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The 6 Measures To Reduce your Truck Scale Cost In The Mining Industry Easily (1)  The truck scales that are most appropriate for the mining industry are constructed of a higher proportion of steel, making them more durable and less susceptible to damage.

To improve efficiency in a mining plant, you may need to invest in mining scales designed for the harsh mining environment.

In addition to helping to boost productivity, new modern truck scales help reduce waste.

In contrast to many other facilities, they require heavy-duty, tough scales to efficiently operate in their hostile working environments.

Cost control, operational efficiency, compliance with regulatory requirements, and revenue management depend on the accuracy of weight data being collected in the mining industry.

You should thoroughly assess every area of operations if you have precise measurements of the resources required, the quantity consumed, and the waste, which boosts productivity.

Here we suggested 6 measures to Maintain the Truck Scale and save your cost easiy in the Mining Industry:

Process of Extensive Testing

Before testing, note the platform’s length and section count, for example, the load cells number to which the load is transferred. According to NIST Handbook 44, if load cells fail a strain test, they must be calibrated.

In order to ensure that each component registers the same weight, the load points are calibrated rather than tested against a recognized standard weight. Each section registers within the requirements published by The NIST Handbook 44 or by sanctioned organizations.

To work with States to ensure uniformity in weights and measures laws and inspection procedures, the National Institute of Standards and Technology has released Handbook 44.The 6 Measures To Reduce your Truck Scale Cost In The Mining Industry Easily (2)

Get Service Agents Licensed by the State

It must meet the regulatory requirements for calibration and can be used for business purposes. The controlling state has the right to inspect legal-for-trade scales at any time to ensure that they are properly calibrated.

Scales that fail to pass the Weights and Measures accuracy test on a regular basis can be taken out of service. The scale must be reactivated or put into action after a successful calibration by a licensed scale service agent before the business can use it.

Certified Weighing Scales Calibration should always be done using a certified set of test weights. Established businesses have their test weights certified and recertified every year or every other year.

Before choosing them as a scale service provider, make sure that the scales they employ have been properly accredited. By requesting it, you can acquire a copy of the certification documents.

Operators should double-check with a loaded vehicle, comparing the weight of the automobile when it is weighed at each end of the truck scale to the weight of the vehicle when it is weighed in the center of the truck scale.

Offer Certified Test Weights

You should always use a verified set of test weights for calibration. Every year or every other year, established enterprises have their test weights certified and recertified.

Ensure that the scales they use have been appropriately accredited before selecting them as a scale service provider. You can obtain a copy of the certification documentation by requesting it.

To effectively measure the force delivered to the load cells, they must be kept entirely clear of debris at all times.

Operators should check with a loaded vehicle, comparing the car’s weight when weighed at each end of the truck scale to the vehicle’s weight at the center of the platform. To minimize future mistakes, any discrepancies between the two indicated divisions must be notified.

Check Detailed Reporting

You must choose a high-quality service provider and conduct a high-quality preventative maintenance program if you want your truck scale to operate accurately, calibrate, and work properly.

Check to see if your scale service provider provides you with a thorough explanation of what was done to it.

The scale provider should supply you with a comprehensive report explaining the work that can be done on the scale following the completion of maintenance or calibration on your truck scale.

You should include calibration results before and after each calibration in the report. The report should also include recommendations based on the findings.

To guarantee that your scale is accurate and compliant with regulatory regulations, it is recommended that you implement and carry out calibration and recertification testing.

Regularly recertify and calibrate your scale. The accuracy of your truck scale is affected by external factors such as weather.

In order to keep your scale in good working order, you should have a professional inspect and maintain it on a regular basis.The 6 Measures To Reduce your Truck Scale Cost In The Mining Industry Easily (5)

Carry on Inspection Services

The visual inspections performed during truck scale maintenance visits are in addition to the calibration services provided by a qualified scale service company.

Take a look at your tools. It is vital to inspect your truck scale regularly for signs of wear and tear or corrosion.

You should ensure that wiring and electronic components, the accumulation of dirt and debris, safety conditions, corrosion and conformity with regulations are in good condition and are fully functional.

By regularly evaluating the foundation, load cells, junction boxes, and weighbridge of your truck scale, you can go a long way toward ensuring that it is in good functioning condition.

Inaccurate truck scale readings might cost your firm a lot of money because of the large number of vehicles you weigh every day.

On and off your truck scale, constant excessive traffic can cause substantial damage. This might cause costly breakdowns and incorrect readings if not managed appropriately.

The importance of having a skilled technician inspect and maintain your equipment regularly to check for any damage or anomalies while also taking all necessary preventative actions to keep your scale in good working order cannot be overstated.The 6 Measures To Reduce your Truck Scale Cost In The Mining Industry Easily (3)

Do Daily Proper care

Daily visual inspections of the platform should be conducted to ensure that it is clear of debris.

Before vehicles drive onto the platform, they should also check that the side and end frames are not fouled and that the digital display displays zero.

Prevent quick braking while approaching the platform and ensure that all of the wheels are on the truck scale. With proper care, a truck scale can run for long periods of time between scheduled maintenance visits without any problems.

As a rule of thumb, truck scale operators should avoid undertaking any major repairs or maintenance on their own.

Between scheduled maintenance visits, with proper care, a truck scale will operate without incident.

If you keep the space open and tidy, you can keep an eye on other portions of your scale that may wear out over time.

When having the scale installed, it would be beneficial to obtain entry and exit speed guidelines from the scale supplier for your application.


Whatever weighing requirements your mining business has, one or more truck scales will ultimately meet those requirements. Establish a budget and your scale needs. Consult with your scale provider to determine the best solutions for you.

It is important to note that truck scales can handle a wide range of weights and materials and various weather situations.

Allowing for improved efficiency, they read exact measurements, ensuring that the vehicles carry the correct load.The 6 Measures To Reduce your Truck Scale Cost In The Mining Industry Easily (4)

In addition to adapting to any environment, they may also be adapted to harsh conditions. Designed to withstand weights of all shapes and sizes, they’re built to last. Meanwhile,  if you have any truck scale or weighbridge requirements, you can refer to CUBLiFT, which is one of the best truck scale manufacturers and suppliers in China. CUBLiFT owns a wide selection of lifting and weighing material handling equipment for your options with the most competitive prices and services.


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