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2022 Weighing scale Manufacturers & Suppliers in Canada

AAA Weigh Weighing scale Manufacturers Canada logo (38)
AAA Weigh

AAA Weigh is proud to be an authorized sales dealer for most all brands of scales. Located in both Los Angeles County and Ventura County, California, AAA Weigh provides high quality, accurate, and affordable weighing and counting scale sales, service, and rentals with calibration that meets and exceeds customer expectations. We are factory trained, state licensed and have the volume, experience and equipment to offer super competitive pricing and get your scales up and running in the most effective and efficient manner. We offer simple scales or custom solutions, whichever your company needs to meet your accuracy goals. AAA Weigh offers scale systems integration to help you get your data where you need it. We also offer test weight and calibration weight testing and certification. Please do not hesitate to call with any questions you have while visiting our site. We are always adding quality scales and balances at awesome prices. And remember we have over 30,000 products to add, so be sure to call if you don’t see what you’re looking for

 Toll Free 866-750-8168.

Selleton Scales Weighing scale Manufacturers Canada logo (39)
Selleton Scales

Selleton Scales is a leading manufacturer of scales and wrapping solutions for commercial and industrial applications.Commercial floor scales are used in many industries to weight large objects that are difficult to handle. Having the scale located on the floor makes it much easier to weigh objects like pallets, large boxes, food containers, machinery, animals, and furniture.Most platform scales are simple in design. The largest component is a large flat metal platform that is corrosion-resistant and extremely durable. This platform can be permanently installed in a location or placed on wheels so it can be moved about your place of business.The other components in a commercial floor scales or industrial floor scale are load cells which perform the actual weighing and electronic equipment, which transmits the result to a display, printer, or computer.

844-735-5386 (Toll Free)

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TUFNER INC. We design and manufacturer customizable control systems for agricultural equipment. Our systems control weighing, sanitation equipment, hydraulic & electric functions, and prescription/application rates through one handheld controller. The user is able to visualize, store, and export working data and statistics. Our NEW system is ISOBUS compatible with a universal terminal. We design and manufacture a large variety of load cells/weighbars, truck scales, axle scales, axle pads, animal scales, floor scales, bench scales, custom weighing kiosks ,and sanitation systems. We design and develop custom software solutions for unique weighing systems based on our customers specific needs.

(800) 810-2965

Truck Weight Weighing scale Manufacturers Canada logo (36)

TruckWeight Onboard Truck Scales provide fleets and owner operators with real savings. The simple wireless installation and accurate reliable performance has made this technology a growing success since 2005. Enjoy the peace of mind and satisfaction enjoyed by TruckWeight customers who have gained the best overall value with their TruckWeight Onboard Wireless Truck Scales.

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Created to fill a specific need, Custom Scale helps to make your life easier, and your business more successful. We saw the need, and we addressed it with a comprehensive range of services.Custom Scale is staffed by professionals who are devoted to solving your business problems. We will consult with you to determine your requirements and to configure solutions that are specifically tailored for your challenges. We’ve expanded our business to include this Web site so that our customers can enjoy convenient access to information, new products and ideas.Custom Scale employees average more than 20 years each in the weighing industry with many in excess of 30 years. We are cutting edge with in-house design and software capability. We have the same capability as manufacturers, but we are local. This saves you both time and money.

Call now: 1-866-739-0555

Reviewed Weighing scale Manufacturers Canada logo (34)

Reviewed’s mission is to help you buy the best stuff and get the most out of what you already own. Our team of product experts thoroughly vet every product we recommend to help you cut through the clutter and find what you need.Whether you’re looking to lose weight, gain it, or maintain it, an accurate bathroom scale is a useful tool for measuring and tracking your progress. A basic digital scale provides your weight in pounds, kilograms, or even stones, while a “smart” model offers a measure of your body composition—that is, the percent of fat versus lean mass on your body as well as a companion smartphone app that keeps a log of your weigh-ins.

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Before 2013 we only had one slogan: Weigh Better. We were focusing on how to make scales more accurate and more reliable. Partnered with the world’s leading load cell manufacturer, we took the advantage of the world-class-quality load cells as well as unique chasing platform design to make our scales perform better than our competition.You realize a need in your business; you look for a solution. In most cases, you end up compromising with a product that can solve only part of your problems because you cannot find the perfectly pre-designed product to fit your unique need. That’s why we are here – offering customized weighing solutions at a reasonable price.


