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Electronic Platform Scale

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Electronic Platform Scale

Electronic Platform Scale | Industrial Bench Scale

  • ISO9001 approved bench scale manufacturer
  • CE standard electronic flatform scale
  • Mas. Capacity: up to 800/1000kg
  • Readability:0.01kg/0.05kg
  • Weighing Pan size: 300x400mm and ore variety
  • Weighing, check weighing, and parts counting
  • Material: Carbon Steel & Stainless steel
  • Zemic load cells L6E3
  • Offer OEM and ODM bench scales as per your specs
  • Standard: NTEP; OIML

CUBLiFT is a competent bench scale manufacturer and supplier in China, owns highly rich bench scale manufacturing experience, and a professional industrial weighing scales R&D research team.


● Model: BS-100C
● Max. Weighing: 100kg
● Convertible unite:Kg/lb/g/oz
● Platform: 300*400mm
● Material: carbon steel
● Zemic load cells L6E3

● Model: BS-500S
● Max. Weighing: 500kg
● Convertible unite:Kg/lb/g/oz
● Platform: 800*800mm
● Material:  stainless steel
● Zemic load cells L6E3
● Fit food hygienic applications

● Model: BS-03T56S
● Max. Weighing: 200~800 kg
● Convertible unite:Kg/lb/g/oz
● Platform: 500*600mm
● Material:  stainless steel
● Zemic load cells L6E3
● Fit logistics applications

● Model: FS-1000S
● Capacity: 1 ton/1,000kg/2,200lb
● Platform(m): 1.3*1.3~2.0*3.0
● Readability: 0.1kg
●  Material: Stainless Steel
● Display: A12E W/printer

● Model: FS-3000C
● Capacity: 3 ton
● Platform(m): 0.8*0.8~2.0*3.0
● Readability: 0.1kg
● Platform : Stainless Steel
● Display: A12E W/printer

CUBLiFT: Your Premier Bench Scale Manufacturer in China

For more than 15 years now, CUBLIFT has been one of the leading heavy-duty industrial-scale equipment in the world. Our main objective is to provide safe, accurate, and efficient weighing tools for various industries and different kinds of applications. CUBLiFT offers a wide array of industrial-grade electronic platform scales in various models and specifications to match your needs. Our ergonomic electronic platform scales are sleek and streamlined yet can accommodate bulk weights and yield accurate measurements.

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With weighing capacities ranging from 100 kilograms to a maximum of 800 kilograms and platform dimensions as compact as 300*400mm. The electronic platform scales have a very compact design and are ideal for limited spaces. They are extremely portable and can be easily put away for storage. CUBLIFT ultra-durable electronic platform scales are crafted from top-of-the-line high-quality steel; with an option to choose from carbon steel or stainless steel.  Equipped with long-lasting rechargeable batteries, optional Bluetooth technology connectivity, and Zemic L6E, L6G, L6F load cell, you are assured of a constant and effective daily operation.

Our electronic platform scales are designed for high performance; with a transmission level of RS232C<30m, and a backlit Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) for clearer output readings.  CUBLIFT’s an esteemed bench scale manufacturer for ages, Our electronic platform scales are safe, compliant, and CE and ISO9001 certified. CUBLIFT electronic platform scales are straightforward and environment-friendly. Built to last, our sturdy electronic platform scales are constructed to endure even the harshest of terrains and different climate conditions.

Our stainless-steel type electronic platform scales are ideal to use for applications that require routine hygienic clean-ups, such as in food handling industries. These electronic platform scales require minimal maintenance as they are rust-proof/anti-corrosive and are safe for washdown systematized clean-ups. Our streamlined and highly accurate electronic platform scales are cost-effective and have been proven safe and energy-efficient. CUBLIFT’s robust and dynamic electronic platform scales are the ideal tools to utilize to promote and amplify business prolificity. Discover more details for the electronic platform scales from us and get more options for bench scales as well.

