Livestock Scale Platform

CUBLiFT Manufactures Quality Livestock Platform Scale  to Fit Your Livestock Weighing  Requirement

Livestock Platform Scale

Livestock Platform Scale

Small Livestock Platform Scale

● Model: LS-500
● Weighing Range: 0.5
● Size: 1.2*1.2*1.0m /Custom
● Materials: alloy steel
● Display: A12E

3 ton Livestock Platform Scale

● Model: LS-3000
● Weighing Range: 3 ton/3000kg/6614lbs
● Platform Size: 1.5*1.5*1.0m
● Materials: alloy steel
● Display: A12E

● Model: LS-500
● Weighing Range: 500kg/1000kg
● Size: 1.8*0.5*1.0 m
● Materials: alloy steel
● Display: A12E

● Model: LS-500C(antiskid)
● Weighing Range:500kg/1000kg
● Size: 1.8*0.5 m
● Materials: alloy steel
● Display: A12E

● Model: LS-1000S
● Weighing Range: 1000kg/2000kg
● Size: 1.0*1.0m*1.0m / Custom
● Materials: Stainless steel
● Display: A12E

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Livestock Scale Platform- The ultimate FAQ Guide

1. What is a livestock scale platform?

CUBLiFT offers a livestock scale platform that you can use in weighing big animals such as cattle, horses, and sheep since these animals need to be carefully maintained and weighed. These livestock scales are very essential for farm animal veterinarians since conventional veterinary scales cannot weigh big animals.

You can also use this livestock scale platform in monitoring animal weights in zoos, parks, and the field. Farms that sell animals for profit are another area where weighting scales are useful.

It must be ensured that the scale purchased is very robust and even tough farming circumstances can resist. You must purchase livestock platform scales, which are water-resistant so that they are not readily destroyed or corroded by animal waste or rain.

As far as feasible. The nice thing about this kind of livestock scale is that even when the animal moves, it can get an exact measurement. These scales are designed by producers with sensors that can function effectively according to the unexpected behavior of the weighed animals.

A few important things must be taken into account while buying a livestock scale platform. The first thing to examine is the kind and features of animals weighed.

You may select pen-like scales, excellent for weighing tough to control animals. You may also choose a rectangle or square scale, on the other hand, that is ideal for weighing heavy animals.

Choosing the proper magnitude is essential to achieve accurate weight readings. You can also have a chat with the CUBLiFT sales team to determine which scale is a perfect fit for you.

2. What are the features of a livestock scale platform?

During the weighing procedure, livestock platform scales take account of animal movement. The scales are built with an average weight and include choices to guarantee that the animal is properly weighed.

Our CUBLiFT scale platform measure animals up to 500 pounds, and the dimensions may range between 22″ by 44″ and 27″ by 60″.

This scale is animal-friendly because it has a big profile that facilitates the animal’s entry onto the platform. There is also a rubber pad adding to the comfort of the animals and ramps are also provided.

We also have a small platform for weighing alpacas and flames. They usually have a 1/10 of 1 lb resolution that enables you to weigh tiny animals like kittens and puppies.

They also have the average weight and hold a proper weight for a moving animal. They are typically metal and robust.

The weight of the animals is grouped using automated pig sorters. This offers a simple way of shipping loads of pigs with the appropriate weight.

They also decrease stress on the pig and enhance your health by enabling it to move freely. These devices detect weight growth over time and utilize your space better by reducing the size of the alley.

If you need livestock scale platforms that can weigh up to 20,000 pounds, we have them. They may be fitted with a connection to a PC to record birth, weaning, yearling, growth, and sales weights in real-time and simply compare them.

They may be installed beneath a feed hopper, squeezing of cattle, a hog cake, or an individual platform. They are intended to be used outside and enable manure, dung, or snow to pile up on the surface of the scale.

It is necessary to evaluate the kind of animal weighed in order to achieve the right and safest accessible scale.

3. What is the purpose of having a livestock scale platform?

Having a livestock scale platform is very important as it helps you optimize your production by measuring weight growth over time. Good management choices for feed rationing are taken to achieve goal weights by date.

