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CUBLiFT: Your Most Important Moble Scissor Lift Manufacturer in China since 1999

Mobile Scissor Lift

CULiFT manufactures & supplies the most reliable mobile scissor lift in China based on cost-saving solutions for you.

  • Capacity lifting rages from 50kg to 1500kg safely
  • Specific dimensions of mobile scissor lift available per model vary
  • Battery-powered mobile scissor lift make it easy for maintenance
  • Mobile design allows flexible lifting in varying working sites
  • A self-propelled leak-proof pump system allows stable lifting
  • Reinforced angel steel as frame allows durable performance

CUBLiFT mobile scissor lift not only offers the scissor lifts that withstand the time of testing but also delivers long-lasting values.

Mobile Scissor Lift 230kg

● Model: XPR(Ride)
● Capacity (kg): 230
● Lifting (m): 3~13.8
● Table Size (mm): 1150*700
● Weight (kg):600
● Voltage/ Capacity:12V/60AH
● Voltage: 220/380

Mobile Scissor Lift list XPR-240mini

● Model: XPR
● Capacity (kg): 240
● Lifting (m): 3
● Table Size (mm): 1150*700
● Weight (kg):600
● Voltage/ Capacity:12V/60AH
● Voltage: 220/380

Mobile Scissor Lift 550kg

● Model: XPR
● Capacity (kg): 230~550
● Lifting (m): 3~13.8
● Table Size (mm): 1150*700~2260*1130
● Weight (kg):600~3320
● Voltage/ Capacity:12V/60AH
● Voltage: 220/380

Mobile Scissor Lift list BHT-300A

● Model BHT (scissor lift table)
● Capacity (kg): 150/350/300
● Height Min (mm): 210/280
● Height Max (mm): 720~1000
● Table Size (mm): 815*500*50
● Wheel Diameter PU (mm):100/125/150
● Weight (kg): 40~107

● Model BHT (scissor lift table)
● Capacity (kg): 150~1000
● Height Min (mm): 210~302
● Height Max (mm): 720~2000
● Table Size (mm): 700*450*35/815*500*50/900*700*50
● Wheel Diameter PU (mm):100/125/150
● Weight (kg): 40~130

Electric Mobile Scissor Lift list 500kg

● Model:BMT (scissor lift table)
● Capacity (kg): 300/500/800/1000
● Height Min (mm):280/410
● Height Max (mm):900/1500/1700
● Table Size (mm): 950*500*50/1200*610*510
● Wheel Diameter PU (mm):125/150
● Weight (kg): 110/150/290
● Voltage/ Capacity:12V,60 AH/120AH

CUBLiFT: Your Premier Mobile Scissor Lift Manufacturer in China

Mobile Scissor Lift DESC (19)If you are facing heavy-duty lifting tasks in your work, the mobile scissor lift must be one of the essentials items thatMobile Scissor Lift DESC (18) make your work easier around your construction site, warehouse, etc. It is used to lift items from the floor, loading areas, and distribution centers. The mobile scissor lift is made in the shape of a scissor that can stretch and reach a maximum height of 15 feet. This scissor lift is made to carry a load capacity of 230kg. The mobile scissor lift is made to fit in tiny warehouse spaces and overcrowded dock areas.

Mobile Scissor Lift QC icon Mobile Scissor Lift QC icon1 Mobile Scissor Lift QC icon2 Mobile Scissor Lift QC icon3 Mobile Scissor Lift QC icon4 Mobile Scissor Lift QC icon5 Mobile Scissor Lift QC icon6

CUBLiFT’s mobile scissor lift is equipped with a control panel to help monitor its operations. The scissor structure is made of stainless steel for a high degree of durability and efficiency. This mobile scissor lift can be driven safely on the ground due to its strong solid wheels.

While deciding on the type of scissor lift to choose for your business, we recommend a mobile scissor lift. It comes with many advantages including a power switch and indicator. The mobile scissor lift is very fast and can travel at a speed of 32km/hr. Our strict quality control ensures our mobile scissor lift is at its best working condition throughout.

