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Automatic Pallet Jack
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Automatic Pallet Jack

CUBLiFT offers Automatic Pallet Jack, which helps you get a quick return on investment.

  • Battery:24V
  • Capacity:2000 – 4000 kg.
  • Fork Lengths: Single and Double fork length varies
  • Max Ramp Elevation/Incline:5% at max. load

Customized Automatic Pallet Jack with different loading capacities is available upon request.

Automatic Pallet Jack 1000kg

● Capacity (kg):1000
● Load center (mm): 500
● Lifting height (mm): 1600~/3500
● Fork overall length (mm):1100(custom)
● Fork overall width(mm):560/680
● Height Min (mm): 90
● Overall L * W (mm):(2050/2550)* 860
● Minimum Turning Radius (mm): 1530
● Voltage/ Capacity: 24V / 120AH
● Wheel Type: PU
● Weight (kg): 750

● Capacity (kg):1800
● Load center (mm): 500
● Lifting height (mm): 1600~3500
● Fork overall length (mm):1100(custom)
● Fork overall width(mm):560/680
● Height Min (mm): 90
● Overall L * W (mm):(2050/2550)* 860
● Minimum Turning Radius (mm): 1530
● Voltage/ Capacity: 24V / 120AH
● Wheel Type: PU
● Weight (kg): 780

● Capacity (kg):1000/1500/2000
● Load center (mm): 500
● Lifting height (mm): 1600~3500
● Fork overall length (mm):1100
● Fork overall width(mm):560/680
● Height Min (mm): 90
● Overall L * W (mm):(2050/2550)* 860
● Minimum Turning Radius (mm): 1530
● Voltage/ Capacity: 24V / 120AH
● Wheel Type: PU
● Weight (kg): 750

CUBLiFT: Your Premier Automatic Pallet Jack Manufacturer in China

CUBLiFT manufactures high-quality fork pallet jacks to help you move palletized loads efficiently and conveniently. CUBLiFT has been in the forklift truck manufacturing industry for over 15+years, we have obtained decades of automatic pallet jacks manufacturing experience.

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This type of smart automatic pallet jack can help you weigh the loading weight and offer you optimal lifting operations. The built-in scale system offers you extra convenience during loading/unloading pallets. Comparing to other hand pallet jack or manual jacks, the automatic pallet jacks dramatically save your Laboure more and make your product more.

CUBLiFT automatic pallet jacks are highly maneuverable by choosing selected steel as chassis and frame material. This makes the pallet jacks more durable and stronger even in the most demanding

You can choose the automatic pallet jacks based on the capacities you want from your side. We offer 2-ton pallet jacks, 2500kg pallet truck, 3 tone pallet jacks, 500lb pallet jack, and 5 yon pallet jack. You can choose any of those for your material handling needs.

Pls start from CUTLiFT automatic pallet jack today, manage your material effortlessly, and increase your output. We are ready to be your reliable pallet truck manufacturer & supplier in China.

Pallet Truck manufacturer CUBlift team


In businesses where material handling, heavy lifting, and moving of loads are a routine, using equipment to make the job safer and easier is essential.Automatic pallet jack Forklift Vimage 21 (5)

Automatic pallet jacks and forklifts are some of the most commonly used machines; these machines not only cut the work time short, and increase productivity, but decrease the chances of injuries and accidents in your work environment.
The pallet jack market is competitive, and as such, there is an array of different manufacturers and brands, models and kinds to choose from.
Each brand and model of pallet jack varies in specifications; undertaking the task of purchasing the best pallet jack for you can be quite intimidating.
We have compiled a list of the most common questions about automatic pallet jacks and provided answers and facts to guide you.
This article was extracted from facts about automatic pallet jacks, manufacturers’ manuals, and reviews from customers.

What is an automatic pallet jack?

