Digital Crane Scale

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Digital Crane Scale

Digital Crane Scale

  • Wireless transmission and distance up to 200m open scene
  • Max. Capacity: 1ton, 2 ton, 3 ton, 5 ton, 10 ton, 15 ton
  • IP68 Water-proof protection
  • Battery: 6V/10Ah; Adaptor, 9V/1500mA
  • Kg/Ib/N convertible units
  • Peel/Zero, Automatic shut-off
  • 3″x5″ display with backlit, up to 5 digits
  • Full Rotational Capability
  • OEM digital crane scale order support
  • Standard: CE, ISO9001, OIML III
  • 15+year experienced crane scale manufacturer & supplier
Digital Crane Scale 1 ton

● Model: CS-1TSS
● Max. capacity: 1,000 kg /1ton/ 2200 lb
● Minimum loading: 10 kg / 22 lb
● Division: 0.5kg
● Net weight:12.5kg
● Measurement units: kg / t / lb / N / kN
● Accracy Standard: OIML III
● Rotatable hook – Stainless

Digital Crane Scale 3 ton

● Model:CS-3TSS
● Max. capacity: 3ton/3,000 kg /6,600 lb
● Minimum loading: 20kg / 66 lb
● Division: 1kg
● Net weight:15kg
● Measurement units: kg / t / lb / N / kN
● Rotatable hook – Stainless
● Accuracy Standard: OIML III
● Includes hook, shackle, remote control

Digital Crane Scale 5 ton

● Model:CS-5TSWP
● Max. Load: 5 ton/5,000 kg /11,023 lb
● Minimum loading: 100 kg / 220 lb
● Division: 2kg
● Net weight:22.5kg
● Measurement units: kg / t / lb / N / kN
● Rotatable hook – Stainless
● Accruacy Standard: OIML III
● Incl. hook, printer, remote control

Digital Crane Scale 15 ton

● Model: CS-10TSSW
● Max. Load: 10 ton/10,000 kg /22,046 lb
● Minimum loading: 100 kg / 220 lb
● Division: 5kg
● Net weight:41.5kg
● Measurement units: kg / t / lb / N / kN
● Rotatable hook – Stainless
● Accuracy Standard: OIML III
● Incl. hook, printer, remote control

Digital Crane Scale 15 ton

● Model: CS-15TSSW
● Max. Load: 15 ton/15,000 kg /33,000 lb
● Minimum loading: 100 kg / 220 lb
● Division: 5kg
● Net weight:64.5kg
● Measurement units: kg / t / lb / N / kN
● Rotatable hook – Stainless
● Accuracy Standard: OIML III
● Incl. hook, printer, remote control

Digital Crane Scale 20 ton

● Model: CS-20TSSW
● Max. Load: 20 ton/20,000 kg /44,092  lb
● Minimum loading: 100 kg / 220 lb
● Division: 10kg
● Net weight:67kg
● Measurement units: kg / t / lb / N / kN
● Rotatable hook – Stainless
● Accracy Standard: OIML III
● Incl. hook, printer, remote control

Digital Crane Scale 2 ton

● Model:CS-2TSS
● Max. capacity: 2ton/2,000 kg /4400 lb
● Minimum loading: 20 kg / 22 lb
● Division: 1kg
● Net weight:12.5kg
● Measurement units: kg / t / lb / N / kN
● Rotatable hook – Stainless

Digital Crane Scale 300 kg

● Model: CS-300
● Max. capacity: 300 kg /0.3 ton/ 660 lb
● Minimum loading: 10 kg / 22 lb
● Division: 0.1kg
● Net weight:450kg
● Measurement units: kg / t / lb / N / kN
● Accracy Standard: OIML III
● Rotatable hook – Stainless

Digital Crane Scale 500 kg

● Model: CS-500
● Max. capacity: 500 kg / 0.5 ton/ 1000 lb
● Minimum loading: 10 kg / 22 lb
● Division: 0.2kg
● Net weight: 650g
● Measurement units: kg / t / lb / N / kN
● Accracy Standard: OIML III
● Rotatable hook – Stainless

