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Narrow Aisle Forklift

CUBLiFT: Your Best Narrow Aisle Forklift Manufacturer in China since 1999

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Narrow Aisle Forklift

Find us for powerful and flexible narrow aisle forklifts to fulfill the loads’ needs where narrow & tight operations required.

  • Lift capacity & fork design vary on different models
  • the latest technology built-in battery allows day-long operations
  • Steering wheels are available as standard PU(Polyurethane) or Nylon
  • Allows lifting in the very narrow aisle from 8 ½ to 10 ½ feet flexibly
  • Narrow Aisle forklift can be available varies from 5 to 7 feet

CUBLiFT narrow aisle forklift helps you both on lifting pallets in tight spaces and racking more into your warehouses.

Narrow Aisle Forklift Walkie Rider 1000kg

● Model:LES ( Walkie Rider)
● Capacity (kg):1000
● Load center (mm):500
● Lifting height (mm):1600~550
● Fork overall L*W (mm):1070*670
● Overall L * W *H(mm): 2100* 1035*2180
● Minimum Turning Radius (mm): 1460
● Voltage/ Capacity : 24V/270AH

Narrow Aisle Forklift Walkie Rider 1500kg

● Model:LES ( Walkie Rider)
● Capacity (kg):1500
● Load center (mm):500
● Lifting height (mm):1600~/5000
● Fork overall L*W (mm):1070*670
● Overall L * W *H(mm): 2100* 1035*2180
● Minimum Turning Radius (mm): 1460
● Voltage/ Capacity : 24V/270AH

Narrow Aisle Forklift Walkie Rider 2000kg

● Model:LES ( Walkie Rider)
● Capacity (kg):2000
● Load center (mm):500
● Lifting height (mm):1600~/5000
● Fork overall L*W (mm):1070*670
● Overall L * W *H(mm): 2100* 1035*2180
● Minimum Turning Radius (mm): 1460
● Voltage/ Capacity : 24V/270AH

Narrow Aisle Forklift Sit-down1500kg

● Model:LES (Sit-down)
● Capacity (kg):1500
● Load center (mm):500
● Lifting height (mm):1600~5000
● Fork overall L*W (mm):1070*670
● Overall L * W *H(mm): 2100* 1035*2180 /2370*1020*2580
● Minimum Turning Radius (mm): 1460/1600
● Voltage/ Capacity : 24V/270AH

Narrow Aisle Forklift Sit-down 2000kg

● Model:LES (Sit-down Walkie Rider)
● Capacity (kg):2000
● Load center (mm):500
● Lifting height (mm):2000~5500
● Fork overall L*W (mm):1070*670
● Overall L * W *H(mm): 2100* 1035*2180 /2370*1020*2580
● Minimum Turning Radius (mm): 1460/1600
● Voltage/ Capacity : 24V/270AH

Narrow Aisle Forklift Sit-down 2500kg

● Model:LES (Sit-down Walkie Rider)
● Capacity (kg):1000/1500
● Load center (mm):500
● Lifting height (mm):1600~5500
● Fork overall L*W (mm):1070*670
● Overall L * W *H(mm): 2100* 1035*2180 /2370*1020*2580
● Minimum Turning Radius (mm): 1460/1600
● Voltage/ Capacity : 24V/270AH

Narrow Aisle Forklift

CUBLiFT is a one-stop solution to all your narrow fork lifting needs. CUBLiFT is based in China. It is a global leader in manufacturing diverse forklifts. Narrow Aisle ForkLift is one of the leading products. It is designed to the highest quality with a guarantee of reliability. It helps you do more with less warehouse space.Narrow Aisle Forklift icon DESC

Narrow Aisle Forklift icon Narrow Aisle Forklift icon1 Narrow Aisle Forklift icon2 Narrow Aisle Forklift icon3 Narrow Aisle Forklift icon4 Narrow Aisle Forklift icon5 Narrow Aisle Forklift icon6

CUBLiFT Narrow Aisle ForkLift is designed to do work with efficiency. It serves you as both a counterbalance and reach truck for offloading. You can use it indoors and outdoors for offloading, handling, and storage on all types of floor surfaces. With Narrow Aisle Fork Lift, you can take your product direct from the truck or van to the storage location.

Narrow Aisle Fork Lift has a well-articulated design for reliability. It is engineered with an effective hydrostatic drive for greater reliability and low maintenance costs. The operator drives directly to the pallet required by turning the steering wheel and masting through 900. With ease, the operator reverses out while unwinding the steering wheel.

