUBLIFT, we understand your needs and offer many types and different sizes of manual pallet stacker models to choose from.

You will find a variety of different lifting processes and capabilities in our different manual pallet stackers.

We have manual pallet stackers for different purposes and for different environments.

For example, we have manual pallet stackers for bigger and smaller warehouses, ones that can lift extreme loads and ones that are light and can handle light pallets easily with utmost precision.

Some of our manual pallet stackers are perfect for long distances, and the others can cover short distances with ease.

All these options help you meet the manual pallet stacker that can meet each of your requirements.

You can always contact our experts at CUBLIFT and can discuss your custom needs.

Figure 6 – A Standard Manual Pallet Stacker

How Your Manual Pallet Stacker Offers Productivity and Efficiency?

At CUBLIFT, our ultimate goal is to offer you the manual pallet stacker that can offer you increased productivity and efficiency.

Our manual pallet stacker is known to bring order in the warehouse environment.

In busy environments, our manual pallet stacker can be useful and fast.

Its lifting and pallet transportation capabilities in a cost-effective manner are proof that it can be highly productive.

It can complete the pallet lifting and transportation tasks rapidly and can save you time.

Time-saving can help you optimized your workflow and perform more work than usual.

Performing more work means an increase in productivity and efficiency.

Our manual pallet stacker is a perfect fit even for a limited space environment and offers exceptional maneuverability.

How is Your Manual Pallet Stacker Dependable and Agile Equipment?

The manual pallet stacker is known for its heavy-lifting performance that is appreciated in many applications.

Because, high performance is what every industrial operation needs to increase the overall productivity.

Our manual pallet stacker’s high maneuverability, the full capability to access tight spaces, and your complete and precise control over it makes it completely dependable.

Our manual pallet stacker can perform in versatile conditions and can lift extreme loads with precise control makes it agile equipment for your workplace.

What Can Maximum Load Manual Pallet Stacker Handle?

The manual pallet stacker is ideal for pallet raising and lowering and can handle extreme loads.

At CUBLIFT, we make sure that our manual pallet stacker can lift up to 5000kg pallets easily.

Our small and medium-sized manual pallet stackers can lift up to two tons of load easily.

Mostly, how much weight a pallet stacker can handle is based on your requirements because we make many solutions to your needs.

CUBLIFT can extend this maximum weight limit in case you required your manual pallet stacker to handle more weight.

What is the Maximum Lifting Height of the Manual Pallet Stacker?

At CUBLIFT, we complete our manual pallet stacker with smooth, controllable forks that offer optimal performance in pallet lifting.

Additionally, our manual pallet stacker is durable and offers ease of pallet lifting.

The manual pallet stacker features a hydraulic system that is operated by pumping the lever to certain heights.

Our best manual pallet stackers can lift pallets up to 2850mm.

However, CUBLIFT can increase this limit with ease and can even offer a manual pallet stacker that can reach double this height.

Our mini manual pallet stacker can reach up to 2000mm easily and offer a great solution for the domestic or industrial lifting of lighter weights.

What are the Specifications of Manual Pallet Stacker?

At CUBLIFT, we make sure that our manual pallet stacker is exceptionally useful without requiring any complicated and costly combustible or electrical drive systems.

The following specifications are the basic part of our every manual pallet stacker and even can be enhanced or increased to your desired point:

  • The pallets up to 120cm (47″) wide can be easily handled
  • Capacity: Can handle between two-ton – five-ton of weight easily
  • Height, mast lowered: 80″ – 100″
  • Height, mast extended: 90″ – 110″
  • Max Lift Height: Can lift between 2000mm-3000mm
  • Minimum Fork Height: 2.75″ (for most)
  • Distance between forks: completely adjustable (up to 30″)
  • Fork Dimensions: Based on manual pallet stacker size
  • Turning radius: Approx. 1200mm for most
  • Extremely smooth operation
  • Hydraulic pump with a complete system
  • Handle based dual pump action / Foot pedal-based dual pump action
  • Single wheel brake (standard), two-wheel breaks (optional)
  • Can support multiple masts
  • Steel frame material

Moreover, there can be many more based on your custom requirements and needs.

Figure 11 – Detailed Structure of Manual Pallet Stacker

What are the Features of Manual Pallet Stacker?

At CUBLIFT, we produce manual pallet stackers of the highest quality and guarantee excellency.

Our pallet stackers are the safest and most reliable.

The following are features of our manual pallet stacker that makes it that unique:

  • Transporting and lifting pallets securely and economically
  • Compact design allows our manual pallet stacker to pass through narrow areas
  • Can perform great in heavily congested areas
  • Top-quality kit
  • Safe, manual, and mobile
  • Sturdy construction and stable operation
  • Chain link fence (optional) so that pallet dropping and injuries can be prevented
  • Heavy-duty lifting chain (optional)
  • High-quality wheels with breaks
  • Easy steering, stopping, and long service lift
  • Adjustable steel forks to support large loads

Our manual pallet stacker is known for its;

  • Adaptability
  • Stability
  • Durability
  • Efficiency
  • Reliability

Additionally, the ergonomic design of our manual pallet stacker increases its overall performance.