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CUBLiFT can tailor manufacture digital crane scales to your orders

Digital Crane Scale Series
Model Max Capacity Min. Capacity Increment Remote Printer
CS-1T 1000kg 10kg 0.5kg Optional Optional
CS-2T 2000kg 20kg 1kg Optional Optional
CS-3T 3000kg 20kg 1kg Optional Optional
CS-5T 5000kg 40kg 2kg Optional Optional
CS-10T 10000kg 100kg 5kg Optional Optional
CS-15T 15000kg 100kg 5kg Optional Optional
CS-20T 20000kg 200kg 10kg Optional Optional
CUBLiFT can tailor manufacture digital crane scales to your orders


Digital Crane Scale – The Ultimate FAQ

The Digital crane scale, also known as a dynamometer, is designed and ideal for weighing items and loads lifted by a crane on the scale. They come in a variety of sizes, strengths. This type of scale comes in handy when handling loads from a warehouse to a defined location and is ideal for weighing shipping freight.

Digital crane scales are powerful because they have a digital display that allows for a more accurate and precise unit of measurement. The device is easy to use as it can be either hung or handheld.

The scale can handle oversized and bulky loads that can’t be weighed using a platform scale.


What are the critical specifications of a Digital crane scale?

When deciding on the purchase of a Digital crane scale, the specifications of the device are key.

The following are Digital crane scales specifications:

  • Rechargeable battery type
  • Scale dimensions: Width 250mm, Diameter 220 mm, Height 420mm
  • Type of hook: Swivel
  • Battery life: 50 hours
  • Device stable time: 10 seconds
  • Display measurements: Led module 35mm/1.4inch
  • Working environments Temp: –10 Celsius- +40 Celsius
  • Environment Humidity: 20 Celsius
  • Safety load: 120%
  • Load Limit: 400%
  • Scale accuracy: 1%
  • Suitability: Both indoors and outdoor
  • Warranty: 2years
  • Capacity Limit: 2000- 50000lb
  • Charger:1000mA output

What are safety operations for a Digital crane scale?

For effective utilization, scale performance, and accurate weight measurements, safety should be observed throughout the scale operations.

  • Do not operate the scale in harsh environmental conditions such as heavy rains and wind.
  • Avoid overloading your scale during operation, as this may damage the load cell.
  • Avoid handling the scale carelessly, as this will void the warranty.
  • Avoid leaving the loaded scale unattended.
  • Always check screws, hooks, and shackle regularly.
  • Frequently check the battery status. If the scale power is low, connect it to the power using its charge.
  • When handling the digital crane scale, ensure the working area is dry, and the device should be placed on a top surface and not on the direct ground.
  • In case of damage or repair of the scale, ensure an expert or authorized person does it.
  • Avoid areas with electromagnetic effects. As this my temper with the scale sensor signal output.
  • Ensure regular digital crane scale calibration.
  • Always ensure the weighing load is vertical.

Where do you apply/need to use a Digital Crane Scale?

The digital crane scale is ideal when the weighing process involves oversized and bulky loads. The scales are hooked on a crane. The digital crane scale displays the weight of the load.

This type of scale is commonly used in weighing the freight to be transported by ships, planes, and trains: manufacturing and factories industries, materials handling, and logistics.

What is Digital Crane Scale features to consider when purchasing?

The way digital crane scale is designed for the safe weighing of bulky and oversize loads.

This type of scale can be remotely controlled with infrared remote control.

The digital crane scale has many features that guide when selecting and deciding on which type of scale fits your business needs.