They are equipment used in workplaces where material handling, moving, and lifting are regular tasks.
Manually moving and lifting heavy parcels can result in physical injuries, and may cause accidents.
Pallet jacks make the job easier, safer, and a lot quicker.electric Drum Automatic Pallet Jack DE1
Pallet jacks are built from strong metals; such as aluminum, steel, and alloy, and are extremely durable.
Most automatic pallet jacks can maneuver in tight spaces and narrow corridors, and make it easier to stack pallets against the walls to maximize workspace.
Pallet jacks are sometimes called walkies, walk behind, and pallet trucks.
Pallet jacks have one thing in common, they have the same function, to lift, move, and stack heavy loads, such as boxes and parcels.
Pallet jacks differ in types, models, features, and specifications.

What important qualities should I look for in an automatic pallet jack?

Pallet jacks are immensely important in businesses where the point-to-point moving of massive parcels is not just a necessity but is among the principal work responsibilities.
And as the market is competitive, the key features you need to look for should be in parallel with what you need.
One thing to note is there are important factors and features to consider before making your purchase.
Another key element is to weigh in the benefits and advantages you would reap when comparing one pallet jack to another.
CUBLIFT from China CUBLIFT has been manufacturing material handling equipment for decades now and has a wide variety of innovative and robust pallet jacks to choose from.
Size and Dimension
Pallet jacks vary in size; some pallet jacks are slimmer and lighter, while others are bulkier and heavier.
When picking the right pallet jack, consider the size of your work area; if you have narrow corridors or tight corners you may need to access, you need a slimmer pallet jack that is easier to maneuver.
On the other hand, a bigger-sized pallet jack would be the right pick for spacious workplaces.
Weight Capacity
The weight capacity is a significant aspect to reflect on; determine the maximum weight of the parcels you would usually lug from point to point, this way the chances of overloading your pallet jack would be ruled out.
Height Capacity
Stacking pallets, boxes, and other parcels vertically not only maximizes your workspace but keeps it free from obstructions.
One of the best things about owning pallet trucks is that they make stacking these heavy packages easier and much quicker.
The maximum height capacity of pallet jacks varies; some can lift higher than others.
Choose the ideal maximum lifting height that will accommodate your work needs.

Automatic or Manual Pallet Jack?

Pallet jacks are also classified in how they are powered up.
Manual pallet jacks work thru hydraulics; they are safe, cheaper to use, and can do the job well, but can strain the operator if you have to move the parcels in long distances.
Automatic pallet jacks, on the other hand, make the job faster and easier.
Some automatic pallet jacks are electric battery-powered and are driven/handled by an operator.
Type of Terrain
Consider the type of terrain you would use the pallet jack for.
Pallet jacks are equipped with different types of wheels, made from tough polyurethane; some are designed to go smoothly on flat and smooth surfaces, while others are made to endure rough and sloppy terrains.
CUBLIFT has pallet jacks that are built to work on any kind of terrain, indoors or outdoors.
In any case, pick a unit that would be suitable for the kind of work area you would need it for.
Fork Length and Width
The length and width of pallet jacks vary; when choosing dimensions of the pallet jack’s fork, make sure it would be the right fit for your work area and pallets.
Forks that are too long for the job may be cumbersome and difficult to move under and through the pallets, on the other hand, a for that is too short may not give ample support in lifting your parcels.

How many kinds of pallet jacks are there?

Pallet jacks, whether manual, automatic, or unmanned, are essential machinery used to carry, lift and move heavier and bulkier parcels from one pint to another.
They are also ideal for stacking your crates and boxes vertically.
The use of pallet jacks has been a common practice in businesses dealing with the handling of materials.
Automatic pallet jacks can be seen almost anywhere, from grocery shops to docks and factories.
These are some of the common denominators that pallet jacks share; they differ, however, size and dimensions, weight capacity, how they power up, and some of the additional features.
There are different types and kinds of pallet jacks.
Manual or hydraulic pumped pallet jacks
The most basic of them all is the manual pallet jack, as the name implies, it does not run on fuel or electricity, but thru a hydraulic pump, so it does not emit fumes.
Manual pallet jacks are the easiest and simplest to operate.
It requires a bit of elbow grease to use a manual pallet jack though.
And although the manual pallet jack is one of the safest types of pallet jacks, it can strain an operator when used for long hours, and long distances.
They are lightweight, have smaller frames, and has a lesser carrying capacity compared with automatic/electric pallet jacks
It usually can carry less weight capacity compared with other models/kind of pallet jacks and is operated manually thru a pump located on its handle.
Automatic/Electric Pallet Jacks
Automatic pallet jacks are commonly bigger than manual pallet jacks, they also have sizeable carrying capacities.
Automatic pallet jacks are fueled by onboard electric batteries and can run for hours without exhausting their operator.
Unlike the manual pallet jack that you have to lug around, automatic pallet jacks can be operated using the buttons located on the handles.
Automatic pallet jacks do not emit fumes but may need extra maintenance compared with manual pallet jacks.

