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Crane Scale 5 Ton | Digital Crane Scale 10000 lbs

  • CE approval Crane Scale 5 Ton
  • ISO9001 approved crance scale manufacturer
  • weighing capacity:  5 ton
  • Ocs Digital Hanging Weighing Scale with
  • American standard eye hook & bow shackles
  • 6V/10Ah rechargeable battery
  • Accuracy: up to OIML III
  • aluminum die-casting case
  • Backlit large indicator: zero, tare in/out
  • Overload alarm, digital calibration
Wireless Crane Scale 5 Ton

● Model:CS-5TSWP
● Max. Load: 5 ton/5,000 kg /11,023 lb
● Minimum loading: 100 kg / 220 lb
● Division: 2kg
● Net weight:22.5kg
● Measurement units: kg / t / lb / N / kN
● Rotatable hook – Stainless
● Accruacy Standard: OIML III
● Incl. hook, printer, remote control

Industrial Crane Scale 5 Ton

● Model:CS-5TSWP
● Max. Load: 5 ton/5,000 kg /11,023 lb
● Minimum loading: 100 kg / 220 lb
● Division: 2kg
● Net weight:22.5kg
● Measurement units: kg / t / lb / N / kN
● Rotatable hook – Stainless
● Accruacy Standard: OIML III
● Incl. hook, printer, remote control

Digital Crane Scale 3 Ton

● Model:CS-3TSS
● Max. capacity: 3ton/3,000 kg /6,600 lb
● Minimum loading: 20kg / 66 lb
● Division: 1kg
● Net weight:15kg
● Measurement units: kg / t / lb / N / kN
● Rotatable hook – Stainless
● Accuracy Standard: OIML III
● Includes hook, shackle, remote control
● Brand: CUBLiFT

Crane Weight Scale 1000 kg

● Model: CS-1TSS
● Max. capacity: 1,000 kg /1ton/ 2200 lb
● Minimum loading: 10 kg / 22 lb
● Division: 0.5kg
● Net weight:12.5kg
● Measurement units: kg / t / lb / N / kN
● Accracy Standard: OIML III
● Rotatable hook – Stainless

Crane Weight Scale 15 ton

● Model: CS-15TSSW
● Max. Load: 15 ton/15,000 kg /33,000 lb
● Minimum loading: 100 kg / 220 lb
● Division: 5kg
● Net weight:64.5kg
● Measurement units: kg / t / lb / N / kN
● Rotatable hook – Stainless
● Accuracy Standard: OIML III
● Incl. hook, printer, remote control

Crane Weight Scale 500kg

● Model: CS-20TSSW
● Max. Load: 20 ton/20,000 kg /44,092  lb
● Minimum loading: 100 kg / 220 lb
● Division: 10kg
● Net weight:67kg
● Measurement units: kg / t / lb / N / kN
● Rotatable hook – Stainless
● Accracy Standard: OIML III
● Incl. hook, printer, remote control

CUBLiFT: Your Premier Crane Scale Manufacturer in China

CUBLiFT provides a broad array of heavy-duty scales for all industrial environments. From industrial floor scales to transportable scales contact us. This crane scale 5-ton is used in labs for measuring tiny amounts of chemical products, in kitchens for weighing ingredients, and in households for bodyweight measurement.

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They also have various commercial uses, for example in the building business. Since crane scale 5-ton measures have serious repercussions, choosing the proper product is vitally critical. The crane scale  5-ton is available in analog as well as digital varieties, each of which provides distinctive benefits. While the former is battery-free, the latter is better suitable when with great precision.

Our heavy-duty crane scales 5-ton have been recognized in all demanding industrial situations for leading industry precision and dependability. We have a global supply reputation for 20 years now. Our floor weight scales and crane scales are appropriate for companies in many sectors like food, chemicals, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, transport & logistics, and more.

Crane scale  5- ton from CUBLiFT provides precise and dependable weighing solutions for industrial wet and dry conditions. Whether your process demands mobility for flexible usage, a sanitary design for quick and simple cleaning, or a robust structure, CUBLiFT provides a crane scale  5-Ton for sale to suit your needs.

