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Automated Pallet Jack
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Automated Pallet Jack

CUBLiFT Automated Pallet Jack and robotic tow tractors efficiently perform transport tasks at any conditions.

  • Battery:24 volt
  • Capacity:2000 – 4000 kgs.
  • Fork Lengths: Single and Double fork length
  • Max Ramp Elevation/Incline:5% at max. load

Customized Automated Pallet Jack with different loading capacities is available upon request.

Automated Pallet Jack List BE 15T685N

● Capacity (kg):1000
● Load center (mm): 500
● Lifting height (mm): 1600~/3500
● Fork overall length (mm):1100(custom)
● Fork overall width(mm):560/680
● Height Min (mm): 90
● Overall L * W (mm):(2050/2550)* 860
● Minimum Turning Radius (mm): 1530
● Voltage/ Capacity: 24V / 120AH
● Wheel Type: PU
● Weight (kg): 750

● Capacity (kg):1800
● Load center (mm): 500
● Lifting height (mm): 1600~3500
● Fork overall length (mm):1100(custom)
● Fork overall width(mm):560/680
● Height Min (mm): 90
● Overall L * W (mm):(2050/2550)* 860
● Minimum Turning Radius (mm): 1530
● Voltage/ Capacity: 24V / 120AH
● Wheel Type: PU
● Weight (kg): 780

● Capacity (kg):1000/1500/2000
● Load center (mm): 500
● Lifting height (mm): 1600~3500
● Fork overall length (mm):1100
● Fork overall width(mm):560/680
● Height Min (mm): 90
● Overall L * W (mm):(2050/2550)* 860
● Minimum Turning Radius (mm): 1530
● Voltage/ Capacity: 24V / 120AH
● Wheel Type: PU
● Weight (kg): 750

CUBLiFT: Your Premier Automated Pallet Jack Manufacturer in China

Automated Pallet JackHow to move the heaviest loads in a less-effort way? You should ask an automated pallet jack for help. The automated pallet jacks are mostly required in the factories, building sites, docks, markets, docks container moving, and lifting.

Being the most promising fork truck manufacturer in China, CUBLiFT designs and manufactures quality-proof automated pallet jacks for our valued buyers all over the world.

Automated Pallet Jack quality certificate icon 1 Automated Pallet Jack quality certificate icon2 Automated Pallet Jack quality certificate icon3 Automated Pallet Jack quality certificate icon4 Automated Pallet Jack quality certificate icon5 Automated Pallet Jack quality certificate icon6 Automated Pallet Jack quality certificate icon7

CUBLiFT automated pallet jacks are optional as semi-electric pallet jack and electric pallet jacks. Basically, our automated pallet jacks are designed with a built-in charger for lithium-quality batteries. It allows 6seconds of battery changing. It helps you move loads quickly and easily.

Besides reinformed chassis, power hydraulic pump, and wearing-resisting wheels, Our automated pallet jacks are very economic in cost. If you have budget concerns, check it out from CUBLiFT, we offer you the most options of forklift jacks including automated pallet jacks as well.

Contact us today, let’s see how well we can serve your side.

Pallet Truck manufacturer CUBlift team

Automated Pallet Jack: Frequently Asked Questions

Table of Contents Introduction Cublift and Automated Pallet Jack

With all the latest and up-to-date equipment introduced in the warehouse industry, the demand for modern machinery is increased. The CUBLIFT is a well-known name for producing top-notch and budget-friendly equipment for warehouses. We provide high-quality forklift drum lifters, forklift pallets trucks, hand pallet trucks, Electric Pallet Truck, and Very Narrow Aisle Forklift Truck. The CUBLIFT has placed a milestone in the industry by introducing Automated Pallet Jack. It is a smart lifter robot that has revolutionized the warehouse industry. CUB LIFE has become the pioneer in automating warehouses in this part of the world. Our Automated Pallet Jack is one of its kind, equipped with all the modern system and functions and durability CUBLIFT has made sure that it proves to be the cost-efficient solution for your company especially when long-term investment and profit are involved. Automated Pallet Jack is specifically designed to meet all the requirements for a fully automated warehouse.  To meet all the queries of our auspicious clients and provide all the mandatory information related to this technology we have made a list of some Frequently Asked Questions related to AUTOMATED PALLET JACK.