We have a wide range of scissor lift from where you can choose the one that matches your needs. We also have a sales team stand by to help you out. Trust us, we will be your best and most reliable scissor lift manufacturer in China based on long-term cooperation.



Pallet Truck manufacturer CUBlift team

Mobile Scissor Lift — The Complete FAQ Guide


A mobile scissor lift can be seen commonly in a standard warehouse environment.

The mobile scissor lift is utilized to complete tasks related to high-altitude works.

At CUBLIFT, we believe that using a mobile scissor lift can bring great convenience, a productive and labor-saving experience to your business.

This mobile scissor lift FAQ guide will help you understand everything you need to know before buying it.

Moreover, we will also clarify how CUBLIFT offers the best mobile scissor lift services internationally.


What is Mobile Scissor Lift?

The mobile scissor lift is a part of the hydraulic scissor lifting platform.

Furthermore, the mobile scissor lift consists of a self-propelled lifting platform with a mobile scissor lift table.Mobile Scissor Lift Vimage (22)

At CUBLIFT, our experienced staff is manufacturing mobile scissor lifts for the previous 15+ years.

CUBLIFT never compromises on mobile scissor lift’s quality, and our services are also cost-efficient.

Mobile scissor lift is versatile and economically enhanced because of its ergonomic, simple design, and high performance.

Because of CUBLIFT’s fully optimized and eco-friendly services, the mobile scissor lift is cheap in construction and easy to operate.Electric Mobile Scissor Lift

Moreover, few wearing parts and low maintenance cost makes it more useful and productive for your business.

CUBLIFT believes that a mobile scissor lift is the most suitable high-altitude working platform for large warehouses, factories, enterprises, and malls.

Figure 1 – The Mobile Scissor Lift by CUBLIFT

Is Mobile Scissor Lift Safe?

CUBLIFT gives you the freedom you want and offers a safe and reliable mobile scissor lift for workers to perform tasks exceptionally without any danger.Mobile Scissor Lift Table BTH3

The mobile scissor lift only can be dangerous when not used properly; otherwise, it’s completely safer equipment.

The top rail and mid-rail of our mobile scissor lift are designed to be robust and strong enough to withstand accidents and other complexities.

Moreover, the work platform of our mobile scissor lift helps you remain stable and still.

Furthermore, CUBLIFT, with its 15+ years of field experience, makes sure that our mobile scissor lifts are strong enough to require no maintenance for a long time.

At CUBLIFT, we believe that the mobile scissor lift is the most secure and safe working platform to transport workers and access high-altitude locations.

Its most usage in construction, retail, entertainment, and manufacturing, so we make sure that our mobile scissor lift is top-quality and high performance.

Most importantly, CUBLIFT makes sure that the mobile scissor lift is extremely safer to withstand any accident, versatile conditions, and extreme environments.

Figure 2 – Top Rail, Mid-Rail, and Work Platform of Mobile Scissor Lift

Is Mobile Scissor Lift Hydraulic?

The mobile scissor lift is a rising platform, a steady enclosure, and safer to accomplish tasks that require high elevations and require safety.

The mobile scissor lift is mechanically equipped and can reach extreme heights.Electric Alloy Mobile Scissor Lift XE3

At CUBLIFT, we manufacture many kinds of mobile scissor lifts, and one of them is hydraulic.

The mobile scissor lift can be hydraulic and powered manually or automatically.

The pressure changes in the hydraulic system force it to lift, and pressure release makes it come down.

The hydraulic scissor lift is easy to operate and simple to understand and control.

CUBLIFT suggests using the hydraulic system-based mobile scissor lifts where speed and horsepower are not priorities.

Figure 3 – The Basic Structure of Mobile Scissor Lift (Platform)

Figure 3 – The Basic Structure of Mobile Scissor Lift (Sided)

Figure 3 – The Basic Structure of Mobile Scissor Lift (Front)

What are the Benefits of Mobile Scissor Lift?