  • They are made of high-capacity steel for heavy-duty crane scales, and for lightweight scales, they are made of aluminum.
  • Led light load alarm.
  • A 360-degree swivel hook.
  • Have a safe overload of 250% from its capacity.
  • A built-in rechargeable battery.
  • Battery charging, low indicator.
  • LED display 38mm high.
  • High accuracy
  • Heatshield for harsh conditions (Optional)
  • Infrared remote controller (Optional)
  • For safety: High firm hook and shackle that can handle bulky loads.
  • Reliability: Advanced technology and quality, thus long performance life and stability.
  • Multi-weighing units: Can select any of these kilograms. Tones.
  • User-friendly design: Aluminum housing for its safety and protection.
  • Tare, zero and hold functions.
  • Sleep/ideal mode

What are the reasons that indicate you need a Digital Crane Scale for your business?

Before any business, company, or industry acquire a Digital crane scale for its operation, the decision is made after considering different reasons and advantages of the scale.

  • The need for precise and accurate measurements: When handling a freight load, shipping loads, or industrial goods. The measurements’ accuracy and precision are vital for a business.
  • Workplace safety: Having a digital crane scale, there is no need for load transport to the nearest weighing area. Also, the crane reduces load traffic, injuries, and load damages. Thus, efficient and safe operations.
  • Need for a streamlined operation: Digital crane scale, eliminating the need for the movement of loads on the specific weight of the train station, which will result in a longer work, and the work will be focused on the improvement of the productivity.
  • Handling oversized and bulky loads: When your business involves handling different sizes, and shaped loads, the ideal crane scale for your business is the digital crane scale.
  • Since it allows the weighing of oversized and bulk loads and provides precise and accurate measurements.
  • Limited floor space: The working place has limited space for both loads and weighing devices. When you have a digital crane scale, you have two advantages, less space is needed for the device operations, and the crane scale is moveable such that you can take the scale and weigh the load at their placed area.
  • High accuracy and capacity: The digital crane scales are ideal for handling bulky weights, and the measurements are precise and accurate.
  • Unique design and storage: The digital crane scales are more minor and robust enough to handle heavyweights. Due to their size, it is easier to store.
  • Durable and robust design: The scale is designed to work and withstand harsh environmental conditions.

What do you consider in selecting a quality Digital Crane Scale?

The following are vital things/factors to consider before deciding on the scale that fits your business needs:

  • Manufacturing compliance: Ensure the manufacturing company you’re buying from manufactures and calibrate the scales.
  • Easy to operate: No one intends to buy a device that is complicated to use. When selecting the crane scale, ensure it is easy to use and read the measurements. This reduces accidents and errors.
  • Accuracy and precision: While choosing a scale, focus on how accurate or exact the scale is. The estimation exactness you’ll need will rely upon what you’re utilizing the scale for. Essentially, precision may demonstrate pivotal reliance upon the application. It’s additionally essential to consider that good volume is fundamental, as cargo may move and cause disastrous mishaps and damages if the load is unstable.
  • Business and industrial needs. Ensure the type of scale you buy fits and coordinates with your details and business needs. You need much stronger and heavier crane scales to lift bulky loads on a construction site or loading slots that weigh more modest loads in a store or warehouse.

Likewise, you ought to consider whether you’ll have the option to append the scale to other gear, read the scale display from a distance, or work the scale distantly.

  • Expert Scale Installation: This is determined by the kind of crane scale selected. For higher limits, crane scales should be installed by experts, adjusted, and maintenance routine followed. It’s advised to ensure your laborers are trained to operate the scale and basic digital crane scale operations.
  • Flexibility: Search for models that allow you to correct and change the estimated units of measurement. The more flexible the crane, the easier it will be to arrange crane scales for your work.
  • Working environment conditions: The working area for your crane scale should be predetermined before the device purchase is made. Different digital crane scale works in different environmental conditions such as dryness and temperatures.
  • Price and budget: It’s ideal as much the need of digital crane scale is there, the price of the device, and the buyer budget determine when and type to be selected.
  • Maintenance Routine: Understanding the maintenance routine that the crane scale needs are vital.
  • Spare parts availability: When considering buying a digital crane scale, it is advised to assess whether the device spare parts are available in case replacement is needed.