Automated Pallet JackWhat Is an Automated Pallet Jack?

An automated Pallet Jack is also known as a Self-Driving Pallet truck or Automated Pallet Lifter. It is the epitome of lifter Robots. It is a fully automated machine that once set with particular commands can drive and navigate smartly. Its AGV technology allows limited vertical movement of the load thus makes it extremely efficient to work in the floor to floor arrangement and where limited height is involved.

Diagram 1

What Are The Other Names Of Automated Pallet Jack?

The Automated Pallet Jack has been called with different names such as:

  1. Automated Pallet Lifter
  2. Self-Driving Pallet Truck

How Many Type Of Pallet Jacks Are There?

There are two types of Pallet Jacks:

  1. Hand Pallet Jack or Manual Pallet Jack
  2. Electric Pallet Jack

The Electric Pallet Jack can be furthered divided into two categories:

  1. Electric Walk-behind
  2. Rider Pallet Jack
  3. Automated Pallet Jack or Self–Driving Pallet Truck

What Is Hand Pallet Jack?

A Hand Pallet Jack is also known as Hand Pallet Truck, Manual Pallet Truck, a jigger, or a scooter is a pallet jack used to lift and move pallets from one place to another usually within the warehouse.

Diagram 2

What Is Walk Behind Electric Pallet Jack?

A Walk-behind Electric Pallet jack is a type of Pallet Truck used in warehouses to lift and move heavy Pallets. It is also known as a semi-electric pallet truck. The design allows the operator to push or pull the pallet truck through a provided handle to guide its path, though the pallet truck is run by a motor or pump. Some of the walks behind Electric Pallet Jacks are equipped with smart handles, once the path is set they require minimum input to work efficiently.

Diagram 3

What Is Ride-On Electric Pallet Jack?

A Ride on Electric Pallet Jack is a type of Automated Pallet Jack. The Pallet is designed to facilitate the operator to control Automated Pallet Jack by riding on it. Instead of following the Pallet Jack like Walk-behind Electric Pallet Jack, the operator rides on it and moves the pallets efficiently to desired places.

Diagram 4

Why Do I Need An Automated Pallet Jack?

An Automated Pallet truck is a new smart solution in the warehouse equipment series.

There are several reasons you would want to buy An Automated Pallet Jack for your warehouse:

  1. Reduced Man Power:

Since it is a self-driving and self-navigating machine, it doesn’t require an operator to walk behind or hop on it to work.

Labor cost for the organization is automatically reduced. One man can put in command in several machines and they would work as efficiently as any other machine with operators on it.

  1. Cost-Effective:

Even though An Automated Pallet Jack is expensive machinery to buy but it proves to be cost-effective in the longer run. It reduced the labor cost thus cutting down the regular expense of the organizations.

  1. Minimal mistake chances:

An Automated Pallet Jack is made with highly modern technology and as we say it is a lifter robot, therefore, there is a minimum chance of mistakes. They are set to move on a predetermined route and their performance is based upon the input given to them.

  1. Time-Saving:

It is a time-saving and efficient kind of machinery. The Automated Pallet Jack works faster than hand pallet or electric pallet jacks therefore when saving time is concerned this is the best option to chose.

  1. Continuous work:

An Automated Pallet Jack has the ability to work continuously. Unlike human workers, they only require time to recharge their batteries, and then they are good to work efficiently without any complaint of being tired.

  1. Precision and Productivity:

Once given the set of commands your lifter robot is seldom to commit any accuracy. As mentioned earlier the Automated Pallet Jack can work 24/7 thus increasing the productivity and accuracy of the workflow.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Automated Pallet Jack?

electric Automated Pallet Jack BE2The Automated Guided Vehicle has brought a revolution in the warehouse industry but one must not forget that every system has its limitation. With all the good sides of the Automated Pallet Jack, there are some areas where it shows its limitlessness.

  1. High Initial Expense:

Even for a well-settled company buying more than one automated Pallet Jack is a burden to the pocket. However, one can’t deny the fact that this is the saving investment in the long run but initially, even a small setup requires elevated preliminary expense.

