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CUBLiFT Manufactures Quality Electric Scissor lift in China Since 1999

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Electric Scissor Lift

CUBLiFT electric scissor lift is ideal for maneuvering for both indoor and outdoor construction applications.

  • Unparalleled safety height: 19FT, 20FT, 26FT 32FT, 40FT
  • Ensure opertors to safely Work all 360º at height
  • Lift capacity up to 800lb
  • Power way: Electric motor with zero emissions
  • A perfect elevated platform ideal for working at height indoors & outdoors
  • High angle steering ensures superb maneuverability
  • Proportional controls for easy & safe operations

We have set all of our electric scissor lift in optimum status to go to work for you at any time.

Electric Scissor Lift List XP-300

● Model: XP
● Capacity(kg): 300/500/1000/1500/2000
● Lifting (m): 4~18
● Table Size (mm): 2100*1200/2812*1600
● Weight (kg): 880~3900
● Voltage/ Capacity:12V/60AH
● Voltage: 220/380

Electric Scissor Lift List XPR-320

● Model: XPR
● Capacity (kg): 230/320/380/450/550
● Lifting (m): 3~13.8
● Table Size (mm): 1150*700/2260*1130
● Weight (kg):600~3320
● Voltage/ Capacity:12V/60AH
● Voltage: 220/380

Electric Scissor Lift List XPAL-200

● Model: XPAL
● Capacity (kg): 100/130/150/200/250/300
● Lifting (m): 4~18
● Table Size (mm): 600*600/1500*630/1200*630
● Weight(kg): 280~1480
● Voltage/ Capacity: 12V/60AH
● Voltage: 220/380

Electric Scissor Lift List XPQ 200-16

● Model: XPQ
● Capacity (kg): 200
● Lifting (m): 8/10/12/14/16/18/20/22
● Table Size (mm): 1200*800*1100
● Weight(kg): 1538/1600/1800/2350/2900/4300/4450
● Voltage/ Capacity: 4*6V/210AH
● Voltage: 220/380

Electric Scissor Lift List XTS-4000

● Model: XTL
● Capacity (kg): 1000~3000(Customize)
● Height Min (mm): 85/105
● Height Max (mm): 860
● Table Size (mm): 1450*1140/1600*1160(Customize)
● Weight (kg): 280/380
● Voltage (V): 220/380

CUBLiFT: Your Premier Electric Scissor Lift Manufacturer and Suppliers

 Electric Scissors Lift Manufacturers and Suppliers CUBLiFT, a China-based forklift truck manufacturer, dedicated to the production of quality forklifts over decades. Electric scissors lifts are among the popular sellers. The electric Scissor Lift is one of the essential items which can increase efficiency around your warehouse, construction site, etc.

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It is used to lift items for installation, maintenance, and storage. Electric Scissor Lift is designed to withstand heavy loads and general exposure to heavy industrial applications. The lift is designed to have a height of 32 feet which makes it easy for order picking. Electric Scissor Lift is designed with stainless steel to make it highly durable and corrosion-resistant. The lift does not require any special handling techniques hence very easy to operate. Electric Scissors Lift Manufacturers

An electric scissor lift has less dependency on hydraulic oils and has zero emissions. Our strict fabrications and technology upgrade helps to monitor the height and speed of our lift operation. We manufacture a wide range of electric scissor lifts in different sizes, capacities, and styles. We can also offer customized solutions depending on your business needs and requirements.

Our electric scissor lift is electronically controlled with an updated data transmission system. This means there are fewer human activities required for reducing accidents and increasing efficiency. Our sales team is standing by to help you select the best scissor lift for your industry or warehouse. We have 24/7 customer support to receive your queries.

If you need our electric scissor lift, let us know. We also have other scissor lift including portable scissor lift, mobile scissor lift ready for purchase. CUBLiFT is ready to be one of your premier scissors lift manufacturers in view of long-term cooperation.

Pallet Truck manufacturer CUBlift team

Electric Scissor Lift: The The Ultimate FAQ Guide


Electric scissor lifts serve two primary functions as elevating workers and loads at manufacturing and industrial workplace site. It constitutes the lifting mechanism, which appears in folding support deigned in a crisscross pattern meant to raise the work platform. The wider platform provides a good space for several individuals to work together.

Table of Contents

What are the types/models of electric scissor lift?

The electric scissor lifts are categorized depending on various models. The models are differentiated by the height to which the machine can raise the load, amount of the load (in kg) that can be handle, platform area, power consumption, and ways of operating the lifting machine. The following table describes available models of the electric scissor lift.

