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 Load cells are a typical device of force transducers. It converts the forces of tension, compression, pressure, and torque into measurable electrical output.


Australia’s electronic market shows explosive growth in the past 12 months. The demands for load cells and accessories are increasingly required from different lines of industries.

If you are looking for reliable load cell manufacturers and suppliers from the market locally, If you don’t know how to find superb load cells, we are here to help you to filter the competent load cell manufacturers and suppliers. These companies are well-reputed both in Australia and in global markets. HERE is the list for you to pick from below.


Robway is a leading developer and manufacturer of safe load indicators and line-tension monitoring equipment for all types of cranes and heavy lifting equipment.

we offer:


The 100 series range of tension load cells are designed, machined, heat treated, constructed and calibrated in our Australia facility from quality sourced 630 stainless steel (100T series) or aluminium (103T series).


The Delphi 103T series aluminium tension cell range are designed for a wide range of load monitoring, weighing, lifting, winching and towing applications. The thickness and hole diameter of the load cell is designed to match the standard sizes of Grade S Bow shackles.



+61 8 8238 3500


We supply products such as power supplies, LED drivers, position sensors, pressure sensors, load cells to many different industries right across Australia. 


Single Point Load Cells

pancake and canister load cells

Pancake & Canister Load Cells

Tank and Truck Weighing Load Cells

Tank and Truck Weighing Load Cells

Load Cell Shackles and Pins

Load Cell Shackles & Pins, Cable Tension Sensors

torque transducers

Torque Transducers

load cell displays and transmitters

Load Cell Displays, Transmitters and Accessories

hand held force gauges and torque meters

Hand Held Force Gauges & Torque Meters

26 Garden Blvd, Dingley Village VIC 3172, Australia

Tel: 1300 236 467


Bestech Australia manufacture and supply industrial sensors, signal conditioner and data acquisition system from world leading company for test and measurement applications in R&D, process automation and monitoring, and manufacturing.

Load cells measure and convert force into measurable electrical output. Load cells come with a wide range of size, shapes and capacity to purposely fit into different weighing and industrial force and load testing requirements. Bestech Australia supplies miniature load cells, bending beam and single point load cells for industrial weighing, S-type load cells, multi-axis load cells, center hole load cells, pancake load cells as well as highly specialized IECEx certified load cells, submersible load cells, load pins and high temperature load cell. They are commonly used for impact & crash measurement, tension-compression force measurement, material testing machine, and many more. Force measuring range from 0.25N to 10MN. 

Unit 14, 44 Garden Bvd, Dingley VIC 3172.

P: 03 9540 5100

Loadcell Supplies

Loadcell Supplies is a small business operating from a factory in Welshpool in Western Australia.

Calwest Services is accredited by National Association of Testing Authorities for the calibration of load cells from 10 kilograms (100N) up to 330 tonnes (3.3MN). 

The OSBK series single ended shear beam load cell is designed for high accuracy platform scales and a variety of process weighing applications.

Allow tool steel construction for high accuracy

Electroless nickel plated for corrosion resistance.

Fully sealded to IP67.

The KPA series S type load cell is – suitable for both tension and compression applications. Hoppers, general weighing, engineering applications – imperial threads

he CSPM series load cell is a high performance load cell suitable for large number of appications requiring very accurate weighing, testing and data acquisition systems

The RLC series load cell is a high performance mid capacity load cell suitable for general weighing systems and data acquisition systems

Phone :(08) 9451 5070


Unit 1, 3 Atlas Court,

Welshpool, WA, 6106


A&D Weighing supplies robust, high performance load cells to suit various applications and requirements. The A&D range includes beam type load cells, compression load cells, single point load cells, tension load cells, shear beam load cells, weighbridge load cells and more.

Browse through our range below to find the right load cell for your application.

32 Dew Street, Thebarton, South Australia 5031

Toll Free: 1800 241 434

Load Cell Manufacturer Companies You'd be Using in Australia 5Meltrons

Meltrons has been the experts in load cell solutions in Australia. We can help you determine which type of load cell technology is best for your requirements, and even customise the perfect solution for your needs. 

Meltrons supplies high-quality load cells for affordable, accurate weighing in a wide range of industries and applications. They are also known as load transducers or load sensors, and convert the force (load) of an object into an electrical signal, making the precise weighing of bulky, heavy objects safer and easier.