  1. Maintenance and Installation:

Maintenance is part and parcel when machinery is concerned but for Automated Pallet Jack, you need to hire an external skillful staff or outsource the services as the lifter robots require a special sort of technician to troubleshoot them. Though in many cases the software for the self-driven pallet jack comes with the package of installation and maintenance for a certain period of time but no matter what this cost is to be bear by the company itself.

  1. Not Fitting for recurring tasks:

Semi-electric Automated Pallet Jack BMThe Automated Pallet Jack or any other Automated Guided Vehicle is designed to do repetitive tasks. The System stores the course of its task in memory and it works according to the predefined commands or specifications. If your work requires varying tasks each time or it is not repetitive and recurring in nature then using AGV is not an appropriate solution.

  1. Shrunken flexibility :

One of the disadvantages of using Automated Pallet Jack is the decrease in flexibility. A worker can jump between the tasks but it is almost impossible for a machine to change the course of actions and set of commands abruptly. The environment where rapid changes in course of action are required must keep this point in mind before purchasing AVG.

What Is AGV?

AGV is an abbreviation for Automated Guided Vehicle.

What Is Automated Guided Vehicle?

An Automated Guided Vehicle is also known as Automatic Guided Vehicle. It is a portable robot that has self-driven properties. It moves along the guided path marked by lines or wires on the floor. The vehicle may use radio waves, lasers, or vision cameras to navigate from one place to another.

How Does Automated Guided Vehicle Work?

The mechanism of the Automated Guided Vehicle is simple. This type of load carrier travels with no operator or driver. Their movement is controlled by lasers, radio waves, wiring, or lines along the floor. It is an amalgam of sensor and software guidance systems.

How Does Automated Pallet Jack work?

The Automated Pallet jack lifts the palletized load and navigating through the sensor to move objects to a predetermined destination. It doesn’t require any driver or operator to control the movement.

What Are Some Of The Main Sensors Used By Automated Pallet Jack?

These are the main sensors used in the most common Automated Pallet Jack:

  1. 3D LiDAR Sensors
  2. Functional safety encoder
  3. Pressure Sensors
  4. Hall Effect Sensors
  5. Draw wire Encoder

Diagram 5

How Does Automated Pallet Jack Increase Safety?

Automated Pallet JackThe Automated Pallet Jack is equipped with different safety sensors in order to prevent any unpleasant accident or mishap.

It is made sure that the Automated Pallet jack is manufactured in compliance with AGV standard safety rules.  The safety sensor system lets the machine move smoothly with uniform speed on a pre-assumed path and in case if something doesn’t work properly the safety system in the Automated Pallet Jack would seize the machine. In other words, it would halt the vehicle.

What Are The Safety Features Of CUBLIFT’s Automated Pallet Jack?

CUBLIFT is committed to providing its users with the best of products so there is some distinctive safety feature that CUBLIFT’s Automated Pallet Jack offers to you.

These safety features are divided into two categories:

  1. Active Safety Devices
  2. Passive Safety Devices


Active Safety Devices include:

Collision avoidance system or Laser sensors:  The CUBLIFT’s Automated Pallet Jack is provided with

  • Front Laser sensors: It ensures safety while working in the forward direction.
  • Safety sensors on the mast: It detects the suspended load and it is specifically designed to sense the floor diagonally.
  • Backward safety sensor: It ensures safety while working backward in the vicinity.
  • Emergency stop button: It is provided to halt the machinery whenever there is an emergency.
  • Safety PLC: With all the features of the standard PLC, CUBLIFT has equipped its Automated Pallet Jack with safety software to maximize its benefit.
  • Stop sensors by contacting bumpers: The lifter robot is smart enough to convey a message to stop the vehicle by contacting via bumper.
  1. Passive Safety Devices include:
  • Warning lights and signals
  • Alarms / Beeps
  • Audible warnings
  • Signs on screen

How Is Traffic Managed In Automated Guided Vehicle System?

The movement of the Automated Guided Vehicle around the area of operation is organized and controlled by the central controller. The Central Controller provides the Traffic management system to make sure that each vehicle collaborates and doesn’t collide or block each other’s way.

Who Created The Automated Guided Vehicle?

MAC BARRETT is considered to be the inventor of the first automated guided vehicle in 1954.