The mobile scissor lift is considered a perfect material handling solution designed for lifting loads in industrial environments.

With mobile, adjustable, and rotating load platforms, the mobile scissor lift has a wide range of configurations giving wide-ranging versatility to these.

With the help of a perfect mobile scissor lift, you can have the following advantages:

  • Improvement in productivity
  • Reduced workplace injuries and accidents
  • Enhance process ergonomics
  • Functionally easy and ideal for heights
  • Designed to carry heavy loads
  • Reduce fatigue in workers
  • Offer ease of movement because of its excellent design
  • Give you the flexibility to find the right model
  • You can choose an appropriate model based on a variety of based sizes, platform sizes, and access to different heights
  • Useful in a number of locations
  • Occupy minimum floor space
  • Easy customization through different custom options
  • Portability and compact design

Drum Hydraulic Boom Mobile Scissor Lift DHQMoreover, with CUBLIFT at your side, your job site can benefit greatly from having a mobile scissor lift in your environment.

What are the Applications of Mobile Scissor Lift?

Mobile scissor lift is known for many useful and purposeful applications.

These applications mostly include lifting and raising heavier objects on a mobile platform.

The following are some most commonly seen applications for mobile scissor lift:

  • Used in the warehouse to handle the heavy pallets
  • Distribution center to handle merchandise
  • Wheelchairs and other similar machinery can use a scissor lift to reach higher levels with less constraint
  • A platform for maintenance
  • Ideal equipment for construction
  • It also works as a deck extension

At CUBLIFT, we design mobile scissor lift to operate in different ways.

Moreover, CUBLIFT’s mobile scissor lift is especially applied in the factory, workshop, grain depots, stations, hotels, airports, docks, gas stations, electric power, elevated pipelines, and many more.

The mobile scissor lift also can be seen as a part of outdoor electric facilities.

The mobile scissor lift is an ideal approach to handle high altitude works perfectly.Portable Hydraulic Mobile Scissor Lift BTM3

What are the Features of Mobile Scissor Lift?

At CUBLIFT, our mobile scissor lift is suitable for different environments are has zero emissions for indoor use and a low noise level.

Furthermore, innovative operator controls and compact dimensions make CUBLIFT’s mobile scissor lift extremely mobile.

However, the following and some unique features of our mobile scissor lift:

  • Promote an eco-friendly and pollution-free environment
  • Quieter and cleaner
  • Leveling indicator
  • Narrow width helps it fit in tight places
  • Standard drive with 35% gradeability
  • Reduce operation costs by reducing the changes for causalities
  • Selection switch – top/bottom

Moreover, the following are some safety features CUBLIFT’s mobile scissor lift offers:

  • Emergency lowering
  • Remote operation
  • Complete flow control
  • Handrailing of approx. 1-1.5 meters height on all sides
  • Emergency stops

What are the Characteristics of Mobile Scissor Lift?

CUBLIFT also prioritizes strong mobile scissor lifts that can withstand versatile environments and extreme environmental conditions easily.

CUBLIFT also make sure that its mobile scissor lift contains the following characteristics:

  • Waterproof
  • Hear-Resistant
  • Fire-Resistant
  • Shatter-Proof
  • Impact-Resistant
  • Shock-Resistant
  • Corrosion-Resistant

Aside from these essential characteristics of a mobile scissor lift, it promotes efficiency and productivity.Hydraulic Boom Mobile Scissor Lift XEQ

Furthermore, CUBLIFT guarantee that our mobile scissor lift reduces the overall efforts and guarantees safety.

What are the Things to Consider Before Choosing a Perfect Mobile Scissor Lift?

There are many mobile scissor lift models in the market, and selecting the perfect one for your warehouse or industrial environment is a critical step.