Best Weigh Scale Weighing scale Manufacturers Canada logo (32)
Best Weigh Scale

Best Weigh Scale Co., Inc. would like you to know we guarantee complete customer satisfaction. Simply stated, this means we will always do whatever it takes to fully satisfy every customer, every time.We are proud to offer the widest array of scale equipment available to the weighing industry. Manufacturers such as; Fairbanks, Rice Lake Weighing Systems, Cardinal, A&D Scales, Chatillon, Ohaus and Detecto. Sales, service, installation – we do all our own construction to save time and money!We pride our family owned business on providing superior customer service. We recognize the importance of reliability in your business. That is the very reason our service department is on call 24 hours a day. Our factory-trained technicians can troubleshoot system failures by utilizing the latest technological equipment. Thus, saving your business from costly down time.

Fresno Corporate Office: 2728 N. Sunnyside Ave #101Fresno, CA 93727 Fresno Phone: 559-291-2592 Fresno Fax: 559-291-8056

LSI Scales Weighing scale Manufacturers Canada logo (31)
LSI Scales

LSI Scales take pride in our work, products and staff and deliver fast, dependable service to all of our clients.  At LSI Scales, our customers are not names in a database- they are relationships we have built, trust we have earned and businesses we understand.

Contact us today to learn about how you can put our unmatched experience to work for you.  We’d be happy to earn your business.

Phone: (855) 440-1022 or (559) 446-1022

T. E. Bouton Company Weighing scale Manufacturers Canada logo (30)
T. E. Bouton Company

We appreciate your business, and will always offer friendly problem solving to meet your satisfaction.  We are dedicated to providing customer service beginning with the quoting process, and continuing through the use of the product.We are confident that you will choose T. E. Bouton Company, Inc. to work with in the future.  Tom Bouton continues to work with customers he has known since he first started his company in 1983.  He is eager to answer your questions, and patient to wait for your Purchase Order.  His authenticity and sense of humor takes us back to better days when business was done between people.

1290 Anvilwood Court Sunnyvale, CA 94089 Phone: 888-452-2776

Best Weigh Scale Sales
Best Weigh Scale Sales

Weights & Measures Measurement Canada Accredited.It is the policy of Best Weigh Scale Sales & Service Limited to establish, document, implement and maintain an effective quality management system that will meet or exceed our customers’ needs and requirements. We will continue to improve on a continuing basis as well as meet all of Measurement Canada requirements.We provide high-quality service to our customers in various industries – such as construction, asphalt, concrete, agricultural, industrial and many other fields of business.



Reno Scales
Reno Scales

Reno Scales and Compressor Division of Reno Forklift is a unique, full-service division that offers everything from from new installs to repairs for scales, compressors, wrappers, strappers, tappers, and box erectors.Reno Forklift’s main line of scales is Mettler Toledo but we also offer Ohaus and Rice Lake. We can install or repair precision laboratory scales, graduating all the way up to truck or rail car scales. Our technicians are trained and equipped to service scales and ensure compliance with Nevada Department of Agriculture, Weights and Measures for retail sales.

(775) 329-1384


Scientech has been making top-quality analytical, laboratory and precision balances for over 50 years. Scientech balances are used in around the world in many settings, including laboratories, manufacturing facilities, academia, and medical offices. Reliable and durable, Scientech balances are 100% made in Colorado, USA.WHICH BALANCE IS RIGHT FOR YOUR NEEDS?

Call 1-800-525-0522


PUBLIC SCALE LOCATOR Making a DITY move and need to weigh your vehicle? A DITY move requires that you weigh your vehicle empty and again when it’s full. We’ve created this Certified Public Scale locator to make finding a scale easier for your PCS move. You can use our locator along the way or wait until you reach your destination – as long as you get your weight tickets before returning your truck. Just enter your location info – city, state, zip, etc. – and weigh your vehicle when it works for you.

Contact Penske 1-888-996-5415

Right Weigh Scale LLC
Right Weigh Scale LLC

Right Weigh Scale LLC is a well-established, scale repair and scale calibration business located in the Bay Area. We are committed to providing exceptional service to meet all of your weighing needs. From certification to calibration, repair to refurbishment, we ensure your scales are reliable and accurate.If you are in need of equipment or parts, we offer a wide variety of weighing devices and scale solutions from reputable manufacturers. Please contact us at (510) 315-8883 or by email info@rwscale.com and someone will help you.

Weighing scale Manufacturers Canada logo (24)

Fairbanks has been a leader in scale technology since 1830. Though many things have changed since then, we still lead the industry with the most reliable and accurate mission-critical weighing equipment. Whether you’re weighing 2 pounds or 150,000, our scales are the best way to obtain the best weigh.