Model Lifting height (meters) Lifting capacity (kg) Platform dimension (meters) Matching power(KW) Way of operation
SJY4 4 300 – 2000 1.8 by 1.1 2.2 – 4.0 Manual push or assisted walking
SJY6 6 300 – 2000 1.8 by 1.1 2.2 – 4.0 Manual push or assisted walking
SJY8 8 300 – 2000 1.8 by 1.1 2.2 – 4.0 Manual push or assisted walking
SJY10 10 300 – 2000 2 by 1.2 2.2 – 4.0 Manual push or assisted walking
SJY 12 12 300 – 2000 2 by 1.2 2.2 – 4.0 Manual push or assisted walking
SJY14 14 200 – 500 2.4 by 1.3 2.2 – 4.0 Manual push or assisted walking
SJY16 16 200 – 300 2.8 by 1.4 3.0 – 4.0 Manual push or assisted walking


What are the mechanical properties to be considered in designing an electric scissor lift?

  • Flexible wheels – Rubber wheels are advisable because they hold the grip and ensure the stability of the machine on the smooth or rough surfaces in the worksite.
  • Strength and toughness – because the electric scissor lift handles heavy loads and carries workers, it should safe as possible by consisting of hard and durable materials like steel or aluminum to protect it from breaking.
  • Stiffness – parts of the electric scissor lift should be made of materials that are resistant to deformation caused by external forces.
  • Elasticity- electric scissor lift should be made of materials that can return to its original shape in case the body is deformed by an external force.

What are the challenges experienced in an electric scissor lift and their solutions?

Battery failure electric scissor lift – it may happen because of battery failure or circuit problem. This condition can be corrected by the charge of the battery. If the charge is below the recommended amount, you are advised to give it time to charge before operating the machine again.Counterbalance Electric Scissor Lift XE1

Battery still not recharging – this problem may be contributed by the disconnect of the cables. The solution that can be applied is checking for the faulty cables and replacing them with working ones. To ensure the battery is charging after fixing the faulty cables, you should check whether the battery charge indicator lights in the control box. However, to minimize the chances of the battery failing to recharge, you should let it run flat before the next charging ifs performed.

Difficulty in lifting – this condition may be due to mechanical problems such as nuts not well fixed or disconnect in the control box.  The solution is to look at the faulty nuts and cables to ensure everything is working. In case the problem persists, you can call any agent of the electric scissor lift company from a regional office near you and the machine will be fixed immediately.

Tear and wear of the moving parts– usually occurs as a result of lubrication and not keeping the machine free from rust. This problem can be reduced by lubricating the moving parts of the electric scissor lift using appropriate oil. For the cleanliness of the machine, the storage room must be free from dust, and moist which may facilitate corrosion and rust of the parts of the equipment.Mobile Electric Scissor Lift XE2

Damaged or deformed wheels – overloading or constant use of the machine on rough surfaces facilitate the tear and wear of the wheels. This problem can be solved by replacing the wheels. However, they can be prevented to avoid extra costs like buying new wheels at an appropriate time. Prevention measures include avoiding overloading. In other words, the load capacity should not be exceeded since when excessive load is handled more pressure is exerted on the wheels that accelerate chances of their damage. Also, an operator should always assess the surface before using the machine and ensure it conforms to electric scissor lift requirements.

How high can an electric scissor lift handle the platform with load?

The electric scissor lift can lift a load to a height of between 20 and 590 feet. This height is not the maximum that the machine can raise but is typical for most machines. There are over versions that can lift the load or platform to a higher level depending on the manufacturers’ models and customers’ demands. In other words, the lifting height is dependent on the lifting capacity, size of the load, and the amount of power used by the machine. For electric scissor lifts with heavier loads, the lifting height is usually lower to ensure safety and vice versa for the light loads. More power is required to operate machines with high lifting height and more loading capacity.

How many types of electric scissor lift basing on the lifting height and size of the load?

Alloy Electric Scissor Lift XE3There are no specific types of electric scissor lift basing on the lifting height.  But they can be grouped into two types according to the available versions released by the manufacturers. For instance, the typical electric scissor lift is designed to lifting a total load including workers to a height of between 20 and 50 feet. The other types are few models that can lift to a height greater than 50 feet.

How much does it cost to acquire a brand new electric scissor lift?

Hydraulic Boom Electric Scissor Lift XEQTypically, the cost of the electric scissor lift depends on the models and Manufacturing Company pricing. The other factors that inform the price of the electric scissor lift are; working height, platform volume, load capacity, and amount of consumable power. For instance, a typical electric scissor lift with a lifting height of up to 40 feet, platform height of not more than 32 feet, and a weight capacity of 400 kg, costs between 7000 to 22000 dollars.