What are the types of automatic pallet jacks?

Automatic pallet jacks are ergonomically designed and are classified by their enhancements or additional features that make them more advantageous to the user.
Automatic walk along with pallet jacks
The operator walks behind, beside, or behind the pallet jack, and occasionally requires a spotter to guide the operator.
Automatic ride along with pallet jacks
These automatic pallet jacks are considerably larger and heavier and can carry larger amounts of weight.
This type of pallet jack has a pedestal that allows the operator to ride along instead of walking beside the unit.
Automatic center pallet rider
The automatic center pallet rider is safer and more stable as the operator can ride between the unit’s 2 chassis.
Indoor/outdoor automatic pallet jacks
All-terrain pallet trucks are ideal for rough terrains and have the capacity to carry up to 2,000 lbs., they have strong frames yet are lightweight.
These automatic pallet jacks can be used both indoors and outdoors.
They have a large carrying capacity and are equipped with larger than usual wheels that can run in any kind of terrain.
Automatic unmanned pallet jack/mover
Unmanned pallet movers are also known as fork-over AGVs (Automated guided vehicles).
These automatic pallet jacks/movers are self-driving.
They can usually carry a maximum weight from 1 ton to 3 tons.
They have lifting capacities from 1.5 feet to 10 feet.
The maximum speed at which they can move is typically 386 feet per minute.

Is it easy to use an automatic pallet jack?

Automatic pallet jacks are straightforward and easy to operate, provided the operator has had extensive training and has full knowledge of the unit’s specifications, and is well aware of the safety measures prior to using the equipment.

Are there specific safety measures to take when operating an automatic pallet jack?

Like any heavy-duty machinery, an understanding of the safety measures and precautions should be established and practiced.
Automatic pallet jacks are safe to use provided you know how to operate your unit properly and safely.
If you are using automated equipment, awareness of your surroundings and the people around the work area is important to avoid accidents.
Prior to using your equipment, check your surroundings for anything laying around that could block your way.
Inspect your unit daily before you proceed with your work.
Battery-operated equipment should be checked prior to use, charge your unit after each and every use, and make sure you unplug cord the from the electrical socket.
Your unit’s charging cable should always be tucked safely inside your unit’s console, when not in use.
Another important precaution to remember is to be aware of your unit’s maximum weight capacity, never overload your pallet jack.
Pallet jacks running on fuel emit smoke and fumes and are advisable to be used outdoors as they are hazardous to everyone’s health.
This equipment are usually equipped with a “dead man’s switch”, you should have proper knowledge where the emergency brake switch is.

How does an automated/unmanned pallet jack/mover work?

This equipment uses either of the two; Laser Guided Navigation, or Natural Navigation AGV, the latter for newer models.
Natural Navigation AGV is preferred as it is easier to install.
This type of navigation does not need tapes, wires or reflectors, or any hardware installations.

Is it safe to use automated pallet jacks/movers?

They are safe to use, for one, the operator does not have to walk along or ride the unit.
Plus, these units are equipped with innovative and top-of-the-line features such as contact bumpers; sensors to stop/break the unit.
They also have emergency stop buttons, warning lights, and loud alarm signals.

What are the tips to ensure a safe working place when using automatic pallet jacks?

Automatic pallet jacks are safe to use, however, just like other heavy machinery, proceed with caution.
These units are beneficial to material handling; they make lifting and moving of heavy loads effortless.
However, when used improperly, they can cause accidents.
Understanding how your unit works is essential.
Aside from undergoing OSHA training, always refer to your manual for guidance.