What are the Functions of Manual Pallet Stacker?

Our manual pallet stacker can offer three different functionalities:

  • Lifting
  • Tilting
  • Transporting

Our manual pallet stacker ensures easy lifting and transportation with smooth running.

At CUBLIFT, our purpose is to manufacture a manual pallet stacker that is easy as possible with minimal effort required.

Our manual pallet stacker also contains polyurethane steering wheels for smooth running, safety breaks, and roller guards for extreme safety.

Our manual pallet stacker offers functionality through the following:

  • Chain link fence
  • Chain (optional)
  • Handle
  • Wheels
  • Forks
  • Structural body
  • Hydraulic system

Figure 13 – Functionality Reading of Manual Pallet Stacker

How Can Manual Pallet Stacker be Used?

The manual pallet stacker is commonly used in warehouses, construction sites, and storage units.

CUBLIFT offers manual pallet stacker in different sizes to fulfill your different requirements.

These include a large manual pallet stacker that is designed to handle extreme pallet loads and can lift pallets to extreme heights.

On the other hand, our small manual pallet stacker is designed for high volume work and smaller loads.

The few other CUBLIFT’s manual pallet stackers include the functionality of tilting to help with loading/unloading heavy and complex shaped pallets.

Where is Manual Pallet Stacker Most Useful?

Manual pallet stacker is considered useful in the following environments:

  • Warehouses
  • Construction Sites
  • Malls
  • Storage Units

And useful to deal with high-volume pallets.

Lifting and transportation are two core functions of a manual pallet stacker and mostly used to perform both.

CUBLIFT massively increases the manual pallet stacker functionality so you can have much more out of it, and it can prove extremely productive.

Manual pallet stacker is effective across a wide range of warehouse transportation distances.

It makes pallet lifting and transportation jobs easier, efficient, and quick.

If your environment is dangerous or versatile, our manual pallet stacker can prove suitable because we make sure that it offers resistance against:

  • Corrosion
  • Heat and Fire
  • Impact
  • Shock
  • Heavy Operating Damage

Moreover, CUBLIFT’s manual pallet stacker has the ability to move with speed and precision.

What are the Benefits of Using Manual Pallet Stacker?

The choice of which manual pallet stacker to choose is based on what benefits it offers.

At CUBLIFT, we make sure that you can have the most out of your manual pallet stacker, and that’s why we always give priority to your satisfaction.

The following are some benefits manual pallet stacker offers:

  • Designed to be simple in use
  • The simple and straightforward design eliminates the complexity
  • Flexible and effective
  • Effectively future-proof
  • Cost-effective
  • Require little to no maintenance
  • Heat-, Impact-, Shock-, and Corrosion-Resistant
  • Ergonomic design
  • Rapid
  • Offer the best safety features
  • Prevent injuries and dropping
  • Support up to five tons of pallet weight
  • Can reach up to 3000mm of height
  • Easy steering
  • Long service life
  • Adjustable fork width

Additionally, it also offers many secondary benefits and proven productive for warehouse environments.

Figure 16 – A Simple Designed Manual Pallet Stacker

How to Choose the Best Manual Pallet Stacker for Your Needs?

The selection of the best manual pallet stacked is based on three things; lifting height, loading capacity, and fork length.

Our standard manual pallet stacker can reach up to three meters of height.

It’s important for you to choose the manual pallet stacker that can reach the desired heights.

CUBLIFT’s standard manual pallet stacker can handle pallet weights up to three tons so always prefer one that can handle the weight you require it to transport or lift.

The fork length is important, and the standard length is 1150mm to gain optimum stability of your pallets during transportation.

These things can define a perfect manual pallet stacker for you, but it’s also important for you to choose the one that also can handle your warehouse’s environmental conditions.

What type of resistances did you require in your manual pallet stacker? What secondary features do you prefer?

And what manual pallet stacker type you want is also some questions for you to know the answers of.

What are the Design Variations of Manual Pallet Stacker?

CUBLIFT makes sure that its manual pallet stacker is the simplest and most affordable.

Our purpose is to manufacture manual pallet stackers that can fulfill your every need.

However, a single manual pallet stacker cannot fulfill every need of our different clients.

Because some require small ones to lift small pallets and to cover shorter distances, and others require large ones to lift extreme pallet weights and to cover larger distances.

And that’s the reason why our manual pallet stacker holds design variations.

There’re different variations on the manual pallet stacker design that makes it suitable for a vast library of applications and clients.

