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Hydraulic Boom Lift

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Hydraulic Boom Lift

CUBLiFT hydraulic boom lift helps you to get the reach-high-up work to be done safely and efficiently.

  • Towable boom lift, articulating boom lift, and telescopic boom lift available as per your needs
  • Horizontal reach: 5.8m-25m varies depends on specific boom lift mode
  • Vertical reach: 8m ~ 55m varies depending on boom lift mode
  • Designed narrow racks offer flexible mobility
  • A hydraulic boom lift can reach & over obstacles to fit tricky job needs

You can also get your customized hydraulic boom lift according to loading capacity, basket size, and height.

● Model: XPQ
● Capacity (kg): 200
● Lifting (m): 8~22
● Table Size (mm): 1200*800*1100
● Weight(kg): 1538~4450
● Voltage/ Capacity: 4*6V/210AH
● Voltage: 220/380

● Model: XPR
● Capacity (kg): 230~550
● Lifting (m): 3~13.8
● Table Size (mm): 1150*700/2260*1130
● Weight (kg):600~3320
● Voltage/ Capacity:12V/60AH
● Voltage: 220/380

● Model: XTL
● Capacity (kg): 1000~4000(Custom)
● Height Min (mm): 85/105
● Height Max (mm): 860
● Table Size (mm):1600*1160(Custom)
● Weight (kg): 280/380
● Voltage (V): 220/380

CUBLiFT: Your Premier Hydraulict Boom LIft Manufacturer in China

Hydraulict Boom LIft vbThe hydraulic boom lift is used to lift items in construction sites, warehouses, docks, and dispatch centers. It can carry a load capacity of 200 kg with a maximum lift height of 18m.

The hydraulic boom lift is what you need to reach those building heights during construction. The lift basket is designed to rotate 360 degrees with a radius range of 4m to 7.5m.

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Hydraulict Boom LIft v

The hydraulic boom lift is made of anti-corroding steel to provide balance during the performance. The lift occupies a large surface area ad space is one of the considerations before purchasing it.

Hydraulic boom lift uses rechargeable batteries and the arm can swing up and down for material picking. It has a very fast lifting speed and can lift 2-3 tones within a second. With a hydraulic boom lift, you can easily reach hire heights that other lifts have not been able to achieve. Its ability to compact makes it suitable to fit in docks and tiny construction spaces.

You can find our hydraulic boom lift easily amongst the leading brands. We ensure strict fabrications to our hydraulic boom lift and quality control. Get yourself a hydraulic boom lift and ease your employees from working in hazardous environments. We also have other lifts that might interest you in our catalog.

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Hydraulic Boom Lift – The definitive FAQ guide

The hydraulic boom lift is a kind of aerial lift that can help the user to reach horizontally and vertically. It is an extremely important piece of equipment for the sake of outdoor jobs, projects based in the construction sectors, and industrial tasks.

The FAQ guide below can help the readers get answers to the question that are frequently asked on the hydraulic boom lift.

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Are the boom lift and scissor lift the same?

They are almost the same, as they both come under the same aerial lift category. The boom lift, although, has a higher reach vertically and horizontally as compared to the scissor lift. But the scissor lift has a larger work platform compared to that of the boom lift.

What is the hydraulic boom lift used for?

The hydraulic boom lift is used for the purpose of reaching places that are not usually easily accessible. It makes reaching difficult heights and places easier and simpler. Hence a hydraulic boom lift is used for providing a workplace that is safe and secure at any elevation, where a typical ladder or man lift is unable to reach.


The following link shows the basic working of the hydraulic boom lift

Mobile Hydraulic Platforms and Boom Lifts – Types and Operation – YouTube

What are the basic components of a hydraulic boom lift?

The hydraulic boom lift is made up of the platform and a long arm. The long arm is attached to the grounded base. The hydraulic lift system is used for controlling the arm. The system allows the arm to be extended easily. It is also used to carry different materials and people to higher locations.

How many types of boom lifts exist?

There are mainly two types of boom lifts. The first one is known as the articulating boom lifts, while the second one is known as the telescopic boom lifts.

What is the articulating boom lift?

The articulating boom lift is a type of boom lift that consists of an arm that can bend easily. It is also known as the knuckle boom lift. It is highly recommended to use the articulating boom lift in tight or crowded spaces. It is best used for structures that are considered complex.

The following link shows the basic working of the articulating boom lift

Manlift Articulating Boom Lift Aerial 2006 JLG 45′ Reach 4×4 On-Board 120 VAC Generator $28,800 – YouTube

Figure 1 – Articulating Boom Lift

What is the telescopic boom lift?

The telescopic boom lift is a type of boom lift that consists of an arm that is straight. Due to this, it is able to carry more weight as compared to the articulating boom lift. It is also known as the stick or straight boom lift. It is highly recommended to use it in rectangular structures or open spaces.


