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Electric Powered Pallet Jack

CUBLiFT, one of the best pallet jack manufactures among those forklift companies in China, offers you quality electric powered pallet jacks.

  • Lift capacity up to 5000kg + 27” X 48” standard frame
  • Ideal for heavy-duty palletized loading applications
  • UE TUV certificated electric powered pallet jack series
  • Integrated oil leak-proof hydraulic system + reinforced steel frame
  • 3mm powder coating frame ensures harsh working environment
  • 1″ polyurethane steering wheels, double 2.9″ polyurethane fork wheels
  • 210° turning radius makes lifting operations more flexible

Find from us for a wide line of pallet handling equipment to boost your businesses.

CUBLiFT: Your Premier Pallet Truck Manufacturer in China

Electric Powered Pallet Jack DESC (26)Of all the types of equipment, you can use to move or lift pallets, an electric-powered pallet jack from CUBiIFT shouldElectric Powered Pallet Jack DESC cross your mind. We deliver the most ergonomic pallet jack which is price friendly. It is available at capacities of 2500kg/ 3000kg/4000kg/5000kg. This electric-powered pallet jack can lift pallets as high as 7~8″ while operating in a normal condition.

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The secret to this capability and efficiency is that our electric-powered pallet jack uses adjustable straddle legs. These straddle legs normally go around the load to be handled. Also, these straddle legs are responsible for keeping the electric-powered pallet jack within the center of gravity to avoid the pallet jack from falling off. It eliminated the need for a heavy counterweight.

The advantage of our compact electric-powered pallet jack design is that it reduces wear and tear components and prevents and personal danger during operation. It also features 2 electronic speed lowering buttons. These buttons help in lowering the load from the pallet jack for precise handling. Other standard features include a horn, a belly button reversing switch, and emergency brakes.

With a low tiller mount and 180˚ steering arc, CUBLiFT electric powered pallet jack can operate at ease in tight areas. It can also put pallets in warehouse aisles as tight as 6~7 feet. Our 24/7 support is here to welcome any material lifting requirement from you.

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Electric Powered Pallet Jack: The Ultimate FAQ Guide


Electric-powered pallet trucks are a piece of essential equipment in any warehouse to move pallets from one place to another.

Some of the electric powered pallet trucks have an additional standing platform so that the worker stands on it while the truck moves pallets.

Features such as high loading capacity, automated system, the complex composition of electric powered pallet trucks will make the loading and moving pallets easier.

Below you’ll find all the detailed information about electric powered pallet trucks and find answers to your most common questions.

What is Electric Powered Pallet Jack?

Electric powered pallet jacks are automated trucks, which work with the help of power in the battery.

Such jacks are operating with the controller, and the worker gives directions, and the jack does most of the work.

This reduces the worker’s effort, as the truck uses its power to lift and lower the trucks and move the pallets.

Electric powered pallet jacks eliminate most of the functions of manual pallet jacks, hence making the work more productive and effective.

Most of the electric powered pallet jacks have a high loading capacity, and as it is driving automatically, the worker may not damage themselves while moving.

What are the Benefits of Electric Powered Pallet Jacks?

Pallet jacks are a long-lasting investment, so before buying one, it is essential to understand all the positive and negative aspects.

Below we will introduce the benefits of electric powered pallet jacks.

Electric Power Usage

This gives an advantage of quieter work without any additional loud noises, and also, electric power-operated trucks do not produce fumes.

So if you are going to operate in a closed area, this can be a massive advantage for you, as you won’t spend additional money on complex ventilation.

Complex and Well Developed Ergonomics

Power motors will lift the pallets without any difficulty, so the workers will not play any role in raising the pallets.

This is especially good for the workers, as they won’t have any health issues or back issues after lifting the pallets.

The companies will reduce the number of workplace injuries of workers, and more people will be in the facility.

Replaces Other Pallet Jacks

If you buy one electric powered pallet jack, it may replace several manual pallet jacks at your warehouse.

Electric-powered pallet jacks do all the work of manual pallet trucks with better effectiveness, so you won’t need to keep other pallet trucks.

