Precision Industrial Weighing Scales

Expertly Manufactures precision industrial weighing scales in China.

  • Hundreds of Industrial Scales for options
  • OIML NTEP retail weighing scales
  • Custom floor scales solutions
  • Heavy duty truck scale with high-quality and affordable costs
  •  Checkweigher for automated parts sorting

Good Scale, Better precision, Best prices

CUBSCALE offers a wide range of weighing scales at the best prices.
Bench scales
Counting scales for small parts
price computing scales with printer
Platform floor scales
Washdown stainless steel industrial scales with IP rating for extra protection again severe environments.
Features high precision, and high versatility with various indicators/platforms/LCD color changing display, pillar attachments, etc.

  • Find High-Quality &  Multi-Purpose Industrial Floor Scales from the best floor scale suppliers and companies for your business. it is durable and versatile, featuring a wide selection of sizes and configurations.

  • High-Precision Load Cells & Force Sensors for various weighing instruments like platform floor scales, bench scales, truck scales, retail scales, etc. contact us for details.

  • Floor Scale A1 (2)

    Versatile industrial standard bench scales are easy to operate, Versatile and easy to operate. The bench scales are well-suited for use in food, chemical, and pharmaceutical applications, including production and packaging.

  • Custom Truck Scale

    High durability weighbridge truck scales from ISO-certified manufacturing vendors, help you quickly check the weight of the vehicles whose applications cover forestry, oil & gas chemical manufacturing, agriculture, and mining industries.

  • Produce Market Price Computing Scale C1 (1)
    Retail Scales

    Offering a variety of weighing scales which is fitting for retail settings. From price computing scale with accuracy up to 0.5g to wash down bench platform scales for applications where the most rigorous sanitary standards are imposed, best quality, great price.

Top Weighing Scale Manufacturers in United States

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Industrial Weighing Scales and Systems

Accurate weighing scales and reliable weight scale for various scale base types Industrial scales and weighing systems include bench scales, floor scales, pallet scales, rail and truck scales, and weigh modules and load cells for tank and silo weighing. METTLER TOLEDO industrial weighing scales can measure from 0.001 g up to several tons and can be used for simple weighing, legal-for-trade weighing, and more. Pair your industrial scale with a scale indicator, software solution, and easy-to-integrate accessories for full process control and visibility.

Contact us United States Main Representation Mettler-Toledo, LLC 1900 Polaris Parkway Columbus, OH 43240

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A GLOBAL MANUFACTURER OF RETAIL & INDUSTRIAL WEIGHING & MEASURING EQUIPMENT CAS Corporation, an ISO 9001 company, is a leading global manufacturer of industrial and commercial scales distributed through a worldwide network of independent scale distributors in more than 120 countries.


1 Top Weighing Scale Manufacturers in United States Brand Logo (44)
RAVAS Mobile Weighing

Turn your logistical expenses into profit generators utilizing RAVAS material handling mobile weighing solutions. Integrated with hand pallet trucks, electric pallet jacks, stackers, and forklifts, enhance your production and logistical processes by generating real-time data on material flows, including data communication to TMS, WMS, or ERP business systems. Our innovative mobile weighing and measure in motion technology are integrated into hand pallet trucks, electric warehouse trucks, stackers, and forklift trucks. Check the complete range.

E: T: +31 418 515220

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AWScales is an Atlanta-based national seller of Industrial, Commercial, Home & Kitchen Scales, Lab Balances, and Scales Parts & Accessories. We pride ourselves in having an experienced, courteous, and knowledgeable staff to provide you with the best expert advice on Digital Scale products.

CONTACT US 2210 Ronald Reagan Blvd. Cumming, GA 30041 (866) 643-3444

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Cardinal/Detecto provides a one-stop shop for all of your weighing needs with an extensive product line of scales and weighing systems complete with a wide selection of peripheral equipment for your truck scale or weighing operation. Your risk is eliminated when you own a Cardinal/Detecto scale since you only have one call to make for new products and service support.Cardinal/Detecto’s customer service and technical support center is all located at the factory headquarters in Webb City, MO.

(800) 441-4237

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We offer a comprehensive scale and balance product line from the industry’s finest scale manufacturers with complete sales support.  Whether you weigh a newborn or a freight train, we can provide a weighing system that meets your requirements and budget.  Take a look at the products we offer and give our sales team a call if you don’t see what you are looking for.

Quality Scales Unlimited Toll-free: 800.722.5301 

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A&D Weighing

A&D Weighing has been providing industry-leading precision weighing and measurement equipment in both laboratories and manufacturing facilities across the world for over 40 years. We offer a complete line of electronic laboratory balances, industrial digital scales, weighing indicators and controllers, load cells, and non-destructive measurement equipment. We specialize in providing measurement solutions for a wide variety of industries such as, Academia, Food & Beverage, Cannabis, Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Manufacturing. Each piece of equipment passes through the highest of quality standards at our ISO 9001 certified facilities.

Tel. (888) 726-5931

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Fairbanks Scales

Fairbanks Scales has survived the civil war, world wars, natural disasters, economic collapse, and various mergers and ownership transitions to become one of the oldest manufacturing companies in the United States. Today, we continue to remain a leader in the weighing industry by constantly exploring advanced weighing and electronics technology. With more than 700 employees nationwide, we are dedicated to providing service and technical support around the world. From North America or the Pacific Rim, we serve every industry that weighs.

You may contact Fairbanks Scales directly by completing our contact form or calling us directly at (800) 451-4107.

1Top Weighing Scale Manufacturers in United States Brand Logo (51)
Innovative Ideas and Individual Solutions

We have our own R&D departments and research, measurement, and certification laboratories, where we employ over 150 specialists. As a result, we patent a number of new technological solutions every year. We base our development on funds obtained from the sale of proprietary technological solutions, therefore, our further development is independent of external financing. We provide technology that is ahead of market standards, so our product is an investment in the future. We are able to design a customized weighing instrument to meet your specific requirements.

tel.: +48 48 386 60 00

Rice Lake Weighing Systems
Rice Lake Weighing Systems

Rice Lake Weighing Systems is a family-owned, ISO 9001:2015 certified corporation, and has been manufacturing and distributing weight-related products and supplies since 1946. Within the company, progressive new technologies merge with the wisdom of industry experience to create the future of weighing through cutting-edge research and design.Rice Lake’s roots are planted firmly in the principles of quality and customer service. Through three generations of family ownership, these ideals remain unchanged. Today, Rice Lake Weighing Systems is a global leader in measurement and automated process control.


