Tension Load Cell

  • Monitor Every Gram of Force & Tension Accurately
  • Cutting-edge manufacturing capabilities
  • Stock standard types to save your start-up cost
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Inline Load Cell
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S type Load Cell
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Ring Load Cell
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Load Pin
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Load Shackle

Tension Load Cell | Force Load Cell

  • CE and RoHS certified
  • IP Rating: IP66, IP67, IP68 upon request
  • Pre-calibrated with signal in kg or kN as per requirements
  • Material: alloy steel, nickel-plated, Stainless steel
  • High or low capacity ranges from 25kg up to 100.000 kg
  • Low profile design, small deformation, and sturdy construction
  • Accessories and related instruments available

CUBTEC is one of the competent load cell manufacturers & suppliers in China. Contact us to find out more about our standard and customized load cells and compression & tension load cells for fitting your measurement project.

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CUBTEC Offers You Best Tension Load Cell | Compression Load Cell


Customized B-type tension load cell with from 2 to 100 tons

This is the B-type tension load cell produced by CUBTEC, which can be customized with from 2 to 100 tons The shape is rectangular with large mounting holes at both ends You don’t have to add a sling When some load cells are used to measure tension, they must be fixed by lifting rings Some high-strength rings cost more than load cells This load cell will reduce a lot of your usage costs The force of the sensor is to pull on both ends, Ranges range from 2 to 100 ton This sensor is used in various lifting environments, such as lifting electronic crane scales, wharves and mines and other places where goods are measured

Customized S-type tension load cell 

This device is one of the earliest force load cells, so it is very widely used, and the accuracy is very high the force region is on the two rectangular surfaces above and below So this pressure, we just add the force to both ends If we put a normal code, for example, directly on a surface like this, we can measure his pressure If you measure tension, there are two threaded holes on the top and bottom of the Load cell We can lock our lifting rings or screws and things like that on these two threaded holes.




Your Premier Load Cell Manufacturing Supplier

CUBTEC tension load cells belong to the type of weight load cells that weigh the forces applied via tension.

There are many types of weight load cells that are used to test tension forces.

CUBTEC provides pancake load cells, s type load cells, inline load cells, load pins, load shackles, etc these mentioned load cells can be classified within the scope of tension load cells.

The tension load cells show perfect performance both in dynamic and static weighing situations.

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Since the tension load cell has a very wide measure ranges from 25kg, 50kg, 100kg, 500kg, 1000kg, 1500kg, and up to 100tons, you can flexibly choose the correct load cells to fit your specific application needs.

The tension load cell bodies are normally laser welted from alloy steel, selected stainless steel, or aircraft-rated aluminum, meanwhile, the tension load cells are sealed to IP66, IP67, IP68, or IP69 upon request according to the application requirements.

So, the load cells can fit all the harsh working environments even optional hazardous areas by choosing the approved types of load cells from us.

If you are in the field of force measurement, material testing, or monitoring of force/tension in hanging and crane of the industrial process. Sometimes we call it compression/tension load cells, for it fits the applications where the load may revert from tension to compress and vice versa.

A typical and simple applications of tension load cells are crane scales or digital hang scales. CUBTEC quality tension load cells can be one of your best choices to make to your project run smoothly and economically.

CUBTEC’s load cells factories own over decades of years’ experience the load cells manufacturing and supplying both in the domestic and global markets.

Our tension load cell quality can compete with many big brands from the internal market. You rest assured to get reliable tension load cells from us at the most competitive prices and best service.

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