The following are four of the most basic design variations of manual pallet stacker:

  • Adjustable: At CUBLIFT, our adjustable manual pallet stacker can access narrower widths and practically useful for industries where the pallets come in different sizes.


These pallets also offer pallets of adjustable designs.


  • Narrow: Narrow manual pallet stacker offers a loading capacity of around 6000 lbs.


However, its overall width is considerably less than the standard manual pallet stacker.


A narrow manual pallet stacker is useful for applications that feature tight spaces and smaller pallets.


  • Mini: The mini manual pallet stacker is designed to be exceptionally lightweight and easy to maneuver.


It requires minimal maintenance and can handle pallet loads up to 1200 lbs.


  • Stainless Steel: CUBLIFT made some of its manual pallet stackers with stainless steel so that they can be more moisture-resistant.


This manual pallet stacker is most useful for environments that are exposed to moisture. It is preferred for outdoor environments.

In case you want further advice, contact CUBLIFT, and our expert staff will support you.

Figure 18 – Completely Adjustable Manual Pallet Stacker

What are the Applications of Manual Pallet Stacker?

The manual pallet stacker has many upright driving applications and is also utilized for slope anti-slipping applications.

Through CUBLIFT, you will get the manual pallet stacker that can offer you a strong driving force for some level climbing applications.

Most importantly, our manual pallet stacker can be used for the following applications:

  • General items moving
  • Dock leveler climbing
  • Use inside the elevator
  • Container
  • Heavy load pallet handling
  • Heavy load lifting
  • Reaching extreme heights
  • Retails and Malls
  • Pallet transportation
  • Pallet lifting/lowering
  • Beverage
  • Eco-friendly environments
  • Pollution-free environments
  • Construction sites
  • Storage units
  • Where great safety is required
  • General warehousing
  • Distribution centers

There is much more a manual pallet stacker can offer and can be used for. Just contact CUBLIFT, and we will even process your custom needs.

How is Your Manual Pallet Stacker Productive?

At CUBLIFT, we waste little to no material during the manual pallet stacker manufacturing, and our processes are fully optimized.

We also use as much energy and power as required and waste nothing.

In this way, CUBLIFT supports a pollution-free environment and makes manual pallet stacker less expensive, so you also can have a cost-effective solution to increase your business productivity.

Additionally, a manual pallet stacker in your warehouse can increase the process’s speed and save you time and money.

CUBLIFT uses top-tier and strong material, so your manual pallet stacker requires little to no maintenance for a long time.

We made our manual pallet stackers be corrosion-, shock-, and impact-resistance so it can maintain their performance for an extended period.

Figure 20 – Manual Pallet Stacker as A Productive Warehouse Equipment

How to Measure the Performance of Manual Pallet Stacker?

The performance of a manual pallet stacker is based on your requirements.

However, the following points are important to consider when measuring the manual pallet stacker performance:

  • Travel speed (km/h)
  • Pallet lifting speed (m/s)
  • Pallet lowering speed (m/s)
  • Acceleration time with the load
  • Acceleration time without load
  • Operating brake

There can be different values that can define your manual pallet stacker performance based on what you required.

At CUBLIFT, we also have some standard values like 5-6 km/h travel speed, and manual operating brakes defined the best performance manual pallet stacker.

Figure 21 – Highest Performing Manual Pallet Stacker Based on the Measurements

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CUBLiFT: Your Expert Manual Pallet Stacker Manufacturer

A manual pallet stacker is one of the crucial items used around warehouses, industries, distribution centers, etc. They make work easier by picking and lifting items to a certain height. Our manual pallet stacker uses hydraulic to help in material handling of medium sizes around your storage facility.

It is designed to have hydraulic lifting capacities that give you total control. Manual pallet stackers are designed to handle a couple of items at a go due to the presence of the stackers. They can lift loads to trucks and offload them from trucks to the warehouse at ease.

Semi-electric Pallet Stacker Manufacturer QC Icon Semi-electric Pallet Stacker Manufacturer QC Iconq Semi-electric Pallet Stacker Manufacturer QC Icon2 Semi-electric Pallet Stacker Manufacturer QC Icon3 Semi-electric Pallet Stacker Manufacturer QC Icon5 Semi-electric Pallet Stacker Manufacturer QC Icon6 Semi-electric Pallet Stacker Manufacturer QC Icon7

Manual pallet stackers don’t need special training as they are manually operated. You should always take precautions while pushing the stacker to avoid injuries or items falling on you.

Our manual pallet stacker is quite economical as compared to the electric pallet stacker. You can always assess your business and decide on which pallet stacker would be precise for the job.

Manual Pallet Stacker Manufacturer


Manual pallet stackers are designed to fit even in tinny spaces as they don’t occupy a large surface area. We manufacture a wide range of these stackers in different sizes, capacity& styles.

We have a sales team that stands by to help you select the right pallet stacker that meets your business standards and needs. We also have an electric pallet stacker ready for purchase.


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