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Wide Pallet Jack

CUBLiFT Maufactures Quality Pallet Jack in China Since 1999

Wide Pallet Jack | Hand Pallet Jack

Fork widths up to 1200mm, maximum capacities up to 2000kg

Reinforced Steel Frame enure prolonged work life

Suitable for paper rolls, plasterboards, timber panels, and other wide loads applications

Extra-low Wide Pallet Jack 3000kg

● Model:BH Wide Style
● Capacity (kg): 3000
● Fork overall length (mm): 1150/1200
● Fork overall width (mm): 800/1000/1200
● Height Min/Max (mm): 55/165 extra-low
● Turning Radius(mm): 1265/1265/1335
● Wheel (type): PU

Cutom Wide Pallet Jack 2000kg

● Model:BH Wide Style
● Capacity (kg): 2000
● Fork overall length (mm): 2000
● Fork overall width (mm): 800/1000/1200
● Height Min/Max (mm): 55/165 extra-low
● Turning Radius(mm): 1265/1265/1335
● Wheel (type): nylon

Wide Pallet Jack 1000kg

● Model:BH Wide Style
● Capacity (kg): 1000
● Fork overall length (mm): 1150/1200
● Fork overall width (mm): 800/1000/1200
● Height Min/Max (mm): 55/165 extra-low
● Turning Radius(mm): 1265/1265/1335
● Wheel (type): Nylon

CUBLiFT: Your Premier Hand Pallet Truck Manufacturer in China

CUBLIFT’s wide pallet jack is ergonomically designed and manufactured for moving non-standard, oversized material. The width size of its forks is fully customizable along with some other features including wheel type, turning radius, and steering mechanism. A wide pallet jack is the best solution for warehousing, retail, material handling applications, and storage facilities.

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With a weight capacity of between 2000 lb. – 6000 lb., the wide pallet jack features a manual hydraulic system, bearings, two steering wheels, and a pressure relief valve so the unit can’t be overloaded. Its perfectly manufactured one-hand control system gives you complete freedom of its movement.
The execution of lifting, transporting, and lowering functions quickly and easily has become extremely efficient and easy with its convenient operating lever. Its exceptional long-term value makes it extremely durable and one of the best performing warehouse equipment.
A wide pallet jack is designed for smooth and quiet operation along with less fatigue handling that helps it work more efficiently even in versatile warehouse environments. In order to maintain maximum safety, CUBLIFT’s wide pallet jack features rubber steering rollers and nylon or polyurethane fork rollers with ball-bearings with an integrated pressure control valve.

CUBLIFT has a fully optimized manufacturing facility that helps ergonomically designing, developing, and building-wide pallet jacks to output outstanding long service with minimum maintenance required and assist with all manners of material handling applications. Moreover, its durable powder coat mainframe and industrial-grade material selection make it corrosion-, heat-, impact-, and shock-resistant.
CUBLIFT can also manufacture vertical drum lifters, scissor lifts, pallet scale ramps, plastic drum lifters, very narrow aisle trucks, and mobile scissor lifts along with much other material handling equipment. A wide pallet jack is the most cost-effective solution to your heavy and oversized pallet handling and transportation.

Contact CUBLIFT to learn more about our high-performance wide pallet jack and more manual pallet jacks. Visit our website and get the best price.

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Wide Pallet Jack – The Ultimate FAQ

A wide pallet jack is a pallet jack designed to move, lift, and transport heavy and oversized loads.

A wide pallet jack is a piece of hand-powered controlled equipment. It ensures that the moving pallet and load lifting are simpler since humans control the equipment handle. The equipment is mechanized to empower lifting and to move oversized and heavier loads.

The wide pallet jack has forks that are positioned away from the front wheel. Sometimes, Accessible in various widths. Rollers under the fork tips make them simple to utilize. Has weight capacity that goes from 2000 lbs and may go as high as 5000 lbs or more.

What are the standard specifications of a wide pallet jack?