Avery Weigh-Tronix
Avery Weigh-Tronix

Weighing scales and systems from Avery Weigh-Tronix can help manufacturing companies in every stage of their operation to measure inputs, collect and analyze data and monitor wastage in order to be as efficient and as lean as possible. From the smallest parts to the largest trucks and rail cars, we have a scale for your particular manufacturing operation. All of our scales can be easily integrated into existing operations and networks yet are designed to stand up to tough manufacturing environments. When paired with sophisticated software or indicators, they form a complete weighing and data analysis system.

Phone: (800) 533-0456

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Minebea Intec

Minebea Intec is a leading manufacturer of industrial weighing and inspection technologies. Our products for your production processes Our systems and services are oriented towards the requirements of our customers from a wide range of industries. In this way, we ensure that with Minebea Intec you can design your production processes safely and efficiently without having to make compromises. This starts with individual product features and stops only after exceeding global standards.

Optima Scale Mfg Inc
Optima Scale Mfg Inc

Optima Scale Mfg Inc. can supply a full fledged line of digital scales to fit any weighing application. This includes analytical balances, high precision balances, moisture analysis balances, platform floor scales, bench scales, animal/livestock scales, weighing beams, pallet truck scales, truck scales, stainless steel wash down scales, crane scales, counting scales, shipping scales, kitchen scales, diamond scales, NTEP and Measurement Canada approved legal-for-trade scales, weighing indicators, load cells, weighing assemblies, printers, junction boxes, wireless modules, software, and all kinds of accessories. In addition, we are capable of developing custom scales and providing O.E.M. manufacturing for your application.


Hardy Process Solutions

Hardy Process Solutions has been a leader in the industrial marketplace since 1918, and is known for its innovative approaches to precision instrumentation and sensors. Designing innovative, industry-leading products, which save time and money isn’t enough. Our products must also provide features that look out for the safety and well-being of your people as well as the accuracy of your product.  Since 1984, we’ve developed a full product line of weighing solutions for process & packaging.

Hardy Process Solutions, Inc.

Address: 10075 Mesa Rim Road San Diego, CA 92121 USA

Phone: 858.278.2900

first-class service
first-class service

As the world leader in medical scales, we also offer you first-class service. Together with our branches, partners, and dealers, seca offers a worldwide service network that ensures our products work trouble-free.


1Top Weighing Scale Manufacturers in United States Brand Logo (56)

Equal is an ISO 9001:2000 Certified company & we are approved by the government of India. Our products are the manifestation of the latest technological developments & that’s why our brand ‘Equal’ symbolizes faith & trust. Unique Power Technologies is an eminent manufacturer, supplier, wholesaler, trader, and exporter of a wide array of weighing solutions. We are the pioneers in weighing systems, load cells & weighbridge solutions in different ranges and categories. Our products are cut across various industries like Mining & Transport, Pharmaceutical Industry, Metal, Electrical & Chemical Industries, and Logistics& warehouses. Last but not the least, we have a PAN India distribution and service network for all your needs.

+91 9829165963

Active Scale
Active Scale

Active Scale has a proud history of innovation in the weighing industry, particularly in the heavy vehicle scale segment. Through acquired companies, we were amongst the first vehicle scale manufacturers to produce fabricated pipe lever mechanical truck scales, electronic pit truck scales, pitless side rail and flat deck truck scales, and true modular truck scales. Active Scale specializes in the design and manufacturing of custom truck scales to fit existing foundations, a capability not possessed by many competitors. Active Scale also designs and manufactures vehicle scales to weigh off-highway trucks and rail cars, with high gross capacities and high concentrated load capacities.

Toll-free: 1-866-284-2223

Contech® Weighing Scale Manufacturers in United States Brand Logo (59)

Contech®, the leading manufacturer of high precision electronic balances in India today offers the complete a range of Electronic Balances and Weighing scales for various applications. Our range comprises of Laboratory Balances, Moisture Balances, Gem and Jewellery Balances, Super Market Scales, Health Scales, Industrial Scales, Crane Scales, Weighing Indicators, Scales for special applications, Calibrated Standard Weights etc. Company has added a range of laboratory equipments like pH, Conductivity, TDS, Dissolved Oxygen, ORP Meters, Multiparameter Meters, Digital Polarimeters, Refractometers, Melting Point Apparatus, Magnetic Stirrers, Hotplate Stirrers, Shakers, Digital Rollers, Digital Rotators, X-Ray GoldPurity Testers etc.

Phone : 66921848 / 28262048

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OHAUS Corporation manufactures

OHAUS Corporation manufactures and markets an extensive line of balances and scales that meet the demands of virtually any weighing need. We are one of the global leaders in the laboratory, education, industrial channels as well as a host of specialty markets, including food preparation, pharmacy, retail and jewelry industries.  An ISO 9001:2008 manufacturer, OHAUS products are precise, reliable and affordable, and are backed by industry-leading customer support.


Top Weighing Scale Manufacturers in United States Brand Logo (32)

Whether you’re an owner-operator looking to maximize payload, or you manage a large fleet and are looking to improve business efficiencies; an Air-Weigh On-Board Truck Scale will give you access to real-time accurate weight data and unlock potential profit. With expertise in third-party software integration, we offer a complete vehicle weighing solution that will help reduce costs, improve safety, and maximize profitability.