Narrow Aisle Fork Lift gives you flexible operation within a narrow aisle of 1.6. It helps you lift 2.5 tons to a height of 15m and articulate 2200. With a Narrow Aisle Forklift; you eliminate double handling. This reduces storage, the number of a lift trucks,s, and associated costs.

When you Choose Narrow Aisle Fork Lift from CUBLiFT, you save up to 50% of your space. This increases your storage capacity. Besides, Narrow Aisle Fork Lift comes in different options. You can choose AC or LPG-powered model depending on your preference. It also provides you with a faster load cycle and protects the operator from fatigue.

CUBLiFT Narrow Aisle Fork Lift is easy, faster, and safe to operate. It comes with fingertip control for a better experience, flexibility, and accurate operation. It is engineered with an 80V AC controller, lifting and driving motor 80V AC with strong power and high efficiency. Besides, its design allows the operator to adjust speed for easier and accurate pick-up and unloading.

Pallet Truck manufacturer CUBlift team

Narrow Aisle Forklift — The Comprehensive FAQ Article

Narrow aisle forklift offers a number of solutions to help warehouses by improving the operations within narrow aisles.

This FAQ guide will update you about the latest technologies and ergonomic design narrow aisle forklift adopted to increase your business productivity.

You will also learn the way CUBLIFT offers narrow aisle forklift services to its customers internationally with the best quality and performance.

What is a Narrow Aisle Forklift?

The narrow aisle forklift is a kind of reach truck that is designed in a way so it can access narrow aisles efficiently and with great precision.

However, these narrow aisles can be less than 10.5 feet across, and the narrow aisle forklift doesn’t have any single issue accessing these.

In the modern world, the majority of warehouses and distribution centers optimizing their storage to save more and more space.

Therefore, the narrow aisle forklift is manufactured to work efficiently in modern warehouses and similar optimized environments that contain aisles less than 10.50 feet across.

Narrow aisle forklift is perfectly able to access higher racks for efficiently pick and drop and move materials horizontally.

The space is always premium in the warehouse, and with the increase in demand and efficiency, a narrow aisle forklift is required.

Figure 1 – A General Structure of a Narrow Aisle Forklift

What is the Importance of Narrow Aisle Forklift in Warehouse?

Narrow aisle forklift has much greater demand in warehouses instead of any other. Nowadays, the warehouse environment has become optimized.

The latest technology and ergonomic warehouse designs help businesses to eliminate extra space occupied by nothing and also can’t be used because of previous poor design.

Hence, eliminating this space and optimizing the complete environment can help you store approx.—50-75% more without sacrificing anything.

However, after making your warehouse design efficient to increase its productivity, there comes a need for a forklift that can access these narrow aisles.

That’s where a narrow aisle forklift comes into use with its incredible performance in these optimized spaces with great efficiency.

The narrow aisle forklift is able to perform the tasks faster and increase your overall productivity.

Figure 2 – The Importance of Narrow Aisle Forklift in Optimized Warehouse Environment

What are the General Types of Narrow Aisle Forklift?

Do more in your optimized warehouse environment with a narrow aisle forklift in cost-efficient ways.

Narrow aisle forklift has many types based on your needs and different environment structures.

Some contain features to increase the handling of extremely heavy pallets, and others are designed to reach extreme heights.

As well, some are manufactured to be very small for complex environments, and others are made to be standard for general environments.

In less space available, the following types of narrow aisle forklift can be proven useful:

  • Walkie narrow aisle forklift
  • Sit-down counterbalanced forklift
  • Stand-up rider narrow aisle forklift
  • Single reach narrow aisle forklift
  • Double reach narrow aisle forklift
  • Electric narrow aisle forklift
  • Walkie reach a narrow aisle forklift
  • Narrow aisle order picker

The typical size of these narrow aisle forklifts is 10-1/2 feet.

With the new technologies and ergonomic warehouse designs, companies uncovering new challenges related to narrow aisle warehouse spaces.

In order to overcome these challenges, new technologies were also adopted by narrow aisle forklift to be more productive and reliable.

Figure 3 – The Standard Types of Narrow Aisle Forklift

How Narrow Aisle Forklift Ease the Material Handling?

With the help of a narrow aisle forklift, your product demands and services can reach an all-time high at a rapid rate no matter the industry.

Because as more products and goods you can stock in your warehouse, the risk of running out can be eliminated completely.

The narrow aisle forklift gives you a chance to increase your space and lowering fulfillment times through its ability to even access critically narrow aisles.

Most importantly, a narrow aisle forklift offers you the ease of material handling through the following:

  1. Warehouse Optimization: With a narrow aisle forklift, you can optimize your warehouse and a 50-75% increase in your storage.

