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Vertical Drum Lifter
Vertical Drum Lifter

Vertical Drum Lifter

CUBLiFT forklift vertical drum lifter makes your drum lift/load/moving easily and efficiently.

  • Applicable drums: iron, plastic
  • 500kg capacity for a full drum
  • Drum lifter with scale optional
  • Forklift vertical drum lifter dead weight: 4~9kg
  • One year warranty of core pump units

Our quality forklift vertical drum lifter allows for easier access and maneuverability to lift, transport, and pour drums in any liquid storage environments

Vertical Drum Lifter List DV-500A

● Model: DV-500A
● Capacity (kg): 500
● Size (mm): 710*190
● Weight (kg):6

Vertical Drum Lifter List DV-500B

● Model: DV-500B
● Capacity (kg): 500
● Size (mm): 445*100
● Weight (kg):9

Vertical Drum Lifter List DV-500C

● Model: DV-500A/B/C/D
● Capacity (kg): 500
● Size (mm):670*80
● Weight (kg):4

● Model: DV-500D
● Capacity (kg): 500
● Size (mm): 480*290
● Weight (kg):4

Vertical Drum Lifter List DG-300C

● Model: DG-360HO
● Capacity(kg): 360~500
● Drums: 1/2
● Size (mm): 810*670*815
● Weight (kg): 45/52
● Tilting:Manual/Electric

Vertical Drum Lifter List DG-2000V

● Model: DG-4000V
● Capacity(kg): 2000~4000
● Drums: 4~8
● Size (mm): 185*960*830
● Weight (kg): 410~750

CUBLiFT: Your Premier Vertical Drum Lifter Manufacturer in China

Vertical Drum Lifter forklift DESC (13)CUBLiFT is a one-stop solution to all your drum handling needs. It is a leading manufacturer of Vertical Drum Lifters based in China.  Here you will get a complete range of drum lifts.  These include Vertical Drum Lifters.

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All Vertical Drum Lifters from CUBLiFT are manufactured to the highest quality. They are available in both fully automated and semi-automated models. In all these models; reliability and longtime value are a guarantee.Vertical Drum Lifter forklift DESC (34)

Vertical Drum Lifter from CUBLiFT is supplied with a lifting capacity of 500kg-1000kg. It is quick, easy, and safe to use. You can use it in lifting, transporting, and also pouring. It is ideal for both steel, plastic, and fiber drums of 210kg.

Vertical Drum Lifter is designed with the capability for manipulating load fast and easily. This gives you maximum productivity. Its lightweight nature and low maintenance cost offer you the advantage of a lower risk of downtime.

Vertical Drum Lifter design includes assistance handles fittings. This protects the operator from strain and fatigue. It is engineered for durability with a heavy steel framework powder coating for handling tough tasks.

Vertical Drum Lifter keeps drum upright during lifting to reduce spillage and chances of injury. One person can operate thus saving time, reducing spillage, and improving productivity. It can be rotated at 3600 in either direction.

At CUBLiFT you have a wide range of choices. You can go for single or multiple drums lifters that are fully automated or semi-automated. They are fully tested and certified for compliance with the latest health and safety regulations.

A semi-automatic vertical drum lifter is engineered to allow easy picking of the drum. It picks the drum from the overhead vertical position via a forklift truck. On the other hand, a fully automated lifter allows the operator to handle the whole operation directly. The drum is not picked up via a forklift truck. This offers the operator the benefits of doing work faster and reduces downtime.

A CUBLiFT Vertical Drum Lifter is supplied with 5000 hours warranty. This comes with a long-time value guarantee.

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