What are the safety guidelines for handling an electric scissor lift?Heavy Duty Electric Scissor Lift XE7

  • Only trained operators and workers should be allowed to use the electric scissor lift. Basing on the OSHA recommendations, employees who can assess the worksite and identify possible risks are the ones advised to use the machine. Such requirements include evaluation and implementation of the effective control that takes care of the machine stability, positioning, and fall protection.
  • Workers are advised to stand on the work platform and avoid standing on the guardrails. Employees are also encouraged to maintain their work only within the easy reach areas to prevent leaning on the electric scissor lift because it may increase the chances of breaking the platform.
  • Ensuring safe use of electric scissor lift requires that the equipment is properly maintained. This procedure is performed following the instructions provided in the manufacturer’s manual.
  • For any employer that uses electric scissor lift, they should provide adequate training to their workers and giving the personal protective equipment before allowing them to use the machine. Training is available in the user manual provided by the manufacturer of the electric scissor lift. Above all, supervisors should implement safe work practices.
  • Use of the electric scissor lift outdoors is recommended only under favorable weather conditions. Usually, the weather should be calm with a low wind speed of fewer than 28 miles/hour.
  • The electric scissor lift should be kept away from other objects in the workplace.
  • Avoid overloading the electric scissor lift. Overloading can lead to the destruction of the machine and may result in an accident when the platform breaks and falls.
  • Avoid over-speeding while lifting the platform to ensure the safety of the workers by minimizing the chances of falls.
  • Apply appropriate lifting techniques when operating the electric scissor lift machine.
  • An operator and workers in the platform should be cautious about pinch points or any line of weakness on the electric scissor lift to minimize the chances of injury or accident.

Does an electric scissor lift machine require fall protection?Motorized Electric Scissor Lift XE4

Yes, the electric scissor lift needs fall protection to prevent the workers from injury. The guardrails are installed in the platform to protect and prevent the employees from falling. In this case, workers should be trained on how to check whether the guardrail system is in good condition. Guardrails should be kept free from rusting and regularly checked for loose nuts.

Can an electric scissors lift be used for interior work?

The electric scissors lift can be used in the interior areas. Since the machine is used in place of the ladder it works appropriately for the interior regions that may require workers to reach a very high position of the worksite.

What are the advantages of using the electric scissor lift?


  • Electric scissor lift provides two operations as assisted walking and manual push system hence one can be used when the other become faulty.


  • An electric scissor lift is made of corrosion-resistant paint known as polyurethane which prevents the machine from wearing out. Also, it comes in various appealing colors that offer customers a variety of choices.


  • Other than the three-phased current battery that provides power, an electric scissor lift is also designed with a hand pressure pump to assist in case of power failure


  • An electric scissor lift is equipped with an electrical box on the platform base that provides an emergency stop. When the stop button is pressed on an emergency occasion, the platform slows down.


  • An electric scissor lift has a walking-assist wheel that helps in supporting the heavy lifting and high height working process.


  • The machine is made up of manganese steel that offers high strength, excellent stability, and reliability benefits.


  • The electric scissor lift is designed with an emergency descending device that helps when there is a power failure.


  • The electric scissor lift is equipped with overload protection that ensures safe loading and operation of the machine.


  • An electric scissor lift is made up of a lifting double limit that facilitates stability of the platform when it reached a very high point.


  • An electric scissor lift is available in several sizes and models that many works and meets customers’ demand.
  • The maintenance cost of the electric scissor lift is low. It only requires good storage, regular calibration, and lubrication of the moving parts.


  • Electric scissor lift provides a good return on investment since it enhances work productivity by speeding up the work with only little cost.

What are the disadvantages of the electric scissor lift?

  • Electric scissor lift requires skilled personnel to operate the machine hence require training that contributes to additional expenses.
  • Replacing spare parts of the machine may be expensive

What are the maintenance practices for electric scissor lift?

  • Regular lubrication of the moving parts to minimize the rate of tear and wear
  • Avoiding overcharge since it may damage the battery
  • Avoid overloading because it may reduce the lifespan of your electric scissor lift.
  • Store electric scissor lift machine in a dry place to eliminate the chances of the metallic part of the machine rusting.
  • Regularly inspect your electric scissor lift for loose nuts and tightens them to ensure the stability of the machine.
  • Protect the wheels of your electric scissor lift from the rough surface that may contain piercing materials. Ensure that you assess the path or worksite used as clean as possible.
  • Regularly check the pressure in your electric scissor lift wheel and keep it to the required amount to avoid damage to the rim and tires.

Who invented the electric scissor lift?

Scissor lift was invented by John W Parker who came from California. Later in 1963, Charles Larson from the USA became the first person to patent the machine. Afterward, the scissor lift had undergone improvement by many scholars that resulted in the manufacture of the electric scissor lift.