What factors affect the Digital crane scale accuracy?

The accuracy and precision of the Crane scale reading can be affected in many respects.

  • Load factors: When handling loads weight, ensure the device manufacturer approved the capacity. The unstable load can cause strain and make the load cell faulty. Ensure the load cells are well supported by load cells when weighing. Make sure that the load correctly adjusts to each load on the load cell and its packaging equipment – to ensure that the load equipment directs the load directly to the load cell.
  • Accuracy of the load cell: Ensure you choose a top-quality load cell for your digital crane scale is the initial phase in getting accurate and precise weight measurements. The load cell /transducer is a metal piece that twists the mechanical load power and converts the mechanical power into an electrical sign.

The curve doesn’t surpass the metal’s flexibility and is estimated by strain checks reinforced at focuses on the cell. Nonetheless, the load is applied to the steady right on target the load cell, and the strain estimates offer a comparing electrical hint.

Temperature changes: This factor can also affect the weighing process, thus weight errors. Some load cells can be able to adjust the weighing errors. But the digital crane scale is operated in extreme temperatures, i.e., high or low temperatures. Temperatures changes affect the load cell output. To correct the weight errors, recalibrate the load cells.

The temperature changes effects are evident as this affects the sensitivity of the load cells. If there is a significant temperature change on your digital crane scale, new device calibration is recommended. Before you progress with your load weighing process, assess the temperatures and the scaling behavior.

  • Loading shock: Shock stacking happens when bulky and oversized loads are loaded onto a digital crane scale, causing the force to be more than the crane scale’s recommended limit and harming your digital crane scale. If you utilize higher-limit load cells that can deal with this stacking shock, this will corrupt and reduce the digital crane scale performance life. Controlling the loading of weights onto the digital crane scale and observing the crane scale’s capacity limit reduces the damage caused by shock loading.
  • Vibration: Vibration effects on the digital crane scale and different sources close to the crane scale system can make the load cells measure the heaviness of load just as a vibration sent to them, which the cells sense as mechanical commotion.

You can diminish or forestall vibration impacts by segregating the digital crane scale system from vibration sources whenever the situation allows or utilizing crane scale system instrumentation with calculations that eliminate vibration impacts.

  • Pressure variation: Any type of pressing factor differential is made in an unvented gauge vessel: At the point when the load streams quickly into a crane scale, it removes a volume of air equal to the load capacity.

On the off chance that the air can’t escape from the crane scale through a vent, the connections that join the load and outlet diverting to the advanced crane scale will develop as the dislodged air floods into it, and this improvement will apply side forces to the load cells, causing weighing measurements inaccuracy. To address this issue, fittingly vent your gauging device.

  • Signal transmission interference: To ensure the load cells only measures the desired load weight, ensure the weight controller of the digital crane scale measures only electric load cell signal. Temperatures, moisture, electromechanical interference, and radio frequency interference led to weigh errors.

How does the Digital crane scale display key’s function?

For effective scale operations, the operator ought to understand the digital crane scale keys, and they operate.

  • ON/OFF Key: Long press to power up and put off the crane scale. Short press the key to cancel or return to weighing mode.
  • Tare Key: To increase digit, short press the tare button in/out. To move the digit or zero modes, do long-press the key.
  • Hold: To switch the unit or decimal point input, long-press the key. To lock/unlock and next short press.

Digital crane scale display indicators and what they outline on display:

  • Lb: Unit Measurement in tons.
  • Kg: Measurements unit in Kilograms.
  • ——: Detect the load weight.
  • -: Indicates the device is on idle mode.
  • bAt–: Shows the battery life percentage.
  • End: Means save and exit.
  • Off: Indicate the device that is on power-off mode.
  • our: Indicates the scale is overloaded.
  • Err: It’s an error.
  • ACC: Accumulate weight.
  • dEL: delete last weight.
  • CLR: Means delete all weight.

