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CUBLiFT, one expert scissor lift manufacturer based in China, offers you entirely custom-built scissor lifts to your specifications at the most affordable prices.

  • Custom | 100 to 40,000 lbs Capacity
  • Mobile scissor lift offers flexible mount
  • Electric scissor lift offers effortless moving
  • Increases efficiency in a workspace
  • Stationary scissor lift offers extra safety

Customized scissor lifts or any industrial scissor lift tables are available upon request.

Scissor Lift List XP-300

● Model: XP
● Capacity(kg): 300/500/1000/1500/2000
● Lifting (m): 4~18
● Table Size (mm): 2100*1200/2812*1600
● Weight (kg): 880~3900
● Voltage/ Capacity:12V/60AH
● Voltage: 220/380

Scissor Lift List XPR-320

● Model: XPR
● Capacity (kg): 230/320/380/450/550
● Lifting (m): 3~13.8
● Table Size (mm): 1150*700/2260*1130
● Weight (kg):600~3320
● Voltage/ Capacity:12V/60AH
● Voltage: 220/380

Scissor Lift List XPAL-200

● Model: XPAL
● Capacity (kg): 100/130/150/200/250/300
● Lifting (m): 4~18
● Table Size (mm): 600*600/1500*630/1200*630
● Weight(kg): 280~1480
● Voltage/ Capacity: 12V/60AH
● Voltage: 220/380

Scissor Lift List XPAL-200

● Model: XPQ
● Capacity (kg): 200
● Lifting (m): 8/10/12/14/16/18/20/22
● Table Size (mm): 1200*800*1100
● Weight(kg): 1538/1600/1800/2350/2900/4300/4450
● Voltage/ Capacity: 4*6V/210AH
● Voltage: 220/380

Scissor Lift List XTS-4000

● Model: XTL
● Capacity (kg): 1000~3000(Customize)
● Height Min (mm): 85/105
● Height Max (mm): 860
● Table Size (mm): 1450*1140/1600*1160(Customize)
● Weight (kg): 280/380
● Voltage (V): 220/380

Your Expert Scissor Lift Manufacturer

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At CUBLIFT, we believe that a scissor lift is an extremely important piece of equipment for the construction site. CUBLIFT’s scissor lift provides a safe, steady enclosure, and a rising platform helps you to tackle your high elevation tasks. CUBLIFT, make sure that your scissor lift can lift multiple workers with the utmost safety and precision to great heights.

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Scissor Lift DESC (18)

CUBLIFT made different types of scissor lifts in different sizes and for a vast library of applications. The scissor lift has many benefits, including reaching out to extreme heights, eliminating injuries, can handle heavy loads, easily customizable, eco-friendly. Additionally, the scissor lift is a reliable source and flexible enough to increase your productivity with its exceptional performance.

The scissor lift can be hydraulic, diesel, electric, rough terrain, and pneumatic. CUBLIFT 15+ years of field experience and quality staff make sure that our scissor lift satisfies you in every way possible. CUBLIFT use high-quality raw materials for manufacturing scissor lift. We have a variety of scissor lift options with different platform sizes, weight capacities, lift height, load stability, and loading methods.

A mix of power, lift capacity, and mobility is considered necessary in a warehouse or construction environment, and CUBLIFT makes sure that you get these through our scissor lifts. At CUBLIFT, we make sure that our scissor lift models produce no emissions and operate at a low noise level.

Moreover, the use of scissor lifts is not just limited to construction sites but also considered necessary in libraries, schools, hospitals, storage facilities, utilities, parking lot maintenance, and mechanic shops. Through CUBLIFT, you will have the scissor lift that will never lose performance and require little to no maintenance for a long time, even in stressful environments.

CUBLIFT also makes sure that our scissor lift is heat-, fire-, shock-, impact-, and corrosion-resistant and can handle versatile weather conditions. CUBLIFT’s scissor lifts can handle up to 4,700 pounds with a maximum speed of 4 miles per hour as well as can reach heights up to 185 feet.

At CUBLIFT, our scissor lift is robust and can withstand and handle versatile conditions, including high winds, uneven ground, and overload. CUBLIFT also offers manual/electric pallet trucks, pallet stackers, pallet scale ramps, and many more.

If you have any questions related to our scissor lift services, including others, CUBLIFT will be happy to assist you in every possible way.

Pallet Truck manufacturer CUBlift team


This is a machine used mainly in carrying and lowering goods at required heights in safe conditions for the operator. They have become commonly used in many different industries like construction. They offer ease for the operator and the handling of loads.

How many types are there of the scissors lift?