Our crane scales are complementary to our heavy-duty versions. These entries in our industrial-scale range give trustworthy weights for your heavy products and enable you to move the scale right to your weight. This crane scale  5-ton enables you to weigh wherever to improve your productivity and cost savings. They have been designed to survive for years and offer precise weighing in your demanding industrial environment, easy to load and clean.

Check our more crane scale 5-ton series from us to get the right fit for your requirements. These are well suited for commercial applications in the industry. Don’t hesitate to take advantage of these crane scales and enlarge your machine choices. CUBLiFT will be your long-term reliable crane scale manufacturer & supplier in China. Save your cost, speed up your efficiency.

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Crane scale 5 ton-The ultimate guide

  1. What is a 5-ton Crane Scale?. 2
  2. What is a 5-ton Crane scale used for?. 3
  3. Which features does this Crane scale have?. 4
  4. How accurate is the CUBLiFT 5-ton crane scale?. 5
  5. What is a digital 5-ton crane scale?. 5
  6. How do I use a 5-ton crane scale?. 5
  7. What should I consider before buying this 5-ton crane scale. 6
  8. Which safety considerations should I ensure when using this 5-ton crane scale?. 7
  9. Why do I need to have a 5-on crane scale?. 8
  10. How does a 5-ton crane scale work?. 8
  11. How many models of crane scales do you offer?. 9
  12. What is a digital crane scale?. 11
  13. Which precautions should I keep in mind when using this 5-ton crane scale?. 11
  14. What is a cylinder crane scale. 11
  15. Does CUBLiFT offer wireless 5-ton crane scales?. 12
  16. Why should I consider the crane scale from CUBLiFT?. 12
  17. How do crane scales differ from ordinary scales?. 13













1. What is a 5-ton Crane Scale?

CUBLiFT 5-ton crane scales are used to weigh a suspended cargo and other pallets. When it comes to industrial demands, highly heavy, sometimes voluminous loads do occur which are not always simple to measure the actual mass.

This 5-ton Crane scale represented by several types with a distinct range and weighting capability provides a solution for the issue of weighting unusually large loads under industrial settings.

Digital 5-ton crane scales from CUBLiFT are one of today’s most ranked crane scales on sale. Our 5-ton crane scales offer large, easy-to-read screens.

The weight of our smallest cranes is up to 20 kg and the display is bright and can be seen clearly from a modest distance from our crane scales.

The 5-ton crane scales of the CUBLiFT series have a weight range of 5-tons. Some types of re-sold crane scales from other manufacturers achieve a maximum weight capacity of 20 tons.

They are powered by rechargeable batteries that are easy to use. The area of use of 5-ton crane scales is large, based on its technical characteristics and specifications.

CUBLiFT 5-ton crane scales are heavy-duty with stable construction, transport, and aerospace. They also offer different kinds of mills and plants, maritime, etc.

In other words, wherever the cargo cannot be lifted or weighed up by the individual, you can use our promising crane scales.

Where an instant indicator of the load is needed and tensile forces are measured, load cells or load links, both of which belong to the load indicators, may be utilized.

These 5-ton crane scales are particularly suitable for measuring load and are lightweight, yet strong and can provide an exact result in the domains of force measurement because of the electronics.

CUBLiFT offers 5-ton crane scales that can be remotely controlled. The 5-ton crane scale may be employed under different settings on selected models with the infrared remote control.

The combination of 5-ton crane scales permits the addition of partial masses to achieve the complete mass after completion.

The strong structure of the 5-ton crane scale makes it excellent for industrial applications. The size of the crane has a safety factor of 4.

The safety factor is the extent to which the system is stronger than generally required for a planned load.

In all weight categories, maximum safety overload protection is 400 percent. Some crane scale models include 5 overload safety factors and 500 percent overload protection.

Safety is one of the major problems since our 5-ton crane scales frequently work when there is a lot of other equipment and machinery and accidents. Collisions can be prevented by this safety factor.

It must be ensured that the crane scale is properly placed in line with the manufacturer’s regulations and specifications.

It is also essential to ensure it is professionalized by someone acquainted with crane scales. If this is supplied, the crane scales will probably provide highly accurate results, high reading of values, and appropriate protection during overhead weighing or in overweight cases.


2. What is a 5-ton Crane scale used for?

This CUBLiFT 5-ton crane scale remains one of the most common of the many distinct kinds of scales in the commercial industry.