What does a Digital crane scale operation guide entail?

Digital crane scale operation guide ensures the operator handles the load weight and the scale with ease. It outlines different functions that enable the crane scale to operate.

  • To note the crane scale is on/off, a display of 88888 for xxxxx displays the capacity.
  • When the scale is on, it also shows the battery voltage.
  • While the crane scale is powered down, the display light goes off.
  • Once the digital scale is on, the zero appears on display. In case it doesn’t appear, press the ZERO key.
  • Accumulation: Accumulation search, clear.
  • Battery voltage

How do you do a parameter setting on a Digital Crane Scale?

Parameter setting on a Digital Crane Scale is significant.

The following are steps on how to set parameters on a Digital Crane Scale:

  • Power on the digital crane scale.
  • Press F1 and F2 simultaneously; the function key enables you to move the digit or set the value.
  • Press TARE, ZERO, and CLEAR keys to ensure you key in 8088 when setting a parameter password.
  • Press SHIFT (Setup), confirm and enter the parameter setting password.
  • Press TARE (FS=06), Indicates a new scale if the scale is well calibrated.
  • Press CLEAR/ZERO (FS=05) to choose the scale capacity.
  • Press TARE (Id=05) confirms the calibration of the new scale.
  • Press ZERO OR CLEAR (Pt=0) to choose a decimal position.
  • Press TARE (LL=2); if the new scale is calibrated, it displays LL=2 on the screen.
  • Press ZERO OR CLEAR(Un) to choose the measurement unit. Un=1 it’s for tons (lbs.) Un=0 for Kg unit and Un=2 for another unit.
  • Press TARE (OFF1), When the new scale displays the OFF1, the scale is calibrated.
  • Press ZERO/CLEAR (OFF2), Choose to turn off method, option 1 is by hand, option two the display screen turns off for 15 minutes to save power. Option 2 is after 15 minutes; the scale turns off automatically after 60 minutes.
  • Press TARE(g), acceleration of gravity.
  • Press TARE, ZERO, and CLEAR, to change the calibration value based on your local area g value.
  • Press SHIFT (End), confirms the digital crane scale parameter setting, exit parameter setting program.

What are Digital crane scale display instructions to consider when operating it?

The digital crane scale operator needs to understand different scale display instructions before using the equipment.

The digital crane scale display has a lot of instructions that indicate different functions of the scale.

  • [SCALE]; Enter the calibration.
  • [CALSP]; Enter zero-point calibration.
  • [SEtUP]: Enter parameter setting.
  • [LoAd1]; Indicates the first calibration.
  • [ LoAd2]; Indicates the second calibration.
  • [LoAd3]; Indicate the third calibration.
  • [_____________]; Indicate exceed low limit.
  • [———————–]: Indicates exceed high limit.
  • [ Err10]; Shows the weight less than minimum capacity.
  • [Err11]; Shows the accumulated time overflow.
  • [Err12]; Accumulated weight overflow. It can’t accumulate after 99999.
  • [Err13]; Error in repeat accumulation. You can’t accumulate one weight repeatedly.
  • [CLr]; Delete the accumulated weight.
  • [88888]; Confirm the deletion.
  • [SHIFT]; switch
  • __________; When the input value is too large.
  • [ no ACC]; No any accumulated weight.
  • [-oL-]: Overload warning.
  • [U***]; The voltage of the current battery.
  • [-Lb-]; Low battery warning.
  • [End]; Indicates the calibration and parameter setting ready.
  • [OFF]; The scale is turned off.

What are critical problems to troubleshoot on a Digital crane Scale?

The use of digital crane scale in your daily activities can be effective and profitable.