Mac Barrett Jr.  89, passed away in Lake Forest Illinois in August 2010.

What Are The Type Of Automated Guided Vehicle?

There are quite a few types of Automated Guided Vehicles. Most AGVs look like man-operated vehicles but they are distinctively designed to work without operators. Some of the AGV are listed below:

  • Automated Guided Carts
  • Automated Guided Forklift
  • Towing AGV
  • Unit Load Handlers
  • Heavy Burden Carrier
  • Autonomous Mobile Robots

Automated Guided Carts are the most basic type of AGV.

How Does Automated Guided Vehicles Work?

An Automated Guided vehicle works through the Navigation system. Besides the software used, the navigation mechanism works as a backbone of any AGV.

What Are Some Of The Navigation Mechanism Used in Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV)?

Some of the Navigation Mechanisms are:

  1. Magnetic Guide Tape:
  2. Laser Target Navigation
  3. Wired navigation
  4. Vision Guidance navigation
  5. Gyroscopic Navigation
  6. Geo-guidance Navigation
  7. Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR)

What Is Magnetic Guide Tape Navigation Mechanism?

In this Navigation mechanism, AGV is equipped with a magnetic sensor and the path is created using magnetic tape.

What Is Laser Target Navigation Mechanism?

In this Navigation mechanism, AGV is equipped with a laser transmitter as well as the receiver. A reflective tape is used to set a specific angle of movement of a vehicle. Reflective tape is mounted on certain objects such as walls, poles, etc. With the help of all the reflective tapes within the sight, the laser in AGV receives reflection and calculates the distance to reach the destination.

What Is Wired Navigation Mechanism?

In the Wired navigation mechanism, wire is embedded in the floor and AGV follows the wire through a sensor or an antenna. The technology is used in the very narrow warehouse system too.

What Is Vision Guidance Navigation?

In Vision Guidance Navigation, AGV is provided with recorded features of the path and it follows the video path accurately. The external setting of the warehouse doesn’t require many changes as the robot smartly follows the given path.

What Is Gyroscopic Navigation Mechanism?

In the Gyroscopic navigation mechanism, transponders are rooted into the floors and the AVG controlled by a computer system follows the accurate path with the help of rooted transponders.

What Do You Mean By Geo-guidance Navigation Mechanism?

A Geo-guidance system is similar to a vision-guided mechanism. In this particular mechanism, the AVG recognizes the surrounding objects to establish its path. It reaches its destination by following the recognized objects in real-time. Similar to Vision guided mechanism no major changes are required in infrastructure for implementation.

What Is Light Detection And Ranging (LiDAR) Navigation Mechanism?

Light Detection And Ranging (LiDAR) is an urbane navigation technology consuming sensors that convey laser pulses to determine the distance between the robot and objects in its surroundings. These statistics are accumulated to create a 360-degree map of the setting, allowing robots to follow the map within the facility and avoid barriers without the need for any additional infrastructure.

Which Navigation Mechanism Is Used By CUBLIFT’s Automated Pallet Jack?

CUB LIFE uses LiDAR navigation technology to enable its Automated Pallet Jack to navigate a warehouse without requiring changes to infrastructure as well as to become accustomed to new environments should the plan of a warehouse floor change.

What Is The Difference Between An Automated Pallet Jack And Electric Pallet Jack?

There are some differences between both pallet jacks

       Electric Pallet Jack Automated Pallet Jack

1.       Needs an operator to drive.


2.       The Operator decides the path or route.


3.       There are two types of Electric Pallet Jacks:

i.                     Walk-behind Pallet Jack

ii.                   Ride on Pallet Jack

4.       The electric pallet jack is expensive machinery but less costly than Automated Pallet jacks.


1.       It is equipped with self-driven technology.


2.       The route is pre-determined and guided by sensors, lasers, magnets, etc.

3.       The types or division is based upon the capacity of the machinery.

4.       The Automated Pallet Jacks are also known as lifter robots and are therefore it is expensive machinery.


What Is The Difference Between A Pallet Jack And A Forklift?

A Pallet Jack can only lift load to a certain height above the ground. It is designed to lift the load and move from one place to another whereas the Forklift can lift the loads to high areas.

How Much Does An Automated Pallet Jack Cost?