Can automatic pallet jacks be modified?

Automatic pallet jacks can be tailor-fitted to suit your needs.
The prongs can be modified to fit different pallet sizes.
CUBLIFT can design and build automatic pallet jacks to your specifications.

What are the features of the leading automatic pallet jacks?

Automatic pallet jacks are ergonomic and are innovative.
They are designed to withstand tough environments and are built to last
Most automatic pallet jacks are laden with features to make your job easier.
Here are a few of the features you need to look for when choosing automatic pallet jacks:
Built-in weighing scale- One good feature is the built-in scale that weighs your parcels as you load them, it helps prevent overloading the unit.
Overloading your automatic pallet jack can ultimately cause your unit to malfunction.
Backrest- Backrest is one essential feature that some models of automatic pallet jacks are equipped with.
Backrests are constructed from steel.
They help stabilize the heavy load and prevent the pallets from wiggling.
Freezer conditioning- This feature lets your pallet jack operate in an extremely cold environment.
This is ideal for when you are using your equipment in cold storage units.
Single or dual wheels- This feature allows interchange wheels to adapt to the type of work floor and pallet.
Ergonomic handle- Some automatic pallet jacks are equipped with specially designed handles.
These handles have ridges for a comfortable and stable grip.
Floating suspension system- This feature guarantees that the wheels have a good grip on the floor/work surface, and do not slip.
Waterproof and Dustproof plug-in- This protects the charging line from dust and water splashes to avoid electrical malfunctions
Speed limit function- This helps the operator adjust the pallet jack’s speed especially when driving on curves or sharp corners
Emergency reverse brake function- This button is located on the handle and can be pressed in case the driver needs to make a Full Stop.
Battery indicator light- It is both an audio and visual alarm to let you know if the battery is full when charging, or when it is running out of battery power.
Sealed and Maintenance-free batteries- ensures that the batteries cannot be tampered with.
Handle battery display- clear LED display and buttons on the handle for easier and more convenient access.
Greaseable bushings- they are more durable than regular bushings and have a longer life.
Anti-skid brake function- this feature prevents your pallet jack from skidding when driving on slopy or rough terrains.
Dual balance wheel design- adds more stability and prevents the pallet jack from skidding.
Nylon rollers- they are extra durable and do not scratch or damage the floor.
Polyurethane Aluminum steel rollers- these are effective for use on uneven and sloppy surfaces.
The anti-rollback is ideal when driving on inclines; prevents your pallet jacks from slipping.
Slow-release hydraulic valves allow for stable and controllable lifting and lowering of pallets.
Heavy-duty bumper guards
There are automatic pallet jacks equipped with a patented feature that allows you to operate with one hand.
Power steering – decreases physical strain when maneuvering your automatic pallet jack.
This ergonomic design allows for more comfortable steering.
Corrosion Protection is a feature wherein the pallet jack frame, built-in battery console, prongs, and undercarriage are hot-dip galvanized.
The technology makes the truck less susceptible to corrosion and can withstand extremely harsh environments.
Storage console- the storage console or tote allows you to keep your tools in one place, and are readily convenient when you need them.

What are some of the optional accessories for automatic pallet jacks?

You can opt for galvanized chassis; this is ideal for businesses that constantly load their goods in and out of cold storage.
There are models of automatic pallet jacks equipped with PIN code pads for additional security.
Sealed-bearing double load rollers require lower maintenance as they do not require greasing.

What are the advantages of using automatic pallet jacks?

They are extremely beneficial for moving larger weights over large distances at a far speedy pace.
They are able to cover massive distances with minimal effort.
They can be used in big and small warehouses, factories, grocery shops, manufacturing companies, and any type of business that needs efficient material handling.
Appropriate protection and efficacy for workers.
They provide higher visibility to the operator and minimizes the risks of injuries and accidents.
Automatic pallet jacks are eco-friendly and environmentally safe to use; they do not emit fumes that can be harmful.
They make the job a lot easier and quicker.
They are safer to use; eliminates physical strain and accidents.
They help increase productivity
Automatic pallet jacks are cost-efficient; they require minimal maintenance and can last for years.
Better steering capability that provides smooth and effective maneuverability.
They have suspensions for seamless operations in bigger areas.
There is a wide variety of frame sizes and fork lengths to choose from.