FREE PHONE: 1800 335 203

WIKA Australia Pty. Ltd.

product list:

Shear beam To 2,000 kg

Bending beam To 500 kg

Shear beam With thin-film technology

Shear beam load cell up to 10 t

Bending beams and shear beams from WIKA: variety and accuracy

Bending beams and shear beams are used for the determination of (shear) forces and are suitable for both static (weighing technology) and dynamic (machine building) measurement projects. To determine how strong the force is in the application, strain gauges or thin-film sensors are used, which are attached on or in the measuring body. The fields of application of the bending beam and shear beam are many and varied. Thus, these load cells are very often used in industrial weighing technology as well as in the areas of special machine building, factory automation and stage construction. In addition, they are used in the laboratory and process industry for the indirect determination of torques. The appropriate technical and regional approvals of these force transducers are, of course, available as options.

Sydney Head Office

Unit K, 10-16 South Street

Rydalmere, NSW 2116

Postal address:

PO Box 7074, Silverwater NSW 2128 – Australia

Tel.: +61 2 8845 5222


They are the most essential part of any electronic weighing system. These highly sensitive transducers are designed to sense force or weight under a wide range of adverse conditions.

Ideal for all types of medium and high capacity applications, the Shear Beam uses Shear Force as its measuring principle while offering a standard profile for a given capacity. It has good resistance against side loads and a relatively small sensitivity to the point of loading.

we offer list:








tel:1300 044 044

8 Heald Rd. Ingleburn, NSW 2565

7 Darnick St. Underwood QLD 4119

37 Barrie Rd. Tullamarine, VIC 3043

27 Rhur St. Dandenong Sth, VIC 3175

SparkFun Electronics AU

This straight bar load cell (sometimes called a strain gauge) can translate up to 10kg of pressure (force) into an electrical signal. Each load cell can measure the electrical resistance that changes in response to, and proportional of, the strain (e.g. pressure or force) applied to the bar. With this gauge, you will be able to tell just how heavy an object is, if an object’s weight changes over time, or if you simply need to sense the presence of an object by measuring strain or load applied to a surface. Each straight bar load cell is made from an aluminum-alloy and can read a capacity of 10kg. These load cells have four strain gauges that are hooked up in a Wheatstone bridge formation. The color code on the wiring is as follows: red = E+, green = O+, black = E-, and white = O-. Additionally, these load cells offer an IP66 protection rating and feature two M4 and two M5 sized through-holes for mounting purposes.

CONTACT US:1800 285 719

Active Weighing

Active Weighing will source the best load cells for specific applications from a variety of specialist suppliers. A strain gauge load cell is a transducer which converts a measured force or weight to an electrical signal. Connected to a weighing indicator or controller, this information is used to report or control process operations. These load cells vary in size, construction, and material, to deliver the needed sensitivity to weight, changes in weight and the maximum load handled. Selecting the best load cell for an application depends upon multiple criteria including:

Total weight to be handled

Measurement accuracy required

Whether the application is for static or dynamic (in motion) measurement

The situation and environment where the Load Cell is installed.

As precision measurements instruments, load cells must be protected when transported and installed with care. If damaged or overstrained, a load cell will not provide reliable load signal information and must be replaced. Please contact us for replacement load cells to suit your weighing application. We source our load cell supplies from a variety of overseas manufacturers via their Australian based offices. We are a distributor for Precision Transducers load cells, a New Zealand manufacturer. A selection of their range is displayed below.


2A Kalman Drive,

Boronia Vic 3155



(03) 9873 7677

Nobles online

Shear Beam Load Cells are used in applications such as platform scales where half of the cell is attached to a stable structure and the other half is attached to a structure that is designed to be load bearing and have some movement.

Universal low profile, high accuracy Universal Load Cells have a compact design and come in capacities ranging from 1 tonne to 100 tonne. The Universal Load Cells are constructed in tool steel with a corrosion resistant plated finish and are fully environmentally sealed.

Phone: 1300 711 559

80-92 Grand Junction Road

Kilburn, South Australia 5084 

Gedge Systems

Gedge Systems have been producing weighing equipment such as Digital Weight Indicators, Batch Controllers and General Industrial Weighing Equipment all throughout Australia and overseas since 1978. 