Information obtained from the quick, precise recording of body weight measurements makes the utilization of time and resources on farm and ranch efficient. You can also monitor the health of your livestock using this livestock scale platform.

Accurate body weight assessment provides important information on animal health. Changes in body weight may provide an early indicator of issues with animal health.

With this livestock scale platform, you can easily confirm the weights of animals before they breed. The animal’s live weight and condition may significantly affect reproductive performance.

This livestock scale platform will help you determine the weight of your animals during weaning. The animal’s future performance may be directly related to the animal’s weight and maturity during suckling.

Monitoring animal weight close to weaning with the extremely precise findings of a smart scale offers the most effective way to maximize future animal returns.

This is the perfect scale for use when determining which animal, you should choose for sale or slaughtering. Sorting by weight for slaughter insures that the producer receives optimum profit through precise weight-based animal selection.

Also, the livestock scale platform helps in the evaluation of genetic selection breeding performance. Carefully monitoring offspring growth rates over time offers essential information for genetic selection and breeding performance improvements.

Finally, this livestock scale platform will help you to maximize the advantages of electronic ear tags for your animals. A direct link between Electronic Ear Tag readers and the Smart Scale weight range offers an important opportunity to enhance farm and ranch management practice.

Error-free animal identification avoids incomplete or imprecise animal number and weight data entries. Automatic ear tag scanning and animal weighing hands-free lower the weighting site work needs. Automated sorting methods lead to a full free handling of animals in the yards.

4. Where is this livestock scale platform used?

Zoos and veterinarians use these to evaluate animal health and to identify whether the animal is sick. This contains conventional livestock like cows, but also exotic creatures such as crocodiles.

Since livestock ranchers usually buy and sell animals, these scales are extremely popular for them too. As a consequence, the scales are heavy-duty and weather resistant.

Scales for animal purchase and sale are usually required to comply with the state maintenance, construction, testing, and certification standards in accordance with the weights and action division or the equivalent state department.

Commonly one pound per 1,000 pounds of the test load is a standard maintenance tolerance. It is fairly unusual for states to mandate a state livestock weighmaster for recording weights to public inventories, slaughterhouses, packing facilities, purchasing stations, or livestock agencies.

Your farm needs robust equipment that can withstand the damage that animals may provide, and CUBLiFT is up to the job. Instead of utilizing fixings that may loosen and break over time, we solder our scales together.

Our load cells are placed in the scale frame in manufactured pockets, protecting against dirt contamination and reducing the scale pattern.

As you may well know, animals may get obstinate, particularly when they are high. Our livestock scale platform can assist you to get animals on the platform easily.

We can also install rubber matting to make animals more comfortable and to clean excrement easily. Our livestock platform scales are intended for cleaning purposes.

The finish on steel models is a three-part epoxy paint that, even when the surface is thoroughly damaged, contains a zinc element to withstand oxidation.

An optional coating on stainless steel platforms includes a greet-resistant component. The construction of inox steel provides additional corrosion resistance and strength.

5. How do you choose a platform for use on a livestock platform scale?

The weighing of cattle and other animals is an important component of ranching and agriculture. Many information, including the health and nutrition of animals, can be obtained after weighing the livestock.

Modern livestock plat scales are the best way to facilitate, speed, safe, and cost-effective weighing of animals. To facilitate the weighing of your livestock, the correct platform must be chosen for your livestock scale.

CUBLiFT has established a good reputation of converting investment into profit by providing high-quality platforms for use with livestock scales. They have a significant effect on agriculture and ranching applications.

CUBLiFT livestock scale platforms coupled with lasting weighbridge design and certifications with safe and domestic quality construction are the ideal option for our clients.

Platforms for livestock scales are either mechanical or electronic and are intended to weigh big animals, such as cattle or horses, as well as smaller animals, such as sheep and goats. These scales usually have a pen-type setup designed to weigh animals in a safe and stable setting, even while the animals are in motion.

