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Forklift Drum Lifter

CUBLiFT: One of Your Top Forklift Drum Lifter Manufacturers in China

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Forklift Drum Lifter

CUBLiFT manufactures quality forklift drum lifters to make sure our lifters are durable and reliable.

  • SWL(safe working load) :500 lbs. (or 800 lbs. options)
  • Within 15 seconds easily tilt your drum fully at a 180 degree
  • Applicable drums: 55gal steel drum, plastic drum
  • battery-powered control for a stable lift & tilting operation
  • ergonomically designed bracket for preventing the drum from slipping in the holder
  • Counterbalance design ensures safety lifting & tilting

Forklift drum lifters are a sort of perfectly safe tool for fewer accidents in your working spaces.

Forklift Drum Lifter DG-300C

● Model: DG-360HO
● Capacity(kg): 360
● Drums: 1/2
● Size (mm): 810*670*815
● Weight (kg): 45/52
● Tilting:Manual/Electric

Forklift Drum Lifter DG-360HO

● Model:DG-360/500HO
● Capacity(kg):360/500
● Drums:1/2
● Size (mm):1010*740*745
● Weight (kg):61/73

Drum Lifter and Tilter List DG-720HO

● Model: DG-720HO
● Capacity(kg): 720
● Drums: 2/4
● Size (mm): 930*890*815
● Weight (kg): 70/84

Forklift Drum Lifter DG-1000HO

● Model: DG-1000HO
● Capacity(kg): 1000
● Drums: 2/4
● Size (mm): 1030*1010*745
● Weight (kg): 84/109

Forklift Drum Lifter DG-1500HO

● Model: DG-1500HO
● Capacity(kg): 1500
● Drums: 3/6
● Size (mm): 11640*1030*745
● Weight (kg): 119/158

Forklift Drum Lifter DG-2000HO
  • Model: DG-2000HO
  • Capacity(kg): 2000
  • Drums: 4/8
  • Size (mm): 2210*1030*745
  • Weight (kg): 155/207
Forklift Drum Lifter DG-2000V

● Model: DG-2000V
● Capacity(kg): 2000
● Drums: 4
● Size (mm): 980*960*710
● Weight (kg): 175

Forklift Drum Lifter DG-3000V

● Model: DG-3000V
● Capacity(kg): 3000
● Drums: 6
● Size (mm): 1250*960*830
● Weight (kg): 320

Forklift Drum Lifter DG-4000V

● Model: DG-4000V
● Capacity(kg): 4000
● Drums: 8
● Size (mm): 185*960*830
● Weight (kg): 410

CUBLiFT: Your Premier Forklift Drum Lifter Manufacturer in China

Forklift Drum Lifter dec 3Forklift drum lifter is one of the wonderful forklift products from our drum handling equipment.

We are fully aware of the difficulty that you are facing in lifting/placing and transporting heavy drums from one place to another. Now you don’t have to bear the loss of your products due to these tasks because CUBLIFT is here to provide you with the best solution. Our forklift drum lifter performs all these tasks with great ease and with almost zero loss to your product.

Forklift Drum Lifter QC icon Forklift Drum Lifter QC icon1 Forklift Drum Lifter QC icon2 Forklift Drum Lifter QC icon3 Forklift Drum Lifter QC icon4 Forklift Drum Lifter QC icon5 Forklift Drum Lifter QC icon6

Our forklift drum lifter is designed to lift steel, plastic, or fiberboard drums. Its gripper is made of stainless steel.  The stainless steel makes the gripper anti-rusty and anti-slippery. The gripper of the lifter has a capacity to bear weight up to 550lb, from 30 to 58 gallons.Forklift Drum Lifter dec 1

The wheels are made to give you an easy push and smooth movement. All wheels are coated with aluminum-centered polyurethane which ensures high quality. The front wheels of the forklift drum lifter are fixed. They are 6 inches in diameter and have precision bearings. The rare wheels are 4-inch castors and a rear 6-inch steerable wheel with all the precision bearings

You need not worry about the exterior as well as the interior of the forklift drum lifter. Its chassis is coated with powder to offer a long-term finish in a harsh environment.

Our forklift drum lifter comes with a single-wheel brake system to give maximum maneuverability. The sealed precision bearing improves the performance of the brake.

As a premier forklift manufacturer in China, CUBLiFT never compromises on quality. Rest assured that the assembly of the hydraulic pump is made by skilled technicians. To make sure that no dust goes through the pump unit of the forklift drum lifter, the hydraulic circuits are flushed properly. After the technician’s phase, it is tested by our engineers to ensure smooth and efficient working of every part.