Though this scale itself has been in use for many years, it is as popular throughout China owing to advances in digital technology as platforms, warehouses, and facilities.

The crane-type scale is a reasonably simple design, which is rather tiny and may be mounted to a strong overhead beam or hook that holds the required weight.

The scale hangs from the crochet from below and to the top of the scale, which holds the container where the weighted object is located, either directly or as is typically the case.

The scope idea is simple, the weight pulls onto the scale that measures the force and transfers the information into recognized indicators of the weight scale.

Though basic and small in form, this sort of crane scale may be used to weigh many kinds of goods in diverse contexts. The design of the scale is also such that it can endure for a lengthy period under regular circumstances of operation.

Add a basket or other container to the bottom of the container and provided they fit in and do not exceed the top of the scale. You may weigh a significant number of different goods.

The crane version of the weight scales for various kinds of businesses is very adaptable equipment. It can weigh individual products before shipment or verify weight for maximum precision in the packing.

One of the most frequent areas to locate this form of scale is at CUBLIFT where heat makes it impossible to function properly on other sorts of scales.

All it takes is a heat shield to cover the internal circuits and mechanics of the magnitude and even very hot goods can be easily weighed.

Another benefit is that because the item is not connected to the scale, it may be quickly replaced if anything happens to the basket or container.

The adaptability of the scale is further shown when dealing with stable products or even live animals that may not remain still on ordinary platforms or flat scales.

CUBLiFT crane scale is great for putting such objects in a securely weighted basket or container. This form of scale is also sufficiently adaptable to replace other sorts of scales if the weight of things may fall in the scale.

Many companies utilize this scale as a backup if another scale collapses. Understanding the many applications of these 5-ton crane scales can help you choose the sort of scale that works best for your requirements.

While CUBLiFT platforms provide a lot of variety, the crane version remains quite popular and works well for many different applications.

3. Which features does this Crane scale have?

Our Crane scale has ergonomic features to cover all weighing requirements. Crane scales vary in capacity from large-capacity steel units suited for heavy-duty usage to small-capacity aluminum devices that are accurate and lightweight.

CUBLiFT 5-ton crane scales are designed for use in dynamic work situations. This means they are unswayable and include built-in stability adjustment capabilities to meet a variety of environmental situations.

When calibrated properly, 5-ton crane scales provide an effective and versatile method of material weighing. The majority of our crane scales enable operators to move between multiple measurement units.

Additionally, they are very precise to within 0.1 to 0.2%, even when weighing the heaviest of things.

CUBLiFT Crane scales, and hanging scales in general, serve two critical functions. They accurately determine the weight of an object and they guarantee operators do not overload cranes or hoists.

Overloading is a safety risk and results in significant financial losses due to defective equipment and machinery. You can also pay a fine once found overloading your truck.

They’re great for weighing large, enormous loads that are difficult to weigh on platform scales. They are primarily used for weighing freight before its transportation by aircraft, trains, and ships.

These crane scales help you in evaluating if cargo is too heavy to hoist using a crane or other piece of equipment. Crane scales are affixed to the hook of the crane or hoist.

The digital readout displays the load’s weight and the amount of force applied to the crane. This enables you to assess if the crane is capable of transporting it.

CUBLiFT Crane scales are priced differently based on their features and capabilities.

Finally, their huge LED display enables operators to view findings from a distance of several feet, even in low-light settings.

4. How accurate is the CUBLiFT 5-ton crane scale?

CUBLiFT crane scales come in a variety of weight carrying abilities. They are created and built by a team of industry specialists to provide dependable, accurate, and safe operation.

Each of our weighing equipment undergoes extensive testing to ensure that they are reliable and deliver accurate readings.

Not only are these weighing machines tiny, but they are also sturdy, low in weight, and simple to use. Our scales offer high degrees of accuracy with minimal or no errors at all.

When choosing a scale, you should look at the accuracy. A slight change inaccuracy can mess the whole weighing process.

5. What is a digital 5-ton crane scale?

CUBLiFT offers high-quality digital crane scales for use in weighing cargos. Our digital scales are recognized for their exact and consistent performance, as well as their high level of durability and safety.