CALL US TODAY! 888-459-3444

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WEIGHT SCALES Tanita’s wide variety of professional analyzers provide a detailed full body and segmental body composition analysis – weight, impedance, body fat percentage, body fat mass, body mass index (BMI), fat-free mass, estimated muscle mass, total body water, and basal metabolic rate (BMR) for the entire body by using Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) or Direct-Segmental Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (DSM-BIA) technology (two of the most thorough and reliable ways to measure body composition). All scales are built with Tanita’s high standards, and many products feature a convenient carrying case, height rod, USB (Type B) & RS232 outputs, software, and a remote display, guaranteeing #long-lasting performance, even in the most demanding healthcare environments.

Phone: (847) 640-9241

Top Weighing Scale Manufacturers in United States Brand Logo (43)

CAS understands these market demands and will continue to establish close relationships with CAS customers. CAS Mobile Office (CMO) is the answer to all your weighing and measurement requests. CMO will be a bridge between regional, national and global companies, maintaining close relationships with customers in each region. As we have done before, we will try to maintain the accuracy and reliability of our products so that they can be used in all industries.


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 Industry-changing innovations from the most technologically advanced digital scale company in the world. Old Will Knott carries the complete line of My Weigh scales and more. The Variety Shoppe. Full line of My Weigh Scales & more. Based out of Georgia.Partial line of My Weigh Scales  Based out of Massachusetts.Specialty ingredients, surfactants, additives, colors, and more.  Partial line of My Weigh Scales. Dedicated to helping the next generation of artists achieve their creative goals. Partial line of My Weigh Scales. Find the best deals. Free 2-3 day Shipping! Partial line of My Weigh Scales.


We Make It Easy To Buy Scales From Our Huge Selection When ya need to buy scales, it can be kind of a tricky task…especially if ya don’t know a bunch about weight scales, or about weighing stuff. It can be a little confusing when ya see all the different digital scales and digital balances that are out there. Here at Old Will’s site, we make shopping for that new weighing scale easy. We offer a variety of different ways to find just the right balance for your needs. Lots of folks who buy scales here have found our “SCALE FINDER” to be a really handy tool. That’s the place where ya can find weight scales by capacity, readability, certification, communication, features, platform size, and measuring units! We sure recommend ya check it out. We also have a well-tuned search at the top right of every page. Try it out…it’s usually “spot on” in finding exactly the type of weighing scales ya searched for. And of course, there’s also our regular old category navigation available. 

Call Us: 303-954-0609

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Top Quality Digital Scales MyWeigh Scales Digital Scales SoapMaking Scales, Cooking Scales If you are looking for top-quality scales to measure and properly weigh your ingredients, check out our great selection of MyWeigh scales today. Our top quality scales offer the very best features so you can accurately weigh and calculate exactly your ingredients and materials. Soapmakers, chemists and cooks must have accurate weights to properly prepare their finished prodcts.

 Call us at 800-359-0944

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Pennsylvania Scale Company

Pennsylvania Scale Company is a leading manufacturer of heavy-duty weighing and parts counting products. Proudly made in the USA, Pennsylvania Scales’ products are reliable, accurate, innovative, durable, and easy to use. With an anticipated lifespan of 20+ years, Pennsylvania Scales products are legendary for their Sustained Accuracy™ and are backed by the longest warranties in the industry.

CONTACT US 800-233-0473 717-295-6935

Arlyn Scales
Arlyn Scales

Arlyn Scales is a leader in the design and development of technology for the weighing industry. Headquartered in Long Island, New York, our company has been manufacturing electronic weighing systems for more than 35 years. You can expect a lot from Arlyn Scales. We pride ourselves on bringing our customers the latest technology, superior quality, and the utmost value. Our scales feature many options and can be integrated to a variety of different systems and applications. This type of versatility is rare if not unique to our scales. Some of these features can only be found on competitive scales costing 3 to 5 times as much. We also ship Factory Direct, which eliminates any dealer mark-ups.

Made in the USA Factory Direct

Call Us 800-645-4301

Top Weighing Scale Manufacturers in United States Brand Logo (32)
Universal Scales

Universal Scales is the firm, that offers the best quality and wide variety of various top brands of Electronics Scales and provides repair and maintenance services with a team of highly qualified staff Engineers and Technicians. The major products that Universal Scales deals with comprise Electronic Weighbridges, Retail Scales, POS systems, Floor Scales, Laboratory Balances, Hanging Scales, all kinds of load cells, and many other products equipped with the latest technology as well. Universal Scales has an extensive business of selling high-tech electronic scale products all over the world and particularly offering their services in UAE, OMAN, Saudi Arabia, and some of its other service areas as well. Universal Scales represents leading scales equipment brands such Cardinal – USA, Flintec – Germany, Aclas, Unipulse Axis, Nagata, Rice Lake, Yamato, Laumas, and many other top brands as well.

+971 6 748 4466

Yamato Scale
Yamato Scale

Yamato Scale’s tire balancer is used in more than 28 countries and areas around the world the name implies, a tire balancer is a machine that measures the balance of tires. The car tires are stamped with a round stamp as shown in the image below. As a result of measurement with a tire balancer, this stamp is stamped on the lightest part. When actually installing the wheel, match the heavy part of the wheel with the light part of the stamped tire, so that the overall balance of the tire is adjusted in good condition. If the whole tire is not balanced, not only will the ride become uncomfortable, but it will also hinder safe driving.

1Top Weighing Scale Manufacturers in United States Brand Logo (71)
Scales and weighing systems Dini Argeo

Scales and weighing systems Dini Argeo is a company specializing in the production of weighing systems. With their mechanical, electronic and I.T. knowledge, Dini Argeo offers solutions in the area of mechatronics, ranging from mobile weighing systems to scales for commercial and industrial use. This includes a wide range of components, electronic solutions, and software, for industrial automation and systems integration.

In the fall of 2016, Dini Argeo was acquired by Rice Lake Weighing Systems. The two brands’ strong history and ideals will increase customers’ product and service offerings in Europe and around the world.

1Top Weighing Scale Manufacturers in United States Brand Logo (70)

US BALANCE / Awesome Wholesale is a leader in the digital scales production and distribution in North America. We have over seventeen years of experience in the digital scale manufacturing and distributing business. US-BALANCE can supply digital scales to fit any weighing application including custom applications of any kind. We offer the best quality scales with the best price.