Here at Fairbanks Scales we have been continuously monitoring the COVID-19 global health pandemic and want to assure our customers of continued service as we prioritize the safety and well-being of everyone involved in the work we do. Fairbanks has implemented procedures and protocols for uninterrupted customer service and support. We will continue manufacturing with multiple contingency plans in place to ensure smooth operation and flexibility in the face of rapidly changing local conditions.

(800) 451-4107

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More and more weight scales are coming with a range of different features that can assist you in your fitness journey. Many include connections to phone apps and fitness trackers that track progress and may also allow you to log your exercise and food consumption. Others allow you to enter a profile for the people that use the scale. They use height and age details to calculate body mass index and often save historical data.

Body fat scales are also becoming popular. These generally send a small electric current through the feet that measures body density to determine the percentage of body fat. This can be an important metric as it gives you a more accurate picture of your body composition. Lean muscle is heavier than fat, and if you are becoming stronger in your fitness quest, the scales may go up even as your body fat is decreasing.

Weighing scale Manufacturers Canada logo (20)
Public Scales

Public Scales.org has been established to assist new vehicle owners in obtaining a Motor Vehicle Registration Weigh master Weight Certificate. The Dept of Motor Vehicle Requires commercial vehicles to be weighted by a certified weigh depot Truck Station. This weight Certificate consists of the Vehicles Gross Weight, Vehicle Identifications number, Type of Vehicle, purposed use and new owner’s information. Most weigh houses are open 6 days per week all year round. We recommend you call ahead of time and schedule an appointment with the scale master truck stations to ensure they will be able to accept your vehicle in a timely manner.

Trucker Path Weigh
Trucker Path Weigh

Trucker Path Weigh Stations Nearby Trucker Path helps truck drivers find truck scales nearby. It even tells you if they’re open or closed. Sounds unbelievable, right? Check it out and become a believer. 600k truckers already have! Weigh Stations Locations Lookings for a weigh station near you? Or maybe a weigh station in Florida or Illinois? With the Trucker Path app you can verify if a weigh station is OPEN or CLOSED. Plan your route in advance to avoid the hassle and save yourself precious time on the road.

Central Carolina Scale
Central Carolina Scale

Truck Scales are an important investment and you need to work with a company who can recommend the right product for you and install it right the first time. Customers throughout central North Carolina know when you need accurate truck weights and unsurpassed durability, it only makes sense to call Central Carolina Scale, Inc.Vehicle scales may be equipped with many different options to increase their utility for both operator and driver. Options include traffic lights, truck management software, ticket printers, remote displays, intercom, video surveillance, automated systems, power conditioning, guard rails and so on. Truck Scale Questions that need to be answered before receiving a quote. Take a look at the wide variety of products we have below. Call or email our heavy capacity sales team with any questions at (919) 776-7737.

MAAXX Scales
MAAXX Scales

Etekcity Bathroom Body Weight Scale, Round Corner Platform Digital Scale, Large Backlit Display and High Precision Measurements(Digital Scale New) 400 lb/180 kgReliable safety: 6mm-thick tempered platform with round corner; Anti-skip pad design provides exceptional sturdiness and stability in safeguardConvenient weighing: instant readings once you step on the body scale, auto-off, auto-zero, auto-calibration, support lb/kg Unit conversion, low battery and overload indicator

Weighing scale Manufacturers Canada logo (17)
SCI weighing

Our President-Sales Manager David Smith sold heavy equipment attachments across the western U.S. and Canada before getting into the onboard scale industry. He has marketed Crane & Lifting-Heavy Equipment Scale Solutions for the past 30 years. He co-founded Load Systems International Inc (LSI) and was the President-CEO of LSI until it was sold in 2014. David has worked extensively with global OEM partners, general contractors, equipment dealers and end users on scale application solutions. Ryan Wadewitz, our Engineering/Product Support Manager, has 21 years experience in the Crane & Lifting-Heavy Equipment manufacturing industry with roles as engineering manager, service manager and product support manager. Ryan has been developing state-of-the-art onboard scale solutions for the past 10 years.   We offer custom engineering for OEM weighing/machine control applications. We are pleased to provide 7 days a week technical support on the products that we offer.  

Toll Free: 888-239-0552

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ASI scale

WEIGH SCALE CERTIFICATION Scale Repair / Certification | 0 comments Did you know that calibrating your scale is not only a necessity for product effectiveness, but may also be a legal requirement if your deice has been Certified “Legal for Trade” according to Measurement Canada, an agency of Industry Canada requires all scales that are used to buy or sell materials must be certified as “Legal for Trade”.Under the Weights and Measures Act, weighing and measuring devices are subject to stringent regulations, and can be periodically inspected to ensure compliance. Owners found in violation can face heavy fines and further disciplinary action. What are some core elements of the act that all owners should know to abide by?