A digital 5-ton crane scale is a low-cost weighing solution that comes in a variety of sizes, from 300 kilos to 5tons. They have a maximum weight precision of 1/3000 and are equipped with a security overload.

These scales have an easy-to-read, bright LCD that displays the weight in kilos or pounds in a digital format. They are powered by a long-lasting reusable battery pack.

This sort of crane scale enables the attachment of accessories and is simple to operate using a casing-style keypad.

The digital crane scale has a remote controller that enables users to modify units, clear sizes, reset, pull off a load, and get peak weight from a distance of up to 100 feet.

Each of these scales includes a suspending loop, a battery charger, an S-hook, an adapter, and a surge suppressor or dc generator.


7. How do I use a 5-ton crane scale?

Most of CUBLiFT 5-ton crane scales cannot be verified, calibrated, or produced according to regulations, not least the International Legal Metrology Organization.

This organization gives special attention to measurements, measurement values, units, and accurate results. The scale is not dependent on capacity and range.

The 5-ton crane scales of CUBLiFT thus provide enough readability, value, and precision. All CUBLiFT crane scales are certified and belong to group 2 scales.

For the 5-ton crane scale, replacement devices such as line chargers and accumulators are available. For an extra charge, our crane scales may incorporate ISO calibration certification.

The calibration methodology comprises a certificate of laboratory calibration with our client’s details. These crane scales also feature a digital force unit converter.

This digital unit force converter allows you to transmit the data which you have from the crane scales into either kgs, pound, tons.

More information may be found on CUBLiFT crane scales such as videos, safety instructions, and safe use of the tools.

We also provide user manuals, test procedures, and drawings accessible with each product description. Check out the CUBLiFT website for any product you need.

8. What should I consider before buying this 5-ton crane scale

The benefits of 5-ton crane scales are very self-evident. However, there are some critical factors to consider as you finger out which one to buy.

The average weight of the cargo. Perhaps the most critical consideration when selecting a crane scale is the average weight of the load being weighed.

Certain scales are capable of handling weights weighing up to 100,000 kilograms, while others are intended to provide very exact readings for lightweights weighing between 10 and 50 kgs.

Bear in mind that the anticipated maximum load should not exceed two-thirds of the scale’s maximum allowed rated load. Otherwise, you risk endangering the equipment and everyone around.

Industrial and commercial uses are the other factor to put in mind. Ascertain that the model you buy is compatible with your specs and application requirements.

When lifting enormous goods on a construction site or shipping port, you’ll want a far more sturdy and heavy-duty hanging scale than when weighing smaller weights in a shop or stockroom.

Additionally, consider if the crane scale will need to be able to be attached to other equipment, read the display screen from a distance, or be operated remotely.

Conformity in manufacturing is another factor to look into. Ascertain that the firm from which you are purchasing produces and calibrates in line with applicable local rules, including those governing measurement values, units, accuracy, and safety.

Check how simple it is to use. You want easy-to-use and read crane scales.

Difficult-to-use models may negate the efficiency improvements associated with crane scales, while also increasing the danger of mistake and accident.

Check if the crane scale is highly precibal and accurate. When picking a scale, pay close attention to the scale’s sensitivity or precision.

The level of accuracy required for measurements will vary according to the purpose for which the scale is being used.

Similarly, depending on the application, precision may be critical. Additionally, it is crucial to evaluate load volume, since imbalanced freight cargo might move and cause catastrophic catastrophes.

Check if the crane scale requires installation by a professional. Crane scales with a higher capacity must be properly installed, calibrated, and maintained.

It’s a good idea to teach your employees so they understand the fundamentals of the scale’s function and are capable of identifying problems.

Consider the adaptability of your crane scale. Consider models that enable you to adjust the units of measurement.

The more adaptable the crane, the more easily the crane scale may be integrated into your company processes.

Consider also the nature of your workplace environment. Finally, consider the context in which you will be utilizing the crane scale.

Certain versions perform better at certain temperatures and in dry situations, while others are weather-resistant and resistant to dust and water.

9. Which safety considerations should I ensure when using this 5-ton crane scale?

5-ton crane scales are often used to transport very heavy goods. Accidents may be devasting sometimes.

When selecting a scale, ensure that it will not be used to weigh anything more than two-thirds of its maximum load capacity.