This means that there will be more space in your warehouse, and also, you may sell other jacks and have more money in your budget.

No License is Required

You won’t need to have a license in order to operate electric powered pallet jacks.

However, you may need special training before operating the truck because it has a complex structure, and you need to be well aware of every part.

It is every company’s responsibility to ensure that all the workers have passed training, so if your company doesn’t provide one, make sure to raise this issue.

Otherwise, you may not be able to control it and hurt yourself and damage the truck.

What are the Types of Electric Pallet Jacks?

There are different types of electric pallet jacks. However, the main types are semi-electric pallet jack and heavy-duty electric pallet trucks.

Before buying the truck, you should be aware of all the types, in order to make the right decision.

Below we will introduce these two in a more detailed way.

Semi-Electric Pallet Jack

The semi-electric pallet jack has a powerful battery, so the operator moves it more quickly than the manual pallet jacks.

However, indifference with electric powered pallet jacks, semi-electric pallet jacks don’t have a power lift.

So the worker needs to pump the hydraulics to lift the loadings.

Semi-electric pallet jacks are relatively small and have more safety features such as emergency stops and speed limitations.

If you are operating in a small warehouse or storage, then semi-electric pallet jacks may be a good option for you.

However, in big warehouses, where you need to load many pallets, this may not be suitable for your needs.

Heavy-Duty Electric Pallet Trucks

Heavy-duty electric pallet trucks are an ideal option for heavy loading and long-distance moving.

As an additional option, heavy-duty electric pallet trucks have a ride-on option, where operators can sit and ride the truck.

Because of additional characteristics and complex models, heavy-duty electric pallet trucks can be more expensive than other options. The price can go up to $5000.

This makes the job for workers easier and reduces the physical strains. In addition to this, workers become more productive and less tired as they don’t operate the truck manually for long distances.

Usually, heavy-duty electric pallet trucks have a loading capacity of more than 2000kg.

As these trucks have a more complex system, it has a highly developed emergency stop, smooth operational characteristics to ensure the uninterrupted functioning.

For big warehouses and complex operational systems, heavy-duty electric pallet trucks can be an ideal option.


What are the Safety Regulations of Electric Powered Pallet Jack?

Firstly don’t operate an electric powered pallet jack without being authorized and trained.

Before starting to use the jack, check if everything is normal with it. For example, check the battery level or the wheels.

Checking the condition of the truck before operating it is your responsibility, so if there are some faults tell your supervisor.

In the case of all-electric pallet jacks, you should make sure that the brakes are working correctly; otherwise, it may be hard for you or even impossible to stop it and cause a crash.

Don’t overload the jack, and check the loading capacity limit; it is better to underload than overload.

Before moving the load, check if it is appropriately placed; otherwise, the pallets may fall and cause damage.

Use the horns to notify people around that the electric pallet jack is moving so that they can clear the space.

Before unloading the powered electric pallet jack, be sure that the space is ready and the jack is stopped correctly.

Double-check if the floor is wet or there are any materials on it because if the floor is slippery, you may not be able to stop the truck.

Finally, read the manual of directions carefully because each electric-powered pallet jack may have a specific safety regulation that others may not have.

What are the Maintenance Requirements of Electric Powered Pallet Jacks?

In order to keep the electric powered pallet jacks in the best possible working condition, you should provide regular maintenance to them.

This way, you’ll ensure that the jacks serve you as long as possible. Otherwise, you may need to buy new ones in a couple of years, which is not very financially wise.

Frequently charge the batteries and after the usage of the level of power. Try not to use the jack when the battery level is lower than 20%.

Do not unplug the battery unless it is fully charged.

Check the wheels, and replace them if there are any damages. If you can’t change the wheels yourself, then ask for help from a professional.

Do not operate electric powered pallet jacks on uneven areas because they will be damaged too quickly, and also, the motors of the jack may break.

Lubricate the joints every six months.

Do not operate electric powered pallet jacks in bad weather conditions (rain or snow) and park the jack in closed areas so that no rain or snow damages it.