1098 East Beckes Lane Vincennes, IN 47591 1-888-293-7661

For over 40 years, Intercomp has provided superior-quality portable and in-ground weighing systems, along with the highest levels of customer satisfaction, for a wide range of industries. As the axle-weighing specialist, our static wheel and axle scales and dynamic weigh-in-motion systems are designed with the most innovative technology in the world. Toll Free (US Canada): 800-328-3336

For over 40 years, Intercomp has provided superior-quality portable and in-ground weighing systems, along with the highest levels of customer satisfaction, for a wide range of industries. As the axle-weighing specialist, our static wheel and axle scales and dynamic weigh-in-motion systems are designed with the most innovative technology in the world.

Toll Free (US Canada): 800-328-3336


The Industrial Weighing Specialists Weighbridges & Industrial Scales Weightron is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of weighbridges, together with accompanying software solutions and bespoke weighbridge systems individually tailored to your specific requirements. We also design and build driver-operated terminals, industrial scales, weight indicators, load cells, liquid filling systems, and process weighing systems.

0808 196 0906

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Essae Digitronics Pvt. Ltd

Essae Digitronics Pvt. Ltd., an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO TS 16949:2009 certified company, comprises of FIVE divisions with three manufacturing facilities. Our business focus includes manufacturing and marketing of Truck Scales, Transient Weighing Products, Machined Components, Speedo Hub Drive for Automotive Sector..

Customer Care:+91 9379251425

Top Weighing Scale Manufacturers in United States Brand Logo (32)
Charder Medical

Charder Medical is built off the success of Charder Electronic Co., experts specializing in the field of sensors and measurements since 1980. Armed with a wealth of experience, Charder Medical is well-known in the medical measurement industry, producing devices focused on user experience, reliability, and utility.

For traveling physicians or those with limited clinic space, floor scales are a practical solution. Utilize various Charder accessories designed to make measurement and travel more convenient!

Phone: +886-4-2406-3766

Shekel Scales
Shekel Scales

Since its inception in 1971, Shekel Scales has grown steadily to establish its position as a significant pioneering leader in the design and manufacture of electronic scales, advanced weighing systems, and force measurement applications. Shekel’s outstanding combination of core engineering technology and sophisticated software enables the company to offer creative solutions for a wide range of weighing needs. Shekel Scales provides thousands of customers all over the globe with innovative healthcare, retail, industrial and OEM smart weighing solutions.

Precision. Our Expertise. Your Advantage. All the Weigh!

US: 1-866-654-7019

Brecknell scales
Brecknell scales

Brecknell scales are designed and manufactured with focus on high-value, easy-to-use and accurate weighing solutions for the majority of industries worldwide, from industrial weighing equipment, to office and medical scales.

Our global presence ensures the highest quality service and support to our customers.

1000 Armstrong Drive Fairmont, MN 56031 USA

Phone: (800) 637 – 0529

1Top Weighing Scale Manufacturers in United States Brand Logo (75)

We focused on providing not only quality weighing scales to our customers but also ensure to continue technical support and backup services for the smooth operation of their weighing system. To assist the customers, LIBRA SCALES doing annual maintenance service agreements with clients on regular basis to repair their equipment on-site or at its repair center expertly, fast, and reliably.

Toll-free: 061-4583374

1Top Weighing Scale Manufacturers in United States Brand Logo (77)
Weighing Equipment

Based On Our 25 Years+ Of Experience we are able to offer a wide range of products & customized Solutions for various applications with the appropriate Weighing Equipment. Industrial  Weighing Scales, Retail Weighing Scales & Weigh Bridges. Automatic Bagging, Drum Filling, Tank Weighing, Pouch Filling & Loading Systems. Glass Batch House, Batching & Mixing Systems Belt Weighers , Weigh Feeders & Loss in Weigh Process Systems Complete Plant & Process integration On PLC’s , DCS & SCADA.We design and build professional weighing,process control systems and panels that incorporate Best in the Class Instrumentation


KERN Scale 1Top Weighing Scale Manufacturers in United States Brand Logo (79)
KERN Scale

Mechanikus Gottlieb KERN founded his company in 1844 and manufactured the most accurate balances of its time. His business became the core cell of the internationally famous, southern German precision balance manufacturing.

175 years of experience and the devotion to quality has enabled us to become specialists in the weighing field with the KERN brand standing for precision and reliability. We are an independent, medium sized family business, in its 8th generation, registered in southern Germany.

Flintec Top Weighing Scale Manufacturers in United States Brand Logo (80)

Flintec is a world-leading manufacturer of high-quality, precision, weight measurement technologies for use across a diverse range of industrial sectors. Our comprehensive range of strain gauge load cells and force sensors are highly reliable, accurate, and cost-effective. The combination of Flintec sensors and our extensive range of accessories and electronics allows for the design and installation of a complete weighing system.

Phone: +1 978 562 7800


Located in Barcelona where we have our sales offices, R&D department, technical support team, and warehouse to distribute our products to all European markets, with a total surface of 3000 m2. Our finished goods warehouse is equipped with semi-automatic picking equipment. In 2015 we established our own R&D department in Barcelona. We decided to bet heavily on developing our own product in both terms of software and hardware, with the goal to offer a competitive high-quality product adapted to European market needs. Our assembling plant located in Suzhou (China) allows us to offer a product designed in Europe at a competitive price. Our quality system in the Suzhou plant meets European quality standards and metrological regulations, as ISO-9001 and CE-213-NAWI certification recognizes.

Phone: (+34) 93 300 33 32

1Top Weighing Scale Manufacturers in United States Brand Logo (82)

We are one of few companies specialized in heavy duty industrial weighing,our products range from belt scales to level- and batch weighing to mass flow meters and weighing accessories.For more than 70 years S-E-G Instrument has acquired excellent know-how in the weighing industry. Our products can be found in virtually every type of manufacturing industry and our first-rate know-rate enables us to provide optimal support to our customers.