A wide pallet jack is considered a piece of equipment that can handle machines, loads, and pallets with large weight capacity and oversize. It comes with various specifications as follows;

  • Three widths available
  • Overall width 800mm – 1000mm
  • Two steering wheels
  • Lead-in / Lead-out rollers under the fork tips enable pallets to be entered with ease.
  • Pressure relief valve/ overload valve so the unit can’t be overloaded for OH&S purposes.
  • Load capacity 2200-5500
  • Fork width 800-1000mm
  • Fork height 75-190mm
  • Width x diameter load roller 80x 92mm
  • Fork length 1150mm

What is the procedure of using a broad pallet jack?

  • Set aside an effort to survey the task

When moving a weight,  figure out what will be moved, how hefty the load is, and where it’s going. The question to ask is, “Would I be able to deal with this load alone? The size of the load, a pallet is enormous and massive. If the load is too huge, will it impede my vision? Inquire as to whether your vision is hindered.

Assess the wide pallet jack intended to be used before each utilization. Check the material of the load to be transported by a wide pallet jack.  As for load with fragile materials should be handled with care while the heavy loads’ stability should be observed. Search for breaks and different indications of potential imperfections or harm.

Guarantee the wheels are working appropriately and you have sufficient tire pressure. Before working a wide pallet jack, check the controls, directing, forks, and floor in case of any fault, report to your supervisor.

  • Determine the load type

Any attempt to stack your wide pallet jack with little individual things or enormous insecure pieces can make the load tumble off, bringing about a physical issue or massive wreck. Utilize a holder for more modest things and secure bigger things by packaging them up before transportation. Likewise, ensure the load is equitably conveyed, and stability is attained.

A cumbersome weight can spill and damage or injure the wide pallet jack operator. Utilize a two-wheel wide pallet jack for light loads and a four-wheel jack for substantial weight. When utilizing a bed jack, focus the forks equally under the load to keep up excellent stability and guarantee soundness.

Continuously load the heaviest things first. Ensure 1-inch space between the pallet and the load. Continuously observe the weight limit of your equipment and never over-burden.

Always operate the wide pallet jack when it’s in good condition. Avoid the load getting too huge before transportation. Handle the large loads in bits as much as could be expected, so they are simpler to deal with. When the load is too huge, you can’t as expect it to be stable during transportation.

Always follow OSHA guidelines and recommendations such that; To decrease injury and load damage, OSHA suggests restricting the heaviness of loads, pallets so the necessary pushing power is under 50 pounds.

  • Personal Protective Equipment ( PPE)

A wide pallet jack operator needs to have protective clothing when operating the equipment.

It makes each lifting or dealing with load both safe and straightforward. The personal protective equipment includes ;

  • Protective footwear: Transporting loads, pallets, and machines from one area to other regions can put you in danger of foot wounds in case of the load fall, lifting loads, or sharp goods and materials that can pierce and injure the operator. You may likewise require extraordinary footwear plans like non-slide bottoms and safety boots when there are slips or uneven floors in your worksite.
  • Back belt: A back belt helps support your lower back while utilizing a wide pallet jack and pallet jacks. The back belt is usually worn on your lower back when handling heavyweight as this supports your back, preventing it from injury.
  • Protective gloves: When working with heavy loads and rough materials, a wide pallet jack operator must have protective gloves.
  • Lift the correct load way

Back injuries and damage can be the immediate aftereffect of ill-advised lifting methods or lifting excessively hefty loads.

As per OSHA guidelines and recommendations, when wide pallet jack operators transport materials, loads, and pallets around a worksite, they are in danger of creating back injuries, back twist because of abnormal stances, and lifting heavyweight. Improper body posture when working for stances, bowing or bending forward and aside, and curving when pushing or pulling heavy materials can prompt muscle strain and back injury.

Also, operating a wide pallet jack with wheel defects, uneven floors can likewise make moving loads more troublesome, leading to shoulder strain and back injury.

The wide pallet jack operator’s head ought to be upstanding and not positioned more than around 30 degrees or forward or in reverse more than around 15 degrees. When the pallet jack operator is standing, the middle section isn’t bowed more than 20 degrees from the upward position, and the joint bends of the spine are kept up.

  • Try not to stack load higher than eye level.
  • Give adjustable movable picking equipment, so loads are kept up at tallness that limits twisting at the back.
  • Transport equipment ought to have suitable handles (ergonomic handles) that are sufficiently enormous to fit the whole hand.
  • Use a wide pallet jack with pneumatic wheels to move loads over rough stairs or uneven floors.