Report to your supervisor about any failure or damages you noticed on the electric powered pallet jack.

Overall the maintenance of the electric powered pallet jack is not as hard as it seems.

However, as with every complex piece of equipment, it also needs to be carefully examined a couple of times in a year, you are sure that everything is working correctly.

How Should Workers Be Protected While Operating Electric Powered Pallet Jack?

As mentioned above, the companies should ensure that each worker passes training and is certified to operate an electric powered pallet jack.

It is each company’s responsibility to organize training for workers.

Every worker who is operating an electric powered pallet jack should wear a piece of protective equipment such as:

  1. Eyewear, which will protect workers’ eyes in case they are moving any chemical or hazardous materials. Also, to make sure that small parts would not damage the eyes.
  2. Special footwear, avoid injuries if the wheels of electric powered pallet jacks run over them or if you accidentally hit your foot by heavy pallets or the jack.
  3. Thick gloves so that you don’t injure your hands or scratch your fingers. This is especially important for manual pallet trucks as you load the pallet with your hands. However, in the case of electric powered pallet jacks, you should also be cautious.

How Should You Store Electric Powered Pallet Jacks After the Usage?

As these are massive equipment, make sure to park in a place where it doesn’t block or close entrances and exit areas.

Ensure that you turned it off and that the forks are lowered and placed in the right direction.

After you church the truck, unplug it and make sure that the battery is far from metals and hazardous materials.

How Should You Drive Electric Powered Pallet Jacks?

Firstly, it is important to mention that every eclectic powered pallet jack has its specific instructions for operating and driving.

However, there are some general characteristics that are typical for every pallet jack.

Before starting the electric powered pallet jack, you should make sure that the battery is full and unplugged.

Check if the forks are located evenly and in the lowest position, then take the controller and start driving the electric powered pallet jack.

Use the controller to give directions to the electric powered pallet jack.

Determine which pallet you want to move and position the forks under these pallets.

Make sure that the forks are evenly placed under the pallets, and the pallets usually are positioned.

With the help of the up arrow on the controller, raise the pallets and place them in the right and desired location.

If everything is correct, then start moving the electric powered pallet jack to the desired location with the help of a controller.

Lower the forks to place pallets on the desired location(with the help of a down arrow).

After that, slide the forks back and finalize the placements of the forks.

Don’t forget to charge the electric powered pallet jack after usage.

What Should You Know Before Starting the Operation of the Electric Powered Pallet Jack?

Before operating any pallet jack, check what the loading capacity of the pallet jack is.

Most of the damages that happen are because the workers overload the pallet jacks, and the forks can’t lift that and break down.

The data about the loading capacity are written in the manual, but if you can’t find it, tell your supervisors about it.

Read the electric powered pallet jack manual because there may be essential points that only certain types of pallet jacks have.

So even if you have already operated a pallet jack before, make sure that you are familiar with the new pallet jack’s characteristics as well.

Check the location where you will operate the pallet jack, and make sure that the flower is not wet or slippery.

Also, remove all the objects that may disturb the movement of the pallet jack.

And remember to do all the safety requirements not to damage yourself and the equipment.

What are the Components of Electric Powered Pallet Jacks?

Below we will introduce the main components of electric powered pallet jacks. However, there may be some additional components in specific types of trucks.

The most crucial buttons are the safety and emergency button, which should be used in emergency stops or cases of a break.

Controller, which includes the left, right, up, down arrows to give directions to the electric powered pallet jacks.

Battery, a place to charge the truck, and an indicator about whether the truck is charged or discharged.

Other components are chassis, leg, fork lifers, rollers, driving unit, etc.

A professional and knowledgeable worker should know about every component and what are the functions of each.

If something is unclear to you, ask your supervisor for help, and make sure that you are familiar with everything.

What Should Your Daily Inspections Be?

Before starting the electric powered pallet jack operation, you should take a couple of essential steps and inspect the truck occasionally.

To understand whether the truck has any malfunctions, you must inspect it carefully before starting to use the truck.