PHONE:(+46) 87 64 74 00

1Top Weighing Scale Manufacturers in United States Brand Logo (83)

Established in 1993, we offer you India’s most reliable electronic weighing machines. Since 2000, ATLAS WEIGHING EQUIPMENTS is manufacturing, 100% indigenous Digital electronic weighing machines and instruments under the brand name TOYO.Accuracy to the core is our corporate mantra. We have developed sophisticated, elegant, high end Weighing Machines to meet your precise weighing requirements.Our company, ISO Certified enjoys a good reputation amongst our clientele, as a result of high quality standards that we have been able to maintain since our inception. Well equipped with vast experience and comprehensive knowledge about the industry trends and market needs, we source our products from noted manufacturers.

Ph. : 011-27603536

ST 1Top Weighing Scale Manufacturers in United States Brand Logo (84)
ST Weighing Scale

We are the leading Electronic Weighing Scale Manufacturer in Noida. Our goal is to provide businesses with the much-needed accessory of weighing scales that are so important for a varied number of purposes. No product-oriented business can function or measure its true functionality that too with acute precision without weighing scales. We are an ISO 9001:2008 company that has been in this field for the last 24 years! Needless to say, we understand and cater to the market like no other. All throughout our existence, we have been manufacturing a number of variations of weighing scales. Every bit of our production focuses on precision engineering. We produce in accordance with all sorts of calibration requirements for clients. So far we have in the production line the following types of weighing scales

 +91-9810651402, +91-9810239616

1Top Weighing Scale Manufacturers in United States Brand Logo (85)

Rinstrum is celebrating 30 years in smart weighing!

By leveraging our investment in approved product platforms we can deliver production quantities of custom product, complete with regulatory approvals in record time. It is this capacity above all else that sets us apart from our competition and is the reason that companies all over the world rely on Rinstrum for smart weighing solutions.

1Top Weighing Scale Manufacturers in United States Brand Logo (86)

The industrial field requests high technology and supreme accuracy in Scales and Instruments. We carry a variety of high-tech features in our line of industrial scales. Our knowledgeable Technical Support teams are standing by to help you with any technical problems. Please e-mail us at:Support@Weighmaxgroup.Com WeighMax Group: 14780 Central Ave.

Cardinal Detecto
Cardinal Detecto

Cardinal/Detecto manufactures and markets a complete line of quality weighing products and systems. Cardinal/Detecto’s factory and headquarters is located in Webb City, Missouri, the USA with distributors in over 110 countries. Established in 1950 by founder William H. Perry, the company has been featured on the TV shows “How It’s Made” and “World’s Greatest!”

(800) 441-4237

Madeinusascales is dedicated to providing the best pricing and highest level of customer support to individuals and organizations that are looking for the finest quality American made scales and scale related products. Our site is designed for ease of use and features secured order processing and lots of information to get you the right scale you need fast. We sell in individual units, or in bulk, and have the industry knowledge and experience you can trust when it come to the products we sell with over a combined 300 years of making and selling USA made scales.

1Top Weighing Scale Manufacturers in United States Brand Logo (3)

With the assortment of qualitative products, Precision Electronic Instruments Co. was established in the year 1995 as the manufacturer, exporter and supplier of Taxi Meters & Tracking devices, Testing equipment and all kind of Weighing Scales and Weighing Machines. We have designed our offered range with utmost precision and as per the approved industry norms. Our offered range includes Portable Weighbridge / Mobile Weighbridges, GPS Tracking Device, LED Display Board, Load Cells, GSM Testing Machines, Auto Rickshaw Fare Meters, Table Top Scales, Bench Top Scales, Jewellery Scales, Heavy Duty Weighing Machines, Piece Counting Scales, Price Computing Scales, Dormant Scales, Crane Scales also we have started our factory to manufacture LED Bulbs, LED Street Lights, LED Downlighters and LED Strips.

TOLL FREE NUMBER: 1800-3000-0755

Dibal Scale
Dibal Scale

Dibal, S.A.´s origins lie in 1985, when we began manufacturing retail scales as an integral part of the Novatronic Group, which was acknowledged for its activities in the field of electronic engineering and communications.

In subsequent years, we continued to work to tailor our offer to the market’s changing needs: scales adapted to the change in currency (€), PC scales, industrial equipment with dynamic weighing, etc.

  1. (+34) 94 452 15 10
General Electrodynamics Corporation Top Weighing Scale Manufacturers in United States Brand Logo (6)
General Electrodynamics Corporation

General Electrodynamics Corporation (GEC) has pioneered truck and aircraft scale technology for over half a century. Since our development of the first heavy duty, portable wheel-load vehicle scales, we have embraced our role as the worlds most innovative truck and aircraft weighing provider. Our customer service maintains the highest standards consistent with our commitment to be the only aircraft scale manufacturer that designs, engineers, tests, and services the end user directly. This all-in-one business design allows our instructors to hold the only DoD accreditation for a manufacturer to conduct W&B training and certification. We hold over 21 patents for products that span across more than 120 countries.

Phone: 817-572-0366

Top Weighing Scale Manufacturers in United States Brand Logo (5)

SERVICE, QUALITY AND RESPONSIVENESS The importance PRECIA MOLEN places on quality is reflected in our after-sales service. Teams of specialist engineers supported by purpose designed testing facilities ensure equipment is installed, calibrated and verified to the highest standards Our support desk operates 24 hours a day to ensure a rapid response to requests for service.

TÉL : (+33) 4 75 66 46 00

Ishida Scale Europe Limited
Ishida Scale Europe Limited

Ishida offers a wide range of scales equipment across our Asian territories, built to suit your specific field and applications.Besides high-precision electronic balances for general use, we offer top-dish weighing scales for trade and certification, electronic weighing scales, waterproof designs and counting scales.We support the customer from start to finish, from choosing the ideal product to meet their needs, through to installation of equipment.

Ishida Europe Limited (European Headquarters)

11 Kettles Wood Drive Woodgate Business Park Birmingham B32 3DB United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)121 6077700

LAUMAS Top Weighing Scale Manufacturers in United States Brand Logo (7)

LAUMAS designs and produces load cells, weight transmitters, and weight indicators, and all of the components for precise, reliable, and innovative weighing. The constant drive for innovation and product improvement has allowed LAUMAS to grow over time to become the company it is today, internationally recognized, and present in over ninety countries around the world.