You must believe that this one-time investment would increase your production and profit, and decreases your problems and losses. The forklift drum lifter is all about durability, say it our product’s performance on your premises or our promise to you. We will stand with you!


The ultimate buying guide


CUBLiFT is your workplace partner in delivering high-quality forklifts, pallet jacks, pallet stacks, and other scissor lifts. We stock over 1000 different varieties of lifting machines.

At CUBLiFT, we are always ready to answer any question concerning our services and products. Inside this FAQ, you will find some of the commonly asked questions by clients all over the world.

It can also serve as the perfect guide while purchasing a forklift drum lifter. You can leave a comment, a question, or a compliment at the end of this FAQ.

Welcome to CUBLiFT the home of all lifting equipment.

1. What is a forklift drum lifter?

This forklift drum lifter is very useful in various processing industries across the world from oil industries to food and beverage industries. It is made with highly durable steel and aluminum metals.

Semi-electric Forklift Drum Lifter DM1A

These materials are highly resistant to corrosion and rust in case of spillage. Since these drums contain liquid contents, it is very important to ensure the clamps are adjusted properly.

This helps to avoid any spillage on the floor and also on the operator. Especially with those drums containing chemical content proper care should be taken during pouring.


Our forklift drum lifter has an auto grip feature to automatically lock the grip jaws to the drum/barrel. Even on rough surfaces, the gator grip maintains a positive lock.

There is no need for the operator to touch the drum to raise or lower it. This type of drum lifter is an ergonomic solution for lifting, transporting, and positioning drums on standard pallets.

Whatever the height of the lift, our forklift will not release the forklift gator grip will not release the drum until it is lowered down. The average lifting capacity will vary between 650~1500 pounds.

The lifting capacity of this forklift with the legs extended is 1100 pounds while the closed is 650 pounds. The unit comes with a floor lock, two stationary wheels, and two swivel casters.

This forklift drum lifter is made at our CUBLiFT factory in China. You can visit us anytime.

2. How many types of forklift drum lifter does CUBLiFT have?

There are various types of forklift drum lifters ranging from their mode of operation, their load capacities, and lift heights. With all these in place, we believe we have everything you need.drum stacker

You can select from a variety of load capacities starting from 500lbs to 8000lbs. All our forklift drum lifters are made with stable materials to sustain any kind of weight impacted on them.

With this in place, you can pile up several drums or barrels to lift in a single turn. We understand the trouble that comes with moving drums around your workplace.

Our wide selection of forklift drum models ranges from electric, semi-electric, mobile to hydraulic. Electric drum lifter is an upgrade of the semi-electric drum lifter with full electric lifting options.

Other special forklift drum lifters include the combat drum lifter, heavy-duty forklift drum lifter, drum stacker, and rotator. In case you need a drum model out of the ordinary, we sure work with our technicians to provide a customized solution.Forklift Drum Lifter dumper DH7

The features of the electric drum lifter revolve around the fast-charging lithium-ion battery, the electric brakes, the acceleration, and the rotating angle. This ensures work is completed on time.

Our forklift drum lifter can pick up different types of drums at a go. The clamp operates in a constant tension system hence it is always gripping and squeezing the drum.

Some drums may be very slippery hence the need for these clamps. They help in holding the drum-tight and prevent it from slipping off which may lead to spillage of the contents inside.

This type of forklift is fitted with an LCD screen to see the movement of the drum. To make sure you have successful drum lifting and rotation, you need to adjust the back and forward distances.

These forklifts have a clamp pressure meter for pickling the drums. Rotation buttons for rotating the drum forward are available at the base of the grip.

3. Which are the components of a forklift drum lifter?

CUBLiFT forklift drum lifter has excellent features that will support all your drum lifting needs. We normally update our drum lifters to match the latest features and technologies in the market.

If you want your drum lifter to be fitted with a certain feature, you can always talk to us and we will be ready to listen. You can also follow us on our website to get the latest forklift drum features.

At CUBLiFT, we manufacture the most standard forklift with a full range of promising features.  We have the drum grabber which is mounted on the forks.

This drum grabber can be single, double, or triple depending on the drums you want to lift. It is made of steel and is very strong to withstand the heavy-weight of drum gallons.Hydraulic Boom Forklift Drum Lifter DHQ

These drum grabbers have fitting jaws that make the drum stable through the lifting process. In case you need a drum grabber, send us your order and get the latest price updates.

W also have the drum positioner that enables you to align your drums in order. It is available in different sizes and shapes depending on the design of your drum.

Also, a forklift won’t be complete without a rim grip. This is the most essential component that enables you to grab your drum both on the top and bottom parts.