Designed from the ground up to offer quality, leading, long-term performance in the majority of industrial situations, the GK2102 Shear Beam is a part of the large range of High Quality Load Cells brought to Australia & New Zealand Gedge Systems that is ruggedly built of the finest Tool Steel and protected by an Electroless Nickel Plated Finish. This load cell has generously sized attachment threads and through holes to allow the use of strong fixing bolts and ruggedly built attachments and mounts. The GK2102 Laser Welded Seal Construction assures users of its IP68 Environment Protection Rating and provides a safe environment for the long term protection of its internal construction.

we offer:

Laser Welded IP68 Sealed Bending Beam Load Cell

Sealed Shear Beam


Welded IP68 Sealed Shear Beam Load Cell

Load Cell

Single Point Load Cell

Point Load Cell

Compression Load Cell

Point Load Cell

Titan Load Cell

27 Rhur Street, Dandenong South 3175, Australia

(03) 9791 8944


load cell system

An Ideal Indicator for OK/NG Judgements in Automated and Picking Machines, Measuring Factors such as Pressure, Load, Torque, and Weight Using Load Cell Signal Input.

Australia Head Office:

Unit 6, 108 Silverwater Road


NSW 2128



We are authorised distributor of Avery Weigh-Tronix, Flintec, Kelba, Rhinstrum Sensortronics Thame Side, and Vishay load cells. These are engineered to the highest specifications and include: single point, shear beam, low profile, tank and silo, compression rocker column weighbridge, onboard truck load cells and double-ended beam load cells for use in a wide range of tension and compression applications.

Categories of load cells:

compression load cell

shear beam load cell

s type load cell

cannister load cell

12 Kembla Way, Willetton 6155 WA

Phone1300 069 970

Kennards online


Measuring applied loads for accuracy and safety purposes. A range are available with working load limits from 100kg to 100T.

tel:(02) 8805 6100

Load Cell Manufacturer Companies You'd be Using in Australia 1


FUTEK specialty is high quality Load Cells.  There are multitudes of variations and configurations to choose from.  Some of these include Bending Beam; Canister; Donut Load Cells ; Inline; Load Button; Low Profile; Medical; Pancake; Rod End; S-Beam or S-Type and Side Mount.

High quality load cells also known as load transducers or load sensors using metal foil strain gauge technology. Capacity of 1.9987 g to 4000000 lb (1779200 N), various sizes for tension, compression and combination load directions.


Metromatics proudly sell and support the FUTEK Sensor Product range in Australia.

P: +61 8 8343-8516

A: Innovation House Suite 3, 44 Mawson Lakes Blvd, Technology Park MAWSON LAKES SA 5095 Australia

Load Cell Manufacturer Companies You'd be Using in Australia 3




The BC Series is highly accurate single point load cell. The single point design is highly resistant to eccentric loading allowing direct mounting to the scale base and weighing platform.

The CAS BCA Series is a low cost, high accurate single point load cell.  The single point design is highly resistant to eccentric loading allowing direct mounting to the scale base and weighing platform.OIML Certified.

The CAS BCL Series is a highly accurate single point load cell. The single point design is highly resistant to eccentric loading allowing direct mounting to the scale base and weighing platform.OIML Certified.

Protection Class IP65. Material: Aluminium.

The CAS BCD Series is a highly accurate single point load cell.The single point design is highly resistant to eccentric loading allowing direct mounting to the scale base and weighing platform.Protection Class IP65. 

+61 (0)7 3267 7767

Unit 8, Northlink

459 Tufnell Rd


QLD 4014


All Lifting

 All Lifting offers a total solution to weighing, lifting, rigging and height safety products and services.

A load cell converts force, tension or pressure into a measurable electrical output. Shop our full range of load cells today.

we offer:

Wireless Load Shackle

Loadblock Plus

S Beam Load Cell

Load Pin Load Cell

Load Cell Shackle

Compression Load Cell

Loadlink Plus Load Cell


678 Beaudesert Road


QLD 4106

(07) 3274 2700



We are an Australian owned business providing specialist lifting, rigging and safety solutions to clients in the Mining, Civil, Construction and Rail Industries as well as Government sectors. 