After understanding how to handle heavy loads effectively and operate the wide pallet jack, here are simple steps to operate a wide pallet jack:

  • Discover the location of the lever switch.

Always ensure you remain behind the wide pallet jack, as this is the best position to be when the wide pallet jack is on move. Track down the little switch that permits the pallet jack prongs.

The wide pallet jack drop switch is regularly a little switch in the adjusted handle, one can recognize it by an alternate shade of plastic, or in any case, stamped, or it may not be.

  • Push internal on the drop switch to bring down the forks.

The forks ought to just be an inch or two from the floor. If the forks are now totally brought down, you won’t see them move. The forks ought to just be an inch or two from the floor.

  • Position the forks under the load.

If they won’t fit, that tells the pallet jack is not adequately lowered, Engage the handle switch to push again the forks.  After this is done the operator will note that the forks fit well under a pallet jack.

  • Engage the handle to jack the wide pallet jack.

When the forks are under the pallet, away from the load and toward the floor in a slanting movement. You should feel the pallet jack (and the load) gradually ascending.

  • Check the stability of the wide pallet jack.

After placing the wide pallet jack load, the operator should ensure that the pallet has the stability to avoid falls, damages, and injuries.

  • The last step is, Move the wide pallet jack.

It is the last step in the procedure of using a wide pallet jack. At the point when the pallet jack is raised adequately, pull on the pallet jack handle to move the load up any one way.

On the other hand,  clients can help push against the pallet jack when the pallet is ready to move, lift the entryway, or onto a truck.


Figure 1: An image of a wide pallet jack

What are kinds of wide pallet jacks available?

The wide pallet jack comes with a fork dimension of 685-1220 mm. The wide pallet jack offers stability when dealing with heavy loads of pallets. These unique features of the wide pallet jack make it easier to handle heavy loads, oversized pallets.

  • A heavy-duty has a 2500kg pump capacity.
  • 200mm wheels
  • Quiet nylon fork roller tip for easy pallet entry
  • Forklift height 85-200mm
  • 2000KG Galvanized Pallet Jack 685mm wide

Figure 2: An image of  Wide  Pallet Jack

Capacity: 2000 kg

Fork height range:75-190 mm

Steering wheel: 180×50 mm

Load roller: 74×93 mm

Size of fork: 160×60 mm

Width overall forks: 685 mm

Fork length:1150 mm

Warranty:1 year

Ergonomic handle design

Polyurethane rollers

Price range: $1,016.39-$1,118.03

Hydraulic pump

  • 2500KG Pallet Jack with Scales – 540mm wide

Figure 3: An image of Wide Pallet Jack

Capacity: 2500 kg

Fork height range: 88-200 mm

Steering wheel: 180×50 mm

Size of fork:178×60 mm

Width overall forks: 540 mm

Fork length: 1150 mm

Warranty: 1 year

Hydraulic pump

Polyurethane rollers

Ergonomic handle design

Price range: $1,645.88-$1,810.47

  • 1000KG Electric Scissor Lift Pallet Jack 540mm wide

Figure 4: An image of Wide Pallet Jack

Length of fork:1170 mm

Size of fork: 160×50 mm

Fork roller:75×50 mm

Big wheel:180×50 mm

Battery(5hrs):     12V/60Ah

Weight  :169 kg

Width of overall fork:       540 mm

Warranty:1 year

Price range: $3,090.51-$3,399.56

Weight capacity: 1000 kg

Min. fork height:85 mm

Max. fork height: 800 mm

Where are wide pallet jacks used?

Wide pallet jacks are used in moving and lifting loads and pallets that are heavy and oversize. It ensures the load transported is stable and secure.

Areas where the wide pallet jack is used:

  • Manufacturing industries
  • Food industry
  • Chemical industries
  • Large factories
  • Car and machine factories
  • Shipping industries
  • Logistic companies

Do you offer after-sale services for wide pallet jack purchases?

Wide pallet jack manufacturers or dealers provide excellent after-sale services to the client.

