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Load Cell 30KG
High Cycle Rates Load Cell

Accurate Reading a Capacity of 30kg
Available in different variants for specific measure needs

40kg Load Cell | Beam Load Cells

  • Accuracy: up to C6 load cells
  • Sturdy aluminum alloy;  stainless steel
  • Measure Range: 0~30kg
  • Dimensions and structures to your orders
  • Simple and convenient installation
  • Maximum platforms: 600mm x 600mm
  • Protecting rate: IP 65, IP67, IP68
  • Standard: ISO9001 CE&RoHs

CUBTEC 30kg load cells are available in different dimensions and structures. As per your specific applications,  you can choose 30kg single point load cells, 30kg s-type load cells, 30kg bending beam load cells, and single-ended load cells. etc for Bench scales, packaging and grading machines, bag filling equipment, and bottle filling machinery where accurate measurements are required.

◆Range: 10, 20, 30kg as per your needs
◆Type: Bending Beam Load Cell
◆Protection Rate: IP68
◆Accuracy: C3
◆Up to 200% Safe Overload, Linearity 0.05%
◆Stainless Steel structure
◆Low Power Consumption, Low Hysteresis
◆Sensitivity: 2+/-0.002mV/V

◆Range: 1, 3,10, 20, 30kg varies as per models
◆Type: tension and compression load cell
◆ S-beam load cell for platform scales
◆Made of aluminum alloy
◆Accuracy: C3 ( +-0.03% class)
◆Sealed to IP67
◆comes with a full range of mounting accessories


◆Capacities: 1kg to 30kg
◆Type:tension/compress (s-beam load cell)
◆load cell made of anodized aluminum
◆ip67 protection level
◆Accuracy class C3( C1 and C2 are also available)
◆For use in Industry-standard mounting
◆max. weighing platform size 600×600 mm
◆suited for tank weighing with wall mounting

Load Range54


Combined Error

± 0.02%FS

Zero Balance

± 1%FS


± 0.0166%FS


± 0.01%FS

Output Resistance

350 ± 50Ω

Compensated Temperate Range

-30 ~ +70 ℃

Temperature Effect on Span

± 0.014 %FS/10℃

Electrical Wire Connection

4 color wire, Ø 5 × 110~500mm

In addition to (5kg) load cells, we also manufacture and supply floor scales, axle scales, bench scales, crane scales, truck scales, pallet jack with scales, weighing indicator displays, and other weighing equipment hardware

How to simply tell if the load cell is damaged on spot?

The deformation of the strain gauge is very small/tiny. During installation and use, if the external force is removed, the original shape of the strain gauge cannot be restored and plastic deformation occurs. It indicates that the load cell is damaged.

What is the correct installation method of the single point load cell?

One end of the sensor is to be fixed through a screw. The other end remains suspended. Apply gravity in the direction indicated on the arrow. One important thing is that you must not directly press the white-coated part. So as not to damage the internal strain gauge of the sensor.

What size screws fit threaded holes on this type of 500g load cell?

M3 is ok.

What is the mass of the 500g load cell?

Single gross weight: 0.300 kg


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