The following are the problems that can be experienced when operating a digital crane scale and how to solve them:

  • Battery can’t recharge: causes; damaged battery, outlet damaged. Solution: Replace the battery and replace the outlet.
  • Weight displays significant error: Causes: when weighing, the scale wasn’t zeroed. Ensure the scale is zero points before weighing.
  • Zero drift between weight: Causes: the scale is not stable after turning it on, Placing the scale on the ground for too long. After turning on the device, give it a few minutes before weighing any load, and the scale should be hung.
  • The display doesn’t respond to weight changes: Causes damaged loadcell, damaged load cell cable, and out of calibration. Replace the loadcells, check and calibrate the scale.
  • Digit’s flash: indicates the battery is low. Recharge the battery.
  • No crane scale display when powered on: Causes: Discharged battery, damaged battery, and fault button. Recharge, replace the battery, for defective button seek authorized service and press ON/OFF.
  • Unstable weight reading: Causes: Damped loadcells and defective mainboard. Dry the loadcells.
  • Blank display: Causes: Batteries not inserted correctly. Remove and insert the battery correctly. Check the battery polarity.

What is a safe and proper way to use a digital crane scale?

The digital crane scale is designed exclusively for weight measuring and displaying the data. The scale can be used for commercial and private weighing purposes.

The device dealer or manufacturer acknowledges no obligation for harm brought about by mistaken use.

To avoid the risk of injury of the operator, the following should be adhered to:

  • Do not utilize the scale on the off chance that you have back issues.
  • Ensure the crane scale is dry before you use it.
  • Discontinue utilizing the scale on the off chance that it shows noticeable harm.
  • Never open the batteries to inordinate warmth.
  • Ensure there is no load on the crane scale when you are not utilizing them.
  • The cutoff of the crane scale has shown up on the overlay, don’t make lifts past
  • the evaluated breaking point of the crane scale. operators ought not to move a stacked crane scale over faculty.
  • The scale should be regularly checked for activity. Try not to work if snare, shackle, sling, link, and so on give any indication of deformities or extreme wear.
  • On the off chance that the scale won’t be utilized for a long time, re-energizing the battery each three months to safeguard the life expectancy of the battery and re-energize it before activity.
  • The battery charger is associated with the digital crane scale pack. On the off chance that it’s not all that much difficulty, use this charger, it’s normal that the charger will be warm when the battery is charging.
  • Kindly note when the digits streak on the presentation, it implies that the battery should be re-energized.
  • Check snare, shackle, self-locking pins, and hooks intermittently. Contact your vendor for parts substitution on the off chance that imperfection, distort or wearing is found.
  • Continuously lift stacks upward.
  • Avoid standing or walking in a dangerous area.
  • Do not exceed the recommended load limit of the crane scale.
  • Check for any damages on crane scale parts, loops, hooks, cables.
  • Do not transport loads using the crane scale.
  • Try not to utilize different connections.

How do you maintain the digital crane scale battery?

To ensure you maximize scale battery life, the battery maintenance routine:

  • To open the battery house, screw off two screws.
  • 3AA batteries power the digital crane scale.
  • The scale battery can work up to 65 hours, depending on backlight brightness.
  • To conserve battery life, enable Auto-Off and Idle mode.
  • Battery storage should be -20 Celsius to +50 Celsius.
  • The scale will auto power-off itself when the three batteries’ voltage is lower than 3.2V.
  • The charging time for a released battery is around 12 hours.

What are the different parts that make up a Digital crane scale?

For a digital crane scale to be functional, different parts are assembled to make complete equipment:

  • Eye
  • Gauge propeller
  • Hook
  • Safety
  • Connecting pipe
  • Keyboard
  • Display
  • Battery charging connection
  • Nameplate

How do you load the digital crane scale?

The following are simple steps on how to load a crane scale effectively:

  • Position your digital crane scale hook overload.
  • Lower the crane scale until the load can be attached to the scale hook.
  • Attach the load to the hook. Ensure the scale hook latch is closed. If the scale uses slings, ensure the slings are fully seated in the saddle of the scale hook.
  • Slowly lift the load.
  • If the digital crane scale uses a sling to handle the load, ensure the load is balanced correctly.