What are the qualifications that an electric scissor lift operator need to attain?

A professional and certified electric scissor lift operator should possess the following skills.

  • Ability to identify the problem and correct problems affecting the effective performance of  the electric scissor lift
  • Ability to evaluate worksite safety
  • Able to offer maintenance procedures that keep the machine in proper condition
  • Ability to apply general skills required to control the electric scissor lift
  • Ability use emergency controls
  • Ability to apply both manual and walk-assisted methods in operating the electric scissor lift
  • Knowledge in safety standards as recommended by OSHA

Where can I get training on using the electric scissor lift?

You can easily access training in the manual that is provided by the manufacturing company. Whenever you bought a brand new electric scissor lift, it comes with the user manual that contains all the necessary steps and lessons on using the machine. Some of the training materials can be obtained from the internet while other training can be gotten from friends who are expert in using the electric scissor lift.

Why is electric scissor lift use certification important?

Regarding the OSHA regulations, anyone who uses or works around the electric scissor lift must have some training and meet certification requirements before they are allowed to operate the machine. In ensuring that all workers are familiar with the machine, they should test the employee’s understanding and for those who do not know how to use the equipment, they need to provide necessary instruction on how to safely use it. The following are the reasons for the certification;

  • To be knowledgeable on how to use the electric scissor lift while observing the worksite safely.
  • To know basic skills such as maintenance of electric scissor lift.


  • Operating electric scissors lift under different environments.
  • To understand better ways of handling load and working on the platform rose to various heights in the workplace.
  • Understanding how to carry out inspections and routine maintenance for the electric scissor lift
  • Ensuring electric scissor lift is maintained in proper working condition to reduce costs due to expense.
  • To have knowledge and skills in assessing environmental hazards to prevent damage of the electric scissor lift and injury
  • To lower chances of an accident happening in the worksite hence protecting co-workers

How do you recharge the battery on an electric scissor lift?

The electric scissor lift charger is plugged into the alternating current extension cord and then the extension cord is also plugged into the available power outlet. Usually, the length of the cable on the battery is short to reduce the chances of accidental damage when the cord drops on out of the charging area. The charging duration should take approximately six hours. Precaution must be observed that the machine cannot be in use and at the same time charging. When the battery received a full charge, the green light would indicate that the charging is complete.

Who are some of the manufactures of electric scissor lifts?

Ballymore Company – the company was founded in 1946 and is headquartered in Coatesville, Pennsylvania. It manufactures several types of electric scissor lift. These models include; mini, medium, large size electric scissor machines. Their specifications involve working heights that fall between 16 and 32 feet with a platform size that range from 10 to 26 feet high.

Beacon industries – the company was founded in 1948 in Newington, CT. it manufactures many models of electric scissor lifts with external and internal power supply.

Meyer material handling products – the company was founded in 1974 in Indianapolis, USA. It offers battery-operated scissors

Air technical industries – the company t stated in 1964 in mentor. It manufactures intermediate –capacity electric scissors lifts

Vistamation, Inc. – the company is located in Las Vegas. It manufactures scissors with a lifting capacity of between 300 lbs and 100,000 lbs load

Metro hydraulic – this is a family business that started in 1941 in Newark. It manufactures and distributes electric scissor lifts

Warehouse equipment and supply company, Inc. – the company were founded in 1958 in Birmingham. It manufactures many models of electric scissor lifts.

SISSCO Hoist & Crane – is a family-owned company that started its operation in 1972 in Hillsborough. The company manufactures and distributes electric scissor lifts. Besides, the company offers services such as safety inspection, safety training, repair, installation, replacement, and loading tests which are all available within 24 hours and seven days a week.

Can I rent my electric scissor lift?

You can rent your electric scissor lift with the rental agencies. This rent can be by the day, month, or year depending on what you would like or what you agree with the agency. Usually, a larger scissor lift will give you a higher rental. Typically, a scissor with a lifting height of 19 feet can be rented for about $100 per day while 32 feet will earn you $ 250 per day.  The payment method and duration would be agreed on between you and the rental agency. DOZR is one of the popular rental agencies that offer you an amount of money. However, the rental rate is dependent on the location. Additionally, friends and neighbors may like to rent your electric scissor lift but they may not help in maintaining the machine. Thus it is advisable to use the rental agencies that would take care of your machine.

Do I have to pay for maintenance costs while my electric scissor lift is still used by rental agencies?

Rental agencies would treat your electric scissor machine as their by providing utmost care and maintenance for the period that they would be using it. The agency may charge you some costs that would be deducted from the revenue generated during the renting period.

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