Figure 4 – Warehouse Optimization through Narrow Aisle Forklift

  1. Increased Selectivity: The optimized warehouse gives you the rack faces and more access to stored foods with less travel time in between picks.


Furthermore, with a narrow aisle forklift, this accessibility is enhanced in cost-effective manners.

Figure 4 – Increased Selectivity through Narrow Aisle Forklift

  • Greater Productivity: In some cases, optimizing your warehouse space can give you up to 80% more storage space, and a narrow aisle forklift can access it with great precision.


Utilizing a narrow aisle forklift in a similar situation offer you a fast pickup and drop-off of the pallets in cost-effective manners, which automatically increases your business productivity.

Figure 4 – Increasing Productivity through Narrow Aisle Forklift

How is Narrow Aisle Forklift Perfect Solution for Narrow Space?

There is no denying the benefits of optimizing your warehouse.

You can multiply the space available and still can perform the tasks with the same efficiency through a narrow aisle forklift.

The design and structure of a narrow aisle forklift can be ergonomic when perfectly manufactured.

As well as, with precision and tighter tolerances involve, nothing is more productive in your optimized environment than a perfect narrow aisle forklift.

A standard narrow aisle forklift is able to help your warehouse to grow vertically without having to expand horizontally.

With the greater stack height capacities, these can be completely accessible even with narrow aisles thanks to the narrow aisle forklifts.

The narrow aisle forklift is so flexible that it even can access virtually any racking area.

This way, you can increase your warehouse productivity and make narrow aisle forklift extremely productive for your business.

Narrow aisle forklift offers increased maneuverability through its ergonomic design and enables you to store more in your warehouse without losing its efficiency and performance of task manipulation.

Figure 5 – The Use of Narrow Aisle Forklift for Narrow Spaces

What are the Benefits of Narrow Aisle Forklift?

It’s a fact that optimizing your warehouse can give you up to 75% more storage area.

Furthermore, to do so, you require narrow aisle forklifts to further manage it and perform different tasks.

That’s the reason behind the success of narrow aisle forklift success in modern industries.

Being compact and extremely versatile of narrow aisle forklift can give you many advantages.

As you know that the narrow aisle forklift categorify includes reach trucks, order pickers, and many more that can access and grab any pallet and also can operate on any platform.

The following the core advantages of using a narrow aisle forklift in your environment:

  1. Maneuverability:


Narrow aisle forklift is manufactured to be high quality and engineered to be efficient so it can assess tightest aisles and warehouse spaces easily.


  1. Articulating Forks:


Some of the narrow aisle forklift models feature articulating forks. These forks are the most interesting thing about a narrow aisle forklift because it helps you to drive straight down an aisle and not need to turn the forklift to retrieve a pallet.


  • Cost-Effective:


Low price, high operation speed, and low maintenance requirements due to its perfect manufacturing can increase the productivity of your business in a cost-effective manner.


Due to its critically low energy usage, it is resulting in a lower per pallet cost than any other forklift.


  1. Safety:


An environment can involve hazards and the risks of injuries or damage to the resources. With the use of a narrow aisle forklift, these risks can be eliminated.


Because of its high maneuverability and safety design, which provides better visibility, safety can be optimized, and injury risks can be eliminated.

How Much Can Narrow Aisle Forklift be?

A standard narrow aisle forklift for a well-optimized warehouse is 34″ wide.

This much wide, narrow aisle forklift is enough to operate in tighter warehouse spaces and much reliable than traditional forklifts.

The majority of narrow aisle forklift models are perfect to be operatable in 6-foot-wide spaces.

Furthermore, the narrow aisle forklift properties like beginning versatile, standup, and the lift is completely capable of operating rapidly and with great precision in aisles 6 feet wide.

Such narrow aisle forklift models are ideal and a great solution for high-density warehouses.

However, the warehouses can be of different sizes and can require ultra-narrow aisle forklift to move, lift, store, and handle pallets in relative spaces.

Figure 7 – The Narrow Aisle Forklift for less than 6” Wide Warehouse Aisles

What are the Power Source Options for Narrow Aisle Forklift?

A narrow aisle forklift can be manual or electric. Sometimes, it also can be based on its fuel/power source.

Hence, there are many power options for a narrow aisle forklift. The power source of a narrow aisle forklift can affect its performance and material handling capabilities.

Furthermore, it also depends on the power source that how environment friendly and co-friendly a narrow aisle forklift can be.

A manual narrow aisle forklift can be hydraulic-based and can perform the tasks manually.

An electric narrow aisle forklift can be much faster and productive in cost-effective manners as well as pollution-free at the same time.