Pallet Truck manufacturer CUBlift team

Electronic Platform Scale Series
Platform Dimension Capability Readability Material Load Cell Display Indicator
300*400mm 100kg 0.01/0.05kg Carbon Steel ; Stainless Steel L6E3(standard) A12E(standard) Bluetooth optional.
400*500mm 200kg 0.01/0.05kg Carbon Steel ; Stainless Steel L6E3(standard) A12E(standard) Bluetooth optional.
450*600mm 300kg 0.01/0.05kg Carbon Steel ; Stainless Steel L6E3(standard) A12E(standard) Bluetooth optional.
500*500mm 300kg 0.01/0.05kg Carbon Steel ; Stainless Steel L6E3(standard) A12E(standard) Bluetooth optional.
500*600mm 300kg 0.01/0.05kg Carbon Steel ; Stainless Steel L6E3(standard) A12E(standard) Bluetooth optional.
600*800mm 500kg 0.01/0.05kg Carbon Steel ; Stainless Steel L6E3(standard) A12E(standard) Bluetooth optional.
800*800mm 500kg 0.01/0.05kg Carbon Steel ; Stainless Steel L6E3(standard) A12E(standard) Bluetooth optional.
1000*1000mm 800kg 0.01/0.05kg Carbon Steel ; Stainless Steel L6E3(standard) A12E(standard) Bluetooth optional.
1200*1200mm 800kg 0.01/0.05kg Carbon Steel ; Stainless Steel L6E3(standard) A12E(standard) Bluetooth optional.
CUBLiFT offers customized electronic platform scale for you



Electronic platform scales are widely used in several types of industries. These heavy-duty platform scales have compact designs, safe to use, and accurate.

CUBLIFT of China, one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality and durable heavy-duty machineries offers a distinguished line of industrial-grade electronic platform scales.

Our floor scales are known for their optimum performance, tough build, and efficiency. And when it comes to providing our customers with reliable tools, our electronic floor scales are highly accurate and can be used in any type of environment.

CUBLIFT economic and straightforward electronic platform scales are widely used by different industries for diverse applications. When it comes to mobility, these portable platform scales are easily transportable, requires effortless cleaning and maintenance, and can be placed in storage without difficulty.

This article will give you an insight to everything you have always wanted to know about electronic platform scales. It is a comprehensive guide deduced from the manufacturer’s manual, our customers feedbacks and reviews. It contains frequently asked questions with answers to walk you through in finding the ideal electronic platform scale for you.

What is an electronic platform scale?

Electronic platform scales are indispensable tools utilized by businesses for different classifications of applications that require accurate weight measurements.

This type of platform scale functions similarly to weighing scales in medical clinics, kitchens, etc., The difference being, is they are of industrial grade, bigger, and are more intricate.

How do you maintain and replace batteries of electronic platform scales?

Electronic platform scales have rechargeable built-in batteries as the power source. This makes it possible to operate in areas where there is weak electrical signal or no electrical power at all.

These batteries are long lasting and hard-wearing; however, proper maintenance is still needed to prevent early wear and tear. Here are a few tips on how to maintain your battery’s efficiency:

Make sure you recharge the batteries properly after each and every use. The electronic platform’s scale screen will indicate that the battery power is weak, and it is time to replace them, it will usually show Lb 0.

When replacing the batteries, never use new batteries with old ones, always remember to use the same brand, and specifically the brand indicated in the manual.

While installing the batteries, make sure they are in the right direction, doing otherwise will cause the batteries to leak.

Battery life is always dependent on temperature; in cold weather, the battery life is normally shorter.

If you are planning on storing your electronic platform scale for a long time, make sure to remove the batteries; batteries left inside the unit may leak and damage your platform scale.

What are the factors to consider when buying electronic platform scales?

Electronic platform scales are the ideal partners of businesses whose daily main operations rely heavily on the accuracy of weight measurement readings, especially heavier cargoes and bulkier weights.

As more and more businesses require additional functions for electronic platform scales, so does the demand in redesigning and adding more features increase.

Manufacturers all over the world try and meet these demands and outweigh each other in providing innovative and more efficient platform scales integrated with additional features.

The market is teeming with loads of brands and models that come in different specifications to accommodate the customers’ needs.

The evolution of different types of industrial-grade platform scale has since been introduced to the market.

These highly durable electronic platform scales not only make the operators’ jobs a lot easier, they are responsible for cutting down the work, ensuring safety and accuracy, as well as increasing productivity and revenue.

