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 Load cells are a typical device of force transducers. It converts the forces of tension, compression, pressure, and torque into measurable electrical output.

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Portugal’s electronic market shows explosive growth in the past 12 months. The demands for load cells and accessories are increasingly required from different lines of industries.

If you are looking for reliable load cell manufacturers and suppliers from the market locally, If you don’t know how to find superb load cells, we are here to help you to filter the competent load cell manufacturers and suppliers. These companies are well-reputed both in Egypt and in European markets. HERE is the list for you to pick from below.

Load Cell Manufacturer Companies You'd be Using in Portugal (1)3EGIT

EGITprocess control and develop customized projects.


We offer:


The PR 6207 Bending Beam Weigh Cell is made from stainless steel and is available in a load range from 10 kg to 200 kg. With protection class IP67.

This weigh cell is specially designed for use in simple hopper weighing applications and is suitable for integration into hybrid scales and dosing systems.


The load cells of the MP 76 series are highly durable tension load cell of 60 kg to 5 t. specifically designed for the weighing of small and medium sized process vessels and for simple dosing solutions.


The PR6201 compression load cells are available from 500 kg to 520 t. They provide absolute precision for container cars and dosing systems. Made of stainless steel, they are highly resistant and also insensitive to vibrations.


The MP 58 is a cast stainless steel load cell for use in platform scales and for basic weighing of small to medium-sized containers. The load cell is available in threaded and T-end versions. IP67 protected. Available for use in EX-zones 1, 20, 21.


Rua Central da Vergada, 1280

4535-166 Mozelos VFR, Portugal

tel. (+351)  227 471 120

Load Cell Manufacturer Companies You'd be Using in Portugal (1)2TM2A

Célula de Carga do Tipo de Compressão

Automação Industrial  Células de Carga


As células de carga do tipo de compressão foram desenvolvidas para uso em aplicações de medição de força e peso eletrônico de alta capacidade, tipo compressão, em ambientes industriais. Oferecem alta resistência a forças laterais e condições de sobrecarga.

Caraterísticas Principais:

Aço inoxidável

Certificado para os padrões OIML R60

Área do medidor de tensão hermética

Resistente a forças laterais

Trabalho pesado

Índice de Proteção IP68

Índice de Proteção IP65

São adequadas para condições industriais severas e encontram aplicação em balanças de veículos de alta capacidade, balanças de plataforma, sistemas de pesagem de tanques, instrumentos de pesagem automáticos e aplicações de pesagem de processo.

Compression Type Load Cell

Industrial Automation Load Cells


Compression type load cells are designed for use in high capacity, compression type electronic force and weight measurement applications in industrial environments. They offer high resistance to lateral forces and overload conditions.

They are suitable for severe industrial conditions and find application in high capacity vehicle scales, platform scales, tank weighing systems, automatic weighing instruments and process weighing applications.

Main Features:

Stainless Steel

Certified to OIML R60 standards

Hermetic strain gauge area

Resistant to lateral forces

Heavy duty

Degree of Protection IP68

Degree of Protection IP65


MORADA: Rua Cidade de Viena, Nº 2

Parque Industrial do Arneiro

2660-456 S. Julião do Tojal (LRS) – Portugal

 +351 219 737 330

Europalco Load Cell 

The highly portable Load Cell 2T is an extremely small and lightweight wireless dynamometer especially suited for low headroom or applications requiring high portability.

Featuring extremely long battery life , the Load Cell 2T can operate up to 2000 hours or 4000 hours (with added option) on AA disposable batteries.


Estrada da Ericeira

112 e 112 A – Ral

2710-453 Sintra



(+351) 219 605 520

AWS – Automação e Pesagem Industrial, Lda

We offer:

Single Point Load Cells

A Flintec single point load cell is known across the world for quality, accuracy and reliability.

Our family of sensors are purpose-built for use in high accuracy applications such as industrial weighing, packaging, onboard vehicle weighing and various medical applications. Calibrated to be insensitive to off centre working loads allows a Flintec single point load cell to be highly precise in industries that demand precision.

Single point load cells or centrecells in aluminium, steel and stainless steel.