In addition to farms and ranches, they are excellent for stocks and feedlots where a range of livestock is normally weighed on a regular basis. This sophisticated weighing equipment may be important for big animals and zoos outside the farm.

The platform for livestock scales is intended to resist the corrosive substances encountered in animal handling. Steel, cement, hardwood, or rubberized deck surfaces are available for selection.

Make sure you choose the appropriate deck surface for your animal and its requirements. If your scale is kept outside, your scale will need to deal with your climate, trash, dust, and animal feces in particular.

As livestock platform scales must be cleaned thoroughly for animal health and safety, you may wish to invest in a model with platforms that are capable of resisting repeated washes.

At CUBLiFT we assist you to choose the ideal platform sclae for your livestock scale with so many different choices.

6. How do I choose the right livestock scale?

The weighing of livestock has many difficulties especially when you make a wrong decision in choosing the scale. Since animals move a lot, become worried, disturbed, or anxious, hence the weight with standard or customary dimensions is extremely difficult.

It is at this point when livestock scales come in useful. The animals are weighed with great precision while the typical difficulties are being overcome.

They have a weighted average and the choices to ensure the exact measurement, whether the animal was restless on the machine or patient, is acquired.

The initial stage would be to evaluate your requirements and precisely what you need from the size of the animals. Would you want to monitor the livestock development by accessing feed supply and weight increase or would you like to optimize your profits?

The choice of the livestock scales is neither right nor incorrect. Your choice to buy must be based on your management objectives, use, kind of animal, targets, location, and the sort of installation that you have.

You can decide the scale that would be the right option for you after you have crossed all questions. We also assist you in making the right decision when it comes to selecting a lifetime investment like the CUBLiFT livestock scale platform.

7. Why is portable livestock scale the best option?

At CUBLiFT, we provide portable livestock scales that can be easily attached to any pick-up truck and transported to your animal’s location.

This heavy-duty portable livestock scale is intended to weigh up to 15-20 heads simultaneously. Its size is specifically designed for various locations and is designed for unexpected terrain and circumstances.

It can be the best option for your livestock as it has deck and pen sides and is suspended in a movable base frame by loaded cells at four locations.

This movable livestock scale features an independent suspension for air movement which enables a manual lifting mechanism to go into and out of the weighting mode.

If the scale is in weight mode, the deck is 6″ above the floor. The low profile of the weighing platform makes it fast, safe and simple to load and unload animals.

Portable livestock scales are intended to be carried on flatbeds or similar vehicles to multi-weighing sites. Most portable group animal scales are commercially lawful and appropriate for unexpected weighting circumstances at various sites.

The scales feature deck and pen faces and are hung in a movable base frame on load cells at four locations. The portable livestock scale of CUBLiFT has a deck of 6″ above the ground while in weight mode for fast, safe, and simple loading and unloading of animals.

8. Why do livestock platform scales experience shrink factor?

Reduced shrink loss is an important element in increasing a ranch’s bottom line, whether it is selling cattle, pigs, or other animals. Shrink is the word used while traveling on an off-site scale for the amount of weight an animal loses.


For instance, if you weigh 100 head of cattle at 800 lbs.’/800,000 pounds on average will decrease 8% when they are weighed off the premises.


When you sell your cattle for $1.50 per pound, you may lose $120,000. Studies have shown that shrinkage on average is decreased by 6% when the animal is weighed on site.


With the capacity to bring the livestock platform scale to animals, the reduction factor is reduced to around 2%, and the profit is possibly increased by 5-6%. This improved profitability may be the decisive element in selecting a fixed scale for your livestock weighing.


Stationary livestock platform scales are established at one place and the animals are transported onto the weighing scale. These scales are available in a range of sizes and capacities as well as for weighing individual animals.


A livestock scale platform with a capacity between 20 and 30 tons can weigh more than 200 animals in a single day. With a larger capacity scale, you can even weigh more.