How do you load and transport goods safely using automatic pallet jacks?

When loading your pallet jacks, make sure the parcels are centered and stable, and the prongs are under and through the pallets securely before lifting them, otherwise, your parcels may topple and fall, the pallets and the unit can be damaged as well.
Make sure you check that the area is free from obstructions.
Never adjust the fork height while the unit is moving.
Go to a full stop before you lower the pallet.

What are the tips to keep automatic pallet jacks in good condition?

Keep in mind that all machinery lasts longer if you know how to take care of them.
The wheels need to be inspected regularly, they may have signs of wear and tear, cracks, and chips and need to be replaced before use to prevent injuries and other hazards.
Before you start operation, the work area has to be inspected carefully for anything that may damage the wheels and cause accidents as well, it may be cracks on the floor or cables lying around.
Do make sure the batteries are properly charged, and the charging cable disconnected from the socket when done.
If you are using automatic pallet jacks designed specifically for indoor use, refrain from using them on rough and uneven terrains, they can damage the wheels and the unit itself.
On the other hand, using automatic pallet jacks that are built for rough terrains, you can damage the floors which may lead to injuries
Do lubricate the joints regularly.
Do not leave your unit outside where it can be rained on.

What makes CUBLIFT automatic pallet jacks the best in the market?

CUBLIFT’s China-made equipment have been known for their durability; their streamlined pallet jacks have tough steel frames that can withstand rough terrains.
You have several steering/roller material options to choose from; Nylon, Polyurethane, and Rubber, that can run smoothly on all kinds of terrains.
Built-in weighing scales to measure your parcels/loads accurately.
Their stainless-steel pallet jacks are galvanized and rust-proof; ideal for medical facilities, food and grocery stores, and workplaces that require full sanitation and hygiene.
Their Mini and Slim pallet jacks are easy to maneuver and can run smoothly in narrow aisles and corridors.
CUBLIFT automatic pallet jacks are ergonomically designed and offer safe and effortless operation; increase productivity, get the job done quicker, and cuts off downtime.

Which brands have the smallest and lightest automatic pallet jacks?

CUB LIFE has a line of mini pallet jacks that are ideal to use in narrow corridors and tight corners.
They are lightweight yet durable and easy to lug around when you need to store them.
These mini pallet jacks are ergonomic and innovative and can be folded to maximize storage space.

Are CUBLIFT automatic pallet jacks eco-friendly?

Automatic jacks run on batteries, and unlike fuel-powered pallet jacks, they do not emit fumes.
They are safe to use indoors as well.

Are CUBLIFT automatic pallet jacks covered by warranties?

Most automatic pallet jacks are covered by manufacturer warranties.
Warranties are an assurance that the equipment you are buying is durable and can last for years.

What are the requirements prior to using an automatic pallet jack?

Industries and business owners are required to have their operators undergo proper training before they can operate an automatic pallet jack.
Safety is one of the main reasons why proper training is a prerequisite before you operate heavy machinery and equipment.
These machineries are essential to increase productivity as well as to lessen downtime, they are safe to use provided you exercise safety and caution and are familiar with how the unit functions.
When used incorrectly, these machines can be hazardous and may cause injuries and accidents, not only to the operator and other workers but to the unit itself.
Each operator is required to attend training;
Here you will learn all the necessary skills you need to use the equipment properly and safely.
You will be knowledgeable on how to conduct a unit inspection prior to operation.
You will be familiar with the equipment’s parts and maintenance procedures.
You will be taught how to correctly drive and maneuver the automatic pallet jack.

What is the proof that I attended the training?

Trainees who have finished or graduated OSHA-authorized Outreach courses will be given a training completion card by the United States Department of Labor.
These cards can be part of your resume and are usually required by employers.

How many loads can a CUBLIFT automatic pallet jack carry?

