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Load cells are a typical device of force transducers. It converts the forces of tension, compression, pressure, and torque into measurable electrical output. Thus, it can be viewable and readable. Load cells are vital parts of the weighing sensor systems. Here we list some top load cell manufacturers and suppliers in Italy.

Metior Srl.,

Load cell manufacturer & supplier in Dongo, Lombardy, Italy

Metior Srl., is an Italian manufacturer of load cells with over 35 years of experience in the global weighing and force measuring industry. Metior Srl. offers products suitable for essentially safe application with ATEX, IECEx approval across all types of load cells.

Address: Via Antica Regina, 296, 22014 Dongo CO, Italy

Phone: +39 0344 80267

The 8 Best Load Cell Manufacturers & Suppliers in Italy Metior Srl.,



mastering the world’s boldest technologies from 1981, Celmi remains a leading load cell manufacturer globally. “Made in Italy excellence” of our load cell systems helped us to become a major producer for niche markets all over the world.

Address: L.go Brugnatelli 13/16 – 20090 Buccinasco (MI) Italy

Tel. +39 0245712209


A Company specialized in the design and manufacture of weighing and/or dosing systems, machines, and automatic plants. The extreme flexibility of the STAD structure allows us to offer customized solutions to meet any dosing requirement: off-Center Load Cells, Bending Beam Load Cells, Shear Beam Load Cells, Compression Load Cells, Tension Load Cells, Wiring Accessories.

via per Reggio, 30/P, 42019 Scandiano (RE), Italy  R.E.A: RE 229083

VAT no.: 01847550355

LAUMAS Elettronica

A leader in the industrial weighing and batching market, LAUMAS is specialized in load cells, weight indicators, transmitters and weighing systems.

Via 1 Maggio, 6, 43022 Montechiarugolo PR, Italy

Phone: +39 0521 683124

Gicam S.r.l.

GICAM s.r.l. was born from the strong will to create a responsible team that has his strength in the maturity obtained in twenty years working in the electronic weighting field and load cells. Our attention is particularly focused on the load cells production of series, even limited series, at advantageous prices, in applying extensive assembly, calibrations, and tests on mechanic pieces supplied by the customer.

N° R.I. 2636/1999, Sede O. Largo C. Battisti, 9, Sede L. P.zza XI Febbraio, 2, 22015 Gravedona , ed Uniti (CO)

Tel. +39.0344.90063 – Fax +39.0344.89692

HBM Italy S.r.l.

Since 1950, (renamed HBK in 2020) has been a leader in precise and reliable test and measurement products. With branches in 30 countries, customers worldwide receive results they can trust. Our Products includes: Strain Gauges, Load Cells, Torque Sensors, Force Sensors, Measuring Instruments, Data Acquisition Software

Address:Via Pordenone, 8, 20132 Milano – MI

Tel: +39 02 45471616

Fax: +39 02 45471672


Since 1970 we have been designing, manufacturing, and supplying electronic measuring and weighing systems employing strain gauge technology load cells in Italy and worldwide. Our products include finished products, compression load cells, shear beam load cells, traction load cells, bending beam load cells, load pins, load cell kits, accessories for facilities, and digital repeaters.

Address: Via Lazio 25, 20090 Buccinasco (MI)

TEL. +39 02.45700120 FAX. +39 02.48840833 P.IVA 01070150154


At Dinamica Generale, we aim at providing innovative market-oriented electronic solutions and sensors. COMPRESSION LOAD CELL, with rated loads ranging from 13t to 22t Dinamica Generale compression load cells are applicable for a variety of agricultural and on-board applications., weighing and dosing systems, weighing systems for a farm truck, bending load cells, compression load cells, Design, and construction of load cells, industrial load cells.

The 8 Best Load Cell Manufacturers & Suppliers in Italy 12


Finding the right load cell supplier is vital for your projects. When it comes to versatile load cells, there are different tension load cells or compression load cells. To find the correct and suitable load cells for your applications, you should consider finding good quality load cell sensors from reliable load cell supplying companies from the market.

Without looking further, we’re also a load cell supplier in China. CUBTEC aims to give purposeful reviews and information that is bound to save your time. In case of any questions, inquiries, or even comments, reach out to us.

If you’re looking for high-quality single point load cells, single-ended shear beam load cells, double-ended shear beam load cells, pancake load cells, ring load cells, bending beam load cells, canister load cells, miniature load cells, s type load cells, load pin, load shackles, truck scale load cells, inline load cells, and weigh modules with competitive price in China please contact us for details.

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