9. What are the tips for choosing a perfect livestock platform scale?

When the majority of people consider livestock scales, they immediately think of platform scales. However, depending on the design and characteristics of the scales, they are also employed in various kinds of animal husbandry.

In this livestock scale platform, various animals are weighed like hogs, horses, and even goats. There are many factors to consider when selecting livestock platform scales for small or big farms.

Given the high cost of these items, it’s prudent to take your time and research the different brands, models, and designs, as well as how they’ll integrate with your existing livestock handling system and setup.

The choice of portable or permanent livestock platform scales is critical for your specific needs and operation. The need to weigh an individual animal or a group of animals has a significant impact on the scale system that is required for the agricultural operation.

At CUBLiFT, we have various livestock platform scale models depending on their portability, size, and capacities. These enable the operator to rapidly establish weighing locations across the livestock operation.

By installing load cells underneath, the squeeze chute, you can simply convert your squeeze chute into a livestock platform scale system. By establishing an alleyway and putting a lightweight portable platform scale within, it is simple to record an animal’s weight without the bother of moving them only to get weight data.

These livestock platform scales are suitable for use on flat, unimproved terrain such as gravel. These livestock scales enable the capture of an animal’s group weight.

Additionally, this livestock scale features a customized platform with gates to corral the group of animals, enabling the farmer to monitor the group’s average daily weight increase. Typically, all livestock scales platform are placed on level concrete footings.

10. Why should you weigh your livestock?

These days, the most successful farmers and ranchers understand that livestock weighing is an important component of efficient farm and ranch management. CUBLiFT livestock scale platform is a weighing solution that is capable and dependable, while also being very easy to use.

It helps to increased profitability while also taking the stress out of livestock management. The weighing of livestock animals on a regular basis is critical to increasing efficiency and productivity.

Well-informed management choices derive from readily accessible and reliable animal weight data.

11. What are some of the challenges faced by these livestock platform scales?

Since the scale is exposed to the harsh environment of chemicals, animal wastes, rain, dust, it may experience some challenges like you may experience inaccurate weight readings.

At CUBLiFT we help you in identifying these problems and give a solution for each. Some of the problems may be caused by the choice of scale while others problems are caused by nature.

Typically, this problem is caused by a load bar or both load bars. To begin, you must identify which bar is creating the issue.

Disconnect one load bar and turn off the indication. Make a note of which side is connected and re-activate the indicator, selecting the option that does not automatically lock to the weight.

Step on the connected end once the indicator reads ‘0’. If the weight reading is near to the right value, the bar is functioning properly. If it is out of alignment or does not register, you have located the faulty bar. Typically, a defective load cell is to blame.

Another problem you may experience is weight reading rising despite the absence of Livestock on the Scale. To solve this, repeat the procedures above to discover whether the problem is due to the bars.

If they both react identically, the indicator may be malfunctioning. Whether both respond, check to see if an associate or local shop carries the same brand of cattle scale and connect your indication or load bars to their system.

Re-troubleshoot to ascertain which component is causing the issue. The cause may be a cable issue, a load cell issue, or an indication failure.

You may also experience the Weight is Reading ‘0’ with Livestock on the Scale. To solve this, you need to repeat the previous procedures to test the load bars.

Before you begin testing, double-check your settings and set the indicator to a mode that does not automatically lock on the weight when engaged. Individually test each bar to see whether the reading changes when you walk on the linked site.

If one bar remains zero after you walk on it, you have located the cause of the problem and maybe confident that your indicator and one load bar are functioning properly.

You can also book an appointment with CUBLiFT engineers to examine your livestock scale platform if you are unable to identify the challenge on your own.

If you are confronted with a situation that needs the assistance of a professional then CUBLiFT provides completely certified goods, rentals, and a variety of services. We are here to assist your business with its weigh scale equipment requirements for weight measurement.

Contact us now if you have any queries regarding your livestock scales functioning and troubleshooting. We are always ready to assist you whenever you need us.

12. How do you minimize stress and livestock shrinking?

Moving your animals to various places causes them stress and leads to a ‘shrink’ phenomenon. This phrase relates to a decrease in animal weight.