CONTACT US MAIN: 780-451-4502 TOLL FREE: 800-252-7528

Weighing scale Manufacturers Canada logo (13)
Pharmacy Weigh Scale

Pharmacy Weigh Scale Portable top load weigh scale for standard pharmacy procedures. High quality performance and value. Ideal for weighing mixing bags to confirm accuracy in drug batching procedures.

TOLL FREE NUMBER 1 800 665-5492

DIGI Canada Weighing scale Manufacturers Canada logo (15)
DIGI Canada

DIGI Canada is a proven global leader in the food industry offering a complete line of food equipment for over 25 years. We offer across-the-store solutions from quality equipment to consumables. Our product line is integrated with the best and latest technology and we are continuously improving our quality through extensive research and innovation. DIGI Canada pledges that you will receive the same high level of customer support in selecting the best products and services to meet your specific needs whether you are an independent merchant or large retail chain.DIGI Canada believes that it is important to obtain customer satisfaction and strives for excellence by providing a complete package of high end products and high quality support to our customer. We have returned to our core product line (Wrappers, Scales and Electronic Signage), after years of exploring additional product lines, in order to define a focus, and to allow us to offer unprecedented levels of service and expertise to our customers.


Alectronic Scale Systems Inc
Alectronic Scale Systems Inc

Services With over 40 years of experience, our ISO/IEC 17025 certified and Measurement Canada Accredited team will help solve your weighing problems. Our head office and service and manufacturing facilities are located at 1310 Osprey Drive, Ancaster Ontario Canada. Alectronic Scale Systems Inc. is a provider of sales and service to all makes of weighing equipment as well as providing calibration services and preventative maintenance programs for business & industry.Alectronic Scale Systems manufactures truck scales, bench scales, floor scales, weight-based software solutions and also provides rental scale services.


Measurement Canada
Measurement Canada

Measurement Canada is responsible for ensuring that businesses and consumers receive fair and accurate measure in financial transactions involving goods and services. The agency develops and administers the laws and requirements governing measurement; evaluates, approves and certifies measuring devices; and investigates complaints of suspected inaccurate measurement. All the scales on this page have models that are aproved by the Canada Measurement agency .

For Orders, Phone toll-free 800-832-0055

Walz OnBoard Weighing scale Manufacturers Canada logo (11)
Walz OnBoard

Walz OnBoard is your single source for mobile on-board truck scales and weighing systems for mining, agricultural farm scales, construction, aggregate, and other industry applications that thrive with onboard weighing systems. These advanced solutions range from on-board truck scales for articulated haul trucks to on-board material handler scales.Our comprehensive rail scale solutions are widely used in many rail way operations, from agriculture and recycling, to chemical and mining applications.Walz Scale is your single source for industrial truck scales, onsite services, calibration, and various other weighing systems for freight, shipping, retail, and more. Spanning from heavy duty axle scales and wheel weighers to pallet jack scales and floor scales, Walz Scale delivers a full spectrum of industry-leading weighing solutions for a wide range of needs and applications.

Toll Free: 1-(844) 541-2032

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Electronic on-board scales

Electronic on-board scales are not new. They were introduced over 30 years ago into trucking applications where monitoring gross vehicle or payload weight was necessary, but platform scales were not readily available.Over the years, improvements were added to these early electronic on-board scales. Load cells were improved and specialty load cells were developed for fifth wheels, center hangers, single points and most other types of spring suspensions. Vulcan On-Board Scales developed the double shear beam load cell, which is now an industry standard in the timber and other industries. Strain gage based air sensors were improved and added for an increasing number of air ride suspensions. Hydraulic sensors were designed for vehicles equipped with hydraulic lift cylinders. Today, Vulcan On-Board Scales can be installed on any truck or trailer with air, spring or mixed suspensions.

CANADA Vulcan On-Board Scales #106-1765 Springfield Road Kelowna, BC V1Y 5V5

Weigh2GoBC Weighing scale Manufacturers Canada logo (9)

Commercial Transport Program List of Inspection Stations CVSE inspection stations are complemented with mobile patrol units. Therefore station hours vary due to patrol, staffing and operational requirements.Weigh2GoBC allows commercial carriers to bypass Weigh2GoBC inspection stations (weigh scales) saving time, fuel and money and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Weigh2GoBC is free to join.

Office:250 953-4001

Western Weighing scale Manufacturers Canada logo (8)

Western products are engineered and built with quality, versatility and value in mind.  Every scale, instrument, and accessory is backed by our commitment to provide the best scale equipment to our customers.Designers and manufacturers of Industrial Weighing systems.Your source for Digital Scale Indicators, Remote Displays, and customized weighing solutions.