The drum rotator and the steel grabber will hold your drum both on the center and the top part. The drum rotator has a chain attached to it to enable a 360-degree rotation during pouring.

Get all these o and other forklift drum lifter spare parts from our factory or outlets. Our prices are pocket-friendly with 100 % customer and technical support.

4. How many drums can be lifted by this forklift?

Our forklift drum lifter can handle 2~3 drums at a go. You can place them horizontal or vertical depending on the shape and size of your grip.

The standard size of one drum that ur forklift can lift is 800lbs. We also have drum lifters of 1000lbs to 8000lbs.Mobile Forklift Drum Lifter DH5

These forklift drum lifters ensure the safety of the floor, the operators, and the contents inside. Once you follow the right instructions, you won’t experience any spillage on the floor.

Most drums in an industry are used to carry chemicals, oils, and other liquids. Some liquids are very dangerous once they spill on something or someone so care should be taken while operating.

For those who would like their customized grabbers and grippers to hold more rums, welcome to CUBLiFT the home of all innovations. We will meet all your drum lifting needs right here!


5. How do you operate a forklift drum lifter?

Operating a forklift drum lifter may seem easy or hard depending on the knowledge of the operator. The more the operator knows the operation of the drum lifter the easier the job for him/her.

There are various steps for operating these drum lifters. All steps must be followed to the latter.

First, you need to adjust the forks so that the inside widths between the forks are 24~25 inches minimum. The lock one fork to the bedplate to ensure more stability of the drum.

After, you need to move the forklift towards the drums you are intending to lift. Ensure the slip forks are in line with the fork sleeves.

Then attach the safety chain to secure the drum carrier rotator to the position of the forks. To achieve this you need to open the carrier cradle in full width.

Drive the forks near the floor level to position the carrier cradle around the drum. Then wrap the drum in place by clinching the chain with a ratchet tightener.

After doing this, remove the control chain from the box and place it in the lop near the operator’s stand. This will give the operator total control over the drums being lifted.

Then finally you need to raise the forks and transport your drum in a vertical position. To empty the contents in the drum, pull on the chain rotating drum to the required angle.

After emptying you can now rotate the drum back to its vertical position and push your forklift to deliver the drum. Very easy and simple steps that save your time, energy, and costs.

6. How many varieties of forklift drum lifters do you stock?

We stock different varieties of forklift drum lifters here at CUBLiFT. We have everything you need and if we don’t have it at the moment we will do everything to get it.

We have inbuilt testing labs to check on quality and material fabrications for all our lifting equipment. We also do onsight testing to guarantee you that what you are carrying home is worth it.Hydraulic Forklift Drum Lifter DE1

You can select from our wide range of drum lifters with the recent being electric forklift drum lifters. We also have manual and hydraulic drum lifters.

During your selection period, we will guide you through choosing a forklift that complies with your business environment. I would like to assure you that our forklifts are worth it.

If you also need a drum lifter and a rotator as one piece of equipment we will provide them. It is very economical to have a drum lifter and a rotator all-in-one equipment.

This will save you a lot of time which you can use in doing other activities to ease congestion around your warehouse. If you also need them separately we will deliver them to you.

As said earlier, all our forklifts are capable of lifting any drum model from steel to plastic drums. They have a polyurethane/ nylon wheel that can move on any floor whether rough or smooth.

7. How do I know that this is the perfect forklift drum lifter for my business?

Some clients have trust issues and it’s very hard to convince them to buy from you. We understand that trust comes at a price and that is why CUBLiFT is here to rebuild your trust.

We do not just sell our forklift drum lifters to make profits. At CUBLiFT, we are concerned with customer satisfaction first, once a customer is satisfied it means we have mutual benefit.

We understand there are so many manufacturers in the market today. At CUBLiFT, we guarantee you 100 % quality control, 12- months warranty, we also ship to every corner of the world.Manual Forklift Drum Lifter DH4

We are also certified and our products have been approved to be environmentally friendly and for use in any warehouse activities.

We try our best to ensure our customers trust us with their money. So to know if this is the right forklift for your business, get in touch with our sales team and they will help where they can.

A perfect drum lifter should be able to lift and move your drums without any complications. in case you feel insecure with your forklift drum lifter replace it immediately.

Also, we have spare parts in case your forklift runs into mechanical problems. Always ensure your forklift can handle the load capacity to avoid distorting the forks and causing collateral damage.

A perfect drum lifter will give you peaceful operations throughout. This might cause a positive impact on your business by increasing productivity by 5 times.


8. Is maintaining a forklift drum lifter hard?

Why would you find it difficult to maintain something you have invested a lot of money in it? Maintaining a forklift should be your priority since they are quite expensive to obtain.