When choosing an electronic platform scale, several factors have to be kept in mind; the type of platform scale that would be ideal for the application, size, capacity, and a whole lot more.

These would be the indicators you need to consider before purchasing an electronic platform scale.


Brand- there are several brands of electronic platform scales you can choose from.

This is a key factor to remember as purchasing a platform scale is an investment. You may want to make sure that investment will last for years, otherwise it would be a waste of money.

Choosing the right brand is an integral part of this business decision. A trusted brand means you are getting your money’s worth.

These brands have been a household brand for years and attested to by businesses who have been purchasing them for years.

CUBLIFT of China is one of the leading brands known for the robustness and safety of its products.

At CUBLIFT, we focus on providing our customers with reliable and efficient heavy-duty equipment that are guaranteed to last.

Capacity- electronic platform scales have different specifications; they come in a wide variety of maximum weighing capacity.

The ideal weighing capacity for you should be able to accommodate the maximum single load you need to weigh daily.

CUBLIFT electronic platform scales models vary in maximum weighing capacities and can accurately weigh your items from 100 kilograms to 800 kilograms.

Size and dimension- Electronic platform scales vary in sizes; depending on what you need and the size of your floor space; CUBLIFT electronic platform scales are compact and can be accommodated even if you have a limited space.

Our platform scales have dimensions from as compact as 300*400 millimeters to a maximum of 1200*1200 millimeters.

You may want to take note of how much work space is allotted for your electronic platform scale; for easier access when using pallet trucks, you may opt to have ramps built.

Material used- Electronic platform scales are built using durable, high-quality metals; they are usually crafted from carbon steel, aluminum, stainless steel, etc.,

If your business application requires daily cleaning and hygienic wash downs, such as food industries, handling of corrosive materials, liquids and chemicals, a stainless-steel electronic platform scale would be most suitable.

Stainless-steel electronic platform scales can handle daily wash downs; they are anti-corrosive and rust-proof as well, and can be cleaned regularly without damaging the unit.

Mobility- Electronic platform scales can be portable or fixed; depending on the type of industry and application, you may opt a portable platform scale that can easily be transported or one that can be installed on your work space.

Mobile electronic platform scales are equipped with durable casters or wheels constructed from durable rubber or metal; you can also opt for a combination of rubber and metal rollers.

One advantage a portable platform scale has over a fixed platform scale is the ease of using the scale anywhere you want. Fixed platform scales have to be installed in a concrete pit, levelled with the floor surface to eliminate the need of ramps.

Accuracy- this is one of the most important qualities you should look for when buying an electronic platform scale; an accurate weight reading is essential to your business productivity, even a slight difference can be a huge deal.

Clear indicator screen-your electronic platform scale’s read out results are displayed on the indicator screen; choose a unit that displays the weight results (numbers) clearly. Most indicator screens also show the battery life and other functions of your unit, this helps a great deal for a smoot and effective operation.

Safety- there is nothing more important than the safety of your operators and everyone in your work place. An electronic platform scale that has passed strict quality control is something you should look into. CUBLIFT electronic platform scales are ISO9001 and CE certified to ensure that you eliminate the danger of your unit malfunctioning.

Protected load cells- the load cells are vital parts of an electronic platform scale. Some manufacturers like CUBLIFT ensures that the load cell cables of our industrial scales are integrated with protective shields to ensure safety and accuracy of our products.

What are the safety points when using electronic platform scale?

Set up your electronic platform scale on a strong and stable surface area.

Never install your platform scale exposed in direct heat or close to other electrical devices emitting too much heat.

Install your electronic platform scale away from flammable elements.

Keep your platform scales away in areas where static electricity is present.

Make sure you always use a stable power source.


What are the benefits of using electronic platform scales?

Electronic platform scales have broad use in several businesses and are effective to use in different applications.

They are preferred by industries such as, pharmacy, manufacturing, food industry, shipping, material handling,

Electronic platform scales have durable build; they are crafted from high-quality steel and are ideal for use commercially.

They can survive every kind of weather condition, harsh environments, and rugged surfaces.

For industrial and non-commercial applications system ranges can be utilized as pit less, match and over-stand kinds.

Digital system ranges are created in various measurements and capabilities from steel, galvanized steel and stainless-steel products.