LAUMAS is present in over ninety countries around the world through a dense network of dealers. Consult our maps and contact us to find out which dealers are closest to you.

Samurai Tech Top Weighing Scale Manufacturers in United States Brand Logo (9)
Samurai Tech

Samurai Technoweigh is a Leading Manufacturer & Supplier of different types of Weighing Machines in India. These Machines are used to measure the weight more accurately as compared to the traditional weight scale. 


Doran delivers excellent value
Doran delivers excellent value

Across the entire product line of industrial scales, medical scales, and weighing software, Doran delivers excellent value — with fast ROI through higher productivity, increased accountability, and lower ownership costs. To ensure every customer gets the right system, our sales team is highly knowledgeable and can assist in specifying new or replacement equipment that meets specific business and production goals.

TOLL-FREE 800.365.0084 PHONE 630.879.1200 EMAIL

Endel Weigh System
Endel Weigh System

Endel Weigh System LLC has the facilities to supply, commission, and service and form of weighing equipment in manufacture.EWS has the resources, skills & expertise to undertake projects from providing a delicate jeweler’s balance to the installation of a 120MT weighbridge.EWS, using state-of-the-art technology, has successfully supplied & installed weighing, Material handling & Lifting Equipment to a wide range of industries and other commercial establishments across the Middle East, Gulf, Africa & CIS Countries.

CONTACT INFOPhone:+971-4-5645722

Hammel Scale
Hammel Scale

Hammel Scale is a full line scale company offering a wide range of weighing equipment to meet your requirements; from small laboratory balances to heavy-duty truck scales and rail scales. We specialize in solutions to help you with parts counting, tank weighing, floor scales, and hopper weighing to full industrial weighing and filling system applications as well as grain handling applications.

In addition to a comprehensive line of industrial scales and laboratory balances, Hammel Scale has been providing quality services to a long list of satisfied customers from all types of industries for more than 40 years. We offer comprehensive services from scale calibration and scale repair services to scale rentals.

American Weigh Scales
American Weigh Scales

American Weigh Scales can supply digital scales to fit any weighing application, including custom digital scale applications of any kind. We have floor scales, counting scales, gram scales, mini scales, micro, food, kitchen scales, diet, bathroom scales, pocket digital scales, weight, portable scales, electronic scales, lab, analytical, crane scales, precision scales, carat, jewelry, body fat, talking scales, gem, wholesale scales, baby scales, pet, medical scales, bench scales, specialty scales, shipping scales, postal scales, freight scales, pallet, postage scales, ohaus scales, Tanita Scales, Salter, Ashiba, vector scales, and Gram Precision scales to fit all your needs.

1(866) 643 3444

Scale Depo
Scale Depo

Scale Depot warrants its products be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of ONE (1) year from the date of purchase. If the product proves defective during the warranty period, Scale Depot, at its option, will:Repair the product by means of telephone support and parts covered by the warranty at no charge.Scale Depot recommends the Customer first utilize support materials shipped with the product, product diagnostics, information contained on the Web, and email support. If unsuccessful, to obtain service under this warranty the Customer must notify Scale Depot Telephone Support or its authorized service representative of the defect before the expiration of the warranty period.

Telephone Support Number:855-697-2253


Weigh Right is a recognized leader in linear net weigh scale systems and volumetric filling systems for dry, fresh, frozen and moist solids.The company was founded in 1933 and has specialized in packaging machinery for the food, agricultural, coffee, fresh-cut and hardware industries.Our scales are designed with off-the-shelf components and offer menu driven touch screen controls providing an easy-to-use interface and functions that give you optimum control for your packaging needs.

Call us today: 1-800-571-0249

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Beamex Scale

Weighing scales are widely used in the process industry. And as all measurement devices, also weighing scales need to be calibrated regularly, to maintain sufficient accuracy and traceability. There are different regulations for the weighing instrument calibration, such as EURAMET Calibration Guide, NIST Handbook 44 and OIML standards.

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HSCo HSCo comprises

HSCo comprises of four divisions: Manufacturing / R&D and Technology / Imports / After Sales Service.Manufacturing Division Manufactures Electronic Weighing Scales ranging from 0.01 mg all the way upto 100 Metric Tons R&D and Technology division makes sure that we are on the bleeding edge of Technology in Weighing Scale Software and Hardware. This division also develops customized software and hardware for customers.Imports Division, imports Chip sets and other hardware from countries like Japan, Taiwan and South Korea which are world leads in Integrated Chipset Manufacturing After Sales Service, as the name suggest deals with all the activities of customer support once the scale is deployed at the customer’s place.

Sales Enquiry: +91-7045922250

Carlton Group Further Extends Core Business Capabilities Through Acquisition of Everest Scale, Inc. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 7/1/2022 Carlton Group, a premier provider of industrial weighing and measuring services, has announced today that it has finalized the acquisition of Everest Scale, Inc., a locally owned and globally connected weighing solutions firm headquartered in South Carolina. 120 Landmark Drive Greensboro, N.C. 27409 336.668.7677 Toll Free: 1.800.722.7824
Carlton Group

Carlton Group Further Extends Core Business Capabilities Through Acquisition of Everest Scale, Inc. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 7/1/2022 Carlton Group, a premier provider of industrial weighing and measuring services, has announced today that it has finalized the acquisition of Everest Scale, Inc., a locally owned and globally connected weighing solutions firm headquartered in South Carolina.

120 Landmark Drive

Greensboro, N.C. 27409 336.668.7677 Toll Free: 1.800.722.7824

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Uline, a family-owned business, is the leading distributor of shipping, industrial and packaging materials to businesses throughout North America.

For over 40 years, we’ve stayed committed to providing the highest levels of service and quality products to our customers.

Depend on Uline to build your business — we won’t let you down.


