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CUBLiFT Designs & Manufactures Superb Order Picker Truck in China

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Order Picker Truck

CUBLiFT manufactures & suppliers 5-star rating order pickers to all of our customers across the material handling industries with unbeatable price & superb services.

  • Ideal for shops or retailer workspaces
  • Working height varies from 14 FT to 20FT
  • 24 volt or 36v charger system varies on models
  • Up to 25oo kilograms lift capacity per models
  • Latest battery technology ensures 80 to 100 raise and lower cycles per charge
  • Guardrails on platforms ensure drivers’ safe while operations
  • The most cost-saving fleet of order picker truck solution u can get from the market

CUBLiFT: Your Premier Order Picker Truck Manufacturer in China

Do you need an electric lift truck to fill customer orders and deliver materials from storage? Are you a warehouse operator who wants to make the most of that limited storage space?

Order Picker Truck forklift DESC (19)Then what you need is the CUBLIFT order picker truck, a well-built product from the Chinese brand CUBLIFT. Known for manufacturing high-performance trucks since 2000, CUBLIFT put lots of elbow grease in this order picker truck.

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It features a versatile design, which makes it possible to handle different kinds of loads. These include auto parts, furniture, bulky items, and oddly sized goods.

The CUBLIFT order picker truck has a flat platform for the operator to stand on, plus an extendible mast that elevates the operator’s position. This lift truck has rail guiding, easy steering, and flexible wheels that help it through very narrow spaces while handling multi-thousand pounds of loads.

The machine is capable of reaching heights of up to 35 feet while batch picking, spacing, or slotting. There is also the fork, which helps to hold loads that are to be added.Order Picker Truck forklift DESC (25)

CUBLIFT’s Order Picker Truck is the new face of ergonomic solutions to order picking. Beyond efficiency, it is also very economical with values that can eliminate many operating costs usually incurred in most material handling or fulfilling centers.

The order picker truck is powered by DC motors and has several systems to provide an efficient setting for the lift and lowering speed that makes it easier for operators and increases productivity.

The CUBLIFT order picker forklift provides exceptional picking capabilities, nifty maneuver, and high throughput. It comes with a minimal turning radius for easy operation through different levels and heights of the vicinity.

For more details and inquiries about the CUBLIFT order picker truck, get in touch with our sales team by sending an email to info@cublift.com.

Order Picker Truck Manufacturer

Order Picker Truck: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

The CUBLIFT order picker truck is a unique lift truck for moving materials to fill customers’ orders in handling and storage units. With the capacity to reach heights of up to 35 feet, it can smoothly perform the functions of pallet trucks, rolling layered ladders, and other traditional piece-picking methods. This guide gives comprehensive answers to the popular questions and difficulties that most operators or other personnel that work with the order picker truck encounter while on the job. Here is a guide from the manufacturer’s description, our engineers’ opinion, and users’ feedback.

Below are a few of the frequently asked questions.


Where can I use the CUBLIFT Order Picker Truck?

The CUBLIFT Order Picker Truck is suitable for low-level and high-level order picking. It is most appropriate for operations that involve SKUs at heights above the second level and around very narrow aisles. It is instrumental in the proper organization of stocking and tracking its movement. The industry and its unit spaces are quickly evolving, and you need a versatile tool like the CUBLIFT order picker truck for easy navigation and acute inventories. The order picker truck helps with some of the processes before the goods get distributed to stores and other units. Any space with an increasing need to move more goods, handle more loads within narrow margins, there is an urgent need for the CUBLIFT order picker truck.


What makes the CUBLIFT order picker truck unique?

The CUBLIFT order picker truck is very economical considering how quickly, efficiently, and comfortably it helps operators handle the materials. It fulfills multiple orders seamlessly and reduces the number of trips it takes to get to any part of the warehouse. This CUBLIFT order picker truck significantly cuts the labor cost, reduces travel time, and improves productivity in the long run. It is imperative to minimize congestion in warehouses, especially ones with very different levels and heights of goods. The machine’s mast strength is adequate to reduce jolt at the height, and it is easy to operate and control from the operator’s station.