And a fuel-based narrow aisle forklift can pollute the environment but can do the job rapidly with precision handling.

Hence, it’s up to you and your needs what type of power source you want for your narrow aisle forklift based on your environmental needs.

In general, the majority of narrow aisle forklifts are powered by a lead-acid battery.

However, with the latest technology, many believe that lithium-ion batteries are the best and future-reliable.

But one thing about lithium-ion batteries is that they are more expensive.

Furthermore, utilizing lithium-ion batteries as a power source for your narrow aisle forklift can be extremely efficient and require zero maintenance.

How to Know if Narrow Aisle Forklift is for My Business?

It is important to understand the value of a narrow aisle forklift for your business.

It can be extremely productive, and in some cases, without the right knowledge of your needs or a narrow aisle forklift you are going to buy can be nothing but just a waste of money.

When it comes to selecting the right narrow aisle forklift for your optimized environment, there are many things to consider, like its size, dimensions, and mechanism.

Most importantly, understanding your needs and developing a requirement file based on these specific needs can give you a perfect narrow aisle forklift for your environment.

Figure 9 – How Narrow Aisle Forklift is Best for Your Business

What is the High Handling Performance of a Narrow Aisle Forklift?

In an optimized warehouse environment, handling plays an important part.

Narrow aisle forklift handling must be good enough to perform even critical tasks with extreme performance.

High throughput rates in most limited space with particularly safe handling has never been so easy with the ergonomic design of narrow aisle forklift.

Most importantly, a narrow aisle forklift is designed to meet all the demands of narrow aisles.

It features a powerful drive and lifts engine or battery that help you access the pallets and handle them.

Maintaining performance during heavy lifting pallets reflects the performance of a narrow aisle forklift.

CUBLIFT believes that the most important thing everyone must focus on safety.

The warehouse environment and narrow aisle forklift must be safe enough to prevent any injuries and accidents.

How to Achieve Maximum Performance of Narrow Aisle Forklift?

Maximum performance can be achieved in a high rack warehouse with a precisely manufactured narrow aisle forklift.

There are few factors that the majority of top-class manufacturers believe that important to consider when achieving the highest performances of a narrow aisle forklift.

Some of these factors are the following:

  • The material selection
  • The design and structure
  • The technology involved
  • Manufacturing process
  • Detailed inspection

Moreover, a narrow aisle forklift must have an exceptional pace of load handling to achieve maximum sustainability.

The ability of a narrow aisle forklift to move and lift at the same time makes it quicker and reliable.

Figure 11 – The Maximum Performance through Narrow Aisle Forklift

How Narrow Aisle Forklift Helps Increasing the Productivity?

A narrow aisle forklift can systematically achieve greater productivity.

The environment it creates and requires is already optimized, so working in that tight environment with great speed and precision is well-performed by this forklift.

In order to handle and transport the extremely heavy pallets in shorter times with exceptional control, narrow aisle forklifts are utilized.

These forklifts support your operations and increase the overall operation speed, which can increase the overall productivity by manipulating the tasks rapidly.

Arriving safely and precisely to the destination is required the most and no other do this job with that performance of a narrow aisle forklift.

Its precision control over itself gives you an edge and facilitates the handling of pallets at height.

Additionally, a narrow aisle forklift helps you maintain an appropriate movement cycle that helps the operator to have complete control of every movement it makes.

Figure 12 – Narrow Aisle Forklift as a Cost-Effective Solution to Increase Business Productivity

How Narrow Aisle Forklift Increase Health and Safety?

Narrow aisle forklift lets you maintain a healthy workplace through its increased and technologically enhanced safety features.

It’s a fact that narrow aisles are difficult to view from a forklift when fully loaded.

Narrow aisle forklift, therefore, has many other safety features to prevent accidents and, in a rare case of any causalities, to provide high-level safety.

A narrow aisle forklift is minimizing the accident risk; for example, its ultra-slow speed helps it move slowly on the uneven surface.

The emergency stops and breaks are helpful to increase handling.

Providing the ergonomic work system to its operator, all the control elements and features are arranged ergonomically.

Furthermore, these features are also easy to reach, and controlling through multi-axis levers with plenty of storage space makes it easier to understand.

Narrow aisle forklift promotes an eco-friendly and pollution-free environment for a healthy workplace.

How Narrow Aisle Forklift Works?

The starting point of every operation and pallet transportation is your warehouse management system.

In a fully optimized warehouse environment, it’s very important to take a record of every accessible location by a narrow aisle forklift to know exactly the location of target pallets to pick/drop.

Fast movement from the current location to the target location depends on the operator’s knowledge about the warehouse.