Next to devices like ramp for match much less use, roll-conveyor, belt conveyor, steady or rolled stand, show colon and show security panel.

Why electronic platform scales are important to various industries?

Electronic platform scales are universal in market and education and learning. The relief of utilization and accuracy offered by such ranges, together with the user-friendly nature of their procedure, guarantees that they can be securely and reliably utilized by practically anybody and for a wide range of dimensions.

They are suitable for circumstances where precision is of miraculous significance. One of the most typical develop of digital range is the system range, which has a system (frequently able to be cleaned down) whereupon products might be put in purchase to identify their weight.

Various other types of ranges are offered; however the energy and flexibility of the system range makes it suitable for many applications. In case the weight of a liquid or powder have to be determined, the tare work of many ranges can be utilized to “no out” the weight of the container.

The high accuracy of electronic platform scale guarantees that they can represent the extra weight, offered that the integrated weight doesn’t surpass the capability of the range.

Overloading a system range threatens, not just because it reduces precision, however because it enhances the possibility that the range will experience irreparable damages.

When purchasing an electronic platform scale, it is essential to select one which finest fits your requirements. If you will be handling fluids, powders or corrosives, it’s a smart idea to obtain a sprinkle immune range or one with a rust immune system.

Electronic platform scales, particularly those meant for utilize in delivery centers, have big systems and can be cleaned up with a hose pipe without the eliminating the system. These are especially helpful when determining mass amounts.

A customized electronic platform scale is likewise preferred by many businesses as they can cater to the specific applications and therefore can make the job a lot quicker and easier.

It’s a smart idea to choose an electronic platform scale which can be used for evaluating considerably more and considerably much less compared to the ones you’re most likely determining, so regarding provide the range great deals of “shake space” and to reduce deterioration.

Lots of businesses and industries decide to buy electronic platform scales, since this provides lots of benefits in regards to cost when compared with new ranges.


What are the key points to keep my electronic platform scale from wear and tear?

An electronic platform scale is an integral part of your business, it is the tool that you utilize daily for many reasons; number one is to get accurate measurement results, it makes the operation go faster and helps you save time.

It is safe and simple to use, and most importantly, it helps increase productivity.

Your electronic platform scale’s accuracy plays an important role in your business; one slight difference in the measurement reading can result very badly.

One way to avoid this in the future is keeping your electronic platform scale regularly calibrated, cleaned, and well-maintained.

This way, the chances of your unit malfunctioning is slim to none.

The wear and tear of your tools is inevitable, especially if you are using it daily for stretches of time.

Premature wear and tear is, however, something you can eliminate, and that is if you keep these factors that can badly affect your platform scale, in mind.

The type of electronic platform scale you use should be in line with the type of application. There is a variety of industrial grade floor and platform scales for each type.

Choose an electronic platform scale that is aligned to what your everyday operation is, as well as the kind of items you are weighing.

Another factor is the type of weather condition you are using your platform scale on; if your application requires you to weigh your items outdoors, choose a scale that is designed for outdoor use, that way you can be assured that it can withstand extreme heat or a wet and damp climate.

The kind of environment is another essential factor you need to consider; an outdoor electronic platform scale is designed and built for rough surfaces and terrains, they are robust and are mostly rust-proof and dirt proof. Their load cell cables have protective shields to ensure safe and effective operation.

Regular clean-ups and maintenance- Your electronic platform scales need to be cleaned and calibrated regularly, especially if you are using them outdoors; over time, water splashes and dirt build-up can affect the accuracy of the platform scale.


Sudden impact or shock loading-properly load your electronic platform scales; sudden drop or impact can result in inaccurate readings, and worse, your unit malfunctioning.

Overloading-electronic platform scales have maximum weigh capacity; make sure you stick to it and avoid overloading the unit.

The way to do it is by loading the platform scale in small batches, that way, it is easier to gauge if you are near the weight limit.

Overloading the platform scale is never a good thing, it results in malfunction, inaccurate weight results, and permanently damaging the platform scale.

Temperature changes- if a platform scale is exposed in heated conditions, such as an area where the climate is dry and humid, then suddenly moved to a cold environment, it can affect the scale’s accuracy.

The precision of the load cells is likewise something to think about.

Malfunctioning load cells can extremely affect the precision of the weight reading.