Hence, in order to choose the perfect mobile scissor lift for your needs, you have to consider the following things:

  • The maximum working height
  • The maximum mobile scissor lift platform height
  • Mobile scissor lift platform width
  • Wheelbase
  • Ground clearance
  • Mobile scissor lift weight
  • Lift capacity
  • Vertical movement
  • Installation type
  • Working mechanism
  • Operating

After setting your needs based on this informa

Manual Hydraulic Mobile Scissor Lift BTH3

tion, you now have a complete idea of what type and kind of mobile scissor lift to look for.

How Mobile Scissor Lift Works?

You have to understand the mobile scissor lift general structure before understanding its work.

At CUBLIFT, our mobile scissor lift may look like complicated equipment, but it is actually simple in design and consist of the following components:

  • Platform
  • Base structure
  • Scissor legs
  • Hydraulic Cylinder
  • Motor or Power Source

A hydraulic mobile scissor lift works in the following way:

The lift table raises and lowers when hydraulic fluid is forced into or out of the cylinder(s).

Since the legs of the scissor lift are connected to the base and platform, the opening of the legs raises the platform vertically.

The lift and platform will remain stable until the fluid in the cylinder(s) changes.

In order to raise the scissor lift, you increase the fluid pressure in the cylinder(s), and in order to lower the scissor lift platform, you reduce the fluid pressure in the cylinder(s).

This change in the fluid can be performed both manually and automatically based on the type of power source.

If it’s manual, then it requires manual force to operate, and if it’s auto, then it will require a power source to operate.

Figure 9 – The Components of Mobile Scissor Lift

What is the Mechanism of Mobile Scissor Lift?

Mobile scissor lift contains the mechanical capability of vertical elevation and horizontal movement.

At CUBLIFT, our mobile scissor lift based on two mechanisms, lifting and moving.

The lifting mechanism describes the vertical ascend and descend of the scissor lift platform, and the movement mechanism describes its movement.

These both can be manual or automatic based on the power source of your mobile scissor lift.

The traveling mechanism of the CUBLIFT mobile scissor lift can be based on three fuel types; hydraulics, diesel, and electricity.

Figure 10 – The Mechanism of Hydraulic Mobile Scissor Lift

What is the Right Way to Use Mobile Scissor Lift?

CUBLIFT’s mobile scissor lift works on simple mechanisms, but it’s important to understand the right way to operate it.

CUBLIFT encourages you to be aware of areas that are potential for injury and hazardous locations.

Your workers should maintain a professional attitude and need to determine the following skills that define the best way to use mobile scissor lift:

  • Use personal safety controls often to ensure your safety
  • Always complete safety checks the mobile scissor lift
  • Obey mobile scissor lift procedures at all times
  • Always focus on efficiency and reliability
  • Always keep full control over your mobile scissor lift

Furthermore, the following points must be remembered when operating a mobile scissor lift; Do not:

  • Drive near drop-offs, holes, or loading docks
  • Raise the platform on the slope or uneven surface
  • Drive onto uneven or friction-less surfaces
  • Do not overload the mobile scissor lift in windy or gusty conditions

Failure to avoid the above mobile scissor lift usage cautions may result in serious injuries.

Moreover, the following points define the right way to use your mobile scissor lift:

  1. Pre-start checks: Check for obstacles, overhead clearances, damaged or low charged batteries, and mobile scissor lift working
  2. Start and operate: Pull out the emergency stop button and enter the platform. Proceed with the job using the required buttons, levers, and controller located on the operator console.
  • Shutdown procedure: Fully lower the platform and push the emergency stop buttons.

What are the Types of Mobile Scissor Lift?

At CUBLIFT, we manufacture many types of mobile scissor lifts based on four different power sources;

  • Hydraulic mobile scissor lift

Figure 12 – Hydraulic Mobile Scissor Lift

  • Pneumatic mobile scissor lift

Figure 12 – Pneumatic Mobile Scissor Lift

  • Diesel mobile scissor lift

Figure 12 – Diesel Mobile Scissor Lift

  • Electric mobile scissor lift

Figure 12 – Electric Mobile Scissor Lift

  • Rough Terrain mobile scissor lift

Figure 12 – Rough Terrain Mobile Scissor Lift

Powered by one of these power sources, the following are some types of mobile scissor lift CUBLIFT offer to its customers:

  • Slab
  • High Rise
  • Heavy Duty
  • Low Rise
  • Rotating Platform

Moreover, these are a few core types of mobile scissor lifts, and CUBLIFT offers many based on your custom requirements.