The cost of an Automated Pallet Jack depends upon several factors like the load capacity, lifting height, navigation system it endures. However, a normal automated pallet jack cost around $55,000 to $75,000 but the price may vary in different countries. Some Modern Automated Pallet Jacks cost around $100,000 to $150,000

Who Are The Top Manufacturers Of Automated Pallet Jack In Pakistan?

CUBLiFT is the only provider of Automated Pallet Jack in Pakistan. It is the latest technology vehicle and lifter robot and therefore CUBLiFT is a trusted name for all sorts of warehouse equipment.

What Is The Cost Of CUBLIFT’s Automated Pallet Jack In Pakistan?

CUBLIFT’s Automated Pallet Jack ranges from 10,680,854 ₨ to 15,314,580 Rs depending upon the load capacity, lifting technology, navigation system, etc.

Which List Is To Be Considered Before Buying An Automated Pallet Jack?

An Automated Pallet Jack is no doubt a smart and cost-effective solution for your warehouse but before buying the lifter robot, there are some cost-related factors you need to consider before buying one for your company. The list includes:

  1. The Number of Lifter Robots:

The purchasing of lifter robots is an inconsistent cost that depends upon the choice and workload of a company. It is an organization’s call to decide how many units are convenient to buy.

  1. Software purchasing for Automated Pallet jack:

All the AGV, including Automated Pallet Jack, comes with software that needs to be purchased in order to make the lifter robots work. The software purchasing could be one time cost as the software companies provide support for a longer period of time and the updating fee is not a bigger expense to be considered.

  1. Installations and hiring cost:

Software installation is one thing but technicians and experts are required to integrate lifter robots with the software to work properly. Your cost depends upon the number of technicians hired and the working hours they spent on installation.

Some software companies provide installation support too, that is.; if you purchase their software they would provide you with the technicians who would install and integrate your AGV with the system. However, you require support now and then to avoid any glitches technology-related products may face.

  1. Peripheral Cost:

Among other factors to be taken into consideration keenly, one must not forget the element of PLC and OPC that allows the system to correspond with the surroundings like other robots, lifts, doors, etc

What Is PLC?

PLC stands for “PROGRAMMABLE LOGIC CONTROL ER”. It is a computer control system used by industries to communicate and monitor the state of input devices to make decisions based upon the program accustomed to controlling the state of output devices. You have the liberty to mix or match the input and output responses to maximize your benefit from the devices.

Diagram 6

What Is OPC?

OPC stands for OPEN PLATFORM COMMUNICATION.  It is series of specifications and standards used in industrial telecommunication to work with PLC. OPC server is a software program to convert hardware communication protocols given by PLC into OPC protocol. It provides multiple options for users and cost-effective for the manufacturers.

Diagram 7

Is Automation Of Warehouse A Mandatory Step Now A Days?

Automation of warehouses took the industry by storm. More and more companies are thinking to imply it on their systems but one must not forget that even though automation increases the productivity of a company and decreases the labor cost but it is not a suitable solution for all businesses.

How Can You Decide If Automation Of The Warehouse Is Suitable For Your Setup Or Not?

This can be decided by considering the factors like :

  • Your business goal
  • Available investment
  • Business cycle
  • Level of growth

By comparing the benefits and drawbacks of automation for your warehouse you can easily decide whether to adopt it or not.

What Are The Alternatives Of Automated Guided Vehicle (AVG)?

If your organization thinks that buying an AVG is not a suitable solution for you then we have some alternatives that can serve nearly the same purposes. Though not fully equipped with all the features of AVG, these alternatives are cost-efficient.

Some of the alternatives are:

  • Automated Storage and Retrieval system
  • Overhead trolley conveyer
  • Conveyor systems
  • Autonomous Mobile Robots.

AMR ( Autonomous Mobile Robots) is considered the best alternative to AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle).

What is AMR?

AMR is an abbreviation used for Autonomous Mobile Robots. Autonomy means the ability to make your own decision and just like human beings these robots can make a decision according to the situations around them.

An Autonomous Mobile Robot is a vehicle that utilizes onboard sensors and processors to move material without any physical guidance, tape, or markers.

How Does AMR Works?