Pneumatic scissors Lift

This type of scissors lift runs on air with no electrics or hydraulics used since it is virtually maintenance-free. It is ideal where control of the operator is required such as manufacturing warehouses.


Electric scissors Lift

It uses an electric battery instead of burning fuel. It is usually smaller, less heavy and can have thin platforms for working in tight spaces.


Diesel Scissors Lift

This type of scissors lift is powered by diesel fuel and best used in outdoor construction where there is space of air ventilation since they emit fumes.





Hydraulic lift.

This type of lift functions by pushing the liquid from one cylinder to another when the liquid moves into the other cylinder the lift is pushed upwards and the same goes for when they are lowered. It is mainly used in warehouses.

What mechanical properties are considered in the selection of materials that design a scissors lift?


Strength- the ability of a material to resist breakdown from the externally applied force.

Toughness- The ability of a material to resist fracture due to high impact loads.

Elasticity- property of a material to regain its original shape after being deformed by an external force.

Stiffness- The property of a material to resist being deformed from external forces.


What are the problems experienced in a scissors lift and their solutions?

LEAKS IN THE JOINTS;Scissor Lift video

This is usually due to losing connections. This problem is solved by tightening the coupling nuts.


This is because of cylinder malfunction. This problem is eliminated by removing the cylinder and by dissembling and finally conducting the relevant repairs.


This is due to easing tightening cylinders and maladjustment of the safety valve. This problem is eliminated by tightening bolts and adjusting the spool valve.


This is due to a malfunction of the pump. This problem is eliminated by replacing it with a new pump


How high can the scissors lift go?

The scissors lift can extend to a height of 60 feet which is an estimated one-third the height of the tallest aerial lift. Most operations use the scissors lift to a range of 20-40 feet. They have less range than other lifting machinery however they carry more weight. The height also varies depending on the model of the scissors lift and the type of work to be done.

There are smaller scissors lifts that work for the same purpose as a ladder for small jobs. They can be as small as 4 feet wide-reaching a maximum height of about 19 feet. They are used to do small handy maintenance practices at lower heights.


How many types are there of the scissors lift according to working heights?

19 feet scissors lift- These models are best used to access ceilings and ductworks inside buildings. They are preferable for tight narrow spaces with less flexibility. They work using a variety of heights from 10-25 feet as the minimum and maximum.

26-feet scissors lift- This model has a working height of a maximum of 32feet. This height grants access to the third floor. It is made with a wide platform that is an advantage when handling equipment for example during cleaning, repairing high windows, and maintenance.

32-feet scissors lift- This model is best used for a bit higher heights compared to the 26 feet scissors lift as it has a range of up to 38 feet. This model is commonly used during telephone and cable repairs and replacement.

45- Feet scissors lift- This model goes higher than the 32 feet scissors lift that is very reliable for accessing floors of high buildings and signs that are highly elevated. This lift can be used to access the top of the Hollywood sign.

50-Feet scissors lift- This model can be used to access the maximum height of the fifth floor of a building or the top of a tree. There is some go as high as 60 feet.

There is, however, a ‘mini” scissors lift that is used for small jobs that go up to 19 feet.


How much does it cost to access a scissors lift?

The prices of the scissors lift range according to the various heights of the scissors lift which are as follows- 19 feet scissors lift 10,000-15,000 dollars.

26 Feet scissors lift: 15,000-25,000 dollars.

32 Feet scissors lift: 25,000-40,000 dollars.

45 Feet scissors lift: 40,000- 55,000 dollars.

50 Feet scissors lift: 55,000- 70,000 dollars.

The price of the scissors lift should not be determinant on the type of scissors lift to be purchased, however, the task at hand is what is more important.


What are the safety guidelines for handling a scissors lift?

To ensure safety in handling a scissors lift, the checks are done before the use of the machine. This includes assessing the working site before operating the scissors lift to identify possible hazards like power lines that are close by or if the working ground is uneven to make necessary changes and adjusting.

The scissors lift also comes with an emergency button for stopping or shutting down all functions immediately in cases of emergencies. This calls for attention to testing the controls to ensure everything is working properly.

The Operator should also be provided with the necessary training and personal protective equipment that is necessary for working with the scissors lift. This ensures safety.

The equipment should also be cleaned and maintained regularly. The operator should also ensure the stabilization of the scissors lift to avoid it from tipping over as well as causing harm to the working team.

Working on surfaces that are not level. If the work is to be done on a rough terrain there should be a certain type of scissors lift to be used.

The work platform should be lowered before moving the equipment.

