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Portable Scissor Lift

CUBLiFT Manufactures Reliable Portable Scissor Lift in China since 1999

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Portable Scissor Lift

CUBLiFT offers you superb portable scissor lifts, which is flexible access to the different loads, high power, and easy of use.

  • Lift capacity up to 5000lb varies per models
  • Lift loads up to 5x with an easy push-button
  • Manual portable scissor lift allows raising with foot pump hydraulically
  • Electric portable scissor lift provides lift with the push of a button
  • Polyurethane PU casters allow stable rolling

The portable scissor lift is ideal for heavy material loading in the compact room and raises your loads to a convenient working height.

Portable Scissor Lift 300kg

● Model BHT (scissor lift table)
● Capacity (kg): 150/350/300
● Height Min (mm): 210/280
● Height Max (mm): 720/900/1000/1260/1500
● Table Size (mm): 700*450*35~1016*516*60
● Wheel Diameter PU (mm):100/125/150
● Weight (kg): 40/71/77/107/120/130/142/162

Electric Portable Scissor Lift 350kg

● Model BHT (scissor lift table)
● Capacity (kg):350/500/800/1000
● Height Min (mm): /302/415/530
● Height Max (mm): 1000/1260/1500/1580/2000
● Table Size (mm): 815*500*50~1200*610*80
● Wheel Diameter PU (mm):100/125/150
● Weight (kg): 107/120/130/142/162/177/229

Electric Portable Scissor Lift 500kg

● Model:BMT (scissor lift table)
● Capacity (kg): 300/500/800/1000
● Height Min (mm):280/410
● Height Max (mm):900/1500/1700
● Table Size (mm): 950*500*50/1200*610*510
● Wheel Diameter PU (mm):125/150
● Weight (kg): 110/150/290
● Voltage/ Capacity:12V,60 AH/120AH

Portable Scissor Lift list XTS-1000

● Model: XTS
● Capacity (kg): 1000~100000(Customize)
● Height Min (mm): 305/360/400(Customize)
● Height Max (mm): 1780/2050
● Table Size (mm): 1300*820/1700*1200(Customize)
● Weight (kg): 230/320/570
● Voltage (V): 220/380

CUBLiFT: Your Premier Portable Scissor Lift Manufacturer in China

Portable Scissor Lift Mobile Scissor Lift DESC (19)The portable scissor lift is sometimes referred to as a light in weight scissor lift as it can easily be carried around. Their portability depends on the contraction of the scissor structure.

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Portable scissor lift comes with inbuilt features like a battery charger with an indicator, a stop button, a lowering system, etc. We also upgrade our portable scissor lift to other features that you need.

The portable scissor lift is labor-intensive as it does not needs installation and it comes with in-build wheels. They can lift a load capacity of 2-3 tons with a maximum height reach of 1.9m.

A portable scissor lift can be operated by one person without any difficulties. It is made of steel and aluminum ores which make it strong and durable.Portable Scissor Lift forklift DESC (21)

We also design customized portable scissor lift as per your requirements. We have a sales team available to help you select the best model that matches your operation needs.

Shipment will be arranged as soon as we process our order. We also supply spare parts of the portable scissor lift at your budget range.

If you have a broken scissor lift we will be pleased to send our technical team to repair it immediately. We also supply other scissor lift types including; mobile, electronic, hydraulic, etc.

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