Otherwise, you may miss specific faults.

Check if the truck has any cracks or deformations, and be careful with the oil and battery level.

Check the movement of the wheels and make sure that they move smoothly without any malfunctioning.

Activate the emergency brake so that you can easily take control of the situation in the case of any force major.

Check if the lifting and lowering buttons are working correctly and ensure that the forks are in the proper condition to lift pallets.

Observe, and make sure that all the bolts are in place and firmly tightened; if not, then tighten yourself because otherwise, the truck may break.

Please pay attention to electric wires; usually, you can do it in a couple of seconds by visually inspecting the electric powered pallet jack.

These are all essential aspects, so even if you are a professional worker and have operated pallet trucks a lot, you need to take all the above-mentioned steps, not to cause any serious damages to you and the truck.

There may be some additional steps, which you may need to take, but it depends on the truck and manufacturer’s model.


What are the Safety Requirements Connected with Charging the Battery?

Only professionals who passed training must be allowed to charge the electric powered pallet jack or replace the battery.

While charging the electric powered pallet jack’s battery, you should not open any fire in the nearby area.

Do not smoke, charge the truck, and don’t let anyone smoke; in addition to this, don’t charge the truck near burning materials.

Ensure that the truck is parked in a safe area and that the place is not crowded.

Connect all the necessary cables correctly, and make sure that everything is correct.

Look at the charging and discharging indicators in order to understand when you need to stop charging or start charging.

Do not stop the charging until the battery is full, so if you stop charging the truck in the middle, it may cause faults.

Do not start to charge the electric powered pallet jack if there are pallets on the truck; make sure to unload the truck before string to charge it.

After charging, make sure to take out all the plugs and wires and park the electric powered pallet jack in your desired place.


How Much Does a Powered Electric Pallet Jack cost?

The electric powered pallet jack’s price depends on the manufacturer, components of the truck, and characteristics.

Of course, not all the trucks are the same, and the models vary in price.

Usually, the price may vary between $3,000- $20,000.

If you plan to buy your first electric-powered pallet jack, we will recommend you choose a good one.

The main reason for this is that electric powered pallet jacks are for a long term usage, and it needs to have a high quality.

Even if the price is a little bit high, don’t be scared as it will be worth the price you paid.

How Should You Control the Handle?

As we have already mentioned above, before operating the electric powered pallet jack, you should pass special training.

During the training, the professionals will introduce to you everything connected with the electric powered pallet jack’s control, including the handle.

However, we will introduce to you the basic concept of the handle.

You will find the directional and speed controls on the handler, give directions to the jack, lift and lower the forks, etc.

If you want to stop the electric powered pallet jack, you should gently do it without any rapid and sharp movements.

If you stop the jack sharply, then the pallets may fall or become unstable, causing hazardous problems.

Before starting the operations, check if all the buttons are operating correctly. In the case of any kinds of faults, tell your supervisor immediately.

What are Some Warnings that You Should Be Aware of While Operating the Electric Powered Pallet Jack?

Before operating your electric powered pallet truck, observe it every time, and check if it is in proper condition.

Please do not stand on the electric powered pallet jack unless it doesn’t have a particular platform for standing.

While operating the electric powered pallet jack, wear special footwear so that your feet stay safe, in case you hit it or it gets under the wheel. However, even if you wear special footwear, keep them far from specific areas of the jack(for example, the wheel).

Electric powered pallet jacks are for carrying only pallets, so don’t move people; it will be hazardous for them.

While operating the electric powered pallet jack, make sure that there is no one on the way of the jack to hit anyone.

Anything that you do with the jack, try to do it smoothly; for example, if there are pallets on the jack, don’t stop, move or give directions to it very sharply.

Always keep your eye on the electric powered pallet jack and watch where the jack is going to keep the control.

Never overload the jack, and before loading the pallets, make sure that you are aware of the loading capacity.

Try to keep your hands far from the lifting forks, as they may hurt your hands. If you are doing any repair or job, make sure that the jack is turned off.

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