How to operate the digital crane scale?

The digital crane scale is designed with various capacities, sizes. Crane scales that have the capacity of between 1000kgs to 3000kgs are ideal for measuring loads in a range of a situation such as warehousing farming and industrial applications.

Crane scales offer many advantages over most other scales; the most important is that you can move the scales to the load rather than move the load to the crane scale.

  • The scale runs off three double AA batteries, and you can expect well over 70 hours of weight.
  • When utilizing additional features such as the idle mode, the battery life can be further extended by 200hours.
  • This scale is capable of recording in pounds if you prefer.
  • The scales are simple to use three buttons to power the unit on and off and hold the weight on the screen.
  • The hold function is ideal for circumstances where you need to remove the load before having the opportunity to record the weight.
  • The crane scale has a heavy-duty aluminum casing the internal rechargeable six-volt battery that allows hours of interruption.
  • The supplied remote control allows the scales to be used at distances up to 15meters.
  • All scales are supplied calibrated and are accurate to plus or minus 1 % giving the confidence to use the equipment.
  • Ensure that the object you are weighing has a secure handle or attachment for lifting.
  • Place the object on a level surface.
  • Using the suspension hook on the scale, hook this around the object’s handle.
  • Lift the object with the handgrip at the top of the hanging scale.
  • Check the LED screen on the scale for the object’s weight.

Why should you purchase a Digital Crane scale direct from a manufacturer?

After deciding on acquiring a digital crane scale, the next question is who to purchase your scale from.

There are a lot of benefits of purchasing and servicing your equipment with authorized manufacturers.

  • Custom Orders

On the off chance that you need something custom, attempting to put in a request can immediately turn into a round of telephone where the subtleties are mixed when they get to the production line. At the point when you submit a request straightforwardly with the manufacturer, you’ll get precisely what you need without any errors. We can likewise make supportive ideas that will improve your scale’s exhibition, cost, or potential usefulness.

  • Quicker Lead Times

When you get in touch with us straightforwardly, we can begin handling your request right away. We don’t need to trust that six others will get the telephone or browse their email, implying you get the crane scale you need a lot quicker.

Our standard lead time is around multi-week. Nonetheless, this can fluctuate with your area or the off chance that you request a custom item. We keep mainstream items in stock at our production line that are regularly prepared for sure shipment.

  • Phenomenal Pricing

Without the entirety of the markups forced by sellers, we’re ready to offer a unique item for a much lower cost. You pay for the scale you need, and that’s it.

  • Better Customer Service

If something breaks or you need assistance investigating an issue, vendors and other go-betweens won’t be helpful. Our client care is consistently accessible to respond to questions or give an answer for any issues you might be having, which implies a vastly improved encounter.

  • Less Paperwork

With fewer arrangements, structures, records, and documentation, you save existence that can be utilized in manners that are more useful to your activity.

  • Better Accountability

On the off chance that something should turn out badly, we’re here to fix it. That’s all there is to it. You will not need to sit around idly attempting to sort out who committed the error or manage the postponements and blame-shifting as your grumbling is passed from one broker to another.

How do you change Digital crane scale batteries?

The digital crane scale has rechargeable batteries that can be replaced in case they are damaged.

  • Long press the power button to turn off the crane scale.
  • Turn the crane scale backward.
  • Use a screwdriver to open the back panel.
  • Press screwdriver and move in an anticlockwise manner.
  • Now the crane scale is opened.
  • Unplug the cable, take out the battery.
  • You need to connect the connector and the battery to full charge it for up to 5-6hours.
  • Put the battery and close the back panel.
  • Ensure all the cables are correctly in place.
  • Screw back the screws.
  • Turn the crane scale to face upwards.
  • Then turn on the crane scale.

What are the types and variety of Digital Crane Scales?

Digital crane scales are designed with various designs, functions, and sizes. Crane scales come in numerous limits, sizes, and value reaches to fit each need, each utilization, and each financial plan.