The scissors lift should also be used in appropriate weather. It is recommended that outdoors the wind should be less than 28mph.

One should always check failsafe functions on the scissors lift.

The weight limit recommended for the scissors lift should never be exceeded as per instructions on the manual.

The operator should never use any other equipment to raise the work platform.


Do scissors lift require fall protection?

A properly installed guard rail system is enough to keep the operator safe on the scissors lift and a harness is not mandatory while using the machine. If the guard rail is not well installed or if the operator leaves the safety of the work platform additional fall protection is necessary.

The guardrails should be maintained to avoid rusting or being loose. The lift should also be lowered for the workers to access the platform. They should not climb the scissors lift.

Can a scissors lift be used for interior work?

The scissors lift is used in place of a ladder as it is much safer and convenient. There are various types of scissors lifts that be used for interior work for accessing the ceilings and high places in warehouses. They are also used for light jobs and maintenance practices inside buildings for example the ‘mini’ scissors lift that has a reach of up to 19 feet. The aerial platform lift can be used in interior work like ceiling construction, hanging signs, and parking garages. The scissors lift for indoors is mostly electric and does not use fuel hence is safer for the workers.


What are the advantages of using the scissors lift?

  • Can be used by one operator which saves money to be used on working personnel.
  • It accesses high spots that are difficult to reach
  • The controls are easy to understand which decreases the tiredness of operators. The operators can easily be trained for these reasons.
  • The scissors lift can work in narrow and tight spaces that are restricted by stacked crates.
  • The scissors lift requires a minimum working space to operate and also are very easy to store.
  • The scissors lift is easily customizable to the demands of the one purchasing it according to work to be accomplished and needs. For example, some opt for tilters to minimize the risk of falling. It can also be fitted with a turntable that allows rotation.
  • The scissors lift is very economical compared to other options. The vertical lift can be used by one operator and one scissors lift is enough for a business Hydraulics lift also consume less fuel. They differ in power utilization and are categorized into pneumatic, hydraulic, or mechanical models depending on the needs of the job.
  • The scissors lift is very safe for moving workers from place to place in industries such as entertainment and manufacturing. The scissors lift came to replace step ladders and scaffolding which needed extra safety measures that if not placed are a hazard for the workers as they work at some heights. The scissors lift provides a platform that is reliable and robust enough to perform duties.
  • The scissors lift is easy to move from one location to another which reduces fatigue and the physical input needed to operate them. This work is not time-consuming and so the workers have enough energy and time to complete other routine practices.
  • The scissors lifts are manufactured to adapt to different terrains depending on the projects assigned to avoid tipping over in rough terrains or indoor use. The electric charged scissors lift is relevant in indoor work as the diesel-powered scissors lift is suitable for outdoor projects.
  • The scissors lift is easily transferable with tow trucks that save time and energy.
  • They also come in different types and sizes making them a great fit for a wide range of settings.
  • By using the scissors lift the operator is safe from Repetitive strain injury (RSI) as it removes the need to bend and stretch.
  • They Increase the productivity of workers.
  • The indoor electric scissors lift has the advantage of not emitting fumes that are hazardous or dangerous.
  • The electric scissors lift also works producing low-level noises that don’t distract other workers.

What are the disadvantages of the scissors lift?

  • The batteries of the scissors lift wear out and are expensive to replace.
  • The hydraulic hoses can leak when loosely fitted and need replacing.
  • The electric controls also wear out and need replacing.
  • An all-wheel drive is more expensive than a two-wheel drive. The all-wheel-drive also needs some distance for it to stop which isn’t convenient in small working areas.

What maintenance practices should one practice on scissors lift?

Rust removal is an important maintenance practice that should be done regularly. The scissors lift should be removed rusty to attain a higher degree of roughness on the surface of the steel. This makes it easy to paint the lift and also makes the paint difficult to remove or come out. Rust removal also increases the resistance from corrosion and fatigue which increases durability for use of the lift for a long period.

Anti-static plastic spraying- This practice helps keep the quality of the scissors high as well as boost their appearance. This makes the metal durable and also acid and alkaline resistant than other ordinary paintings using oil. The spraying also increases the hardness that prevents the scissors lift from being scratched when in operation and when installing it. The painting also makes the scissors lift easy to clean.

There should be regular inspections just like other heavy machinery to ensure the efficient running of equipment to ensure high productivity. This should be done every day before use especially in a hostile working environment. Ensuring it is in good condition prevents problems or failure. Inspections are mandatory if the machine is being used for long working hours

There should also be a safety manager that creates a maintenance plan that should follow guidelines from OSHA. This should include:

  1. The type of lift
  2. The maintenance practices required by the manufacturer’
  3. A checklist for the scissors lifts maintenance practices.