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Our high-quality selection of industrial scales for sale is here to meet your weighing needs. There are many weighing devices on the market, so finding a reliable vendor and product takes time. Thankfully, at Prime USA Scales, we build and distribute a wide array of weighing tools for any application. Even if you need a heavy-duty weighing scale, we can help you find the perfect option swiftly. Whether you’re in food services, manufacturing, or another industry entirely, you can find high-quality industrial scales for sale here. Scroll down to learn more about our products, services, and locations. If you have any questions, feel free to call us at 866-643-3725 today.

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Health o meter

History of Pelstar, LLC/Health o meter® Professional and the Evolution of the Beam Scale By Rick Crandall © 2010 Pelstar (revised 2021), LLC designs, manufactures and markets, a comprehensive line of professional products under the 90-year-old venerable brand of Health o meter. Originally formed in 1919 as the Continental Scale Works, its heritage is as the inventor of the “doctor’s” beam scale. Today, Pelstar maintains the tradition as one of the leading producers of weighing instruments for professional health care and medical uses, along with market-leading innovations such as their ELEVATE EMRscale™ and multiple EMR connectivity solutions.

9500 West 55th Street McCook, IL 60525-7110 USA 1 (800) 815.6615

Western Weighing Scale

Western products are engineered and built with quality, versatility and value in mind.  Every Western product is backed by our commitment to provide the best scale equipment to our Dealers and their customers.Explore where Western products can make a difference for your company.  Western is proud to meet the demands of America’s Scale Dealers / Service companies and the rugged, industrial environments they serveWestern designs, manufactures, and markets state of the art electronic weighing instruments with a history of reliability and innovation.  We’re proud to be on the leading edge of new weighing technologies.

Call us on 1-866-929-3444

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DOLPHIN, is one of the leading exporters, manufacturer, wholesale and suppliers of all kind of weighing scale like Table Top Scale, Platform Scale, Bench Top Scale, Heavy Platform Scale, Price Computing Scale, Home cum Personal Scale, Jewellery Scale, Auto/Taxi Fare Meter.

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ACM scale

Perfect Weighing Solutions From precision balances to bench scales to truck scales. We sell, service and calibrate the scales you depend on.Acme Scale offers powerful products and tools you can put to work for you. We listen to your needs and apply the product that meets your application needs.We offer a full line of testing equipment to meet your product testing needs. From mechanical gauges to digital material test stands with sophisticated software, contact us for help with your product testing requirement.

888.638.5040 P.O. Box 1922, 1801 Adams Ave San Leandro, CA 94577

Tru-Test weigh scales
Tru-Test weigh scales

Weighing replaces guess-work with facts, making it a powerful performance measurement tool for farmers. The information provided by Tru-Test weigh scales assists critical decision making about feed, health treatments and herd size management. With our new Datamars Livestock Cloud software  (available for free with your Tru-Test weigh scale), it’s now even easier to turn your weighing data into simple, clear valuable insights that help you make your decisions.

+64 9 574 8888 or 0800 878 837

Tru-Test weigh scales
Activa scale

Sale list:100kg to 200kg Weight machine 20kg Weight machines 300kg Weight machine 50kg Weight machine Barcode weighing scale Counter Scale Crane scale Human Weighing scale Kitchen weighing scale Luggage|Cylinder weighing scale Note counting machine Platform weighing scale POS weighing scale Price Computing Scale Printer weighing scale Sealing Machine Spring balance Standard Weights

Helpline1 – +91-9003025309

First Philippine Scales, Inc.
First Philippine Scales, Inc.

First Philippine Scales, Inc. (FPSI) is the Philippines’ leading weighing scales manufacturer and distributor. Since 1978, we continue to provide innovative weighing solutions using top-of-the-line facilities.Our continuous push to provide the best weighing systems around together with our intense desire to offer outstanding customer service allowed us to receive a myriad of awards and certifications from domestic and international award-giving bodies including the  ISO 9001:2015 Certification for Quality Maintenance Systems, ISO 17025:2017 Accreditation, XIX International Trophy for Quality, Best Distributor of Prestigious Global Brands of Scale, and Fuji’s Superbrand status among others. This has solidified our position as one of the most trusted and top companies in the weighing scale industry today.

+63 2 8990 3333

Truweigh LLC
Truweigh LLC

Truweigh LLC was launched by UK Company Dalman Enterprises Ltd the summer of 2017 to bring trust and reliability back to the mini scale market in North America.  After 30 years of experience in Europe and the rest of the world, Dalman recognized a need to revive North America, namely the US market, with fresh ideas and designs.   In our current product range you will find new exclusive designs alongside old favorites. We are always looking to push the boundaries on design and materials and our newest designs reflect this.  Additionally, we offer full OEM/private label services and welcome new development projects.  Let’s make something together!


ADF Scale
ADF Scale

ADF Scale are pleased to announce that our calibration laboratory has been independently assessed and accredited by UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service) in accordance with the international accreditation standard ISO/IEC 17025:2017 and can now provide Accredited Calibrations of Non-Automatic Weighing Instruments. Click here for more information.

Telephone: 01543 271174

Nitiraj Engineers Ltd
Nitiraj Engineers Ltd

Nitiraj Engineers Ltd., established in 1989, is one of the leading manufacturers of Electronic Weighing Scales and Systems and Digital Fare Meters. , our brand is one of the renowned brands in Electronic Weighing Scales in India.

Company has sophisticated, stat-of-the-art in-house facility for continuous research, consistent production and stringent quality control.

Company caters to all India market through its closely knit sales and service network comprising of company’s branch offices and dealers.

+ 91-2562-295081 / 295181 / 295281 / 295381

Genius Electronic Company
Genius Electronic Company

Genius Electronic Company is, one of the leading Indian manufacturers of Electromagnet and Load cell based electronic weighing scales. Being pioneers in weighing solutions, Genius Electronic Company always strives to excel with our range of machines and keep on improvising, innovating new customer friendly solutions.Genius Electronic Company is having its sales office and manufacturing unit in Mumbai and service facilities all over India.Our greatest value often lies in our ability to offer the solutions, which are technologically advanced, proving our strength in Research & Development and also very Reliable in terms of Performance and Lifecycle.