Shackle Link Load cells are used for measuring the accurate

weight of an object to be lifted or tensioned mainly for use for the

crane and rigging industry, test laboratories also research and

development facilities.

1/12 Progress Circuit

Prestons NSW 2170

Oceancontrols Online

we offer:

Single Point Type Load Cell 0-50 Kg range with 2mV/V output

S Type Load Cell 0-50Kg range with 2mV/V output


44 Frankston Gardens Drive, Carrum Downs, VIC, AU, 3201


AMS Load Cells

We supply Load Cells from Interface; the trusted Load Cell Experts. Whether you need general purpose, low Pprofile or miniature load cells for standard or special applications, we can supply them. Interface’s Load Cell parts primarily use proprietary alloy strain gages which means they produce fast, accurate and reliable data. ​we’ll happily walk you through the load cell specification process, quickly and efficiently.

Contact Us

+61 (0)3 9017 8225

20/51 Kalman Dr, Boronia VIC 3155, Australia

Wiltronics online

Load Cell Sensors

Arduino Compatible ARD2 Load Cell Sensor 1kg

We offer a wide variety of Arduino compatible Load Cell Sensors. These are robust, precise weighing sensors perfect for measuring force for your DIY project.

Tell just how heavy an object is, if an object’s weight changes over time, or if you simply need to sense the presence of an object by measuring strain or load applied to a surface.

P.O. Box 4043, Alfredton, 3350

Phone: (03) 5334 2513

Kelba Australia, PTY LTD

Scaime MTRD Suitable for tension management of very heavy loads, high safety coefficient, stainless steel

Tool steel nickel coated tension force load cell, with a 18,000kg static safe load limit, this robust design cell is perfect for all tension applications. 

Scaime AHN 250kg Aluminum Single Point load cell 250 kg Single Point aluminum load cell

stainless steel hermetically welded seal digital load cell, ideally suited for use in wash down applications in dosing machines and single loadcell platform scales, comes…

+61 2 94764544

7/16 Reliance Drive Tuggerah NSW 2259


The CAS BSS Shear Beam Load Cell Series is a high accuracy shear beam load cell manufactured in stainless steel. It is suitable for use in applications such as low profile systems, weighing and packing machines, conversion of mechanical scales and a variety of applications when a harsh environment is a factor.

we offer:

Shear Beam Load Cell Series is a high accuracyView Product

Shear Beam Load Cell Series is a high accuracy shearView Product

Shear Beam Load Cell Series is a high accuracy shearView Product

Shear Beam Load Cell

Shear Beam Load Cell Series is a high accuracy shearView Product

BCM Series is a highly accurate single point load cell. ItView Product

WBK Weighbridge Load Cell

Compression/Tension Weighbridge and Tank Load Cell. Lightning protected. Mounting Kit available. Hermetically sealed.View Product

HBS Series is a high accuracy welded bending BCM Single Point Load Cell

BCM Series is a highly accurate single point load cell.

MNC Miniature Load Cell

S-Type Tension Load Cell. Material: Nickel Plated Steel. Protection Class IP65.View Product

S-Type Tension Load Cell. Material: Stainless Steel. Protection Class IP68. Ideal

Mobile 0474 30 40 50

Address Unit 9, No 8-10 Christensen road, Stapylton,  QLD  4207, AUSTRALIA.

Load Cell Manufacturer Companies You'd be Using in Australia 4


The DC-xT range of rope clamp load cells digital sensors for measuring tension in wire ropes. The D-Cell digital interface delivers exceptional noise immunity and eliminates many of the problems that arise installing and routing load signal cabling. DC-xT load cells have a double ended beam design and are available in 3T, 5T and 10T nominal capacities.

They are particularly well suited for retrospective installation onto wire ropes when measurement of the load is required for remaining life calculations and basic load display and an in-line load cell is not readily available.

2/33 Horus Bend

Bibra Lake WA 6163.

ABN:71 109 918 710


1.Stainless steel compression load cells suitable for weighing tanks and hoppers with the relevant accessories.

CAPACITIES (kg): 250, 500, 1000, 2500, 5000, 7500, 10000, 12500, 15000, 30000, 50000, 100000.

OIML R60, C3 precision class from 2500 to 12500kg.