Client’s fulfillment is manufacturer need. Consequently, offering after-deal services to clients. In the first place

Also, offering a 1-year guarantee for every machine or pallet jack, bought directly from the manufacturer yard or an authorized dealer of wide pallet jacks. It means you have an entire year to encounter wide pallet jacks, and in the event of any issues, You can get your wide pallet jack serviced at no expense.

A wide pallet jack buyer must ensure the purchase is done from an official equipment manufacturer and authorized dealers.

How long does it take to make a wide pallet jack?

An accomplished group of experts makes a wide pallet jack several days after the concurred store has been made. In any case, the span relies upon the number of wide pallet jacks being manufactured and manufacturer team determinations.

Additionally, if your selection of plans and design needs the team’s commitment, it might take somewhat more, as long as four days. In cases where the wide pallet jack design is ready, the team can take only four days or less to develop equipment.

Where can I purchase a wide pallet jack?

Cublift services can be enjoyed across the world regardless of your location. Another way is to contact us via our telephone or emails readily available too. You only need to make an online request through our contact section here on our website.

We are consistently prepared for client orders. All our client’s orders get a quick reaction.

Another way to purchase a wide pallet jack is having genuine authorized dealers of the equipment.

What material is used for wide pallet wheels, rollers?

Wide pallet jacks depend on four wheels to move materials and are polyurethane, nylon, or elastic in creation. Mechanized wide pallet jacks typically fuse a choke for speed change, just as a handle switch. Directing is as yet achieved by handle situating. However, it may use power controlling.

Mechanized wide pallet jacks will, in general, have a lower turning curve just like a standing stage for the operator, the two of which can confine mobility. More modest wheels break into the jack’s forks for stacking (called load haggles) while bigger, turning, couple wheels are situated around a pivoted handle (steer wheels).

It permits the operator to control the wide pallet jack with a severe turning circular segment, generally up to 270°. For use outside, pallet jacks will have froth-filled or strong elastic tires to explore the landscape.

What should I do in case of a wide pallet jack malfunction?

A wide pallet jack is designed and used in handling heavy loads and pallets. Since it involves handling of heavy operations, a broad pallet jack requires maintenance and inspection to ensure the equipment is always fit before use.

Wide pallet jack operator may experience various malfunctions;

General wide pallet jack malfunctions:

  • Low Oil levels

The wide pallet jack utilizes a hydraulic system framework that ensures that it is equipped for lifting pallets and loads effectively. For this hydraulic system framework to work appropriately, it utilizes hydraulic oil to produce lift pressure.

The hydraulic system framework is constantly presented to breakdowns, mainly when the hydraulic oil levels are below required level to create lift pressure. Fortunately, we can address the issue by topping off the hydraulic oil to the suggested levels without much stretch.

  • Lubrication

The wide pallet jack is a basic accompanies of moving parts that should be given appropriate consideration. Common issues are the use of wide pallet jack operation for a long time without lubrication of moving parts.

Conceded the moving parts like the wheels, pivot, and bearing, as a rule, come greased up with deep-rooted oil; it is significant that you grease up them consistently to keep them fit as a fiddle.

Lubrication of moving parts in a wide pallet jack is essential as it ensures the equipment is always fit for operation.

  • Air pockets

For a wide pallet jack to lift pallets, a hydraulic system uses hydraulic oil to generate lift pressure. It can be affected if the hydraulic system has air pockets.

Damaged and worn-out cartridges in a hydraulic system can cause air pockets in a wide pallet jack.

To solve this malfunction, the operator needs to ensure the control lever is in a lower position, jack-up is pumped to release the air in the hydraulic system.

  • Worn out and damaged wheels

Wide pallet jack wheels have common malfunctions that, in case ignored, can damage the equipment and cause injury to the operator.

The leading cause of damaged wheels is overloading; despite the wide pallet jack has a large weight capacity limit, the operator may overload the equipment, which causes tensions on the wheels, thus damage.

The warehouse floor can solve this type of wide pallet jack malfunction is clean, and the equipment lifts and moves the loads and pallets within the weight limit.

  • Wide pallet jack unable to lift the pallet

It may be due to a spring that applies pressure to a hydraulic system. Ensure the spring is not compressed or broken. If the spring is broken, replacement should be done.