Shifting or moving wind can have a great effect on the reading results as well.

Never leave your weighed cargoes on your electronic platform scales a for extended periods of time; this will result in a different reading the next time you weigh the same cargo.

Make sure you there is a regular increment between each weighing.

Installing your unit away from damp places, near units that release electro-magnetic impulses, interferences, and duct vents are not encouraged; these elements not only affect the accuracy of your unit but can permanently damage them as well.

The type of items you will weigh are also key factors to consider; there are specific types of platform scales for different applications, for example, if you are weighing drums, barrels, or other containers containing liquids that may spill, choose the appropriate type of platform scale.

Another example is unevenly shaped items; unlike flat bottomed items such as boxes, crates, etc., items that are shaped awkwardly can be unstable and may result not only in inaccurate readings but may topple over and damage the unit.

What is the advantage of electronic platform scale over other floor scales?

Electronic platform scales and floor scales have similar functions; to weigh bulk items and heavy cargoes.

Both types of scale are durable and crafted from high-grade metals, and can handle heavy loads.

The difference is in the specifications, capacities, and what type of application you are using them for.

There are several factors to look into when comparing different types of scales.

The dimensions of the scale is one, another is the weighing capacity.

Check what kind of material was used to build the scale, it can be aluminum, carbon steel, or stainless-steel.

The ideal and better scale would the one that can cater to your needs and yield the results you want.

How do you install electronic platform scales?

Installing your electronic platform scale for the first time is straightforward.

Peel off the plastic protective cover from the scale pan.

30 minutes prior to using your platform scale, connect it to the power source and locate the on/off key.

Press the ON key.

How to properly calibrate an electronic platform scale?

Electronic platform scale calibration is a treatment done to make sure the precision of your flooring range is stable.

This examination is needed to guarantee that the devices will produce the appropriate outcomes.

A defective electronic platform scale can impact your company significantly.

Industries and businesses that are dependent on flooring ranges as an important device utilized routinely, need to ensure the ranges are performance precisely, and will constantly provide the appropriate outcomes.

Prolonged us without the proper maintenance and calibration of your floor scale can lead to inaccurate reading and the unit permanently malfunctioning.

One significant essential to constantly bear in mind is to have your electronic platform scale calibrated routinely.


How to properly clean your electronic platform scale?

Appropriate upkeep and cleansing of your electronic platform scale is considerable for your system performance well, providing precise outcomes, and prolonged system life.

Various aspects have to be taken into account in identifying the appropriate method of cleansing your electronic platform scale, ways to frequently to carry out upkeep and cleansing,

One essential aspect is atmosphere where your work location is; if you are utilizing your electronic platform scale on a deliver for angling or delivery anchors, possibilities are your electronic platform scale will have to be cleaned up and cleaned down more frequently compared to if you are utilizing them on a completely dry center.

In food centers, the electronic platform scale needs to be cleaned up for spills, and they need to be sanitized as well; another essential element is the application; or the type of products you evaluate regularly.

One much far better description is, usually compared to not, if you’re evaluating damp or products, possibilities are your ranges will have to be cleaned up more frequently compared to if you are evaluating completely dry products.

Electronic platform scale construction; the products where your electronic platform scale was built from plays an essential function as well in identifying ways to tidy your determining system.

There are electronic platform scale made from stainless-steel, and are suitable for clean down treatments.

Stainless electronic platform scale are suitable in companies where complete health is needed, in addition to markets dealing with chemicals and other corrosive materials.

Electronic platform scale made from light weight steel and various other products can be wiped tidy with fabric and sprinkle or various other chemical cleansers.

CUBLIFT electronic platforms scales offer improved efficiency and procedure for flexible and progressed commercial evaluating applications.

With an internet connectivity and painted-steel bases and columns, our electronic platforms scales have several progressed evaluating systems, an alpha-numeric keypad, extensive yet user-friendly software application, amongst a lot more which integrate to create best electronic platforms scales for requiring evaluating procedures.

How do you properly put electronic platform scales in storage?

Never dismantle your electronic platform scale.

Refrain from utilizing solvents to tidy the range. Clean it with a completely dry lint-free fabric or a lint-free fabric moistened with soapy solution and a moderate cleaning agent.