These load cells are specially designed for use in small platforms. Thanks to  the construction they are insensitive for torque what makes one load cell, mounted in the centre of the platform, sufficient. Transverse forces may  influence the measurement.

Complete platforms including load cells are available as well.

Beam Load Cells

Flintec’s shear beam load cell range is ideally suited to all industrial weighing scale and general measurement applications.

The beam type load cell family, sometimes known as a bending load cell, tend to be the most commonly used due to the variety of available options. Applications include filling machinery, industrial floor scales, tank and silo weighing, plus diverse applications in on-board vehicle weighing, medical equipment and process control, where a load cell shear beam installation is required.


Praça Cristiano Schurmann nº53 Lj RC esq.


2410-380 Leiria

Load Cell Manufacturer Companies You'd be Using in Portugal (1)SENSORDIN 

Load cells are devices of enormous versatility in the field of weighing. The main strength of load cells, miniaturized or standard as they may be, is definitely their practicality: the fundamental principle behind the load cell is to release a flow signal proportional to the applied weigh, a signal which is then translated into a numerical value by further accessories. Such function is made possible by the strain gauge housed in all standard and miniaturized load cells; this device?s range dictates the specific applications for which the load cell is suitable.

We offer:


Shear beam

Off center


Ring type

BLH Nobel

S Type

Double ended shear beam

Bending beam

High temperature


Mounting kits


Zona Industrial da Silveirinha

Rua 2, Nº 63 – Apart. 829

4520-905 São João de Vêr


40º 57′ 35.1606″

-8º 33′ 31.7478″


Weighing Solutions based on Capacitive Digital Technology

Since the foundation in 1969, the Eilersen companies in Denmark and Switzerland have been dedicated to the development, manufacture and supply of high quality, robust industrial sensors based on capacitive technology for the measurement of force and weight. 

All products including load cells and weighing instrumentation are exclusively developed and manufactured by Eilersen in Denmark. The development is based on many years of experience, high quality standards and innovative ideas, which makes Eilersen the market leader for digital weighing technology.

Single Point Load Cell XBL (XBL-Ex)

The robust digital single point load cell type XBL in stainless steel is hermetically sealed to IP68K. The load cell is developed for machine builders who have tasks within dynamic weighing, multihead weighers, factory automation, packaging machines, filing and dosing, flow measurement, bench and platform scales, conveyor scales, process weighing and check weighers. ATEX (Ex) and IECEx versions are available

Compression Load Cell DLC (DLC-Ex)

NEW capacitive load cells with integrated lift-off protection (Patent Pending) for installations e.g. in areas with seismic activity, outdoor silos and high shear mixers.

Beam Load Cell BL (BL-Ex)

NEW robust digital beam load cell in a new hygienic (aseptic) design for dynamic weighing, process weighing, filling, packaging and general weighing in primarily FOOD and PHARMA applications.


Eilersen Electric Digital Systems A/S

Kokkedal Industripark 4

DK-2980 Kokkedal

Phone: (+45) 49 180 100


A equipa da loja online da Balanças Marques de José Pimenta Marques Lda. está sempre disponível para ajudá-lo e esclarecer as suas dúvidas sobre as nossas balanças e outras soluções de pesagem. Para saber mais sobre qualquer um dos nossos produtos, contacte-nos!

Equipa de Hardware e Mecânica que se dedica a desenvolver novos produtos e projetos à medida dos nossos clientes.


Edifício Balanças Marques, Parque Industrial de Celeirós (2ª Fase)                    

4705 – 414 BRAGA, PORTUGAL




Finding the right load cell supplier is vital for your projects. When it comes to versatile load cells, there are different tension load cells or compression load cells. To find the correct and suitable load cells for your applications, you should consider finding good quality load cell sensors from reliable load cell supplying companies from the market.

Without looking further, we’re also a load cell supplier in China. CUBTEC aims to give purposeful reviews and information that is bound to save your time. In case of any questions, inquiries, or even comments, reach out to us.

If you’re looking for high-quality single point load cells, single-ended shear beam load cells, double-ended shear beam load cells, pancake load cells, ring load cells, bending beam load cells, canister load cells, miniature load cells, s type load cells, load pin, load shackles, truck scale load cells, inline load cells, and weigh modules with competitive price in China please contact us for details.

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