The following link shows the basic working of the telescopic boom lift

Skyjack Telescopic Boom Lifts – YouTube


Figure 2 – Telescopic Boom Lift

Explain the difference between the boom lift and scissor lift?

The main difference between the boom lift and the scissor lift is that the scissor lift is only able to move vertically upwards and downwards. On the other hand, the boom lift is able to move horizontally as well. The horizontal movement of the boom lift depends on the type of boom lift, whether it is articulating boom lift or telescopic boom lift. Therefore, the boom lift is more flexible as compared to the scissor lift.

Which lift is preferred by the contractors while working at elevated heights?

The contractors would usually prefer the boom lift while working on the elevated heights. The reason behind this can be the easy mobility of the boom lift, as well as its increased stability and safety for the workers. Due to these reasons, the boom lift can help in making the project much safer and more efficient.

What are some of the common uses of boom lift?

Some of the uses of the boom lift are mentioned below:

  1. The process of fruit picking on-farm can be conducted using the hydraulic boom lift
  2. The erection of the scaffolding is more efficient when the hydraulic boom lift is used.
  3. The lighting work is done effectively by using the hydraulic boom lift.
  4. The painting of the walls and the ceiling is preferred by using the hydraulic boom lift.
  5. The signs are hung using the hydraulic boom lift as well.

How to choose the best lift for the job?

First, you will need to find out about the kind of job for which you will be needing the lift. If you need a lift that is higher than a forklift, then the boom lifts are the best option. They can be easily fitted using treads, tracks, or tires. They can have a two-wheel drive or a four-wheel drive. Furthermore, they can be used inside as well as outside, there is no limitation. And they can be fueled with the help of electricity, gas, diesel, or even hybrid power.

Do the lifts have self-leveling capabilities?

There are several lifts that come with the feature of a self-leveling. Self-leveling means that the operator will be able to set up the lift quickly, and then begin to use it in a small duration of time.

Before renting the boom lift, what kind of things should you consider?

There are several things that will need your attention before you commit yourself at renting a boom lift. Some examples of the things that you should consider are mentioned below:

  1. Find out about the type of movement you would be requiring for the work that is in your mind.
  2. Find out about your desired height by keeping in mind the location of your site.
  3. Find out about the number of people using the lift.
  4. Inquire about the materials that you will be moving with the help of the lift. Ask someone if you are not sure about the materials.
  5. Investigate your job site conditions.
  6. Find out about the power source capability that will be available to you on the site. Prefer the electric engine if the site is indoor as the accumulation of dangerous fumes due to the usage of internal combustion engines can be harmful to your health.
  7. Find out about the restrictions related to the space on site.

Once you have an answer to the above-mentioned points, you will be able to find out if you require the boom lift or not.

What are some of the most famous manufacturers of boom lifts?

There are several manufacturers of boom lifts. Many companies have also joined big names such as Ted and JLG to construct their lifts. Out of the most famous boom lift manufacturers, Skyjack and Genie are in the lead.

What are the potential hazards of using a hydraulic boom lift?

In the field of construction, falls are listed as one of those accidents that can be fatal by OSAH. As the boom lift takes the person or the operator off the ground, and into the air, therefore, the worker should never get too comfortable while working off the ground. Working on height must be taken seriously, and care must be taken. Furthermore, the boom lift should only be used when it is safe to do so. The operator must wear a safety harness while operating the hydraulic boom operator. Apart from falling, some other safety hazards involved with the hydraulic boom lift include pinning, tipping, and electricity.

Describe some of the dangers of tipping a hydraulic boom lift.

Although hydraulic boom lift is designed in a way that it can easily lift people and materials in the air, but that does not mean that the hydraulic boom lift cannot tip. Tipping can still occur, even though hydraulic boom lifts are considered very stable. Therefore, to avoid such problems, the job site must be checked before bringing in the hydraulic boom lift. The terrain must be checked to make sure that there are no hurdles or holes, and that the terrain is solid, especially after rain or storm. The reason behind the checking is that the wheels of the hydraulic boom lift can get stuck in the holes, or sometimes even sink, and that can cause the hydraulic boom lift to tip. Moreover, the operator must not exceed the maximum weight of the hydraulic boom that has been specified. Other than that, the range of the boom lift should also be checked before bringing it on site. Lastly, personal protective equipment (PPE) should be used while using the hydraulic boom lift.


Figure 3 – Dangers of Tipping

Describe some of the dangers of being pinned or crushed on a hydraulic boom lift

Whenever the hydraulic boom lift is being used inside a facility, care must be taken. There are several things that can create the risk of pinching for the hydraulic boom lift such as moving against the walls, overhead beams, and performing tasks while staying under the ceilings. The operator must keep the arms and legs inside the safety railing to avoid any sort of pinching. Moreover, the maneuvering of the bucket must be conducted slowly.