The base system can be cleaned up with mild detergent and water.

Never scrape the platform scale with abrasive cleaners.

Never use the platform scale while it’s still wet, let it dry completely

Some electronic platform scales are not water-proof; you cannot use the wash down method on them, instead, use a wet rag to wipe off dirt and grime.

Safeguard the show system from dirt and sprinkle.

Eliminate the batteries from the show system when the range is not to be utilized for a very long time.

If you leave the batteries set up, they might leakage and damages the range.


How to properly load your electronic platform scale?

Ensure that the installing framework is steady and can fit the electronic platform scale.

Make sure that you load your platform scale by small batches instead of dropping all the cargoes at once.

Prior to using your platform scale, perform the proper inspection, and make sure it is working properly.

When loading your electronic platform scale, see to it that the legs or casters are stable and will not wobble.

How do you assemble electronic platform scales?

If you are using your electronic platform scale for the first time and needs to assemble it, you may consult your manufacturer manuals for the more intricate models.

For the simpler models of electronic platform scales, you can follow these easy steps:

Carefully remove the platform scale out of the packaging.

Locate the measuring pan pan on the base system.

Gently peel off the plastic protective covering off the pan prior to use.

Put together the post; connect the post to the brace of the base system, making sure not to damage the load cell cables.

Place the rest of the load cell cable into the post, then affix the post to the brace utilizing two hex screws.

When setting up the electronic platform scale, change the degree utilizing the bubble spirit and 4 progressing feet of the base system.

Organizing the angle of the show system; push the caps at the post leading from both sides and change the angle of the show system.

Which industries are floor scales useful for?

Electronic platform scales are most useful in industries where accurate measurements are an essential part of the daily work routine.

Electronic platform scales have the capacity to weight large and bulky cargoes and are ideal to use for by chemical industries, food handling businesses, and shipping docks.

Logistics, material handling businesses, livestock and farm, fishing industry, warehouses and shops are only some of the few who prefer to use electronic platform scales.

CUBLIFT electronic platform scales can be employed in diverse locations and are available in several different sizes and forms of the platform.

Economic and simple to use, electronic platform scales offer the necessary accuracy needed for a wide variety of applications.

These electronic platform scales provide cost effectivity and weighing solutions and may be used practically anywhere.

CUBLIFT electronic platform scales are tough and compact enough even for small spaced work places.

They are frequently integrated with important feature and functions despite a modest size.

As one of the most competent bench scale manufacturers in the market, CUBLIFT focuses in bringing you the best scales for your all your weighing needs.

Our solutions are also available for your automation and connection needs.


How to store mass value in an electronic platform scale?

The checking setting transforms the overall mass worth of challenge a matter when each item has the exact same mass worth.

The range has a build-up work with an optimum of 6 numbers, which can build up as much as 999 times.

Think about the complying with problems to obtain one of the most from your range.

Set up the range where the temperature level and family member moisture are steady, there’s no prepare and a steady source of power is offered.

What are the features to look for when buying electronic platform scales?

When looking to purchase an electronic platform scale, not only do you need to check the type, size, capacities, and specifications of the unit.

You look for the integrated features that will enhance the accuracy and efficiency of the unit as well as its safety.

A compact, streamlined design is ideal for businesses with limited work space.

There are models that include a ramp for accessibility if you are using pallet trucks to load your electronic platform scale.

Some manufacturers offer rails as part of the package; rails are useful for when that cargo you need to weight is bigger than the electronic platform scale.

Another useful feature is the removable platform for easy cleaning; it is easily accessible when you need to get rid of dirt and grime.

Extra thick foot; this adds stability to your electronic platform scale, it ensures that the scale does not bend or buckle under the weight of the cargo.

Adjustable platform scale legs; this feature allows you to adjust the height of the scale.

Powder coated surface; this is an added protection to the platform scale’s surface.

It gives the scale a smooth surface as well as protecting it from corrosive materials.

Large indicator screens; this is integrated with bright LED light to clearly display the weigh results.

Indicator screens that feature other functions such as battery life, power on, kg., lb. Tare, etc.

The turn-around framework is effortlessly removeable, and several beams of lights guarantee the security of the evaluating system.