How Your Mobile Scissor Lift Requires Low Maintenance?

At CUBLIFT, we make sure that our mobile scissor lift requires little to no maintenance for a long time.

Furthermore, CUBLIFT makes sure that the robust build of its mobile scissor lift makes it resistant to versatile and complex environmental conditions.

However, it’s important for you to check the oil level, fuses, and cables of your mobile scissor lift every half a year.

Furthermore, UCBLIFT will take care of everything other and will make sure that its performance remains the same.

How Your Mobile Scissor Lift Provide Resistance Against Versatile Conditions?

At CUBLIFT, we believe that your complete satisfaction is our absolute success.

In order to increase your satisfaction, CUBLIFT makes sure that its mobile scissor lift is able to handle every complex and versatile condition.

The use of high-quality raw material and enhanced technology of manufacturing mobile scissor lift makes our products resistant to versatile conditions.

CUBLIFT manufacturing and processes are fully optimized, we waste little to no material and energy, and we use high-grade and standard materials and liquid for our products.

Doing so enables us to have a product that is completely resistant to versatile conditions so our mobile scissor lift can withstand extreme weather conditions.

Is Your Mobile Scissor Lift Waterproof?

CUBLIFT manufactured mobile scissor lifts that are coated to be waterproof and provide resistance against corrosion.

Wet conditions mean a slippery and frictionless surface.

And our mobile scissor lift also features high-quality wheels specially manufactured to work perfectly in similar conditions.

The surface materials of mobile scissor lift mostly get wet, and that’s why they need to be waterproof.

In this way, we also can enhance or stabilize its performance in wet conditions and environments.

What are the Technical Parameters of Mobile Scissor Lift?

At CUBLIFT, with a heavy-duty steel construction design, our mobile scissor lift offers enough space and offer precise handling.

A mobile scissor lift can be recognized through its technical parameters.

Most importantly, measuring the performance of mobile scissor lifts is also based on these technical parameters.

The following are the technical parameters:

  • Working height
  • Platform height and width
  • Platform height stowed
  • Platform length (extended length)
  • Overall height, length, and width
  • Wheelbase
  • Ground Clearance
  • Lift Capacity
  • Lift Capacity-Extension Deck
  • Lift-Up and Lift-Down
  • Weight
  • Drive Speed (Platform Elevated)
  • Drive Speed (Platform Lowered)
  • Turning Radius
  • Grade Ability
  • Maximum Tilt
  • Charge and Battery

Moreover, CUBLIFT makes sure you get the right mobile scissor lift based on these technical parameters.

What is the Maximum Load Capacity of Mobile Scissor Lift?

At CUBLIFT, the majority of our mobile scissor lifts have an unrestricted weight lifting capacity.

Approximately, our standard mobile scissor lift is capable of lifting up to five tons.

At CUBLIFT, our most powerful mobile scissor lift can hold up to 50 tons of material.

A 26″ mobile scissor lift offers a maximum weight capacity of 2 tons.

Height is a big factor that can affect the maximum weight capacity of your mobile scissor lift.

The more the height of the mobile scissor lift will be, the less weight it can handle.

For example, at a height of 20 meters, a standard hydraulic mobile scissor lift can handle between 2-5 tons of weight.

At CUBLIFT, we are not limited to anything and can offer mobile scissor lifts that are capable of lifting up to 40 tons of overall weight.

What is the Maximum Lift Capacity of Mobile Scissor Lift?

At CUBLIFT, our mobile scissor lifts can even reach a working height of 30 meters.

However, our standard models have a lift capacity of 20 meters. Most importantly, it is based on the mobile scissor lift base structure.

The stronger and bigger the base will be, the more height it can reach.