Stainless steel. IP68/IP69K protection.

2.The NMI APPROVED Rice Lake 5416 Stainless Steel Canister Load Cell. This European manufactured load cell has internal lightning protection through gas arrestors.


Truck ScalesRailroad truck scalesHeavy capacity tanks and hoppers10-50tonsStainless Steel ConstructionBuilt-in lightning protectionBuilt-in gas charged transient protection


measurements, compatible with REM/REN & TEA tension hardwareAvailable Options:

Service temperature range up to 120℃ [248℃]Available with metric and imperial threads6-wire circuit

4.BAUN Single Point Load Cellenquire now




Slentech carries a comprehensive range of sensors and instrumentation for automation and process industries.

Our diverse portfolio supports your business goals with a broad range of accurate and reliable devices for process measurements; pressure, flow, level, positioning, weighing, recording and control of virtually every industrial application.

A load cell – sometimes referred to as a ‘force’, ‘weigh’ or ‘weight’ cell – is a transducer that Wantirna South

Victoria 3152


 +61 3 9837 5203

Weighing sensor

converts the load acting on it into a measurable (analogue or digital) output. The output is proportional to the force or load applied. Force sensors are a common synonym for load cells. Force sensors, like load sensors, are measuring devices that monitor and gauge forces of compression, tension, and shear.

The two major styles of measurement done are compression and tension; compression is a negative measurement force on a single axis, while tension is a positive measurement force also done on a single axis. Another common style is shear, which is done on two axes that are offset.

Wantirna South

Victoria 3152


 +61 3 9837 5203

CMT Equipment

Leaders in the supply of construction materials testing equipment

High performance Z Beam Load Cell sealed to IP67.

Designed for force measurement and weighing applications alike.

The ease of mounting makes it very attractive for use as a general purpose load cell.

Phone: +61 7 5524 2230

Load Cell Manufacturer Companies You'd be Using in Australia 2

Queensland Rigging Hire

Queensland Rigging Hire offer two compression load cells kits for hire and rental, including:

4 x 47 tonne Units with a total capacity up to 188 tonnes. (Fully Wireless)

4 x 50 tonne units with a total capacity of up to 200 tonnes.

4 x 100 tonne units with a total capacity of up to 400 tonnes.

Each cell is connected to junction box, then to a digital display which provided reading from each cell. Our Compression Load Cell Kits are NATA certified, fully tested and calibrated and supplied with full operating instructions.

The load cells are available in capacities ranging from 2 to 300 tonnes, all supplied with shackles and in Pelican type carry cases. The load cell kits are NATA certified, fully tested and calibrated and supplied with operating instructions.

CALL (07) 3287 1381

Postal Address:

PO Box 264, 612 Boundary Road

Archerfield QLD 4108

Web Tech

Web Tech AutoWeigh is an Australian company specialising in the Design, manufacture, sales and servicing of:Continuous In Motion Weighing Equipment Bulk Solids Handling, Batch Control & Solids Flow Control

Products Include:

Load cell

Weigh Belt feeders & Weigh Conveyors

Conveyor Belt Scales & Weightometers

Loss In weight feeders , Gravimetric Feeders & Gain In Weight Feeders

Volumetric Feeders

Bin Level Systems Including Load cells, Strain Gauges & Junction Boxes

Electronic Controllers & Integrators

Industrial Speed Sensors, Tachometers & Digital Encoders

Telescoper Conveyor Take Ups and other conveyor products

Contact Us

11 Electronics St

Eight Mile Plains, QLD 4113

Brisbane, Australia

Ph: +61 7 38412844


HBM Test and Measurement is the technology and market leader offering products and services for an extensive range of measurement applications in many industries. HBM’s product range covers load cells,sensors, transducers, strain gauges, amplifiers and data acquisition systems as well as software for structural durability investigations, tests and analysis.

Strain Gauges, Load Cells & Transducers

HBM provides a wide range of load cells, strain gauges and transducers.


112 Cambridge Street, West Leederville WA, Australia

P: +61 (8) 9380 6933


OPTIMA’s range of Tension (S Type) Load Cells are very accurate and rugged, constructed to last life time. We have always exceeded expectations of our customers in terms of quality and customer service. 