The rationale for such a large margin is because crane scales are often used to weigh dynamic loads, which are weights that fluctuate throughout the weighing procedure.

When a weight is placed near the crane’s maximum shifts, it might overflow the load cells. Overloading may be very dangerous to the equipment and the safety of the personnel operating in the vicinity.

Due to the integration of crane scales with lifting equipment, it is suggested to have them tested by a professional every three months.

A fault might result in lifting equipment malfunction. This is generally sufficient to identify any possible issues.

In case of any malfunction with your crane scale, please contact the CUBLiFT support team.


10. Why do I need to have a 5-on crane scale?

5-ton crane scales provide several benefits over conventional weighing systems. Consider the following reasons why you may want to consider acquiring one.

You’ll want to save floor space. Typically, space is limited, and your facility may be unable to accommodate a weighing station or floor scale.

CUBLiFT 5-ton crane scale may be carried to the object being weighed, eliminating the need to sacrifice valuable space. This saves on time and space as well.

You must weigh irregularly shaped objects. Certain objects are ungainly and difficult to balance. A crane system enables precise and accurate weighing of these goods.

You need precise dimensions. Precision and accuracy are critical whether loading a freighter, making aircraft tires, or portioning out products sold by weight.

Certain variants are designed to resist industrial usage while maintaining an accuracy of 0.1 percent and a capacity of up to 5,000 kgs.

You want to optimize your operations. Eliminating the requirement to transport products to a particular weigh station frees up additional hours of labor for productivity enhancement.

Reduced forklift traffic enables your staff to concentrate on bringing in and processing client orders. With a crane scale, you will be able to achieve all of these.

You want a safer work environment. You no longer need to transfer products to a weighing station using forklifts when using crane scales.

Reduced forklift traffic results in fewer chances for accidents, injuries, and losses. Your operations will become more secure and efficient with this CUBLiFT 5-ton crane scale.

11. How does a 5-ton crane scale work?

Our 5-ton crane scales are battery-powered, and we suggest charging the scale completely before using it. You should at least have one extra battery on hand for emergency purposes.

We normally deliver our 5-ton crane scale carefully packed in a box with all the necessary accessories. Once the hook is connected to the digital readout, it must be removed from the measurement before testing and ensuring that the weights are being weighed accurately.

You may then adjust the measurement increments to either kilograms, pounds, or tons. It all depends on what you have full knowledge about.

Bear in mind that knowing the exact measurements of the overhead crane hook before attaching it to the crane scale is crucial to ensuring that it does not bind.

To achieve accurate weight, it is necessary to have some play between the top loop on the crane scale and the overhead crane hook.

By hooking the load to the hook, the digital display will indicate how much force is being applied to the crane. It will also show how much the weight weighs, allowing you to move the goods safely and efficiently.

Maintain the calibration and maintenance of your crane scales to ensure accurate readouts and data. 5ton crane scales may be digitally linked to a printer, allowing for the collection and analysis of data over time.

We highly suggest that you hire an expert to install bigger capacity crane scales, like CUBLiFT we can do on-site. Our scales are used daily in all industries across Asia and the USA.

These scales are often used in freight manufacture and transportation. Knowing the weight of a load is critical for carrying big quantities by rail, aircraft, or ship.

At some point, the weight may affect the distribution of the freight, which, if not controlled correctly, may jeopardize the crew and the remainder of the cargo being carried.

CUBLiFT 5-ton Crane scales will also assist employees in determining if they need to prepare more cranes capable of handling the freight’s weight.

While many transport and industrial cranes are designed to resist enormous forces, they may still fail under strain if they are not adequately strengthened or rebuilt to resist the force of the load.

While many individuals outside the business believe that the manufacture and transportation of products are not precise sciences, they are in many ways necessary to protect the safety of individuals working in the sector.

It is also essential to ensure the safety of the commodities we use daily. Get yourself a 5-ton crane scale from CUBLiFT and make a difference in your business.



12. How many models of crane scales do you offer?

We offer various crane scale models for use in different applications in various industrial departments. We also customize our crane scale with additional features to suit your many needs.

  1. 5-ton extreme crane scale

For the most demanding applications, the CUBLiFT 5-ton crane scale is constructed with high-quality materials and cutting-edge technologies such as radio control.