CUBLIFT has an array of different automatic pallet jack models; these models have a different maximum carrying capacities.
Some CUBLIFT pallet jacks can carry from 1,000/1,500/2,000/2,500/3,000/5000 kilograms

What precautions should I take when operating automatic pallet jacks?

One of the most important things to remember prior to using your pallet jacks is to check the work area is clear of objects that be impediments for workers and moving equipment.
Boxes, cables, and anything that can block the pallet jacks and the driver’s view should be removed, even tiny objects can be hazardous as they can get wedged between the floor and the pallet jack.
Doing so ensures a clear path for a safe and smooth operation.
Pallet jacks cannot be overloaded, make sure you place plates bearing the maximum load capacity on each unit.
Proper inspection should be done before using your automatic pallet jacks, check your unit especially, the batteries, operating controls, and brake system.
Forks, horns, control buttons, or levers (Up, Down, Forward, and Reverse).
The emergency reverse switches, emergency brake buttons, and controls should be functioning well to avoid accidents and injuries.
When loading your automatic pallet jacks, make sure they are centered and stable, before lifting them.

Is it safe to drive automatic pallet jacks on slopy terrains?

Yes, it is safe as there are models of automatic pallet jacks that are designed for rough and sloppy terrains
These automatic pallet jacks are stable and can grip the surface to prevent sliding and slipping when driving on an incline.
Pallet jack forks come in different lengths and can be modified to fit your pallets.
Some automatic pallet jacks have backrests that help stabilize the load.
There are automatic pallet jack models that are designed to operate smoothly on an angle.
However, it is safer to drive straight instead of going on an angle, to prevent the load from toppling over.

What is the difference between an automatic and an automated/unmanned pallet jack?

Automated pallet jacks or unmanned pallet movers are self-navigating and do need an operator.
They use either of the two technologies namely Laser Guided Navigation, or Natural Navigation AGV.
They usually have lower loading capacity and can carry a maximum weight from 1 ton to 3 tons.
Their lifting capacities are lower as well, from 1.5 feet to 10 feet.
They have a maximum speed of typically 386 feet per minute.
They are safe to use as they do not need drivers to operate them.
Automatic pallet jacks are material handling equipment just like automated pallet jacks.
The difference however is they run mostly on electricity and are equipped with rechargeable batteries.
They need operators to drive and guide them in loading, lifting, and moving the parcels.
Unlike automated pallet movers, automatic pallet jacks have a higher maximum loading capacity and can lift loads higher.

Which type of businesses uses automatic pallet jacks?

Businesses that deal in material handling usually utilize automatic pallet jacks.
Automatic pallet jacks are needed when the job entails lifting and moving heavier than usual loads, such as heavy crates, boxes, and parcels, etc.,
These machinery make moving heavy goods a lot easier and prevents straining the operator.
They make moving heavy loads from point to point effortlessly.
Automatic pallets are versatile and can be modified to fit your specifications.
They are safe to use and helps keep businesses productive.
Many industries prefer using automatic pallet jacks for forklifts.
For one, automatic pallet jacks are slimmer and lighter in weight and can maneuver easily in narrow corridors, tight spaces, and corners.
Automatic pallet jacks are used in food and beverage industries, large retail shops, malls, warehouses, steel manufacturers, automotive industries, logistic centers, shipping docks and ports, metal plants, lumberyards, cold storage facilities, hospitals, and many more.

What benefits can I get from using automatic pallet jacks?

Automatic pallet jacks handle the lifting and moving tasks.
They make material handling procedures a lot easier.
Small to medium-sized businesses prefer using this equipment to a forklift, as they are safer and easier to maneuver.
Automatic pallet jacks run on electricity and not on fuel, they are environment-friendly.
They are versatile and use less power.
The built-in rechargeable batteries charge fast and last for hours.
They are laden with features that decrease the level of maintenance.
Downtime would be less to none; this increases productivity.

Why should I invest in automatic pallet jacks?

Automatic pallet jacks make the job easier; they decrease the chances of physically straining the operators.
They may cost more than other lifting and moving equipment; however, the returns are extremely gratifying.
Using automatic pallet jacks means you cut the working time and effort, as well as downtime.
This results in a more productive business, plus, it keeps the workers and works environment safe.