Maintenance practices can also be categorized into:


  • Checking all fluid levels used by the scissors lift. This includes hydraulics, oil, fuel, coolant. There should be checks on leakages.
  • There should be regular checks of the battery and charger. This avoids the risk of power shortage during operation.
  • Check the scissors lift wheels and tires to ensure they are not worn out. This is done by looking for worn-out tire threads, cracks, and bubbles on the walls of the wheels.
  • The brakes and steering should also be tested every day before the operation of the scissors lift.
  • There should be a check on the emergency button to ensure there are operations. This includes horns, lights, and alarms.
  • Ensure all personal protection devices are functional. This includes fall protection equipment and a safety harness.


  • This includes looking for signs of problems in areas such as; cable and wiring, guardrails, outriggers and stabilizers, loose parts, and insulating parts.

Who invented the scissors lift?

The scissors lift was invented by John W parker from California but was first patented by Charles Larson. The idea was to create a scissors lift that could only move vertically. This idea was coined by John W parker.


What qualifications should a scissors lift operator attain to be a certified professional?

A certified operator should be well informed in the following areas:

  • Hazard identification
  • Analysis of site safety
  • Aerial platform fundamentals
  • Preventative maintenance procedures
  • Machine orientation and techniques of safe operation
  • Safe start-up and shutdown protocols.
  • Steering controls
  • Emergency controls
  • Manual and powered vertical scissors lift.
  • Safe dismounting
  • Safety standards and regulations
  • Stability and scissors lift characteristics

Where can I get training on using the scissors lift?

Training can be in class, online, or blend training on using and maintenance of the scissors lift. There is training in construction, production, forestry, or oil and gas. Training can be offered in organizations such as Leavitt machinery, J.J Keller online training course, OSHA Aerial, and scissors lift training online course and

Why is Scissors certification important?

  • To learn how to operate the scissors lift under different working conditions and workplace conditions safely.
  • To learn how to Identify and use controls of scissors lift.
  • To equip operator on skills of navigation around obstacles and pedestrians.
  • Operating scissors lifts on various types of terrain.
  • Handling cargo, that is, moving, lifting loading, and unloading.
  • Learning how to perform inspections and routine maintenance for the scissors lift
  • Keeping the scissors lift in good working condition to avoid expensive repairs.
  • Learning how to assess the environment for possible hazards that can cause accidents.
  • Training is important since unskilled operators can easily cause accidents, damage to property, and injuries to pedestrians and other workers.

How do you charge scissors lift batteries?

Most of the scissors lift use batteries that are mounted at the base of the scissors lift that should be charged from time to time. The steps include;

  1. The scissors lift should be parked in a dry well-ventilated area and should be close to an electrical outlet.
  2. The operator should press the emergency switch to shut off the scissors lift to avoid another from attempting to drive it while plugged in. The emergency shut-off is a large red button located near the charger or at the control box inside the basket of the lift.
  3. The operator should locate the charger at the base on the right side. The older models often have a charger mounted at the back of the lift.
  4. The charger should be plugged into the AC extension cord and then plugged into an outlet.
  5. The lights that are on the charger should illuminate. Other models have a display of voltage instead. The lights will show a green light if the batteries are charged fully and will the charger will automatically switch off. The voltage meter will read zero when fully charged.


Who are the manufactures of scissors lifts?

JLG – The company was founded by John L Grove in 1973. It began with manufacturing the boom lift but has expanded into scissors lift. This company offers both electric scissors lift and engine powered lifts. JLG manufactures two types of engine JLG 260MRT and the LRT series.


SKYJACK- This Company was formed in 1985 and introduced the scissors lift as its first product in the lift industry. It was acquired by Linamar corp in 2002. It became a popular name in the scissors lift and also introduced the scissors lift swing-out component in 1987 and the SJIII 3219.


GENIE- This Company was founded in I966 under the Terex family. Bun Bushnell bought rights to a scissors lift that raises and lowers the platform using compressed air. This was the genesis of Genie. It manufactures slab scissors lifts and rough terrain scissors lifts. For example, the GS-1930 has a lifting weight capacity of 500LBS.


Can I rent a scissor lift?

It is possible to rent a scissors lift through various means for example through searching for scissors lift rental agencies i.e. DOZR. They are rented to an interested person for an agreed period ranging from days to months or as long as needed. The prices are dependent on the length of time, the location as well as the rental suppliers’ demands. (DOZR is a marketing arena for online rental of heavy equipment)


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