An Automated Mobile Robot perceives the situation and based on its pre-programmed responses, recognizes the environment and manipulates its response to make the right decision accordingly. There are four types of AMR.

  • Picking robots (goods-to-person)
  • Self-driving forklifts
  • Autonomous inventory robots
  • Unmanned aerial vehicles (drones)

AMR is considered the best option if any organization is not convinced to incorporate automation into the warehouse.

Why AMR is considered the best alternative to AGV?

AMR is a cost-efficient option and serves the same purpose as AGV when the warehouse environment is concerned. In many cases, AMR is considered superior technology to AGV.

Which Type Of Batteries Automated Pallet Jack Use?

There are four types of batteries commonly used in Automated Guided Vehicles include Automated Pallet Jack.

  • Lithium Batteries
  • AGM pure Lead
  • Gel batteries
  • Flooded Lead Acid

Which Type Of Battery Is Used By CUBLIFT’s Automated Pallet Jack?

CUBLIFT’s Automated Pallet Jack Uses Lithium Battery. Lithium battery is 95% more efficient, has a longer cycle time and faster charging rate as compared to other types of batteries.

 How Fast Does An Automated Pallet Jack Move?

The average speed of an Automated Pallet Truck is 2.0 m/s. If measures in feet, it is 386ft/min.

What Is An Average Speed Of CUBLIFT’s Automated Pallet Truck?

The CUBLIFT and provides the best and latest equipment to you therefore the Automated Pallet Jack by CUBLIFT has an average speed of 2m/s.

What Is The Lifting Capacity Of CUBLIFT’s Automated Pallet Jack?

CUBLIFT’S Automated Pallet Jack has the ability to reach the stacking height of 1.5m, almost 5 feet.

Why Automated Pallet Jack Is Considered Ideal For “Floor To Floor” Transportation?

Most of the Pallet robots are considered ideal for floor to floor transportation because the Average Stacking height of the Automated Pallet Jack is almost 5 feet and therefore it can only transport goods from one destination to another.

What Is The Average Load Capacity Of CUBLIFT’s Automated Pallet Jack?

CUBLIFT’s Automated Pallet Jack has an average load capacity of 2,200 pounds or simply 1 ton. There are Automated Guided vehicles that have a capacity of up to 3 tons but it is always advisable to utilize the pallet jack within the capacity range of 1 ton.

Automated Pallet Jack is no doubt a revolutionary product introduced in the warehouse industry but there are some limitations related to it. Some of the most common drawbacks of having an Automated Pallet jack around your warehouse are:

  • Initial investment
  • Technology dependency
  • Outsourcing or training cost

Do You Need A License To Drive Automated Pallet Jack?

Automated Pallet Jack is a driverless vehicle but to control its movement we need skillful technicians or engineers to install the whole setup. Precisely yes, you need a license to drive Automated Pallet Jack.

From Where Can I Get The License To Drive An Automated Pallet Jack?

Automated Pallet Jack is a type of Automated Guided Vehicle. This is like intelligent technology. We are dealing with smart robots. We need experts to handle such vehicles. People who have already achieved a license in their particular software or robotics are eligible to work with them.

Most warehouses outsource the handling of their AGV as it is considered the work of experts to handle these vehicles.

What Are The Steps/Tips To Maintain Automated Pallet Jack?

An Automated Pallet jack is a cost-efficient solution for warehouses. Though their initial expense is greater they are likely to save investment in the long run.

Though there are seldom glitches that occur in the system for which you ought to follow the mentioned steps to maintain your Automated Pallet Jack in good working condition.

  1. Make sure the vehicle is properly charged.
  2. Contact the experts if the vehicle shows the slightest problem.
  3. Don’t try to fix the problem on your own. The vehicle has sensors that halt its working if the slightest malfunction is experienced by itself
  4. Though the system is mostly outsourced but make sure the outsourced staff pays regular visits for proper maintenance of the vehicle.
  5. Pay heed to the alarms, signals, and warnings given by the vehicle.
  6. Maintenance of the warehouse is also crucial. The navigation mechanism works as a moral fiber of automated vehicles. Take proper notice if there is any trouble with the floor or surroundings.
  7. Make sure the vehicle doesn’t endure a load more than its capacity.
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