What are the steps in operating an automatic pallet jack?

Automatic pallet jacks are quite easy to utilize.
They are safe and effective as well.
Before you start using the unit, you need to perform some minimal yet important tasks to ensure a safe operation.
Check and clear the area of anything that may obstruct the unit while it’s moving.
Check the battery if it is fully charged, and the charging cable disconnected and safely tucked in the console.
Inspect the brake if it’s functioning well.
The wheels need to be checked for cracks or any damages.
Once you are sure that the unit will run smoothly, you may proceed to use the equipment.
The controls and throttle are located on the handle.
To lower the forks, press the down arrow, and move the forks beneath and through the pallets.
Check the built-in weighing scale if you’re within the maximum load capacity.
Make sure the loads are centered and stable before proceeding to the next step, otherwise, they may slip and fall off.
To lift the prongs, press the up arrow.
Use the throttle to guide your automatic pallet jack to the direction where you need to unload your pallets.
When you reach the unloading spot, slowly lower the prongs to unload pallets.

How profitable are automatic pallet jacks?

Automatic pallet jacks are more expensive compared with other equipment used in moving and lifting heavy loads.
Revenue wise, you cut on manual labor costs and will reap the benefits in no time.
There is no question when it comes to CUBLIFT automatic pallet jack’s efficiency; the built-in scale alone will provide you 99.9% accuracy.
This cannot be easily accomplished that easily using manual labor.
With regards to the safety of the workers, automatic pallet jacks are actually safer to use than manual pallet jacks or forklifts.
Automatic pallet jacks get the job done in more than half the time it would take if you’re using manual labor.
What’s more, is that your operators are not at risk of being physically strained.

How accurate is CUBLIFT’s automatic pallet jack built-in weighing scales?

CUBLIFT integrated weighing scales in their pallet jacks to provide you ease and comfort when using your automatic pallet jacks.
With CUBLIFT’s weighing scales, you are guaranteed an accurate 99.9% that you will never have to overload your pallet jacks.
Another benefit is that it saves you time, energy, and effort.
The weighing scale has a bright LED light display and various working modes to choose from.

Are CUBLIFT automatic pallet jacks built to last?

CUBLIFT automatic pallet jacks are durable; made from high-quality steel and designed to withstand tough lifting and moving jobs.
Depending on how long you use them regularly, these pallet jacks’ life usually has a duration of 10,000 hours.
The level of maintenance plays an important part as well.

What are the lifting heights of automatic pallet jacks?

Different brands and models each have different maximum lift heights; CUBLIFT automatic pallet jacks have maximum lifting heights of 2,000 millimeters and 3,000 millimeters or almost 10 feet.

How do I keep my automatic pallet jack’s wheels from premature wear and tear?

Automatic pallet jacks are equipped with robust wheels constructed from high-quality materials such as polyurethane, rubber, and various other string materials.
One important thing you must always keep in mind is some wheels are designed specifically for certain terrains; some are ideal to use only on smooth surfaces, while others are built to run effortlessly on rough terrains.
Always clear the work area of objects laying around; aside from the fact that they are potential dangers, they can be hazardous not only to the workers but also to your equipment.
Keep the work area clean; dirt and other objects can get stuck on the wheels.
Clean your automatic pallet jack’s wheels regularly and remove anything that’s stuck between the rollers.
Avoid driving on steps and curbs, even if your wheels are designed for rough terrains; this may cause your wheels to crack or burst.
Make sure you do not overload your pallet jacks as this can affect your wheels, as well as the unit.
Assign a proper designated parking space for your automatic pallet jack; avoid leaving it outside as dirt and rain can damage both the equipment and its wheels.
Never park your automatic pallet jack when it is loaded.

What other products does CUBLIFT manufacture?

CUBLIFT has an array of robust and innovative equipment ranging from forklifts, manual pallet jacks, mini pallet jacks, pallet stackers, scissor lift pallet jacks, semi-automatic pallet jacks to heavy-duty automatic pallet jacks.
Each piece of equipment integrated with top-of-the-line features.


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