A narrow aisle forklift works on the same principle as a standard forklift.

However, by following the below steps, you can access, pick, and transport pallets in an optimized warehouse through a narrow aisle forklift:

  1. After performing the safety checks, start the narrow aisle forklift
  2. Check the display panel and make sure everything is perfect
  • Use steering wheel and directional controls to control its movement and position the forks in front of the pallet requires transportation
  1. Pick up the pallets by aligning the forks in front of the pallet by using hydraulic controls
  2. Balance the pallets and use controls to guide you to the pallet’s destination

Most importantly, make sure your narrow aisle forklift maintains the health and safety standards and performs preventative maintenance whenever required.

As well as, the operators must be trained and well aware of proper procedures for safe operation.

How CUBLIFT is the Best Narrow Aisle Forklift Manufacturer?

At CUBLIFT, we manufacture narrow aisle forklifts by keeping the safety requirements and quality standards in mind.

CUBLIFT narrow aisle forklift manufacturing process is also fully optimized and offers cost-effective solutions to our customers internationally.

CUBLIFT wastes no material, power, and other resources to make its products cost-effective.

Furthermore, its narrow aisle forklift manufacturing is eco-friendly and pollution-free.

CUBLIFT adopts the new safe load handling techniques and improves its narrow aisle forklift steering and control.

The following are some features of CUBLIFT manufactured narrow aisle forklift that reflects its high performance:

  1. Speed: Narrow aisle forklift is very quick and can move and lift rapidly at the same time. Its travel speed is also higher than any other forklift.
  2. Safer: Its technologically enhanced safety features prevent accidents with a collision that involve materials or people.
  • Robust: Its robust manufacturing technology critically reduces the servicing and life-cycle costs.
  1. Healthier: All the parts involved in its manufacturing are ergonomically arranged and easy to operate. It is healthier for the environment due to its pollution-free and eco-friendly properties.
  2. More Predictable: Its simple design and structure increase its movement stability and make it predictable.
  3. More endurance: The selection of the right power source and emergency features makes the narrow aisle forklift exceptionally durable.

CUBLIFT high-quality narrow aisle forklift is guaranteed to offer 5x more output than any other.

Furthermore, CUBLIFT offers many more secondary benefits and features based on your specific needs.

Figure 15 – CUBLIFT Manufactured Narrow Aisle Forklift in a Warehouse Environment

When to Use Narrow Aisle Forklift?

Narrow aisle forklift offers many exceptional benefits that make your environment safer and more efficient.

Its ability to maneuvering through tight warehouse aisles to perform pallet transportation and handling tasks is exceptional.

There are some conditions that tell you when to use a narrow aisle forklift for your business, and the following are some of them:

  • When your warehouse environment is fully optimized
  • When you have the limited space available
  • When your warehouse aisles are only accessible by narrow forklifts with a slim design and better maneuverability
  • When looking for a cost-effective solution to increase productivity

Additionally, if your work environment contains hazards and complex conditions, a narrow aisle forklift can be useful because of its incredible safety features.

It is designed to access tighter spaces and significantly reduce the risk of accidents and injuries.

Figure 16 – Narrow Aisle Forklift as a Perfect Example for Optimized Warehouse

What are the Features of Narrow Aisle Forklift?

Narrow aisle forklift is designed to be more efficient than any other forklift.

By eliminating the time-consuming pallet handling and transportation, a narrow aisle forklift increases the productivity of your requirement.

The narrow aisle forklift has the following features:

  • Save up between 35-75% of warehouse space
  • Perfect for aisle width of just 1.75m
  • Lift heights up to 15m
  • Lift capacity of 3500kg
  • Electric models have improved reliability and performance
  • Robust build reduces maintenance costs
  • Can be counter-balance forklift and reach truck at the same time
  • Up to 90-degree turning capacity
  • Perfect for indoor/outdoor both

Moreover, there are many others based on the specific narrow aisle forklift models.

How Narrow Aisle Forklift Allows for Increased Inventory?

With better handling and accessibility, a narrow aisle forklift enables warehouses to be more optimized.

Due to the narrow aisle forklift’s ease of use, the pallets can be handled and transported with great precision in extremely narrow spaces and more efficiently.

Nowadays, businesses want to hold as much stock in their warehouse as possible.

Hence, optimizing their warehouses can give them up to 70% more space, and that’s where a narrow aisle forklift becomes extremely useful.

In the end, it’s only useful to making your warehouse optimized if you can access it with the same precision and can perform the tasks with the same speed.

Figure 18 – The Possibility of Increased Inventory through Narrow Aisle Forklift

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