The range of applications includes Cranes, Hanging Hoppers and many more.

They are also available for harsh environments with IP68 and IP69K protection class.

Our Load Cells are approved to all OIML requirements C2, C3, C4 and even C6. 

ATEX approved version for harzardous area application zones 0,1,2 for gas and 20,21,22 for dust are optionally available.


18/81 Cooper Street, Cooper Street Business Park, ​Campbellfield, Melbourne, Victoria, 3061,Australia.

(+61) 3 9219 030

Calwest Loadcell Supplies

Loadcell Supplies is our sister business and advises, sells, sets up and configures load cell systems. Calwest Services provides the calibration of many systems that Loadcell Supplies supply.

Loadcell Supplies has 20 years experience in setting up weighing systems on all type of systems from 100kg weighing of seed or flour up to 2000 tonne ore mills for weighing and crushing ore. Loadcell Supplies prides itself on selling new equipment but also retrofitting older equipment with a new display and the like to provide new features that previously weren’t available.

Phone :(08) 9451 5070

Int : +618 9451 507


Unit 1, 3 Atlas Court,

Welshpool, WA, 6106

Semrad Pty Ltd

Semrad’s vast experience in designing level measurement and control systems allows us to easily create durable yet flexible silo weighing systems that can withstand Australian conditions. Semrad has committed to producing high-quality silo weighing systems for the Australian market utilising advanced weight gauges from Kistler Morse, a leading brand for silo weighing systems and silo weight gauges in the US.

As Australian distributors for Kistler Morse, Semrad has access to advanced load cells, strain gauges and pressure transducers for reliable and accurate weight measurement. Each weight gauge technology is more suited towards one application over another, such as strain gauges on suspended silos or load cells for large vessels. 

Unit 27E, 1-3 Endeavour Road

Caringbah, NSW, 2229 Australia



Vibrating Wire, Anchor Load Cell, Geosense,VWLC 5000Geosense® VWLC 5000 series Vibrating Wire Anchor Load Cells consist of a cylinder of high strength steel with 3 to 6 vibrating wire strain sensors (depending on capacity) mounted parallel to the longitudinal axis arranged equidistant around the circumference to measure the compression of the cylinder under load.

They are manufactured with a centre hole to accommodate anchors, rock bolts and tendons.

With the multi sensor configuration it is possible to obtain accurate readings under mildly eccentric loading conditions as the sensors are read individually.

T: (08) 9322 4020

Load Cell Sim Racing Pedals

A PE Racing design, available in 2 pedal and 3 pedal configurations. PE Sim Pedals is an adjustable mechanical system with inbuilt load cells that are sensitive and reliable. Load cells provide much more control and immersion, which is beneficial for motorsport professionals, providing a realistic experience for driver training. The pedals response and feel is accurate.

Phone +61 (0) 415 586 890


We offer:

The SW-OAM is a wireless relay module featuring audio and visual warning indicators. The unit’s two set point alarms can be triggered by a single or summed group of up to eight Straightpoint wireless load cells. The SW-OAM is ideal as a Wireless Overload Detection System.


The Straightpoint ‘S’ Beam range of tension/compression load cells are suitable for smaller Silo, vessel and tank weighing applications or for building into OEM projects, testing machines etc.

Manufactured in ranges from 5t to 500t – other capacities available on application. Straightpoint compression load cells are manufactured to the same stringent standards as all Straightpoint products. The bodies are machined from high-grade stainless steel, offering excellent strength and anti-corrosion properties. Compression load cells can be supplied with optional load caps to protect objects being tested.


68 Commercial Drive, Thomastown VIC 3072

1300 437 842

National Weighing & Instruments

National Weighing & Instruments supply a full range of Load Cells and load cell mounting kits. We supply a comprehensive range of the following types of load cells, Shear beam, Single point, S-Type, Button load cells, Hygienic load cells, Weighbridge load cells and Analogue converters to convert Analogue load cell signal to a digital output


Shear Beam

Bending Beam

Assembly Kits


Single Point

Compression / Pancake / Button

Weighbridge Load cells

Tension / S Type


Unit 1, 88 Magowar Rd, Girraween, 2145

1300 669 162

The Rigging Shed

The Rigging Shed offers onsite and in-house solutions to all your lifting and rigging equipment requirements for the commercial, industrial and mining industries. 

