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20kg Load Cell
Straight Bar Load Cell

Accurate Reading a Capacity of 20kg
Meet your Needs for accurate force measurement

20kg Load Cell | Mircro Load Cell

  • Type: Miniature Load Cell (parallel beam type)
  • Measure Range: 0~20kg
  • Dimension:  250x 350mm
  • Material: Aluminium alloy
  • Rated output(MV/V): 2.0 ± 0.2
  • Protecting rate: IP 65
  • Standard: ISO9001 CE&RoHs
  • Combined error < +/- 0.02%  F.S.

Our 20kg load cells are suitable for pricing scales, bench scales, and weighing control systems. contact us for details.

◆Measure range: 0~20kg
◆Material: Aluminum-Alloy
◆Strain Gauge Sensor Type
◆IP65 Protection Rating
◆Accuracy: C2
◆Platform size: 350x350mm
◆Wire Size: ø4.2x350mm
◆Wiring Way:red = Exc+, green = Sig+, black = Exc-, and white = Sig-

◆Range: 1, 5, 6. 10, 15, 20kg varies as per models
◆Type: tension and compression load cell
◆ S-beam load cell for platform scales
◆Made of aluminum alloy
◆Accuracy: C3 ( +-0.03% class)
◆Sealed to IP67
◆comes with a full range of mounting accessories


◆Range: 5, 6,10, 20kg varies as per models
◆ Accuracy class (OIML): up to C6
◆Up to 200% Safe Overload, Linearity 0.05%
◆Low Power Consumption, Low Hysteresis
◆Hermetically sealed to IP68
◆heat-treated stainless steel structures bear heavy impact
◆Typical applications: belt scales, platform scales, small vessels, filling machines, process equipment, etc.

Miniature Single Point Load Cell 20kg | Mini Straight Bar Load Cell

Experienced Load Cell Manufacturing
CUBTEC is one of the most reputable load cell manufacturing suppliers in China. We are guided by strict load cell product control and excellent service, providing weight load cells and technical support to customers in various markets globally.
The increasing share of our industrial load cells products in the international market proves the reliability and consistency of our products. Thus, we have owned a reputable name of a trusted load cell manufacturer & supplier.

Reliable Quality Control
Our factories are ISO9001 certified, which means we can manufacture the load cell products & a consistent service that meets or exceeds our clients’ expectations.
As a leading load cell manufacturer and supplier, having state-of-the-art equipment, we are in a positive position to design, engineer, and manufacture reliable load cell sensors.  and system manufacturing, product auditing, and quality assessment.

Accurate Measurement
Our 20kg load cells can accurately convert pressure (force) of up to 20kg into an electrical signal. Our 20kg load cells are constructed with aluminum material in a Wheatstone bridge formation, so when the strain (e.g. pressure or force) is applied to the bar, by measuring the change in resistance, this change in resistance is converted into electrical resistance.

By reading the electric transducer data, you will be able to know how much an object weighs, if the weight of an object changes over time, or if you simply need to sense the presence of an object by measuring the strain or load applied to a surface. Our various load cells are the right choice for you. Of course, besides the 20kg load cells, you can correct the correct ones such as 1kg load cells, 5kg load cells, 10kg load cells, 100kg load cells, or more. For details, please feel free to contact us.
In addition to load cells, we also manufacture and supply floor scales, axle scales, bench scales, crane scales, truck scales, pallet jack with scales, weighing indicator displays, and other weighing equipment hardware.

Load Range


Combined Error

± 0.05%FS

Zero Balance

± 0.1%FS


± 0.05%FS


± 0.05%FS

Output Resistance

1000 ± 10Ω

Compensated Temperate Range

-10 ~ +40 ℃

Temperature Effect on Span

± 0.05 %FS/10℃

Electrical Wire Connection

4 color wire, Ø 0.6 × 110 mm

How to simply tell if the load cell is damaged on spot?

The deformation of the strain gauge is very small/tiny. During installation and use, if the external force is removed, the original shape of the strain gauge cannot be restored and plastic deformation occurs. It indicates that the load cell is damaged.

What is the correct installation method of the single point load cell?

One end of the sensor is to be fixed through a screw. The other end remains suspended. Apply gravity in the direction indicated on the arrow. One important thing is that you must not directly press the white-coated part. So as not to damage the internal strain gauge of the sensor.

What size screws fit threaded holes on this type of 500g load cell?

M3 is ok.

What is the mass of the 500g load cell?

Single gross weight: 0.300 kg


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