What are the factors to consider before getting the CUBLIFT Order Picker Truck?

The CUBLIFT Order Picker Truck is such an essential machine in material handling; however, some factors have to be considered to maximize its value and utility. These factors and essentials have to be put in place before procuring this picker truck in your warehouse. They include:

  • Picking height of the cases
  • Floor conditions and terrain
  • Requirements and dimensions of the carts, loads, or pellets
  • Presence of overhead obstructions
  • Can space be optimized and reorganized for wire and rail guidance?


Are there variants of the CUBLIFT Order Picker Truck?

Some CUBLIFT order picker trucks have a secondary mast in front of the working platform with pallet forks. Others have fixed masts in front of the flat working platform. You can also choose to order picker trucks with different stages in the mast (two or three). Beyond all these, you can affect various customization forms to suit a particular operator or a specific preference. Every one of these variations finds a way of reducing fatigue and increase productivity through the design and incorporated technologies. The CUBLIFT order picker truck is electrically powered and uses rechargeable batteries to ensure it does not run down while on the job. It also offers electronic steering with guiding wires for proper navigation and movement through the warehouse’s nooks and corners.


Is it possible to increase the load capacity of the CUBLIFT Order Picker Truck?

Unfortunately, the CUBLIFT order picker truck’s load capacity is not adjustable, and it’s not a feature that can just be adjusted or increased. However, the new models of the CUBLIFT order picker truck include an additional platform that you can install or uninstall without altering the normal functioning of the primary system. This auxiliary platform has two openings for the order picker truck’s forks to lift it. Due to the design and function of this additional platform, it is quite heavy, and this weight reduces the CUBLIFT order picker truck’s load capacity. The models that use additional platforms indicate a lower load capacity. Conversance of the load capacity is very important because overloading the order pallet truck can distort the machine’s stability. It can potentially overturn the CUBLIFT order picker truck in extreme situations, especially during sudden brakes or changes of acceleration.


Why you should choose the CUBLIFT Order Picker Truck

So, now you know that it is almost impossible to achieve a high level of organization and an effective logistics chain without machines like the order picker truck. The question is now that which order picker truck will meet your warehouse needs. Well, it’s not a question because CUBLIFT has been dishing out the best of such machines since the noughties. It would help if you chose machines from CUBLIFT because each of them helps to ensure the operator’s comfort, safety, and productivity. CUBLIFT Order picker Truck has a stretch of models to suit almost every picking application. The machines have appropriate controls and are convenient for operators with minimal fatigue.

Are you having challenges or issues in the warehouse? Do you need optimization in areas like;?

  • Automation
  • Information management
  • Labor initiatives
  • Filling orders
  • Space limitations
  • Visibility in the warehouse
  • Technology

The wait is over, log on to our website, and look for models that adequately meet your needs as there is something for everyone.

Is the CUBLIFT Order Picker Truck cost-effective?

Order picking is an essential part of working in a warehouse. It has a direct effect on customer satisfaction. The order picker truck will help keep the warehouse working smoothly with quick order processing and inventory keeping. While the CUBLIFT order picker truck will cost you some bucks, in the long run, it helps the warehouse with more uptime, faster processing, and movement of loads. These derivable values later amount to more profit and offset its costs and labor costs in no time. For instance, without machines like the CUBLIFT order picker truck, you might have to pull an entire pallet to access one or two units of goods. This approach will cause delays, inaccuracy, inadequate inventories, customer and worker dissatisfaction that can lose you even more bucks per time than the CUBLIFT order picker truck’s costs.

Furthermore, if you already have a forklift, the need for an order picker truck remains intact. The traditional forklift and the order picker truck both have unique functions that are relevant in the warehouse. Neither of the two is a perfect replacement for the other.

It is important to note that the CUBLIFT order picker truck comes in different price tags due to the various accessories, types, capacities, etc. I am sure that cheaper-order picker trucks are out there but not with as much reliability, robustness, and lifespan as the CUBLIFT order picker truck. Whatever your priority list of features and other factors like budget looks like, CUBLIFT has products that will satisfy every element of your preference without you having to break the bank.


