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Install Truck Scales Smoothly (1)Introduction

Several variables may affect the installation of a truck scale, so it is important to take them into account before beginning the operation. In order to properly install a truck scale, you should be aware of the following considerations:

Understanding of the type of truck scale to be installed

It is critical to understand the truck scale you are dealing with to grasp the procedures needed to install it. Both surface-mounted and pit-mounted truck scales may be used. Pit-mounted scales employ a platform and machinery positioned below ground to reach the weighing area, as opposed to surface-mounted truck scales, which need a short ramp.

Above-ground weighbridges may need a substantial amount of space on a site because of the need for on/off ramps and the turning circle required for trucks to access the bridge.

On the other hand, pit-mounted weighbridges need no ramps or guide rails and occupy less floor area, albeit the accompanying civil and foundation work may be expensive.

Significant space to move trucks around

When installing your truck scale, it is vital to consider the mobility of the biggest vehicle that will use it. To guarantee that the trucks pass freely, enough space must be made available for them. If there are many vehicles in the vicinity of the scale, ensure that there is sufficient operating space for all the trucks to pass through.


A truck scale should always be installed with safety in mind due to the likelihood of an accident involving any heavy-duty trucks and their cargo being carried on board. It is advised that you double-check that the truck scale is not in the way of pedestrians. In addition, make sure that the scale area is visible. Both of these aspects contribute to the avoidance of accidents and the overall safety of your employees and consumers. On slopes that are too steep for trucks to negotiate, a lack of grip may also pose a safety danger to drivers.

Absolute care of the truck scale

Truck scales require preventative maintenance in order to operate at peak effectiveness and performance. Both the acquisition of the appropriate truck scale and the establishment of a regular maintenance program are significant expenses.

Most manufacturing companies can design and implement a regular preventive maintenance program that is customized to your specific needs and specifications.Automated truck scales

Automated truck scales

Utilizing automatic truck scales has a number of advantages. Certain weighing systems enable transactions to be conducted without the driver exiting the truck. Truck driver-operated technologies provide a wealth of benefits, from traffic signals and automatic number plate recognition to access and exit barriers.

Considering your weighing requirements, you may choose to contact the manufacturer for assistance in developing a custom weighing solution.

Regulations governing the installation of truck scales

A construction permit may or may not be necessary for in-ground concrete and steel pit foundations for truck scales. Inform yourself about local restrictions by contacting your local planning department.

Truck scale dimensions

Truck scales are available in a variety of standard lengths and widths, as well as specialized sizes to meet the client’s exact requirements. Before purchasing a truck scale, verify that it will fit the dimensions of the trucks you want to weigh.

Site inspection

It is critical to do a site survey. An underground or overhead study of your property can assist you in determining which areas of your property are most suitable for subsurface or overhead services. Handling moisture, sewage, gas, and other utilities may increase the budget of the building, but being close to these utilities may reduce the cost of your project. Check with your scale provider prior to beginning installation to verify that you are making the most use of your area.

Regulations governing the installation of truck scales

The position of the truck scale

It is essential to focus on the right kind of truck scale depending on the physical parameters of your business. Certain site restrictions apply based on the type of truck scale. For the construction of truck scales that are leveling with the natural landscape, a pit-type cement foundation is necessary. Due to the lack of a “approach,” in-ground truck scales are best for companies with limited space. The “approach” refers to the distance that vehicles must drive to access the truck scale to be measured. Above-ground truck scales do not require a pit foundation because they are installed on level ground. The “approach” must be at minimum 20 feet on each end of the scale. At both ends of the spectrum, an access ramp will be required.

For a truck scale to work, it must be placed on a level surface. Prior to placing a scale on any premises, it is necessary to check for levelness.

Financial obligation

Once installed, the truck scale should be repaired and maintained on a regular basis to reduce downtime and ensure a long life. This suggests that purchasing a truck scale is a significant financial investment that is crucial to the success of a firm. There are numerous methods to ensure that the truck scale system runs well for an extended period of time if you pay attention to it and seek professional assistance before installing it.

Purpose intended

Consider any really big plant machinery, such as cranes, that may need accessibility if the truck scale is located near a site entry. Some of these vehicles may also have axle loads that exceed the truck scale’s maximum axle load capacity.

Characteristics of the surface required

Most of the time, it is assumed that installing a truck scale requires a level surface to be created. New truck scales may be constructed to precisely measure loads on an incline so long as the load cells are positioned vertically on the scale. The greatest inclination will be determined by the kind of scale used and the design of the scale.


A truck scale is a considerable investment that is crucial for your company’s success. It is crucial to think about where and how you will install and use the scale before making such a large investment. Considering the above-mentioned important aspects will guarantee that the truck scale system runs well for a long time.

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