Call us on (604)941-3474

Weighing scale Manufacturers Canada logo (7)

Weighing and Measuring Device ProgramThe weighing and measuring device inspection ​program is responsible for reducing error in commercial transactions through the routine inspection and testing of commercial weighing and measuring devices (e.g., supermarket checkout systems, retail motor fuel dispensers, luggage scales at the airport, taxicabs, utility sub-meters, and large capacity truck scales). With very few exceptions, all weighing and measuring devices used in commercial transactions, are tested on an annual basis by department inspectors. 


Canadian Truck Scales Weighing scale Manufacturers Canada logo (6)
Canadian Truck Scales

Canadian Truck Scales are designed and manufactured to deliver what you expect from a Truck Scale — quality, accuracy and dependability. For dependable and accurate weighing, don’t settle for anything less. Make sure your next Truck Scale is a Canadian.

Our complete line of Truck Scales, Floor Scales and Truck Scale Software are designed and manufactured for the toughest weighing applications on Earth.

Toll Free: 800-461-0634

Weigh-in-Motion Weighing scale Manufacturers Canada logo (5)

Weigh-in-Motion Four Weigh-in-Motion (WIM) systems on the Trans-Canada Highway (Routes 1 and 2) are increasing efficiency for the trucking industry by reducing the number of weight compliant vehicles required to exit the highway and report to the scales. They are also reducing vehicle emissions and collision risks at access points. These systems are located eastbound on Route 2 at Longs Creek and westbound on Route 2 at Deerwood and Salisbury and eastbound on Route 1 near Waweig. These systems are jointly funded by the Governments of Canada and New Brunswick.

Matrix Scale
Matrix Scale

Matrix Scale is a manufacturer and supplier of Industrial Weighing Scales

As an Accredited Company, Matrix Scale can provide our customers with Measurement Canada Certifications on scales and instruments that have been approved by Weights and Measures Canada.The company specializes but is not limited to four distinct divisions:Products – Floor scales, bench scales, Counting scales, Digital indicators, load cells, mounting assemblies, scale accessories, Label, Ticket and Bar Code printers and much more.Custom Products – Fully customized weighing solutionsRental Scales – Floor scales, bench scales, counting scales, crane scales and more.Service Department – Preventive maintenance to scales, Measurement Canada certifications, scale repairs, fully trained service technicians available 24/7 

Mail Us:Matrix Scale Service Inc 301 Watline Ave Mississauga, On L4Z 1P3

Call Us:905-712-8987

ANYLOAD Weigh & Measure Inc
ANYLOAD Weigh & Measure Inc

ANYLOAD Weigh & Measure Inc. is an integrated design and manufacturing company specializing in the development and production of load cells, scales, and weighing components. Committed in supporting our customers by providing load cells and scales as well as customized products of the highest quality at competitive prices, we strive for product development and excellence, while keeping with our fundamental principles of quality, value and innovation.For over 20 years, ANYLOAD has been offering custom weighing and measurement solutions for a wide range of industries. Experienced in the production of small and large volume custom manufacturing, we offer design services ranging from customer requested development to modifications of our own products to suit our customers’ operational needs.ANYLOAD is an integrated design and manufacturing company specializing in the development and production of load cells, force transducers, indicators, remote displays, weighing & measurement components, and complete scales.

Toll Free: 1.855.ANYLOAD (269.5623)

Extensive Line of Scales
Extensive Line of Scales

Extensive Line of Scales and Balances at Great Prices in South Western Ontario Circuit Scale is a trusted company offering precision balances, industrial scales, rail scales, hopper and tanks scales, truck scales, portable scales, commercial scales, floor scales, precision scales, and laboratory balances. You can rely on us to provide dependable and cost-effective weigh scale solutions and related services. Our team caters to the food processing, chemicals, metals, automotive, trucking/transportation, plastics, Cannabis, and manufacturing industries.Our experienced sales team can provide suitable solutions for all weigh scale applications at very competitive pricing. We are the preferred dealers for Rice Lake Weighing Systems. See our extensive catalogue section.


Rice Lake® Weighing Systems
Rice Lake® Weighing Systems

Rice Lake® Weighing Systems is a premium line, specializing in weigh scales, controls, data collection and communication products.As an authorized Rice Lake® distributor, we offer everything from small bench scales to large truck scales. Learn more about Rice Lake® Weighing Systems.As an accredited Measurement Canada weigh scale service provider, CFM ensures excellence and accuracy in the maintenance, repair and installation of all makes of scales.

Phone: 1 (506) 648-2226

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