  • Rough drives of loaded pallet jack

It may be due to worn-out wheels, dirty surfaces. It makes pallet jack movement a bit hard and not smooth. Ensure the warehouse floors are clean and worn out, damaged wheels are replaced before equipment operations.

  • The inability of the pallet jack to maintain the lifted pallet in the same position without lowering it

When a wide pallet jack cannot lift and support weight, this may be due to an issue to do with the hydraulic system, leakage of hydraulic pressure from the equipment.

Assess if there is possible pressure leakage; if any, the operator should replace or repair the hydraulic system housing.

How high can wide pallet jack lift load?

Lifts heights of a wide pallet jack are a vital feature that buyers consider. Different pallet jacks designs have a wide range of lift heights. A wide pallet jack can be able to lift the capacity limit 700kgs -5000lbs. It’s due to its large capacity limit.

Due to its wide range of forks, the wide pallet jack also has a wide range of height lifts that is between 85-800mm.

What are the safety guidelines for a wide pallet jack?

Wide pallet jack operators’ need to understand the proper use of the equipment and safety guidelines for wide pallet jack before any operations:

  • The load should be pushed and not pulled.

Bear in mind that the wide pallet jack is designed for heavy and oversized loads and pallets. The operator should ensure that it’s supposed to be pushed and not pulled when the equipment is weighted.

  • Do not exceed the capacity limit.

Despite having a large capacity limit, the operator should ensure the wide pallet jack handles the pallets within the recommended capacity limit.

  • Place your feet aware of the machine.

A wide pallet jack operator should ensure the feet are not under the machine. It helps to avoid the operator’s injury.

  • Proper lifting techniques

These include loading and unloading the loads from the equipment and other operations.

Ensure the wide pallet jack forks are functional that is lowering, and lifting is intact.

  • Operating in an inclined surface

When operating a wide pallet jack on an inclined surface, ensure you operate it in a reverse way.

  • Condition of operating surrounding

A wide pallet jack requires enough space to operate, ensuring there are fewer people around and no barriers when in operation.  It ensures smooth operation of the equipment, no injuries, and damages.

  • Correct use of the equipment

Ensure the wide pallet jack is used for the purpose it’s meant for. It ensures the safety of the operator and the people around it.

  • General inspection of wide pallet jack

The operator should ensure the inspection of the equipment is done before use to ensure it’s in good condition.

  • Control buttons and levers

Before utilizing the wide pallet jack, the operator should familiarize themself with controls functions and ensure they are all functioning.

  • Damaged wheels

When inspecting the wide pallet jack, ensure the wheels are in good condition. In case of damaged or worn-out wheels, replacement of worn out wheels is to be done before operating the pallet jack.

  • Oversize and large loads

A wide pallet jack operator is advised to ensure the equipment handles the recommended weight capacity. If the equipment handles the oversize loads that might block the view, the operator should ask for assistance.

  • Pallet jack storage

When I not in use wide pallet jack should be stored in a dry place.

When parking the pallet jack in the store area, ensure the forks are lowered, and all loads are offloaded.

  • Leakage inspection

Ensure no oil leakage, hydraulic oil leakage, and hydraulic pump/piston pressure leakage. Should do it before operating a wide pallet jack and after a daily operation.

What is the overall cost of manufacturing a customized wide pallet jack?

Ideally, the expense of modifying a wide pallet jack relies upon a few factors like the quantity of the pallet jacks, sort of utilizations you would need to be introduced on your wide pallet jack. Additionally, the limit and kind of wide pallet jack contrast in costs, adding to the general expense of pallet jack customization.

The expense may likewise reach out to the method of conveyance. For example, I might remember the cargo or transportation cost for the available customization charge. In any case, we have the most competitive and moderate costs from our top-notch items.

Most importantly, we have an expert group that produces quality wide pallet jacks, and on top, costs are adaptable, moderate, and rely upon your determinations.

Where can wide pallet jack operators get the required training?

Wide pallet jack operators need technical skills to be able to operate the equipment effectively.