CUBLIFT suggests typically 10-15 meters maximum lifting capacity for mobile scissor lifts.

Because in this way you also will be capable of handling more weight with your mobile scissor lift.

How Much Mobile Scissor Lift Costs?

Buying a mobile scissor lift for your needs seems like a difficult choice, but with the right requirements, a perfect mobile scissor lift can be extremely productive.

Buying it is a natural choice but make sure that what you are going to choose is capable of fulfilling your requirements.

At CUBLIFT, we make sure that our mobile scissor lifts are cost-effective and the cheapest in price from the whole market without degrading the quality.

As we discussed before, our utmost priority is your satisfaction, and we achieve it by offering your cheap-priced mobile scissor lifts of excellent performance and quality.

The standard mobile scissor lifts can cost you between $5000 to $15000 and can be productive for a lifetime.

CUBLIFT also makes sure that it’s a one-time investment; you get a great option for your businesses.

What are the Light, Medium, and Heavy-Duty Mobile Scissor Lifts?

The mobile scissor lift is utilized where moving and lifting goods is required.

Sometimes, it is used to access higher locations at the construction site.

At CUBLIFT, we offer light, medium, and heavy-duty mobile scissor lift models.

These mobile scissor lift models are further divided into a range of options and additional accessories.

CUBLIFT, make sure that you get what your desired and our mobile scissor lift meets your requirements perfectly.

  1. CUBLIFT’s Light Mobile Scissor Lift: This scissor lift is versatile and suitable for multiple industries and environments.


It offers a low-cost solution for your low-height lifting and can handle weights up to 150 kg. It’s a lightweight mobile scissor lift that offers premium accessibility.


It can fold down for easy transportation and storage.


  1. CUBLIFT’s Medium Mobile Scissor Lift: It offers more lifting and weighing capacity. This is ideal for lifting and maneuvering loads from 150 kg to one ton.


We also make sure that our medium mobile scissor lift is based on a proper mechanism and testing.


It features robust arm bearing and hydraulics, an emergency stop brake, and an overload valve to avoid overloading.


  • CUBLIFT’s Heavy-Duty Mobile Scissor Lift: It has the highest lifting capacity and can handle loads up to five tons.


It also can reach a height of 5 meters if you required so. It offers maximum stability without sacrificing performance.


It is designed to be performed in versatile and complex conditions and environments.

These can be manual or electric and mostly available in steel.

CUBLIFT also makes sure that its mobile scissor lifts are easy to maintain and maneuver.

How Your Mobile Scissor Lift is High-Performance?

The core purpose of the mobile scissor lift is to position loads at a convenient working height.

Utilizing a mobile scissor lift in your environment can increase your productivity and decrease workplace injuries.

Mobile scissor lifts are used in a vast library of applications.

At CUBLIFT, we make sure that you have more out of your mobile scissor lift by offering:

  • Heavy-duty manufacturing with maximum stability
  • Complete control over your mobile scissor lift for reliability
  • High-quality wheels selection
  • Exceptional durability and corrosion resistance
  • Convenient maintenance and inspection
  • High level of weighting and lifting capability

CUBLIFT also makes sure an ergonomic design for its mobile scissor lift so that you can have high-performance and standard quality.

How to Choose the Right Mobile Scissor Lift?

It’s important that your mobile scissor lift satisfy your every project’s needs.

In order to fulfill this purpose, you have to explain your needs and consider factors such as lifting weight, height, strength, stability, maintenance, loading method, and performance.

All these factors impact the final mobile scissor lift.

At CUBLIFT, we believe that you can find the right mobile scissor lift for you based on the following:

  • Platform size
  • Weight capacity
  • Lift height
  • Load capacity
  • Load method

Furthermore, also make sure if you need a mix of power, maximum lift capacity, enhanced mobility, silent and clean operation, or speed.

Because this can also affect the selection of the right mobile scissor lift model for you.

Figure 22 – The Base to Choose the Right Mobile Scissor Lift

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