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500g Load Cell
Straight Bar Load Cell

Important Roles in Weighing Solutions for Industrial Weight Determinations

500g Load Cell | 1kg Load Cell

  • Type: Miniature Load Cell (parallel beam type)
  • Range: 100g,150g, 300g,500g,750g
  • Dimension: 47mm x 12mm x6mm
  • Material: Aluminium alloy
  • Output signal: 0.6mV/V(100g~200g), 0.7mV/V(300g~750g)
  • Combined error < +/- 0.03%
  • Protection rating IP 65
  • Platform size: 200 x 200mm
  • Dimension: 47x 12 x 6mm, 110mm Wire
  • Standard: ISO9001 CE&RoHs
  • Combined error < +/- 0.02%  F.S.

Our 500g load cells are suitable for applications of electronic belt scales, Measuring scales, electronic palm scales, kitchen scales, jewelry scales, and weighing control systems. contact us for details.

◆Measure range: 500g
◆Material: Aluminum-Alloy
◆Parallel Beam Type
◆IP65 Protection Rating
◆Size: 47 x 12 x 6mm (L*W*T), 110mm Wire
◆Wiring Way:red = Exc+, green = Sig+, black = Exc-, and white = Sig-

◆Range: 10g, 30g, 80g varies as per models
◆Type: Single Point Load Cell 
◆Up to 200% Safe Overload, Linearity 0.05%
◆monolithic aluminum-bodied structure
◆Low Power Consumption, Low Hysteresis
◆1mV/V nominal output
◆Typical applications: Medical Instrumentation, Accurate Force, Measurements, Robotics, Laboratory Testing

◆Range: 10g, 30g, 80g varies as per models
◆Type: Mini Load Cell
◆Made of aluminum alloy
◆Dimensions: 0.5 in x 0.5 in x 3.15 in
◆Recommend max platform: 150*150mm
◆Accuracy: C3 ( +-0.03% class)


Miniature Single Point Load Cell 500g | Mini Straight Bar Load Cell

The Miniature Load Cell 500g model, is actually a straight bar load cell. By transforming the pressure or force up to 500g into a readable electric signal, the strain gauge deformation shows how heavy an applied pressure is. From the indicator, operators can read the weight changes over time, or get to know the presence of an object by the strain gauge data or load applied to the load cell surface. CUBTec 500g load cells are made from high-quality aluminum alloy materials which are highly durable over time. The 500g load cell has a very small dimension of 47x 12 x 6mm, which make it suitable for fitting more compact and more precise weighing application.

Usually, a 500g load cell has 4 wires to connect to the external circuit. The red wire is the positive input of the power supply. The black wire is the negative input of the power supply. The white line is signal output 1. The green line is signal output 2.

CUBTec 500g load cells have excellent protection up to the IP65 protection level. The connecting wires are with a shield connection plug to ensure correct weighing in the applications. The 500g, and 750g load cells are widely used in different electric scales such as palm scales, jewelry scales, and more precise weight control applications.

If you need more details about our miniature load cells including 100g 300g 500g 750g 1000g load cells and more shear beam load cells, please kindly feel free to contact us. CUBTec is an ISO9001 certified lifting & weighing solutions provider, one of the best load cell manufacturers and suppliers in China, we are always ready to support your project with superb prices and services. Find us for more single point load cells, bending beam load cesll, single ended shear beam load cells, double ended shear beam load cell, s type load cells, pancake load cells, canister load cells, load pin, load shackles, miniature load cells, truck scale load cells, weigh modules, and more for your options.

Load Range

100,150,300 300,500,750g

Combined Error

± 0.05%FS

Zero Balance

± 0.1%FS


± 0.05%FS


± 0.05%FS

Output Resistance

1000 ± 10Ω

Compensated Temperate Range

-10 ~ +40 ℃

Temperature Effect on Span

± 0.05 %FS/10℃

Electrical Wire Connection

4 color wire, Ø 0.6 × 110 mm

How to simply tell if the load cell is damaged on spot?

The deformation of the strain gauge is very small/tiny. During installation and use, if the external force is removed, the original shape of the strain gauge cannot be restored and plastic deformation occurs. It indicates that the load cell is damaged.

What is the correct installation method of the single point load cell?

One end of the sensor is to be fixed through a screw. The other end remains suspended. Apply gravity in the direction indicated on the arrow. One important thing is that you must not directly press the white-coated part. So as not to damage the internal strain gauge of the sensor.

What size screws fit threaded holes on this type of 500g load cell?

M3 is ok.

What is the mass of the 500g load cell?

Single gross weight: 0.300 kg


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