What is the difference between the Order Picker Truck and the typical Forklift?

CUBLIFT is a brand that manufactures a fleet of heavy-duty tools like pallet jacks, stackers, scales, scissor lift, etc., all of which have unique functions to help with the work and processes involved in material handling. For instance, an HGV (Heavy Goods Vehicle) comes into the warehouse with considerable amounts of pallets. The operator would need a machine to move those loads into the warehouse, say a counterbalance truck. If you intend the goods for cross-docking, then a pallet truck might be more suitable. The order picker truck becomes useful when the stock needs to be put away in the warehouse. The order picker truck has platforms for the operators to stand on while controlling the machine, unlike the forklifts, which use forks. The picker trucks are more suitable for selecting and moving products from high shelves. The CUBLIFT order picker truck has a different steering system from that of the forklifts, hence the ability to make sharper turns and accelerations than the forklift.


What are the disadvantages of the CUBLIFT Order Picker Truck?

The CUBLIFT does not have disadvantages by every standard of the word as it does no damage or ill to the purpose of its purchase. But it is possible to get minimal value from the machine when you expose it to some conditions like:

  • rough surfaces,
  • Using it to put away goods as opposed to pulling loads from the store.


What are the primary precautions to be taken with the CUBLIFT Order Picker Truck?

Operators and warehouse/factory managers need to be conscious of the hazards associated with using order picker trucks. One of which is the decreased stability at elevated positions. It would be best if you also were careful of the lift when pulling heavy objects, especially with a weight exceeding the load capacity. Furthermore, operators should ensure that the loads are arranged evenly on the platform in a balanced way at the center. The CUBLIFT comes with safety systems that help operators ensure stability, safety, and prevent falls during elevation. The safety guard includes straps attached to the sides and the roof of the CUBLIFT order picker truck. It is expedient for the operators to be well guarded at such heights, especially while handling loads. Operators should also wear safety boots with a non-slip surface and ensure all fall protection procedures, as stated in the manufacturer’s manual.

With this machine, the operator does not just stand on a platform; it’s more like a station with controls and safety systems. The wood pallet on which you place the goods must be in suitable condition and be specific for that purpose. Also, it needs to be held firmly in place by a clamp. Operators should not place loads on the guard rails or the borders of the loading platform. And suppose there is a situation where pedestrians are in the warehouse or factory. In that case, it is crucial that the warehouse manager station off-the-work areas for the truck in the warehouse. You should make sure that the working terrain is free of debris and small obstructions.

The precautions also require operators to make sure the warning labels, guards, and data plates are in the right position and are visible to avoid accidents and misuse. The operating controls should not be left out of this inspection as they are vital to the CUBLIFT order picker truck’s performance. The controls include the forks, wheels, steering, and masts. It is also pertinent that operators ensure that the loads are stable and placed in a balanced way on the platforms before movement.

There might be other unique hazards in your space; identify them, and ensure that the warehouse is safe for the operators, managers, and machines.


Are there variations of the term, Order Picker Truck with similar meaning?

A long time ago, just at the start of the industrial revolution, many of the electro-mechanized functions in industries today used to be performed manually by employees. The order picking functions that are now performed by machines use to be by persons with the sole duty of filling orders and moving loads from storage and within the warehouse. At that time, Orderpicker referred to a person. Someone whose role is to choose loads from shelves and prepare the goods for movement in the fulfillment center. They are required to have good mathematics skills, communication skills, and customer service skills. However, these days you can see terms like Orderpickers, Cherry pickers, or even Order Selectors in the web or some literature, all of which refer to order picker trucks. Maybe you have been searching for some information on the Internet about the electric pallet jack and could not find it, well you can try some of these other terms.


How useful is the CUBLIFT Order Picker Truck in my industry?