Describe some of the dangers of objects dropping from a hydraulic boom lift

The operators are taken to new heights while working on a hydraulic boom lift, hence the danger of the operator dropping heavy items below cannot be ignored. It is the responsibility of the operator to make sure that those under him are kept safe. An example of the dangers of dropping certain heavy materials includes the dropping of the hammer from above. Therefore, injury can be avoided if the people who are working below are taking proper precautionary measures. People should never skip the safety features just to save time as that can be problematic. Hence, safety should always be kept first whenever you are getting yourself involved in a job that can cause harm or injury.


Figure 4 – Dangers of objects dropping

Describe some of the dangers of working with the electricity while on the hydraulic boom lift

The hydraulic boom lifts are manufactured with the sole purpose of reaching heights which were not possible before. Although the electric workers are aware of the dangers of working with the electricity but sometimes, they might overlook them by mistake or on purpose. Such risks should not be taken as it can be extremely dangerous. The workers must look at the plans for the site before coming on-site to understand its situation properly before beginning to work on it.

List some methods of staying safe on a hydraulic boom lift

There are different ways of staying safe on a hydraulic boom lift. Some of them are mentioned below:

  1. The operator must never use the hydraulic boom lift alone. The operator must have at least one person with him.
  2. The operator must wear a safety harness, and other personal protective equipment (PPE). It should be made compulsory for all the operators to abide by the rule of wearing a safety harness and PPE, and fine should be imposed on the operators who operate the hydraulic boom lift without taking the precautionary measures.
  3. All the tools that the operator is going to use must be kept in a secured position so that they do not drop on the floor and cause harm to anyone standing near the hydraulic boom lift.
  4. The operator must make sure that no one is standing under the hydraulic boom lift.
  5. The operator must make sure that the hydraulic boom operator is kept on a ground that is even and stable. The site must be checked beforehand to make sure that there are no holes or hurdles that can cause the hydraulic boom lift to tip.
  6. The exposed wires and other dangerous items hanging in the air must be checked before the hydraulic boom lift is lifted with the operator in it.
  7. Proper training must be given to the operator. If the person is unable to operate the hydraulic boom lift properly, then he should go through the training once more.

Are the ladder and scaffolding better than the hydraulic boom lift?

No, the ladder and scaffolding are not better than the hydraulic boom lift. The ladder and scaffolding are only used for the purpose of reaching new heights. It is not an easy task to erect scaffolding, therefore, it cannot be used for the projects with less time. Ladders, on the other hand, do not provide the platform to work on. They are only used for climbing from one level to the other level. Neither ladder nor scaffolding is considered safe when compared with the hydraulic boom lift.

Who invented the boom lift?

A Canadian orchard worker, by the name of Walter E. ‘Ted’ Thornton-Trump, is credited with the invention of the first boom lift. Ted thought about the boom lift while moving from tree to tree for the collection of fruits. His workers required a tool that they would consider much safer than climbing the ladder. Therefore, Ted attached to the double boom hydraulic arm, a bucket. Later, he put the entire machine on a platform with wheels.

When was the first self-powered Giraffe came into existence?

In 1951, Ted invented his boom lift, and called it ‘Giraffe’. It was attached to the tractor and pulled by the other machine. But the first self-powered Giraffe was invented by Ted five years after that.

How many models of boom lift were invented after the original?

There were fourteen new models of boom lift invented by Ted after the original. There was always a reason behind the invention of every single new model of boom lift. Sometimes, it was due to the orchard work, while other times it was for firefighting.

Which is considered the world’s largest hydraulic boom lift?

JLG manufactured a hydraulic boom lift that could carry up to 1000 lbs. in 2015. The height of the boom lift is about 185-foot, and it could easily reach the top of a building that has 17 floors.

How did the hydraulic boom lift get its name?

The hydraulic boom lift was originally called a Giraffe due to its height, and later, it was called a cherry picker, as the worker would use the boom lift to pick fruits. The term ‘boom’ is derived from the beam on the boat’s mast. It is also a term that can be used to define a moveable arm that was usually found on a tv set. This moveable arm would contain a camera or microphone and is called a boom mic.

Is it possible to rent a hydraulic boom lift?

Yes, it is possible to rent a hydraulic boom lift. You can conduct some search on DOZR to find out more about the equipment that is available near you. The hydraulic boom lift can usually be rented on daily basis, as well as a monthly basis.

Is it expensive to rent a hydraulic boom lift?

It usually depends on the supplier. You can find out all kinds of information related to the price and its several conditions, online.

How are hydraulic boom lifts powered?

It depends on the type of hydraulic boom lift that you are using. If you are using the telescopic boom lift, then it is powered by internal combustion engines. The reason behind this is that the telescopic boom lifts are generally not used inside as they are designed to be used at higher locations. On the other hand, the articulating boom lift can be powered by internal combustion engines or electric engines, it depends on what is easily available to you at that time. The best way of finding out which power to use is to first find out where are you going to use the articulating boom lift. If you are going to use it indoors, then electric engines are preferable. The reason behind this is that if you use an internal combustion engine indoors, it will trap harmful fumes, which can be dangerous for the health of the workers and the operator.

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