The operator should have the following abilities to be able to operate a wide pallet jack:

  • Ability to use controls functions
  • Ability to troubleshoot the problem and solve it
  • Understands safety and maintenance of the equipment at the workplace
  • Knowledge about OSHA safety standards

Usually, training materials accompany the new brand-wide pallet jack that you purchase. The assembling organization gives the manual guide on the best way to work the machine. A well-trained operator can likewise offer you great exercises on the best way to utilize the equipment since they might be having sufficient experience concerning the machine.

Additionally, a ton of training can be gotten from the web by visiting the Manufacturing organization site, or wide pallet jack authorized dealers.

How long can a wide pallet jack last?

Wide pallet jack performance life depends on various factors;

  • How many hours is the equipment used?
  • Upon the purchase, was the equipment new or used?
  • Maintenance routine
  • Weight capacity – if the equipment handles the weight above its capacity, it will wear out early than expected. The equipment should handle the recommended weight capacity limit to ensure the wide pallet has long performance life.
  • Equipment inspection before and after is vital.

Based on the above factors wide pallet jack can last longer and have a performance life.

Are there wide pallet jack rental services?

The wide pallet jack buyer can consider either purchasing the equipment or buying new equipment.

Both manufacturers and dealers’ have rental services that fit the potential client. The reason why the rental services are standard for both manufacturers and dealers is that they receive a different type of clients, the one who opts to purchase the equipment and the ones who prefer renting the equipment.

Before renting the equipment, the client should determine the period of use, weekly, monthly, and yearly.

If the client needs the equipment for just a specific period like weekly, The client opts for rental services then purchases the entire machine that may be in future maybe not in use.

A client whose business handles large and oversized loads and pallets will opt to purchase the equipment cause it’s cheaper since the equipment will be in use without determination of period.

If the client is uncertain about the option to take, it will be of great help to consult the manufacturer of the equipment to get more information and details.

Renting services for both manufacturers and dealer enables them to attract clients who need the equipment for a determined period.

Does a wide pallet jack require any certification before use?

Wide pallet jack certification is essential and required by OSHA for the workplace. Employees and wide pallet jack operator’s training is vital for operating and handling the equipment.

The employer may decide to offer training and certification after training at the workplace. The other option is allowing the authorized trainer to train the employees.

The certification should be reviewed after every three years that according to OSHA recommendations.

The course and training help in risk assessment, troubleshooting and solution skills, inspection and maintenance, and knowledge of safety standards.

When it comes to the need for a license of wide pallet jack operator,

You don’t need an operator’s permit to work a wide pallet jack. However,  will you need to have a permit or certification to work wide pallet jack relying upon where you are based?

OSHA doesn’t need or have a standard certificate in the US yet instead asks organizations utilizing wide pallet jack to have a certification program set up for its laborers.

Even though for specific courses, this may accompany an expiry date so you may discover you need to take a course sometime in the future. The employer may decide to introduce individual certification at the end of training.

What are inspection checks done on wide pallet jacks?

Before you start working the wide pallet jack, these are the daily routine inspection and  checks you need to convey:

  • Oil spillage
  • Hydraulic oil leakage
  • The crisis brake working without obstruction
  • Scratches or breaks
  • Loose nuts and bolts
  • The smooth wheels function
  • The lifting and bringing down capacities employing the controls

How do you prolong the lifespan of a wide pallet jack?

Any wide pallet jack purchaser will ask this question Forestalling your wide pallet jack from fizzling? Find the focuses you can focus on to utilize your wide pallet jack longer and have the option to fix it yourself. Also, this is well-disposed in an effective and financial plan because you delay the life expectancy of your wide pallet jack and your ledger.

Preventive upkeep of your wide pallet jack is imperative for a protected workplace. Through an everyday investigation of your wide pallet jack, you can mediate in time when it requires fixes. Accordingly, customary registration forestalls undesirable astonishments and drags out the life expectancy of the wide pallet jack. Find what things you need to remember to guarantee an ideal use:

  • Grease up the wide pallet jack regularly.

The producer with long-life oil greased up all orientation and axles. Grease up the wide pallet jack consistently and after each cleaning with long-life oil on the oil focuses, like the wheels, axles, and oil fittings.

  • Secure the wheels of your pallet trucks

A spotless working environment makes working more charming. The surface on which the wide pallet jack is utilized is vital to the wheels.