Tel no: 91- 022-25770480

RITE-WEIGHT Top Weighing Scale Manufacturers in United States Brand Logo (31)

From basic weighing to counting scales to explosion-proof units, RITE-WEIGHT, INC. can provide you what you need, when you need it. We also offer a number of other calibration and repair services. We have been serving the weighing and calibration industry since 1972. At RITE-WEIGHT you can be assured of quality products and unmatched customer service. We pride ourselves on staying current with quality systems and training from manufacturers. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have regarding our services or products.

Doran delivers excellent value

ProScale has earned a reputation for offering the best value weighing scales for price-conscious consumers

ProScale produces digital scales for use by professionals and consumers. We are proud to have your confidence

Atlantic Scale
Atlantic Scale

Quality weighing products and weight calibration services Atlantic Scale specialized in servicing GMP and GLP facilities since the beginning and our systems have matured within these guidelines. We currently perform calibration and service on scales, balances, weights, pipettes, thermometers, hygrometers, pressure gauges, flow devices, watches, electrical meters, force gauges, and dimensional equipment for over 2000 companies per year.

Phone: 914-969-1700

Atlanta Scales, Inc.
Atlanta Scales, Inc.

In October of 1967 Atlanta Scales, Inc. was incorporated in the State of Georgia as a small service company to repair industrial scales and weighing equipment. At that time there were 4 equal shareholders, Deane Laird, BJ Clark, EP Spivey and Georgia Reeves. The following month A. E. Whitten, Sr. started as an employee. He cleaned levers and weighbridge steel with a blow torch. By September of 1968, Al had saved enough money to buy his first 11 shares of ASI stock from BJ Clark. By March of 1970 he had bought the remaining stock from Mr. Clark making him a ¼ equal partner. By July of 1984 Al had managed to buy out the 3 remaining partners to become the sole owner of Atlanta Scales all while working out in the field most of the time. At that point Al transitioned into sales and in 1986 Mark Whitten started as a service technician. Mark worked as a service tech until he became Service Manager in 1995.  By January of 2002 Al had retired full time and Mark had been running ASI for several months. In December of 2016 the property located at 9999 Tara Blvd. was sold and ASI moved from its home of 38 years to a bigger and better location in McDonough, GA. Although ASI has seen many changes in its 51 years of existence one thing remains the same…our dedication to hard work, customer relationships and integrity has always remained the same.

Phone: 770-477-7052

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TSC Scale

We’re proud to ship our checkweighing systems to clients and manufacturing facilities throughout North and Central America. Over the years, we have built a solid reputation and are proud of the excellent customer service we provide. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need help with solving special application problems, we’ll be more than happy to assist. View our range of easy-to-use and flexible products below:We offer a range of remote displays and stack lights available in 3 or 5-zone assemblies. Our accessories also include analog output cards and industrial protocol converters. 

Phone (713) 932-9071

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Weight is an essential physical property in a variety of measurement processes. It allows portion sizes to be determined and can also be used in identifying other parameters such as density, volume, pressure, and more. Industrial weighing solutions and tools are, therefore, considered to be one of the most crucial elements in a multitude of industrial processes. Industrial weighing solutions must use the appropriate type of scale to determine the weight of an object in a way that meets the needs of the specific application or industry. There are myriad weighing solutions available, each capable of obtaining weight measurements in a unique way. 

Phone: 833-427-0843

Charder Scale

Charder’s bakery scales are designed to improve the food production process, making it easier to bake each and every single batch consistently. Weigh flour and other dry ingredients precisely to ensure quality in your baked goods.Charter Electronic Co. has unrivaled experience in designing and manufacturing for the global weighing industry and health management market. Charder is headquartered in Taiwan, and operates multiple manufacturing complexes to provide complete one-stop service. Capabilities include force sensor design, plastic injection, metal fabrication, circuit and electronics design, and extensive quality testing and innovation, creating customized solutions for all of our partners and clients.

+ 886-4-24063766


Quick – Accurate | Counting scales for your stock Counting scales from BOSCHE are widely recognised as the best in their class. These verifiable precision instruments are extremely sturdy. Large manufacturing companies use BOSCHE counting scales in their electronically controlled processes in order to speed up production.Together with the professional customer service, individual consultations for all applications throughout the weighing technology and the development of software solutions in industry-specific application areas, the company Bosche was able to prevail against renowned weighing scale companies.

+49 5491 – 999 689 0

Scale People, Inc.
Scale People, Inc.

Scale People, Inc. NATIONWIDE SERVICE The Scale People, Inc. has been working to provide industrial, medical and analytical weighing solutions nationwide since 1956. We are a current industry leader in calibration services for an array of weighing equipment. Offering NATIONWIDE on-site and mail-in ISO17025 service!The Scale People have created a sales and calibration infrastructure designed to provide complete certified sales and calibration at your facility or in our lab.

+1 (800) 451-9593

American weigh scales
American weigh scales

American weigh scales, the, the world’s most trusted name in precision measurement, bring their calibrated exactness to the kitchen! this powerful portable pocket scale allows you to weigh any kitchen substance up to ten pounds or five thousand grams to an exactitude of plus/minus a gram. Measurement units on this scale allow precise observations in pounds, ounces, milliliters, and fluid ounces. The manufacturer is so confident that you’ll love this scale that it comes backed by a limited ten year manufacturer warranty.

Orion Automation Systems
Orion Automation Systems

Orion Automation Systems is a Electronic Weighing Scale Company established in 1991 By a group of Qualified and Trained Engineers with the combined experience of over 50 Man- years in the field of Weighing. Over the ensuing years ORION grew in strength to Supplement and expand the activities in the weighing Industry with concentration in Electronic Weighing and Custom Built Instrumentation and Machines.In the last TWENTY TWO years the company has established a Sound base in the Electronic Weighing Industry. These ensuing years, has taken the Company from one Office with 10 man staff to over 180+ dealers located in almost all the states of India. ORION has taken head on with Multi National Companies and We the people at ORION are proud to state that we are one of the leading MANUFACTURERS OF ELECTRONIC WEIGHING SCALES BASED IN SOUTH INDIA.

 +91 80 2686 0081

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