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Too high truck scale price? - 8 considerations to save your truck scale cost   Tips to Reduce Your Truck Scale Cost.

Investing in a truck scale is always a great opportunity to cut down maintenance costs and increase its lifespan. Obtaining a truck scale can cost you thousands of dollars which makes it a lifetime investment for your Company.

Most organizations consider purchasing a truck scale to be a serious investment that needs extensive study to achieve an acceptable return. You should consider the below factors to save your truck scale cost;

  1. Get the correct truck scale capacity

Verifying the capacity of the truck scale you want to purchase is very important. For instance, you will find that a 20-ton truck scale is cheaper than a 200 ton.

A truck scale’s ability to weigh has been described in a variety of ways, many of which have caused misunderstanding. Concentrated load capacity and nominal capacity are two primary capacity statistics you’ll see when comparing competing truck scale models.

Using a scale with a 50-pound division or a dual-ranging scale, one may attain a notional capacity larger than 200,000 pounds. However, for the most majority of truck scale applications, the 20-ton capacity is more than enough compared to a 200-ton capacity which is quite expensive.

  1. Get the correct type of truck scale

If you’ve decided to invest in an upgraded truck scale, take a close look at some of the physical characteristics of your facility as well as the many scale options accessible. Truck scales can be surface or pit mounted, with a ramp leading to the weighting surface, as well as the weighing apparatus and platform situated below ground, making the surface level with the road.

For trucks to reach a surface-mounted weighbridge, on- and off-ramps must be installed, which means that above-ground weighbridges may take up a large amount of area on a given location.

As opposed to ramps or guide rail systems, pit-mounted weighbridge systems need less surface area to operate while also being more costly due to additional construction costs for the foundation and civil work required.

Get the correct type of truck scale

  1. The correct installation of truck scale

There are several types of truck scales, each with a variety of options and cost benefits. Comparing between a pit-type truck scale and a pit-less one you find there are expenses incurred in installation and designing the pit.

In contrast, this pit-type scale can be more costly in installation but allows for simple access to the scale’s components underneath and eliminates the need for ramps to draw your truck onto the platform which can be costly for pit-less scales.

Also, comparing portable axle scales and non-portable/permanent ones, you find that there are extra investments incurred in installing a permanent truck scale.

  1. The correct maintenance of truck scale

Having the correct maintenance program for your truck scale can save you a lot of unnecessary spending. It is crucial to enroll in a preventive maintenance program that will save you in the event of downtime.

This program offers daily, monthly and weekly inspections to your truck scale. Although it’s quite expensive imagine your truck scale breaking down in the middle of a task and you haven’t enrolled in any maintenance program.

When choosing a maintenance program for your truck scale always do thorough research to determine which is cost-effective and promising.

  1. The correct platform material

For most parts, truck scales come with either a steel or concrete base. Each has pros and downsides, like with most things in life.

There are advantages and disadvantages to both types of scales in terms of costs. A steel platform weighs less, but it is more slippery when wet and more susceptible to corrosion.

The concrete platform is more costly and needs finishing work and curing time, but it does not corrode like steel.

However, as time passes and the environment changes, concrete may degrade. When it comes to high-traffic areas, a concrete deck is a better option than wood.

A concrete-decked weighbridge is also more difficult to relocate in the future than a steel-platformed weighbridge of comparable dimensions.The correct maintenance of truck scale

  1. The correct platform size

Since it’s very hard to adjust the platform’s size after purchasing, its size is a crucial factor to consider. The trucks you presently use as well as those you may use in the future will be weighed using this platform.

Although a normal truck scale is expected to last for at least 10 ~15 years, it is important to think about what vehicles you will be measured in the next 5, 6,8 years.

There is a broad range of truck scale widths available, including 10, 11, 12, and 14-foot models. As long as 200 feet fit for you, you don’t have to choose an expensive platform that will need adjustments thereafter costing you money.

Naturally, the price goes up with size, so it’s preferable to go with the lowest model that can fit your present truck weights while yet being big enough to accommodate future vehicle weights.

However, your application may need a larger or broader platform than the standard 11 feet wide by 70 feet long. It’s important to consider the location of the scale while deciding on a platform size.

On both extremes of the range, most truck scales need a straight and level approach. This approach’s normal length is 10 feet, although it might be longer.

When you include in the space needed to get the truck onto the scale, a 50ft scale may end up needing nearly 110ft of a platform which is quite expensive.Find correct truck scale supplier

  1. Find correct truck scale supplier

Truck scales can either be obtained through direct sourcing or from trading companies. It is quite economical to get your truck scale from a direct source rather than a trading company.

Trading companies may add extra charges which they incurred during packaging and re-branding as compared to getting your truck scale directly from your manufacturer.

A good reliable supplier will save you extra money. Get yourself a reliable supplier who will always be there once you need them.

  1. Correct operation/calibration

A poorly calibrated scale will always give you wrong measurements which you may end up undercharging or overcharging your customers. Scale calibration determines the overall expenditure and returns on investment.

You must be cognizant of your scale accuracy by ensuring calibrations are done often. Correct operations mean the truck scale is only used to weigh trucks overloaded trucks that exceed the given weight limit.

Overloading your truck scale may lead to mechanical damages which may force you to spend extra cash in repairing the scale.

trucks that exceed the given weight limit.

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