Order picking is a critical stage of the logistics chain and finds useful application in many industries. Almost every industry requires the movement of goods, equipment from the warehouse from one point to another. So, such tools are beneficial as far as industries generally are concerned. Unlike other material handling machines, e.g., the counterbalance truck, the CUBLIFT order picker truck is almost always in use, moving up and down the warehouse. The usefulness even increases as the CUBLIFT order picker truck ensures the operator’s comfort, safety, and efficiency. With growing customer demands and expectations, the CUBLIFT order picker helps to ensure fast delivery rates. The machines can respond very efficiently to tasks at different rates and levels of the warehouse. CUBLIFT order picker trucks generally make operators more productive and the industries more effective.


Do operators need special training before operating the CUBLIFT Order Picker Truck?

There are numerous training that operators need to go through for complete understanding and safe usage of the CUBLIFT order picker truck. Firstly, operators need to have knowledge of interpreting the capacity plates and general safety procedures. It is one thing for an operator to have all the regulations at his disposal, but can he implement them effectively. All of these are in the widely recognized OSHA regulations.


What are the Occupational Safety Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines?

These regulations and guidelines for order pickers are contained in the Cal OSHA General Industry Safety Order 3656. Here are some of the essential policies that

  1. Operators can travel or move the order picker truck when the platform is not above 152 inches with a maximum speed of 2.5 meters per hour.
  2. The order picker truck can only travel at the height of 152 inches for any of the following reasons.
  • If the order picker truck is rail or wire-guided
  • If the order picker truck has one of those exceptional control handles with a pressure inching button.
  1. A standard work platform should be at least 20 inches wide and guard rails for load stability.
  2. The order picker truck must have a warning light that should automatically switch on when the platform is six feet higher or when the order picker truck is in motion. The light needs to be flashing and rotating. It must be somewhere in the non-elevating portion of the truck for easy visibility.
  3. Operators in the order picker truck should maintain a safe distance from other machines like forklifts and pedestrians in the warehouse.
  4. While moving through intersections, operators should honk the horn to create awareness of the order picker truck’s presence.
  5. It is vital for operators to always travel at safe speeds.

Operators should have an LO license before using heavy-duty machines like the CUBLIFT order picker truck. There are a lot of agencies out there that offer training along with certification.


How do I improve my skills as an operator of an Order Picker truck?

You can improve your order picking skills by the following:

  • Practicing product slotting, batch and cluster order picking
  • Learning different storage strategies
  • Making use of pick-to-light and put-to-light indicators.
  • Being flexible with the order picking types depending on the task at hand.

Is the CUBLIFT Order Picker Truck easy to maintain?

Firstly, the CUBLIFT electric pallet jack uses ACR and unique lift systems that provide smooth acceleration and speed control. This machine also includes automatic diagnostics that help to reduce downtime and reduce the need for frequent maintenance. And in the event of breakdowns, CUBLIFT provides access to convenient service from our engineers. The best way to achieve the least requirement for maintenance routines and services is by procuring quality products like the CUBLIFT order picker truck.


Is it possible to move the CUBLIFT Order Picker Truck through a slopy terrain?

Most warehouses and other material handling centers rarely have sloppy terrains, but the wheels and encapsulated mechanisms make it robust enough to somewhat handle such surfaces. It is possible to move this order picker truck through an inclined terrain as there are forks and other mechanisms to make sure that the load is stable on the jack. However, the operator should move straight up or down the slope and not at an angle. One necessary precaution is that the working platform must be reduced to two feet before moving the CUBLIFT order picker truck to another part of the warehouse. This machine has to be at a stop before raising the platform and mast. This precaution helps prevent the loads and potentially the order picker truck from tipping over, especially on uneven surfaces.

However, this is not the ideal condition, and you should be careful, especially when the truck is fully loaded. Going over rough and slopy surfaces can also create jolts and frictions that could later affect the system. It is not suitable for such conditions in a nutshell, but if you must m slopy surfaces, you could be careful and take great caution.


What is the CUBLIFT Order Picker Truck?

The CUBLIFT order picker truck is a unique class of forklifts to handle different types and sizes of loads of products. It helps the operators manage these loads and move them up/down or side to side through the warehouse’s different heights and levels. It comes with limit switches that help to keep operators within safety limits. The CUBLIFT order picker truck also has a mast with two or three stages to attend to tasks at different levels. The operator has a station at one part of the CUBLIFT order picker truck.