With a typical accuracy of 0.1 percent of full-scale capacity and improved strength and corrosion resistance, the 5-ton extreme crane scale is both precise and robust.

CUBLiFT manufactures this unique and extreme 5-ton crane scale with electric properties for use in weighing items. It features a superior strength that is free from rust and corrosion.

Models with a large capacity are composed of powder-coated aircraft-grade alloy steel. Lower capacity variants are made of powder-coated aluminum of aviation grade.

This model of crane scale is highly recommended for use in large trucks, airplanes weighing cargo. It has a printer connected to an electronic device for generating the weight measured.

It allows for the permanent connection of cantering spacers, hence removing the need for fumbling during large capacity rigging.

It is unquestionably the best option for readability in every setting. Whether in the factory or on the construction site we offer a 1~year warrant with full support for this crane scale.

  1. 5-ton Electric crane scale

The 5-ton CUBLiFT electronic crane scale is a cost-effective and dependable option for crane load weighing.

This crane scale has a straightforward design and an intuitive operator interface, and it is capable of both peak detection and live load measurements.

It is very portable and can be carried from one place to another. It is not manually operated like the other crane scale.

It is capable of measuring up to 5 tons of items at a single shift. Per day it can weigh up to 20 shifts of pallets non-stop.

It also has peak detection in addition to real-time load monitoring. The units of measurement available are lbs/pounds, kgs, and tons.

It is highly accurate for critical weighing. The load element design and strain gauges result in a 0.2 percent accuracy. This degree of accuracy enables usage in a wide variety of applications.

The resolutions are quite effective. Readings are shown at a 1 part in 1000 resolution to provide the readability necessary for sensitive lifting applications.

Without the traditional perplexing menu structure, the distinctive interface enables quick access to setup and display operations. The 6-digit dot-matrix display contains numerals that are 25 mm high for increased visibility.

They feature a heavy, bulky instrument that exacerbates the difficulty of difficult work. CUBLiFT electric crane scale is an easy-to-position, extremely transportable instrument.

It also has remarkable robustness thanks to the use of aircraft-grade stainless steel. It provides an excellent level of security in all capacities.

The remarkable construction rating makes it suitable for use in practically any climate and makes it perfect for outside job-site applications as well as in-plant usage.

Any single order you make, CUBLiFT will award you with a 1-year warranty with support services and guidance.

13. What is a digital crane scale?

Digital crane scales function differently from regular scales, or sometimes as they are called hanging scales.

The load is hung by the crane scale hook rather than placing a weight on a weighing bowl or a platform. The magnitude itself might depend on machines, hooks, and other equipment.

In numerous applications, digital crane scales or hanging scales are employed, from suspending enormous portal cranes to uses in sectors as varied as fishing and fruit weighing.

There are two important aspects to the health and safety dangers of overloading a crane. Firstly, a huge brilliant display from a distance and secondly a high proportion of safety overload.

CUBLiFT line of cranes has both these characteristics which are so much more precise digitally than analog ones.

In addition to this, the capability of a rechargeable battery and its robust construction is the appropriate answer for crane size.

14. Which precautions should I keep in mind when using this 5-ton crane scale?

Avoid using your 5-ton crane scale in overload mode for an extended period, since this may easily destroy the crane scale’s load cell.

To ensure that the measurement result is accurate, the item being measured should be hung in the center position of the higher and lower hooks.

Before powering on, check to see whether the screws and plugs on the digital crane scale are loose or fallen.

To avoid errors while the crane scale is operating, do not directly push the crane scale, but rather directly push the heavy items if the direction or location of the weight has to be altered.

There must be no seizing between the hooks and the axle pin. This means that the vertical contact surface should be at the center point and not on all sides

Also, crane scales are prohibited in outdoor lighting environments. When the crane weight scale is operational, ensure that no one is in the area.

When not in the use of the digital crane scale, all heavy things should be unloaded. Do not leave a load hanging on the crane scale for long as it may distort it.

15. What is a cylinder crane scale

This sort of crane scale is renowned for its cutting-edge circuit design, stability, and extended support period. This weighing instrument has a high-quality sensor.