Radiolink plus is designed to be rigged with Grade S Shackles – DNV-GL type approved wireless tension load cell capable of weighing and dynamic load monitoring in capacities from 1t to 500t – from stock with an ATEX and IECEx version available for hazardous areas, zones 0,1 & 2.

Manufactured in ranges from 5t to 500t – other capacities available on application. Straightpoint compression load cells are manufactured to the same stringent standards as all Straightpoint products. The bodies are machined from high-grade stainless steel, offering excellent strength and anti-corrosion properties. Compression load cells can be supplied with optional load caps to protect objects being tested.

Contact Info

53 Prosperity Ave, Wangara, WA, 6065 Australia


(08) 9406 9999

EDX online


The EDXtreme exemplifies the trademark precision and rugged construction of Dillon dynamometers. Its highly refined design draws on the inherent strengths of premium grade materials to achieve a 5:1 minimum factor of safety.

CALL (02) 9622-3220


We think our IHS products and services are pretty good.

IHS designs and manufactures hydraulic load cells. Specifically engineered to suit exact application requirements. Our load cells are designed to suit any testing configuration.

Up to 13,000 kN Capacity

Single or Double Acting



Hollow with internal thread

NATA Calibration

27-31 Thomas Murrell Crescent

Dandenong South, 3175

Victoria, Australia

+61 3 9645 1522


Design Quintessence’s mission is pretty simple… to be the best at what we do.


Protos 3.25T Wireless Load Cell Shackle (600m Range)

Product Code: PL PLCS-WL-LS-3.25T

PROTOS Wireless Force Monitoring Systems

The entertainment industry is developing at a fast rate in order to keep up with the latest developments. As the hunger for state of the art shows keeps growing, concerts, plays and shows are constantly evolving as each iteration has to be more specatular than last. As a result rigging has taken a prominent role in almost every show.


Sydney: +61 2 9649 2266

Melbourne: +61 3 9645 2266

Solid Resistive Load Cells

Solid Resistive Load Cells are purpose built for pile load testing, struts, tiebacks and arch supports.

The load cell comprises a set of either 4 or 8 strain gauges to compensate for any eccentricity. The load cell can be wired directly to a data logger for automatic readings or read manually with a readout.

Load cells can be supplied with top and bottom plates for load distribution.​

Offices in Sydney, Melbourne & Perth

Services Australia Wide

  1. 1300 884 542

Applied Measurement Australia Pty. Ltd

Applied Measurement Australia Pty. Ltd. has taken pride in providing innovative and effective solutions.


1.CS131 Series Load Cell CS131 uses Crane and Overload applications Electroless nickel plated for corrosion resistance. Specifications Accuracy Rated 

2.UL18A-T1 Compression Load Cell

3.The tension load cell 60001 has been designed for the industrial weighing of small tanks and hoppers. The S-type load cell 60001 has excellent linearity and accuracy features and excellent overload resistance of over 300%.

4.PL44-20T Series Load Cell Pin Type PL44-20T uses Crane and Overload applications Specifications Accuracy Model PL44 – T20 Rated


 24a/49 Corporate Blvd,

Bayswater VIC 3153

 Phone: (03) 98745777


Offer Load Cell Protector

Data and Signal Line Protection

LPI’s ILC-36 is designed for protection of sensitive strain gauge measuring equipment and protects against excitation overvoltage with low capacitance.

Australia – 1300 NHP NHP (1300 647 647)


Finding the right load cell supplier is vital for your projects. When it comes to versatile load cells, there are different tension load cells or compression load cells. To find the correct and suitable load cells for your applications, you should consider finding good quality load cell sensors from reliable load cell supplying companies from the market.

Without looking further, we’re also a load cell supplier in China. CUBTEC aims to give purposeful reviews and information that is bound to save your time. In case of any questions, inquiries, or even comments, reach out to us.

If you’re looking for high-quality single point load cells, single-ended shear beam load cells, double-ended shear beam load cells, pancake load cells, ring load cells, bending beam load cells, canister load cells, miniature load cells, s type load cells, load pin, load shackles, truck scale load cells, inline load cells, and weigh modules with competitive price in China please contact us for details.

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