Maintaining a forklift revolves around, cleaning it after use, oiling & greasing the moving parts, proper storage, etc. A forklift drum lifter is like a robot that will do almost all the work.

You need also to check on the forks to ensure they are still maintaining their shape. Exposure of the forks to heavy drums might lead to wear and tear which reduces the general performance of the forklift.Fully Electric Forklift Drum Lifter DE1

If you notice your forks have worn out or any other part of your forklift needs replacement, let us know. Failure to replace or fix a broken part might cost you a lot in the future.

Take good care of your forklift and get to enjoy the benefits that it accrues. You can also do a monthly inspection just to be assured of its condition.

9. What are some of the advantages that come with using this forklift drum lifter?

The advantages that might accompany the usage of this forklift drum lifter around your workplace are tremendous. First, you will enjoy the benefit of a cost advantage over your competitors.

The amount of work output you will have achieved at the end of the day will be 10 times more than the normal output. You will save a lot of time and energy as it is very fast and economical.

Your employees will be relieved from bending and lifting straining. You won’t experience any absenteeism from your employees anymore and also accidents will be minimized.

I don’t see any reason you might fail to invest in this ergonomic forklift drum lifter. Make a life-changing choice today and you will live to give testimonies.

10. Do I need a license to operate a forklift drum lifter?

Yes, you need a license from your dealer to operate this forklift drum lifter. It is for security purposes and to minimize the individual who handles the lifter.

The license will be awarded after you have passed all safety measurement control and assured us you can handle the forklift. It is not safe to operate the lifter without a license.

Having a license will also guarantee you 100% support in case of system failure. Get a license today at any CUBLiFT outlet and relieve yourself from the stress of operating the forklift.

11. Can I rent a forklift drum lifter from CUBLiFT?

Yes renting is one of the options we normally give our clients if their business is seasonal. There is no need of obtaining a new forklift drum lifter when you can rent it at a low price.

If you are not planning to be in that business for long you can rent a forklift drum lifter from CUBLiFT and return after use. All the renting terms are realistic and nothing is exaggerated.

Save your money today by hiring a forklift drum lifter from CUBLiFT.

12. How do I ensure safety during operations?

Always wear safety clothes when lifting drums containing chemicals, oils, and other hazardous liquids. This ensures even if they spill they won’t come into contact with your skin.

Always ensure the clamps are properly fixed and the bolts tied properly. Also, walk on the light and avoid dark places and corners once transporting your drums.

You might knock obstacles on the way which might cause a lot of damage. You might also consider having a second party to watch you during operations and relieve you once you get tired.

Always exchange shifts with your operator as the more you stay in operations you might develop some fatigue. These might cause dizziness and drowsiness during operations.

Do not leave your forklift on the entries and exist as someone might run into them. This will prevent unnecessary accidents from occurring.


13. What are the ideal lift height and load capacity for this drum lifter?

The lift height for this incredible forklift is 1.6 m or 1600mm. If you want other customized lift heights, leave us your specifications and we will start working on them immediately.

The load capacity may range between 500lbs to 8000lbs. Whether you are lifting heavyweight or light-duty drums we got you covered.


14. How do I repair a broken forklift drum lifter?

It is not easy to start doing repairs on your forklift if you are not a mechanic or the manufacturer. The simple thing to do is to contact your seller, and they will guide you through.

Repairing it yourself might cause more damage and you may end up tampering with the wrong parts. This might cost you a new forklift drum lifter later.

Get in touch with your manufacturer if your forklift is broken or won’t start. Reading through the provided user guideline can also be a solution o your problem.

15. Which are the available wheel options for this forklift drum lifter?

The available wheel options include; polyurethane, nylon, and rubber.  All these varieties have proven to withstand hostile exposure to all industrial/warehouse activities.

They produce minimal noise and last longer.

16. For how long should I use a forklift drum lifter before replacing it?

You can use your forklift as long as you want provided it’s still in working condition. The estimated service life is 5~10 years.

The more you take care of your forklift the longer the service life.

17. Does CUBLiFT ensure total quality control for its products?

Yes, quality control is what most of our R&D team spend their time doing. We also have modern labs to ensure total quality control fr all our lifting machines.

Once you get a taste of good quality you will keep coming back for more. This is a perfect reason to do business with CUBLiFT.

18. Forklift drum lifter at CUBLiFT Inc. R&D Co, Ltd

CUBLiFT’s R&D team involved 500+ qualified engineers working 24/7 to upgrade and update our forklifts. Through our R&D we have ensured a competitive advantage over other manufacturers in the market.

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