These scales are capable of swiftly, accurately, and securely providing the weighing result. These scales are encased in high-quality, shock-resistant metal.

They run on maintenance-free rechargeable batteries. These weighing instruments are noted for their lack of hops and crashes. They have an innovative, elegant design.

The tool’s remote control provides users with essential ease for use. We offer this scale with its accessories and 100% customer support and technical support in case of troubleshooting.

16. Does CUBLiFT offer wireless 5-ton crane scales?

Yes, CUBLiFT offers the best weighing instruments for weighing any form of suspended load, regardless of its weight. This implies they can weigh both small and heavy goods.

We are the best when it comes to customizing crane scales. We have this wireless crane scale where you don’t need any cables or sort of wires to use it.

Weight data will be sent wirelessly, ensuring its reliability and precision. This sort of scale, when purchased from a trustworthy internet source such as CUBLiFT, will be cost-effective in addition to offering a variety of advantageous features.

The scale will be capable of saving significant amounts of time when weighing, in addition to increasing the efficiency of the task. The primary advantage of this sort of crane scale is that it may be used in any location.

You can connect it via your PC, laptop, or phone and control all the weighing operations. It is highly ergonomic so we highly recommend it for use in all industries.


17.  Why should I consider the crane scale from CUBLiFT?

CUBLiFT is a well-established, independent national weighing machine manufacturer with over 20 years of experience. We provide a range of services, including hire scales, servicing, calibration, repair, and sales of weighing equipment of various kinds and types.

As a pioneer in the usage and sale of electronic crane scales, we are now the market leader in most Asian countries. We focus on offering a variety unmatched by any other manufacturer of crane scales.

We have well-established labs for calibrating crane scales and load links up to 5000 kg/ 5 tons. All of our test weights, are traceable to international standards and certified to ISO 9001.

We are number one in ensuring 100% quality standards in the Sales, Servicing, Calibration, Hire, Repair, Reconditioning, and Installation of weighing equipment.

CUBLiFT provides and services the weighing requirements of various prominent and independent businesses in China and Japan. As a self-contained business, we are not limited to delivering a single manufacturer’s product.

We provide and maintain a wide variety of different types, makes, and models. For any of the scale models, your business requires, we will deliver it to you.

Therefore, whether you want a basic bench scale or something more advanced, our extensive array of high-quality scales enables us to provide the optimal solution for your requirements.

One of the company’s primary operations is to rent second-hand scales, check to weigh and counting scales on a statewide basis. We maintain the largest stock of equipment in the country.

18. How do crane scales differ from ordinary scales?

CUBLiFT offers crane scales that are different from the normal or ordinary scale used. They differ in features, performance, and conformity.

Instead of placing a weight on a weighing pan or a platform, the weight is hung using the crane scale’s hook. The scale itself may hang from equipment, hooks, and other equipment.

Crane scales or hanging scales are used in numerous applications from being hung from enormous gantry cranes to uses in sectors as varied as fishing to fruit weighing.

The health and safety implications of overloading a crane scale make two things crucial. Firstly, a huge brilliant display which can be seen from a distance and the secondly is a high safety overload percentage.

CUBLiFT line of crane scales provides both these qualities. They are all digital thus significantly more accurate than analog ones.

Some of the ordinary scale features may not conform to today’s weighing requirements. Also, the practicality of a rechargeable battery and durable build, and the results are the ultimate crane scale solution.

Our crane scales offer a broad variety of services in both industrial and commercial settings. The most important of which is the lifting of massive weights.

They are employed in industries to carry huge machine components from one location to another.

The same is true in commercial circumstances when they are employed to transport large items from one point to another, such as in ports when cranes are used to unload giant containers from ships onto the yard.

This characteristic makes it safety-conscious equipment and, as a result, should be prioritized in the procurement of the same.

The large loads are often hazardous for as long as they are in the air, regardless of the substances included inside the carrying weight.


There are many manufacturers of this product, as well as many types of crane scales available on the market. The majority of manufacturers are headquartered in Asia, with CUBLiFT dominating the crane scale sector.

The dual functionality of these scales is their most notable characteristic. They not only carry large loads, but they also measure the weight of the goods they carry, saving time that would have been necessary to complete both tasks separately. As a result, it is one of the few gadgets that can perform many functions.





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