This issue may be minimized by utilizing mobile livestock scales with a stable platform. In addition, it will also reduce losses.

You may maintain a side table beside the weighing chute with all required equipment and accessories to further decrease the strain of animals as they will have to spend much less time on the scale platform.

Assessing these guidelines before weighing and measuring cattle can assist reduce the period of falling. Furthermore, you may gather precise dates to enhance efficiency.

13. How do you check for interferences in the livestock scale platform?

Interferences may cause weighing scales to malfunction, and livestock scales are no exception. Objects such as pebbles, twigs, and animal dung must be kept away from the weighing platform; otherwise, the scale will provide inaccurate results.

Due to the fact that the load cells are located below the weighing platform, it is important to ensure that the wires that run from them do not get tangled with either operational employees or animals while in use.

Avoid getting your hands on any coiled wires in order to avoid inadvertent tangling and the resultant inconsistencies in the livestock scale readings.

14. How do you determine a weighing set-up?

It is possible to weigh animals on a fixed livestock scale or a portable livestock scale, depending on your needs. The load bars would be enclosed in concrete for safety, and a permanent scale weighing mechanism is very strong and dependable.

In order to weigh the animals, you will need to bring them close to the setup area first. Portable scales, on the other hand, would be perfect for weighing animals in a variety of different places.

The scale may be moved to various settings and therefore increase efficiency and production. If you’re going to utilize electronic scales that need AC power, be sure they’re in a strategic location with access to a dry, safe power outlet. For safety concerns, wire lengths should be minimal.

Equilibrium is very important while weighing. You need a sturdy platform while weighing your animals.

The weighing inaccuracy of this surface will be harmful to cattle going into and out of their balance when the surface is unstable. The surface must not be fully flattened and flattered, but it must be sufficiently solid to hold and balance the cattle if it is weighted.

15. Should the livestock scale platform be portable or permanent?

If you have your livestock spread across various parts, it may be conveniently transported to the cattle through a portable platform scale. If you weigh animals using mobile equipment, just set up the scale system to take weights before entering the squeeze chute.

If you plan to weigh your animals at the same place, they will be processed it is good to build a permanent scale. If so, the best alternative is to install permanently, in which load bars are put below your squeeze chute and fastened to the concrete. The higher the load bar is, the more precise it is.

Determine whether you have a mobile or permanent installation, which load bars you need to finish your system.

16. why do I need a weigh scale indicator?

An indication of weight is the physical reading of the weight of the animal. Several types of indicators of weight scale are available.

Manufacturers may choose from simple to more sophisticated versions to connect with other technologies, like EID ear tag scanners, which enable manufacturers to sync data automatically into their digital recording systems.

With a more sophisticated weight indication, manufacturers may rest easy to know that information is recorded in their computer systems properly and automatically. You may link your computer with the scale indicators and click download.

This is a key element in determining the scale indicator model for you. From the most basic to the most sophisticated versions, manufacturers may use this data to their benefit.

Basic models are used to track animal weights merely for health surveillance and marketing reasons. Some producers may use the scale indication to record additional data such as breed, sex, pregnancy control, or sire/dam in more sophisticated management methods.

There are additional indications that enable producers to put together animals based on different qualities. Like with the Bluetooth scale indicator, you can easily receive the weighed data without using cables or any connecting devices.

17. How accurate is this CUBLiFT livestock scale platform?

Accuracy is probably at the top of your scale needs. CUBLiFT scales have been constructed using heavy-duty ergonomic electronics and unique stainless-steel load cells to achieve a high degree of precision and reproducibility.

The precision of 1/10 of 1% enables precise weighing of animals of any size. If your cattle do not remain still on the scale platform, the proper animal weight is determined correctly by an average animal button on the scale.

There are a big graphic LCD reader screen and strong data transmission choices to complete these characteristics to add the latest technology. If this scale seems to match your interests, but more features are necessary to completely meet your needs, consider having the ideal scale adapted to you.

