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Load Cell 100kg

Load Cell 100kg

Load Cell 100kg

Measurement capacity: 100kg
100% individually calibrated at the factory before packing
Material: Aluminum-alloy; Colorless anodized; Glue sealed.
Standard: CE, OIML, RoHS compliant
Protection rating: IP65, IP66, IP68 upon request
Maximum overload: 150%F.S
Small and lightweight, easy to install

our 100kg load cells are available in several variants such as single point load cell, single-ended load cell, s type load cell, pancake load cell, bending shear beam load cell, etc at most competitive prices and super quality. 

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With its geometric design, Load Cell 100kg is designed to be flexible, lightweight, portable, and highly sensitive. Utilizing strain gauges to measure the load as well as an aluminum structure for durability means our load cell is perfect for industrial and laboratory applications such as weighing, testing torsional response, and other materials tests. The Load Cell 100kg is also ideal for high-precision testing.

The Load Cell 100kg offers a wide range of applications and is available in different models to meet your needs. Whether you are looking for a portable load cell, a heavy-duty load cell or a highly precise load cell, the Load Cell 100kg has the features you need to get the job done.

The design of our Load Cell 100kg makes it easy to install on any surface without causing any damage. The aluminum structure prevents the plates from warping and ensures that they can withstand even high loads.

A sensor pad is used to measure the force as well as pressure exerted by the load on the plates. This makes it possible for you to measure the load accurately.

As a result, we are confident that you will be able to meet all your needs with our Load Cell 100kg.


– Aluminum frame

– Stainless steel plates

– Measurement range of 0 – 100kg

– Measuring pad

– Easy to install

-Stable design

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