How do I operate the CUBLIFT Order Picker Truck?

The CUBLIFT order picker truck is relatively easy to operate and use. The operator stands on a carriage or platform with the steering wheels in front. There is a mast that can attain different heights that are two levels higher than the floor. The operator goes to such height with the load but is held in place by a fall arrest lanyard. You can pick pallets from different levels and place them on the working platform. When it is full to its capacity, reduce the mast’s height to the lowest possible position. At that point, you can now start moving the order picker truck to different parts of the warehouse or even out of the warehouse.


Is the CUBLIFT Order Picker Truck environment friendly?

With the current global warming, CUBLIFT prides itself as one of the manufacturers whose primary focus is green manufacturing. At CUBLIFT, we go through steps to ensure that every stage of manufacturing and utility does not hurt the environment or the surrounding. However, the practice is not 100% yet. Still, there is a significant level of eco-consciousness to prevent pollution and reduce the emission of harmful substances either in the design, manufacture, or application. The objective is to properly manage waste and ensure tremendous efficiency in the resources used for the manufacture of these machines.

The eco-friendly practices include;

  • Recycling programs
  • Waste management system
  • Eco-friendly processes and systems
  • Smart designs
  • Less energy usage leading to less environmental pollution

As one of China’s leading manufacturers, we ensure that we make most of the parts locally. That way, it is easy to control and ensure that less energy consumption, less waste production. There is also a lot of recycling involved in most of the manufacturing processes.


How reliable is the CUBLIFT Order Picker Truck?

The reliability of the CUBLIFT Order Picker Truck has to do with how effectively and effortlessly it makes the operator’s operation. The machine helps to makes the logistics and inventories in the warehouse less stressful.

  • Powerful AC traction system
  • Simple diagnosis system
  • Numerous customization and maintenance services from CUBLIFT
  • Reliable service brake and steering system
  • Adjustable fork and auxiliary masts
  • Safety harness systems

With all these benefits, it is easier to achieve your sustainability goals and derive economic value from using the CUBLIFT electric pallet jack. The CUBLIFT electric pallet jack also offers some advantages, which includes


What Value does the CUBLIFT order picker truck offer? 

The CUBLIFT order picker truck offers reduced pick time, less travel time. This machine is essential, especially in fast-paced environments, where you need to move many products per time. Sometimes, it becomes necessary for an employee to direct traffic flow as a measure against potential hazards.

The CUBLiFT order picker truck is very beneficial to users in so many ways. From the excellent performance to the incorporation of innovative technology. The CUBLIFT order picker truck Some of the other advantages;

  • Use of drive motors that ensures precise speed and torque control
  • An indicator system for the drive wheel direction for more confident and accurate operation
  • Excellent brake pedals that help to reduce fatigue
  • Anti-rattle to eliminate brake pad looseness and allow free movement without noise.
  • Single-handed controls that help to simplify handling the CUBLIFT order picker truck
  • Clear view from the operator’s station on the picker truck.
  • A spacious platform for easier access to the loads, goods, or pallets
  • Rails and wire guidance system with pallet centering guide and clamp for excellent material handling.
  • The CUBLIFT order picker truck has a beautiful user interface with a control unit that makes the operation comfortable and precise.
  • Increasing the speed of transferring the load
  • Covering a large area in a short time
  • Robustness makes it useable in different environments and conditions.
  • Minimal turning radius
  • High transportation speed
  • Improvement of the machine’s productivity and efficiency.
  • The production of less waste
  • Longer lifespan
  • Optimized productivity
  • Less overhead and maintenance cost
  • Less downtime


The CUBLIFT order picker truck is a vital heavy-duty machine needed for order picking in industries. It consists of great controls, advanced interface, cabin ergonomics, and smooth operator design that make the work much more comfortable. You can log on to the website to check out the different models of CUBLIFT order picker trucks. For more details and inquiries about the CUBLIFT order picker truck, get in touch with our sales team by sending an email to sales@cublift.com.


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