A wide range of soil or wires can get stuck between the wheels, which they will wear significantly quicker. It can undoubtedly is forestalled by routinely cleaning the haggles, eliminating this soil before utilizing the wide pallet jack.

Over-burdening your wide pallet jack can likewise have genuine outcomes for your wheels. It is wiser to make two excursions than take everything in one go, regardless of whether this takes a smidgen additional time. You keep the wheels from damage and shape a level spot so that you can utilize them longer.

It is additionally prescribed to look out for checks and steps. Pursuing a faster route may appear to be a smart thought; however, your wheels probably won’t concur. Maybe, take a reroute and keep your wheels from breaking thusly.

  • Replace the lowering valve if the pallet jack can longer lower its forks or pump

The wide pallet jack does not siphon anymore or bring down its forks? It is most likely because of the bringing down valve. For this situation, you need to replace the bringing down valve, with the goal that you can again siphon or lower the forks.

After use, store the wide pallet jack parked and in the most lowered position. If siphoning has no impact, marginally relax the bringing down valve screw.

Do the forks of the wide pallet jack at this point don’t plummet? Marginally screw in the bringing down valve screw.

  • Check the hydraulic oil and oil levels.

Inspection of oils level is always done after every six months. Replacement of oil and topping can be done once a year.

The hydraulic oil used in the wide pallet jack should have a thickness of 30cSt at 40 °C. If another oil is utilized, the bed truck might be challenging to siphon up, as this oil will in all likelihood be excessively thick.

When refilling the hydraulic oil in a wide pallet jack,  should observe the following


  • Should lower the wide pallet jack forks.
  • Locates the oil cylinder
  • Eliminate the screw plug.
  • Add the hydraulic oil until the level of the oil arrives at the lower part of the filler opening.
  • Introduce the screw attachment and spot the gadget upstanding

Note: With the forks not raised while siphoning with the switch in the RAISE position? It could be because air rises in the pressure hydraulic oil because of transport or by siphoning the turner when the bed truck isn’t upstanding.

Ensure the operating lever is lowered and the tiller handle is up. It ensures the air is quickly expelled and the wide pallet jack is functioning again.

  • Correct and safe way to use the wide pallet jack

The following ensures the longer life span of the wide pallet jack when is used correctly and more safely;

  • Avoid overloading the wide pallet jack; always handle the capacity limit
  • When the pallet jack is on the move, the operating lever should be on drive mode. It protects components of the valve and hydraulic seals for a longer life span.
  • Do not operate a wide pallet jack on a slope; if need be, always reverse mode.

What factors consider when parking a wide pallet jack?

An operator should ensure that proper parking of a wide pallet jack is done.

Avoid leaving the load unattended on a pallet jack, leaving the fork full extended and engaged handle.

  • Always park the wide pallet jack in a designated area when not in use. The parking area should be out of the way but an easily accessible area.
  • When parking, ensure the forks are lowered to the floor. It ensures the stability of the wide pallet jack.
  • When parking the wide pallet jack, release the hydraulic pressure. It lowers maintenance on the hydraulic system.
  • In a case where the pallet jack is loaded, the handle should be up. It prevents it from falling and injuries to the operator.
  • Upon parking a wide pallet jack, the fork should be lowered and not raised. It protects the hydraulic system.
  • Do not store-wide pallet jack on the way or emergence exists.
  • Offload the load when storing the wide pallet jack. Ensure the load is offloaded before storage of the wide pallet jack.
  • Store areas should be secure and should offer environmental protection. A wide pallet jack should be stored away from the area prone to wetness and corrosion.
  • Never leave the wide pallet jack unattended. Ensure that when the pallet jack is not in use, it’s parked in a designated area.
  • After parking the wide pallet jack, the operator should do daily inspections such as the wheel condition and control levers functionality. It enables both the operator and supervisor to correct any issues facing the wide pallet jack at the right time.


  • All Terrain Wide Pallet Jack list 1000kg BH-1000AT
  • Wide Pallet Jack list BH 3T685P
  • Wide Pallet Jack list BHC 3T685N
  • Wide Pallet Jack list BHS-3T550N
  • Wide Pallet Jack scale list BHA-3T69CR(21)
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