Different types depend on;

  • Digital Crane scales for transport stacking: on the off chance that you’re wanting to quantify the loads as you load them onto a boat, you’ll likely require a significantly specific scale. A standard stage scale offers endless uses anyway isn’t practical for transport stacking.

If you somehow happened to stop by a shipyard and watch the boats being stacked, you may see a hanging scale annexed to the impact of a crane stacking enormous things onto cargo ships.

This sort of scale grants you to weigh tremendous loads and lift them all the while, which helps with stacking ships faster and all the more capably stood out from using different sorts of scales. Digital Crane scales utilized in transport stacking should be exact, solid, and safe even at high limits.

  • Scales for Hazardous Environments: Various mechanical regions have a particularly dangerous or ruinous portion. CubLiFT Scales offers incredibly designs, harsh scales that will serve you whether you work near the exceptional ocean shower, under the boiling sun, or in a mechanical office with gases and liquids that could get damaging unstable, or even perilous.
  • High-Capacity Hanging Crane Scales

On the off chance that you need to choose the transportation weight of a tremendous refrigeration case, check immense zoo animals, or measure totes as they are dispensed with from a steel trailer, a conventional stage scale will most likely be of little use. Lifting, power assessment, and hang checking applications all require an unprecedented sort of scale.

Typically suspended from a crane, blast, or link noticeable all around, hanging scales are a substantially more flexible alternative that permits you to all the while lift and gauges enormous articles in conditions where a stage scale simply isn’t practical. As this is maybe the most standard class of Crane Scales, we have changed them reliant upon customer analysis for accommodation in the going with habits.

Digital crane scales appear as though a case with two catches attached to it. One catch is mounted on top of the case, and another is fixed to the base. The holder holds the measuring devices and an LCD screen that shows the load weighing capacity.


Remote/Wireless crane scale

Remote crane systems are intended to help the gauging cycle from beginning to end. The systems are not just planned and worked to withstand any conditions; however, they are additionally planned in light of their client, selecting simple to understand screens and remotely communicable information.

Since the estimations are going from one PC to another, there isn’t any space for human mistakes. Numbers won’t be translated, dropped, or misread. The crane scale systems will likewise permit the client to stand an amicable separation away from the article being gauged and estimated. Radio information transmission from scale to gadget effectively arrives at 60 yards.

Battery-powered batteries work the scale instrument. Inside parts that move have been removed from the plan with expectations of guaranteeing an upkeep-free scale. Remote crane scales additionally give the client a high pace of precision. Its high weight goal is up to 0.5lbs.

How do you store your Digital crane scale?

Proper storage of a digital crane scale is one of the maintenance routines that enhance its performance life.

  • Ensure the equipment is operated and placed in a dry area.
  • If the digital crane scale is not used for some time, ensure the batteries are removed from the device battery compartment.
  • The crane scale batteries should be stored away from dampness and harsh environmental conditions.
  • Try not to put any substantial burdens on the scale when the scale isn’t being used
  • For the scale that is frequently in use, it should not be stored far away.

How do you reset your Digital crane scale?

The new digital crane scale is primarily calibrated upon any purchase. The crane scale with time needs reset or calibration.

  • Get a load that can be burdened on the advanced scale. The load ought not to have uneven edges so as it tends to be steady on the stage. Additionally, it ought to have sufficient weight so that there will be an accessible perusing.
  • Discover the reset or alignment catch of your digital crane scale. For specific models, it is the here and there button.
  • Press that catches until just 0 shows up or any kind of show that connotes that it is open for a reset.
  • Put on your preferred object on the stage and trust that the computerized scale will figure the weight.
  • When the perusing is shown, press the reset button again and hang tight to reflect 0 again or different showcases that show that the reset is finished.
  • Some advanced scales consequently apply the reset; however, others educate you to hang tight for in any event two minutes before physically turning it off. Check your manual, certainly.
  • You are finished!

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