Modern livestock scales from CUBLiFT include sophisticated features including wireless, Bluetooth, and USB connection that enables them to communicate with software programs.

Animal profiles are frequently recorded and maintained on digital files such as pages on ranches with bigger cow herds; this is where the ergonomically designed CUBLiFT livestock scales software comes into use.

These livestock scales essentially use the google sheet interface to record weight measures and other animal data. Even if you maintain just a few animals, the administration is always simpler when it is automated via tablets and other digital data you can access through the cloud and on mobile devices.

Another element of livestock weighing scales is the speed of measuring which you should take into account, especially when working with big animals in dairy farms. When you have a herd of 500 dairy cows that are well-behaved, it may take a long time to get them all on the scale.

For this reason, you need digital displays that can record precise weights as soon as the sensors are engaged and the animal is fairly steady.

Small herd ranchers, of course, do not have to be concerned about this, but ranch workers at big dairy operations are well aware that even a fraction of a second saved at the sorting scales may convert into hours of hard labor.

18. How does this livestock scale platform help with health and breading?

When it comes to caring for your cattle, it’s essential to establish appropriate food amounts, which are directly related to weight, as well as medication dosages, which are also weight-based.

Weight monitoring is particularly critical since it is a direct indication of health problems and breeding performance. Whether there is a remarkable and sudden shift in weight, as seen in the livestock scale platform, it is preferable to evaluate if veterinarian care is needed for your cattle.

This is essential information for the caretaker of the animal. If you have these reasons for weighing your livestock, you are in the correct spot, looking for the ideal scale because it is located at CUBLiFT.

19. Which features should I look for when evaluating a livestock scale platform?

When it comes to livestock scale platforms, CUBLiFT is well aware of the fact that many animals are usually uneasy about stepping upon them. The animal scales developed by CUBLiFT have a very low profile of approx. 1 7⁄8″ which simplifies the transport of the animal.

A rubber pad is also provided for additional comfort on these scales. Rubber mats on livestock scale platforms are extremely simple to maintain since they can easily be hosed off when required for maintenance and sanitation.

Many of the livestock scales have a typical weight capacity of 500lbs up to 10,000 lb and, as opposed to sheet metal, they are constructed using welded construction for better durability throughout the scales.

The load cells are made of stainless steel, while the body is made of aluminum for superior corrosion resistance. For these and many features, we got you covered with a wide variety of livestock scales to choose from.

20. Which livestock scale is best for small animals?

You may want to consider utilizing a hanging scale if your animal weighs less than 200 pounds. But are not only cheaper hanging scales than other livestock scales, but they are also easily movable.

Special hook brackets and slings may be bought to be put around the animal in order to secure them in the scale for additional safety.

The benefit of suspended scales is that they are very portable and dynamic. Almost any robust overhead room may be converted to hanging scales and not only ancient scales used for weighing products on your local farms.

CUBLiFT offers digital displays and accurate measurement mechanisms. Many of our digital scales may be customized for different purposes and operated via Bluetooth connection through smartphone applications.

21. How should I design the platform for this livestock scale?

In this case, there isn’t a “correct” solution, but the most straightforward design is to construct a 4 x 8 frame out of 2′′ heavy wall angle iron or square tubing and then weld some cross members across the center to provide support for it.

It may be topped with 2 x 6 or 2 x 8-dimensional timber, or it can be made of plate steel. Use 2 sheets of 3/4′′ plywood sandwiched together if you sheet it with the plate. The deck may then be painted with pick-up-Bedliner paint or traction provided by a stall mat.

In general, if you want to construct a single animal platform scale, our regular duty, 5,000lb scale kit is the ideal option. This kit includes four 2,500lb load cells, an indication, feet, nuts, and bolts, as well as everything else you’ll need to assemble a scale of your own.

We’re also selling your Scale heavy-duty build kit. Because of the higher shock load tolerance, this kit may be overkill for a single animal platform, but if you want to weigh round bales, one-ton bales, pallets, and other items in addition to animals, you may want to consider purchasing it.


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