Remote display screen- this is integrated in the electronic platform scales and platform-type ranges in purchase to create the weight seen from a range. It has basic 6 numbers and a red led sign and consists of a wall surface port device.

Roll- it allows the idler roll item put together on the range to be quickly put on and drawn from the range at completion of the evaluating procedure.

Range Trestles- these are integrated as a basic kind for the ranges with solitary tons cells, are developed for more ergonomic use of the range. They allow the range to be quickly eliminated within the business with its birthing wheel system.

Soft touch button controls- this ergonomic feature allows for the ease of use and comfort.

High precision sensor- this adds constant accuracy to the electronic platform scale.

Printer connectivity- this is an optional feature; you can opt for a model that has a printer included or purchase a stand-alone printer for your electronic platform scale.

Washable stainless steel plate- this is ideal for industries and applications having to comply with specific hygiene processes; these platform scale models are ideal for businesses handling food, harsh reagents, corrosive materials, chemical products, fishing docks, pharmacy, and a lot more.

Alloy steel load cell- this integrated feature ensures that your electronic platform scale has high-precision accuracy.

Rectangular pipe structure- this type of design gives added stability to your electronic platform scale.

Wrap around angle structure- is another feature that makes the electronic platform scale more stable.


Bluetooth technology connectivity- some models of electronic platform scales are integrated with this feature; this enhances the efficiency of your unit as you can easily connect it to a computer, tablet or phone for easier access of data.

Low profile- low profile designed electronic platform scales are ideal if you cannot utilize a pallet truck; this also makes it easily accessible for pallet trucks when loading your platform scale.

Self-calibrating – there are models of electronic platform scales that are designed to self-n calibrate; this not only ensures that the unit is regularly calibrated but it saves you time and money in having a technical team calibrate it for you.

Bumper rail shields – this feature is integrated in some electronic platform scales; this is to ensure that your unit is protected from sudden collisions or bumps.

Protected load cell cables- this is one feature that enhances an electronic platform scale’s efficiency; the load cables are metal protected against damp, moisture, water splashes, dirt and other harmful elements.

Extra portability- aside from your compact electronic platform scale designed for easier transport, some platform scales are integrated with metal swivel casters or rollers; these rollers enhance the portability of your unit, no more dragging the heavy platform scales from one place to another.

The rollers are crafted from durable high-quality rubber, or you can opt for a combination of durable steel and rubber.

Anti-overloading protection – ensures that you eliminate the chances of your electronic platform scale from overloading.

Overloading your platform scale can affect its accuracy and may cause the unit to malfunction.

Fully stainless-steel- for industries who have to constantly perform wash downs on their electronic platform scales, the stainless-steel model is highly suitable for you.

You can directly hose down or splash your unit with water for easier and quicker clean-ups.

Resilient electronic platform scales- your platform scale will have the ability to endure the bumping and jostling that is simply section of your daily operate in your market.

CUBLIFT electronic platform scales provide top of the line graphics in our indicator screens. This makes it simpler for your workers to run the range at a fast speed, which is a vital part of lots of markets.

CE, ISO9001, NTEP certified- these are certifications you see on Legal for Trade electronic platform scales.

This is an assurance that the platform scales have passed the highest quality control testing and are proven to be ultra-durable and accurate. Most of the time, electronic platform scale that are NTEP certified cost more than the other units.

Cost-effectivity- the cost of electronic platform scales vary for each brand and model.

Most of the time, a platform scale is more costly than others for the following reasons; they were built using high-grade materials, integrated with the latest features, and have advanced yet straightforward interface.

Connectivity- some innovative electronic platform scales have the capacity to easily connect with your computer.

They also come with a variety of options for easier accessibility, transfer and storage of data such as WiFi, USB transfer, printers, and ethernet.

Manufacturer’s warranty- some manufacturers offer warranty with different terms and provisions. A warranty ensures that they are providing with a guarantee that you are getting a durable electronic platform scale that is efficient and accurate, and will last for years.

Which is the best brand of electronic platform scale to buy?

CUBLIFT’s dedication in providing the safest and most accurate electronic platform scale has made it the go to brand worldwide.

Here at CUBLIFT, we aim to provide you only the best, and most efficient tools.

We redefine our tools to accommodate your trade and specifications.

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